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Post Wedding Workflow

Lesson 38 from: Wedding Photography Bootcamp

Sal Cincotta

Post Wedding Workflow

Lesson 38 from: Wedding Photography Bootcamp

Sal Cincotta

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38. Post Wedding Workflow

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Post Wedding Workflow

all right work flow so I get home from that wedding what do I do next I don't go to sleep that's what I don't do a cz much as I want to do that it's kind of like getting home from creative live at night I don't go to bed I start checking email so I get home from the wedding and I'm going to download all those images right immediately you've got to download them we're all guilty of leaving those memory card sitting out there andi I'll get to them tomorrow I'll get to the monday well I'm going to download them I shoot thirty five hundred forty five hundred images per wedding that's between me and my second shooter so they're all our images combined everybody else has got their work flow again don't get caught up in the specific number of images I shoot versus my workflow okay all of us I've met photographers around the world they're like forty five hundred images I've heard of any photographer shoots over a thousand images they must not be very good okay well I assure you I'm a good phot...

ographer on yet I still shoot forty five hundred images so find your workflow do it works for you on dh that's all that matters so this is my work floor we're going to shoot thirty five hundred forty five hundred going to return home download to a hard drive and then gonna back up to a secondary hard drive we do not back up to dvd okay there's no reason to do that anymore first of all finding those images is an absolute nightmare across dvds for recovery so we're backing up so that our images air constantly on two separate drives and here's a little trick for all of you out there I haven't talked about this yet there's a program out there pay attention it's called cd finder and I think the site might actually be seedy finder dot com and what this is is an archive uh cataloguing tool guys if you're like me I've probably got thirty two fifty hard drives but I've never deleted a single digital image in my life so I have all our digital images well as you know those starts spanning hard drive I don't have all those hard drives plugged into my machine it would bog my machine down so now a client calls you a year later six months later and you're looking for that image how much time do you spend looking for the image if you're spending okay twenty thirty minutes or ten minutes right looking for that image I can know what's on this drive it's somewhere this any other thing it's ten minutes you're wasting I don't want to waste any time this you launched his program and it catalogues all your hard drives and now you just type in I'm looking for the jones twenty two dot cr to fire or just jones in general right whatever you're naming convention is it will immediately pop up immediately because it's all off line and show you that these images all there on hard drive number five tonight just pluck hard drive number five in and you grab that image this tool I think it's like thirty nine dollars or something like that probably the single best efficiency tool that you could do for archiving your images again it's seedy finder go out there and look at it I don't have a discount code for you're anything like that I'm not sponsored by them it's a tool I use in my business that I find to be saved me time again efficiency man time is money sorry to interrupt but they have these documents up there now I don't know if you want teo for later or okay I'll hit it all right so this is the s o we're coming if everybody's not following we're coming back to and I think this is important that's why that's the only reason I'm pausing on this because I don't want to lose you this is the initial wedding contract this is what they've booked us for and so what you're seeing here is you see an album you seen engagement session not engagement pictures not engagement negatives not post wedding pictures not post wedding that they get their digital agents from the wedding but no pictures no canvas none of that's included here that's what you're looking at so after the wedding let's bring up the post wedding packages this is what they're coming up and having the opportunity to buy notice on the right all r ala carte prices they have these they know how much an eight by ten is before they ever walk in the door before they ever contract with us so they could buy everything out of card what we're doing on the left here is offering them discounted options you don't have to buy anything guys we have no minimum orders but if you're considering upgrading your album if you're considering adding additional pages in acrylic a panel here's your opportunity to get it as you can see fifty five hundred dollar value twenty four ninety nine so we're offering them over fifty percent off there haas to be a sense of urgency you want fifty percent off you've got to act now you've got to take advantage of this you've had two weeks to look at this pricing now is the time to buy so hopefully that makes sense for everybody and taylor will cover more of this as she walks our linen chris through their their packages today all right so backto work for hopefully that answered his questions it does raise one more yes do you do the additional fifteen percent off the collection off the packages or adjust the other card items I just lost you the additional fifteen in the email that says that you get fifteen percent off items when you purchase that night and you already have the discount listed on the bring that back up fifteen percent off would be if they're not in a package ok only the other cards only the other car do you know what because you've already discounted you don't do it is kind of what's the key word you can't discount discount right right so I don't have to explain it to my clients and well you told me I get fifteen percent off guys this is already discounted fifty percent the fifteen percent off is off your anything ala carte can't discount a discount that's become the party of your phrases you're south phrases maybe we could make an app for that there have to be curse words in there I hear there will be one there will be e I can only imagine out takes from south and cop all right so right we back up to that secondary hard drive this is all happening saturday night sunday morning at the latest monday morning so now I've got the images in two spots monday morning I take that drive I don't look at these images I'm too busy I'm shooting I'm working on my business we outsourced to evolve at its dot com that goes out monday morning with weddings or anything else we photographed in that window so we've got this constant rotation of hard drive's going back in four to them and of course you can have tp that your images to him I just have to use a hard drive it's easier for me this is now different than the engagement session they're going to call the images down to two two sets one seven eight hundred so they're going to take that forty five hundred images this is my work flow again they will adapt to your workflow you may not want to show the client eight hundred images I do that's my workflow but they will adapt to your workflow so they're going to take those forty five hundred down about seven or eight hundred fully process those but then they're gonna give me these three star and it's these are not edited nothing's done tow him they're just called and that's going to be another five hundred you might be thinking why are you even pulling out images okay if you're not going to show them fully edited because every wedding have ever worked I get a bride who says to me now sau I saw you over in the corner doing something with my shoes but I don't see those on my images I saw you over in the corner taking a picture of little susie little billy and edna right but I don't see any of those pictures well you don't see those pictures because I don't think they're your best seven or eight hundred but that doesn't mean she doesn't want to see those pictures good batter and different those become part of those on process images so when we deliver digital negative store clients they're getting the seven eight hundred plus the five hundred so they're getting anywhere from twelve to fifteen hundred uh digital negatives from us so hopefully that makes sense then evolve is going to get those images back to me in an ex mp format so they're going to get him back to me selected process edited ready to go right in the light room I don't have to do anything else to him now here we already talked about this during the engagement session look a typical wedding and I don't know about you girls or anybody out there will take me ten to twelve hours to process it's not fair on average some wilmore some a little less that's a lot of time that's a full day maybe a day and a half away from business productivity task from shooting look there's only two ways you're making money photographing and shooting unless you're running a post production house why are you editing your pictures right go back to the days of film right now you know there was no concept of pulling these images in the photo shop and doing all this work to him that's crazy this man we don't have time for that and so I'm gonna outsource those but I still want my fingerprint on top images right I still want to be able to take images like this right and these are what I would calm or my artistic at its my impact shots I want put texture on I want to tweak them a little these air images that I would showcase my clients for big prints in their home well that's where I'm going to select my five or ten and work on them using some of the techniques I showed you on tuesday I think or wednesday and some of the techniques I'm gonna show you now but what you'll see quickly is I'm going from spending twelve hours on the job less than sixty minutes I spend less than sixty minutes working a wedding and that's where I want to see you spend your time because I need you shooting and I need you being a business person focusing on marketing would want the artistic flair little bit so that again saving us some time can we do something like that where we can have some of the uh edited images but then a handful of them I'm just getting myself familiar with a website on if there were certain images what I just resend like say I get the ones back on like I really like how those ones came out was just the first quick at it can I send the ones back or should I be fixed it should be identifying which ones I would want a little bit more work on to pay that extra money so that I mean what would be the best process on seeing him come back and then send him back again or already have the idea I want that one because I know in my mind there's certain ones are like why I love that shot I would love to see that on a whole nother level should I just send it all in one yeah no you're going to send all your images right and then what they're going to do is they're going to select what they think are more if you want them to do more artistic at its they can do that so what you're seeing here these are some of those artistic at its so I had them take all right about ten edits and these air called premium at its so these ad it's our three dollars at it don't tell them which ten that you want I don't because they know my work flow they know what I'm looking for but you can you can tell them I want these four artistically edited and they'll do that for you so you tell me five images times three dollars an image is it worth paying fifteen box right to get stuff stuff like this right whether it's textured or anything else right and so for me it is worth that money to get something like that so if we just go look at these artistic edits all right these air john I've been working with the same editor for four years so this is jane you girls have met jade right she's here we're handing her images and she's working these these that I've been working with the same editor for four years she knows my style and that's very important and these editors will learn your style so that's the rain shot right that's her sitting in the room and when I know what I took this shot right people were up in arms about her foot being too big well in postproduction she shrunk her foot right that's okay I like the dramatic shot of her looking out there all right there's lynn there's some texture on it we were in that room I know that image didn't look like that when it came off my camera but this is what they're doing for me they're giving me those dramatic shot this is a three dollars edit yeah can you spend ten fifteen minutes doing it yourself absolutely have fun who's running your freaking business you are the ceo of your company that's where I need you to be not doing eight or ten dollars an hour post production work that doesn't make any sense these are just a few samplings I'll flip through these way rocked out that wall and that's when they let me outside from off camera flash first dances now to really while you we did something what we call a signature edit those air higher and edits that yes we could spend thirty minutes forty minutes in photo shop doing right but I've got a um a commercial guy who added his name is todd backer he's there he's the one doing this stuff so let me show you these and then I'll show you the before after so this is one of those shots way took outside way wanted to create that long skinny panel for clients to sell so we went outside we added a sunset there swapped out the sky in fact that before doesn't even have a skyline this was a hard uh more of a horizontal image when we we took it s so there was no there was no sky whatsoever and then this is we took them guy just to show you what's possible we took them and we shot we went out we shot the seattle skyline we took a picture of the seattle skyline threw that in there and then we took a picture off from the street and threw him in there and it looks like they belong there now now it's up to the client to decide and commercial photographers do this all the time right this is more of a commercial technique and so they do this stuff all the time now you may not like it but does your client like it right and so ultimately lynn and chris will be the judge of this and if they don't like it I'm not gonna have a nervous breakdown because somebody doesn't like my work right you live and you learn you're going to find your style and I find that my clients love this kind of self maybe it was on the wedding day think about it yesterday was a series of challenges trying to educate you guys trying to get images trying to deal with various lining situations various temperature issues all sorts of issues we were dealing with permit issues well on your wedding day you're dealing with all this stuff to and maybe you just couldn't get the shot you were looking for from your client for your client so you put something like this together for him and ultimately you're going to figure out if they like it or they don't and that's what matters to me are they spending the greenbacks on these images so let's look at the before and after you digging that one in the street or no you like it you're good I like that people were just asking for before and I am there in your minds people good all right so here's the before have any fun shameless well this one's edited so let me show you this version of it so you tell me do you think chris when she comes in is gonna want to look a picture of her with sneakers back hanging back behind her some you know blocked up background a tractor trailer and a bunch of cars or she didn't want to see something representative of seattle and so ultimately you make the call right I love talking photographers because there's always this conversation how much is too much photoshopped how much is not enough photoshopped let me tell you my philosophy my philosophy is simple photo shop is a tool it's a tool like anything else ok can you imagine if we limited the somebody like picasso someone like dolly toe only using one paintbrush one type of paint one type of canvas right it sounds ridiculous art is art art is not on ly what you capture in camera in fact we would all agree that art is how you create set up the shot even right so if we're saying that art is part of how we're setting up the shot posing the couple where we choose to place them then capturing that image why does the artistic impression stop at the point of capture it shouldn't it should be allowed to be enhanced through photo shop and so you've got to figure out what matches your brand your style but ultimately this is what's possible and our clients absolutely do love this I'm just curious do you ever have any I think it's incredible but I just wonder for the bride and groom if they're like why what happened to the background but that don't buy you don't buy yeah conversations over don't buy there's a million other images in here that you will like right here's an image of you actually standing in the middle of the street so now at least have that I have that one you're going to see the original now it's up to you to interpret right it's not don't you got we can't we got to stop making everything personal right photographers were we always get our feelings hurt all the time like it's okay for them not to like one of your images don't lose any sleep over it but ultimately I'm giving my client options I've had clients walk in and they're like oh oh my god yes have tohave that and I've had clients go and come in and go I'm not really digging that that's cool I'm glad I only did it to one image right and so it doesn't matter give your client's options that's what it's all about here I feel like we're showcasing because lynn's going to come in later and he's going back dude how did you guys do that well guess what we went in took a picture out on the street we then went and took a picture of the seattle skyline we brought in the sky and this is a composite image the commercial world does it all the time why can't we do it in the wedding industry okay so we've got to get that through your head and I don't proclaim to be a photojournalist so there you go if I were a photojournalist then we've got some conflict of interest here because I'm trying to act like this is what it really looked like when clearly did so you went out into the picture of the seattle skyline because we're here but for instance since you know you like you know urban backgrounds would you have you give your own stock library that you might have a street shot like that or buildings that you might pop in tow absolutely there's nothing wrong with that because I love shooting all the time you know part of the engagement session if you remember I was like well look at that metal wall when we went right on the other side here I took a picture of just the wall look att the brick wall I'll take a picture of just a brick wall so I am constantly thinking when I'm on photo shoots about compositing images or needing our needing stuff it's no different than bracketing right if you go out there and I don't know if anybody does this but there's been times where it right the couples getting blown out or the sky's getting blown out dial down go minus one minus to get a shot with scott and now post production you can composite those images bring back your sky have your client properly exposed what's the difference I'm just taking it to a new level right I'm building a nighttime shot bringing in the seattle skyline all the things they'd hoped this image could be all right so let's keep going I'll show you the other uh what's where's that other before and after us so here's the other before and after right you be the judge I think the one on the left is a little bit more artistic I've got instead of having a blown out sky right yesterday was overcast all day there really was no cloud cover so does that limit means an artist I don't think so I'm not gonna let that limit me I'm gonna get the shot I want out of my client the expression I want and then maybe do some stuff now of course we can go border line to the ridiculous and we can take this image and we could be like you're on the top of mount everest ride let's put earmuffs on you of course it gets it gets absurd at a certain point so we're trying to work somewhere in between a little bit of fantasy and a little bit of reality judging our clients and what they're looking for and so again this is the kind of stuff that we're using to differentiate our products or services so let's come back to a little bit of post production here and let's focus on some images so you already know right where he talked about I said hey I'm gonna pick five or ten images on trying edit those on my own and what I'm looking to do is I'm going to go just pick a couple from each part of the day all right I love stuff like that and I've seen a lot of you okay have picked up my presets thank you very much wasn't even selling those but you guys are digging them because I'm seeing your comments online so let's go use those presets and added an image like this so this image right if we reset this image right we see this is how it came out of camera right so the first thing we want to do we want to straighten this out a little bit as much as I'd like to think I take perfectly straight images uh don't quite do that so we're just going to switch that and then we're gonna bring this in I want to get rid of that dead area on the right there so that's right that's where we want that image now I want to go into my presets and they're here on the left so let's just go with the right let's get the white balance I like flash intends to warm things up a little bit at fifty five hundred calvin even though this was shot with natural daylight I like the way that looks right exposure from an exposure perspective I'm not having any issues these are all corrective at its here so I don't need any fill light no noise reduction but I want to add a little bit of vignette on this okay I like the way that's looking and now that I see that I want to give it a little exposure bump so I just gave it plus twenty quarter stop right now I'm getting into more of what I call the creative zone on the left and here's where I can start doing some stuff maybe a creative hdr that's a little too much I could do a creative hdr de saturated even that's a little bit too much hdr for me but I will go with maybe an old collar I do like that right I'm judging each image notice how quickly and efficiently I'm editing this this image now may be right I can get rid of that and I can go maybe I want to do the hdr black and white this happens too just for me uh b a look I I thoroughly enjoy I can then bring back some color here right and I'm like you girls like in the way that's looking I like the way that looks right so for me that's where I want to take this you know front then from there why I can't take this and then I'm going to just say this as a j paige because we don't have light room wired up with a photo shop five which is what I'm working in right now my apologies everybody haven't quite made the move to six okay so now I can take that image and I'm gonna open up that image okay I want to open that up in photo shop so I want a playa texture on this image just give it a little bit more that grungy look again these air those five images that I'm going to spend a little bit of time on may be there for the album maybe therefore various parts of the day if you think about it each part of the day is bridal prep groom perhaps ceremony reception creatives so there's five parts of the day if you're going to pick ten images ok you can pick ten or so images and you can end up picking two from each part of the day to do a little something with so hee's air my textures right now I want to give this a little bit of a grungy look I like the de saturated look I don't know about you girls if you like I don't like everything you have full color pop right now I can just add this texture to it okay it's telling me to resize it so really just easily gets resized here and again guys you're going to pick your top favorite your top five on edit them so now of course right we want to remove tax here from his face I saw really easy to do and the one thing you should notice about these textures which I don't know if you're realizing or not is I realized as I'm removing the tax ter there's no color shift ah if you've applied textures that you've taken the minute you start the all textures they're goingto have a color cast on them right there there's going to be some toning if you will on those textures that's natural if you put a warm texture in there it's gonna leave a warm tone on the age well for me this was a cooler tone I don't want to remove okay the color toning too that image and the way we've created our textures is as you remove the tax sure youre not adjusting the toning of the image is very important for to be believable and so this is the way that I would add it this image gave it a little tax you a little more grit right it's been gratified on this is my way of editing images find your own style you don't have to like my style of postproduction I don't care my feelings aren't gonna be hurt because you don't like it focus on the techniques that I'm trying to teach you focus on the bigger picture that I'm trying to show you which is find your style focus on five images at it there that's where I want to see you spending your time but I wanted to show you one more image so within uh what I did was I already exported an image okay so I took this image and now I want to take this image and showcase on one perfect photo suite seven so I don't know if anybody's using it yet it's brand new it just came out and I I'm in love with photo sweets having the first first and foremost you don't need to be in photo shop you don't need to know anything about photoshopped toe work within it so it's a comfortable environment yes you can work within photoshopped on use it but it can also work as a standalone tool so if you don't have photoshopped yet you just want on one this is a great way to go and so now I've got all these presets built in well I'm going to go toe perfect black and white so that's new in the tool and it comes with all these presets built in but here's my free giveaway for you so if you go to shutter magazine I created free black and white presets for you so one hundred percent free no catch you can download these presets there inside shutter magazine that's on behind the shutter dot com you can download these and there's some free presets so now single click and I'm getting some edits on these image this is one's called black on my advantage black and white warm dream and I'm single clicking these images just to find what looks right this is a pop see pia and just two straight black and white pop so just go with black and white pop for this case right I'm just working quickly in this tool then you come over here on the right and I can continually a justice I can add film green I can add a tone to the image so let's take a look at that let's add toning too the image right so they've got some pre sets here iron blue let's go with iron blue for now okay so now I can have that cool blue tone to the image notice how quickly this is happening I'm not spending my entire life inside a post inside of post production environment time is money pick your top images go from there so now that I've applied this okay I want to go to their tool called perfect focus and this is how I would use the tool by the way so now I can go into perfect focus and this is their boca too right so this is built in I can control focus points on this soon as we get over to that tool I can now blur out that background I don't want to see those cards this shot was taken at f sixteen okay this's no thank you for the tutorial okay now this is going to load up on what you're seeing here is it's called the bug tool and this allows us to control okay what this is gonna look like on them okay then there's a fathering tool so let's control the father first okay so we want a strong father here and then let's make the blur amount believable right the biggest thing we khun d'oh is if we look here on the right this has the ability okay to allow you to emulate certain lenses so we can look here and let's say you can't afford that cannon fifty one point to lens uh here you go now you can emulate that lens here on the right or in the case of I do have a fifty one point two lens I shot this at have sixteen and so clearly even if I was using my fifty millimeter one to I can't I want to get this to look like one too so now I come here fifty one two okay I'm controlling that but of course the blur is just out of control so what I'm gonna do is take the amount down to probably be about seven or eight to make that a little bit more believable okay and then now this I wanted to be more on the couple than anything else and then again I can control the feathering here to make it more or less believable right we want that fall off to look somewhat believing and so you can sit here and play with that tool sorry I'm making more making it more blurring said a less but you get the gist here and make that uh start happening to your images and so real quick all built in the one tool I do have a discount code for you if you're digging this but go try the free it's a free trial and my presets will work in the free trial so it's ah again it's in shutter magazine on behind the shutter dot com you download the presets for free and then the code you'll get fifteen percent off off on one and that's even if you're upgrading so if you wanna upgrade and you have a perfect photo sweet six they don't have the black and white tools in perfect photo suite six and so you'll get the upgrade used my cold it's sal oh and one so salon one I guess sau o n the number one on that will give you a discount I know they're going to post it online for you but I'm showing you the real tools that we're using in our business and what we're doing for some of the post production stuff so questions along those lines yes questions questions okay can we please get a recap there's so many questions about the presets your priest presets my presets yes can we talk about the presets you're using where to find them these presets all the stuff you know I didn't want to come on and turn this into a giant infomercial so but all I'm asking okay thank you everybody are presets are available on behind the shutter dot com in the store so if you go in the store behind the shutter dotcom my presets there either sixty nine or seventy nine dollars and people have been downloading them for the last three days and I'm getting emails from people like these presets are the most amazing things I've ever seen so time is money they're not expensive presets and so go get them and even my textures are on there as well you can download those as well along with everything else we use in our business so I'm glad everybody's asking I try to keep the infomercial dial down so if you're looking at the way we use it go out there by my promise you you're absolutely love him they work on mac pc and light one for ok another question that's been coming up is this keeping a style consistent in your editing is that just another rule that you break people are saying you know that the style one image is cool one one images warm one image is what you talk about us so you know if we go back in the light roman and we look you're going to see a plethora of images that are for the most part edited identical but you don't really we don't really know our client's taste we think we know them so I'm trying to give them a cz much diversity is possible what I'm trying to be consistent with is my own brand and so if I go in here and I'm looking at black and whites right from the day I'm trying to just be consistent within my brand now when it comes to album design I would agree with that but if we're putting a single image on the wall I don't think every image has to look the same to me that doesn't make any sense I'm going to edit for that I'm really editing you know what I'm showing a picture like those signature at it's my vision is that this is a standalone image on the wall so I don't have to match this to anything else now when we get into the album I would agree the biggest mistake we can make in an album is put one black and white one color one black and white one cool tone one warm tone so we get into trou album designed for clients we definitely want to try and match toning in the album designed but as far as a wall piece in our peace why does every image have to match unless they're all going to be on the wall next to each other so to me I'm okay with that but they're not being identical and I'd rather than be consistent with my brand which is that gritty urban grungy kind of look which is what our clients are coming to us for ok so we can goto break it any time how are you feeling I want to show everybody one thing this is going to be down and dirty eso again focus on the technique because we're going to fly through this we get questions all the time time about how to do some beauty edits and I just want to show you some down and dirty techniques on how to do it this is what our editors tend to do how they do it and is always this ah ha moment right if you want to make your bride's arms skinnier hip skinnier face skinnier you don't use the liquefy tool that is not what commercial editors are using to do that yes there's certain things where the liquefy tool maybe the right screwdriver hammer for the job here's a really simple way to do it so pay attention this is down and dirty I'm not implying that chris needs to be skinnier right I'm not implying that about my bride but we do need to know how to do it because we do have clients who ask us and gets what in the commercial world they're stretching next they're fixing feet they're fixing hands they're pushing in love handles we need to know how to do this so that we understand what's possible so you don't have to be a business ah photoshopped guru I'm showing you how to do it so the first thing to do is I'm gonna hit and which is a shortcut key for the marquis tool I'm going to select half okay of chris's face here I'm gonna come right in here okay why can't figure this out come right in here okay and I'm gonna hit I'm gonna control collect and say select layer via copy okay then I'm gonna hit v for my selection tool and then I'm gonna come up in this corner and I know I'm moving quick everybody okay I'm just like this and I'm going to say use the warp tool and what this is going to allow me to do is select here and bring in her face a little so I actually just made half her face skinnier just with a scene simple click I mean you're talking about if I wasn't teaching you this would take me about five seconds so let's do it again we want to do it to the other side of her face so then we're going to select the marquis tool again okay layer via copy hit your v tool okay then control click here warp we're going to select this point we're just going to make her face a little bit skinnier hit enter if you want to see the before and after here's the before here's the after okay her face is skinnier I didn't have to go into the liquefy tool okay I'm not saying she has to be skinnier right I don't want hate mail from people out there you have to know how to do this this couldn't work on a face an arm back fat right whatever happens to our brides on their day we need to know how to fix this come on man ten seconds or less and I just did this this could have been her arm her hips her legs anything no liquefied tool no obsessing you don't have to be a photo shop guru did light bulbs go off for you seeing this okay super easy to do let's take this a step further how do we do I and and teeth enhancement so the first thing I want to do is show you teeth we all have guys we all have yellowing in our tea from coffee from wine from whatever the case may be yes we all have those superstar brides that walk in and when they smile they could be a reflector for us ah that's great but not and we need to deal with real life here so here's how we do it lasso tool okay uh you can have feathering if you want but I tend to have let's go with ten pixels for the feathering okay and what I'm going to do no magnetic lasso I'm just going loosely around her teeth pay attention out there because it's a simple way to do it I'm then going to hit okay and come over here and add a hue saturation layer on the right that's saturation layer because I used the lasso tool is masked to just her teeth now what I'm going to do is come here to the master channel convert to yellow because I'm on lee looking to remove yellow and I'm going to remove this saturation to minus one hundred and I've just removed all the yellow from her teeth I'm then going to come back to the master channel and increase the lightness just a little probably by two or three pixels and if we look at the before and after we can see I did something wrong with my last one tool there because I only grabbed a certain oh I know what I did sorry sorry sorry we're going to this guy there with me we need to do is select all these layers command shift e merge those layers down sorry rookie mistake bear with me now we're gonna last or teeth we like made one tooth wider that's not good she's not gonna like that likewise my one tooth white all right so they were gonna come in and we're gonna come back and grab that saturation layer go to yellow bring the saturation down to minus one hundred come back to the master and increase the lightness just a little and you can now see the before and after how much wider her teeth are really simple beauty edits so for those of you who are spending hours upon hours obsessing about moving her arm in getting into you know the I see all of you with like a sigh of relief on how easy I made this same concept on the eyes what if they have bloodshot eyes the same technique I just showed you on her teeth would apply to our eyes simple simple technique techniques you know my philosophy efficiency and speed to get to this so I just saved you from reading hundreds of pages and gobbledygook and simplifying it yes there's a million other ways to do it right there's photoshopped gurus out there that will show you click your godly good click there right I don't want to learn that stop I want to be quick easy to the point so that being said questions or we can head to uh break I don't go ahead please um back to the beginning of your work flow when you download your cf cards how are you downloading um I I know like right now I'm going one by one are you like tethering them so that's a really good question yes that is a nightmare isn't it we get all these memory cards and we got to sit there one by one one by one so there was a company that used to make a four card reader and it would read four compact flash cards at the same time and they stopped making them it was by delk in delk in devices they don't make it anymore and I used to have three or four of them three of them so I would come home from a job and they daisy changed meaning they all connect to each other so I could come in plug all my memory cards in from the event and go to bed and download them well three of those have died on the and so they don't make them anymore so I've got one left so I can only download for the time so it is a challenge for us you've got to do a couple of things by multiple cf card readers and just plug him into u s b port it's going to be slow because they're all going in over that sink over that single channel so to speak but yes I don't want to sit there one card at a time that would be a nightmare so I think I may have the on ly last like four rieder due to go out on like ebay or something and try and find him but they stopped making them and I called them and they said they stopped making them because no one was buying them but doubt can pay attention man I just I just gave you free plug here so start making those bad boys again send me ten all right what else questions yeah all right kimmie let's take five and then we'll get to break we're gonna take you right to break now for the right to bring out let's take a field let's take a few so just a reminder everyone again your questions are incredible we are working to jam packed everything that sow has planned for us in today and also where as sal just said where there are lots and lots of other courses on post processing right yeah there's a ton of oh I mean I'm not I don't proclaim to be the photoshopped guru our expert I'm not even trying to be I try to take everything I learned from like you know I was watching lindsay thie other day she was doing compositional stuff there and composite images and I was like I want to try that right now you know so I'm constantly learning I feel like I'm I'm a stooge a cz well all the time but then I will always take those complex complex processes and simplify them for my own business so I'm just showing you simple ways to do this stuff so there have been a few people including orange fields who would like to know if you ever at it the same image in different ways and show the client to different in two different ways of one of you know that's a really good question I try not to do that I feel like we're confusing the client when we do that but I will also be the first to admit I can't say I never do that every once in a while there's just a image and I can't make up my mind doesn't look better in black and white doesn't look better in color or c p a tone and I will edit it multiple ways and show the client but I tried to not do that so we don't confuse our clients okay and I have one more question is I just want you to clarify for everyone at home people are asking what if you have clients that I don't like this this process look like you know they wanted to be more simple just tell everyone again this is your branding this is this's my brain ing this is my style right so if you're out there and you're looking at this and you're like I hate textures I hate ground I hate this hdr look that's fine don't do it stop obsessing about what I'm doing you've gotta understand that when you go to my website this is what you're going to see so this goes back again today one defining your brand and the way you added your imagery your style your the way you shoot you should wide open you should everything it f sixteen is going to define your brand this is one of those things that have defined our brand so there's going to be a certain set of the population that doesn't like our imagery and that's okay you're more than likely not my bride here's what I encourage you not to do don't suffer from schizophrenia so don't go on your website shows spot color don't go on your website and show skin smoothing don't go on your website and show images that are confusing to your client be very clear if you're a light airy brand I don't like that and that's okay I don't need to like it but hopefully you're consistent and you will find the right clients that do like it that is actually the most important takeaway from this that whatever your style is whatever your brand is go with it but I will tell you I tend to see maur and more clients wanting a little bit more that process look because mostly this is what they're seeing in the magazines and so I'm gonna argue with anybody out there if you pick up a copy of w magazine or any of the high end fashion magazines they don't have light airy images in them and I'm not suggesting that everybody convert to that but again two or three days ago I gotta ask the question where do you find inspiration find inspiration in hollywood and some of these high end fashion magazines and that's what we're trying to put out there is our brand all right one more question because we're out of time yes this is a high level from kalina if you have a limited budget would you recommend prioritizing equipment for postproduction software man that's easy I would prioritize on equipment that's where it needs to be spent you know you're the postproduction stop almost all this stuff you're seeing with presets can be done without them there's a way in photo shop it might take you longer to do without the presets right it's all about efficiency but I'd really rather see you have the right equipment so that you're making a great image at its source and then enhancement can come later on

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Ratings and Reviews

Carlos Rosa

This class is Gold!!! This class is a must, I have purchased around 20 CreativeLive classes, I'm building my own curriculum, but I did purchase this class because of Sal Cincotta's name, little I knew how good it is, it's a mind blowing and it contains so much key information to be a successful photographer. I was still a little "afraid" to start my business, but after this class, I feel confident because it was like put the puzzle together. Yes, Sal really insist in his blue print, how he calls, to implement in your business and you will be successful, and I do believe that. However, I can't do that at moment, because I'll need more money then I have, but I do believe I can implement the idea and slowly works towards implement all his system. Yes, in this class you'll have all, from engagement section, to bride reception, to SEO, everything you need. Sal is a Genius, an amazing mind, I truly admire him as a person, artist/photographer, amazing Educator, but man, as a business man, he is just a mind blowing, I mean, look at him, he had practically built an Empire in only 10 years and that's enough for me to listen to this guy. With all he has, he could just quit photography for good, he totally don't need, but he is still behind the camera, and that shows how much he really love photography. Totally recommend this class, it will change your life, and I mean it. I just wish CreativeLive would do some update, even if is just in pdf, because a lot of recommendation he does in the course does not apply anymore, website does not exist, the iPhone app does not exist, etc... just an update it would be truly appreciated. And that goes for all classes, you guys could just contact the educators and ask them for an update in those areas, that's all.

KR Productions

In 2016, I decided to try and start photographing weddings. I've been a wedding videographer for 16 years now, and have consistently been asked to do this, but never have. Last year, the number of requests was unusually high, and so I decided to explore what all is involved in doing wedding photography. I actually bought Sal's 30 day photo business class here first. Watched it over and over. There were principles in that class I was able to apply to video. Great! I then decided to buy this class to get the actual "day of" mechanics down. I've watched this over and over as well and started wading slowly into the wedding photo waters. I have the benefit that my second shooter, is actually a photographer and has been shooting all his life. So, having him to back me up with his already trained and creative eye is a huge benefit on the day. (We do the one camera has a wide angle, one camera has a telephoto technique like Sal discusses, and it works amazing) So far in 2016, I've shot one wedding for $350, the next one for $1,000, and now I'm up to $2,000 on my third for just basic stuff. Incredible. Working on moving into IPS, but right now I'm focused on making sure we're capturing the right shots and doing great impressive edits for marketing , and that's already paying off. I had 4 requests yesterday! Thanks to Sal and CL for helping jump start me on this amazing journey!

Paul Marcus

Once again.....Sal proves he's the man! Wow. What a great wealth of knowledge. I wish I had seen this a few years ago when it was fresh. It makes me cringe at all the money I have left on the table. Thanks to Sal and Taylor for being so open and sharing their business model with us. I hope to have great report to share with you in 2019 as I put a lot of this class to work in my business.

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