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Wedding Timeline Review

Lesson 21 from: Wedding Photography Bootcamp

Sal Cincotta

Wedding Timeline Review

Lesson 21 from: Wedding Photography Bootcamp

Sal Cincotta

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21. Wedding Timeline Review


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Wedding Timeline Review

timeline review here's the thing again I will take you through the sequence of events the timeline review is what happens when we start talking to our bridegroom about okay when you're getting ready where you getting ready in this timeline review form you guys at home have this form which you're gonna find is we're gonna play a call with taylor and one of our actual clients and I think you did a skype call correct yeah we did a skype call but about that timeline review for him I think that's included with the course when you purchase it uh it's essential to give to your bride's as soon as they book with you so we include this with their contracts when a soon as they sign with us they get a worksheet that they could fill out on their own as soon as they want that way a year and a half a year in advance they're already educated on what the timeline needs to look like so they're at home and they can fill this out and see for themselves that tells them all right travel time from the church...

to the first what we want to go take pictures whatever travel time it takes allow fifteen extra minutes because we have to pack up our gear allow this much time with us shooting the guys with shooting the girl so it really educates them on what we need to do what we do so by the time I hop on this call it's really seamless because they already know what it should look like so we're just fine tuning details so you really have to focus on educating your client from the beginning and let's pause there how many of you complain and out there because I heared from for tigers all the time so they just won't give me time to go take creative pictures the average bride gives us about an hour and a half to two hours for creative pictures when I say creatives I'm talking about this stuff you're seeing on the wall right those big dramatic architectural images and they'll actually plan their timeline around us so when you give them those forms so far in advance they can actually adjust their day so if they haven't picked the start time for the reception they'll pick that based on what you need based on that time win for him so it's really helping you in your pictures right well the only reason that's happening though this is what's so important is we're giving them this form over a year in advance so we're not waiting till four weeks before the wedding to say oh I only have fifteen minutes for pictures if if I don't give this cinema here in advance they can't change anything but a year out they can they can move some stuff around if it's important to him will's typically have timeline discussions just general high level during the initial consultation even though they haven't booked us yet so what time's the ceremony so what time's the reception well when do you guys plan on taking pictures well there's a fifteen minute window of guys if you want this stuff you're seeing on the wall we need an hour and a half to two hours I'm having that conversation taylor's having that conversation two years oh I'm sorry a year in advance sometimes now they have the ability to move things around so I hope you understand how important that is and we're not arguing with our clients in this time and this timeline we're talking about this is what taylor uses as she goes down and has the call with the client we're going to play that call for you in a minute and then that timeline sheet is in the packet of information that I'm using all day to go from point a to point b where's the bride where's the groom where they got the addresses travel time certain shots they need to get a certain time travel time is important very important cause they'll say oh it's just a five minute drive from here to there okay we know how that we'll think about it right from point a to point b it maybe five minutes but guess what we have to get out of our hotel room get our equipment maybe you've got to get your car out of valet right walk to your car it's not five minutes that five minutes just became twenty minutes there's a thing called traffic almost anywhere you're going but the brides aren't thinking that way and so if you start trying to argue with your clients they just see you is being difficult but by handing them this worksheet are walking them through the worksheet now once again you become the trusted advisor you're providing another level of service for your client and making yourself the trusted advisor the expert they're relying on you and so it's just this will build throughout your business if you position yourself this way yeah so with that being said set this up for set up the skype call who are we talking to wins their wedding that's so were there any challenges in the call a perfect time um it was pretty good uh but so with the timeline review I will use studio cloud for our customer database and with studio cloud it has the ability to send our automatic email reminders which for me is essential because we have four hundred photoshoots year and four hundred meetings and clients need reminders cause people forget about when they have things scheduled so I have it set up so that three months before the wedding and email automatically goes to my bride and email that I put together that we need to schedule a timeline of you call and work out the details of your day and so that happens about three months in advance and so her winnings in april so we're a little bit early if she's working with the planner so I want to make sure that we have we're on the same page with the planet because we all know that can kind of hijacked the day and make it whatever they want which doesn't always work for us sometimes on dh so it's not a big not a big fan of playing girls fans of planners anybody work with planners they're not fun right from a planter's perspective they could care less what you need they just keep changing time lines and you get about thirty timeline updates uh by the time the wedding comes yeah the works the planner sent me at their timeline or what they had so far and it was ten pages long what was that for this wedding yeah and they also have video which is really important with the timeline because it's totally different with video so we actually have different work shoots that we have brides fill out on if they have video if they have video with the first look or if they have video with a traditional wedding where they see each other at the ceremony so all these different scenarios we have different timeline worksheets s so they can fill it out because it's always different and so she replied to my email the automatic email that went out to set up a time line call and then we just worked on a time that works best here obviously it's for the show and and then we'll just start going through the timeline we'll start usually start with the ceremony what time does the ceremony start and then we can determine when we need to be there to start shooting you guys getting ready and uh and from there it just happens yeah so let's let's cue this up let's play the call and then we'll take questions from both you on the internet on this process so here's the call the timeline from joe see I just want to go over some details I know we've got a couple of months for the wedding but this will help you whenever you're finalizing details with all the other vendors right all right so the ceremony starts at one thirty and goes till about two fifteen right yes we're still finalizing that but it's definitely going to start at one thirty it could go until two thirty and be a full hour okay so we still have to work out the logistics there with that but no problem now it on an hour perfect all right and so for video I know you have video on your day uh they have to get to the ceremony to the church about an hour early to set everything up and get everything ready for the ceremony so they have to arrive in about twelve thirty so I was thinking that we'd start shooting you getting ready at eleven and go from eleven till about twelve fifteen ish s o what that'll entail will be you all you will take pictures and video of all your wedding dress your jewelry your shoes your details all that stuff you getting into your dress and then sister mom whoever helped zipping it up and then uh maybe some pictures of you by yourself hanging out with your bridesmaids but then for video you saw the video on our website right okay so for video we need you reading that note from dan and that's going to service the story line for your video so during that time you'll need to have a note written from dan to you and why have you reading it on camera okay okay great all right perfect and then whoever is going to be helping you get ready whether it's sister mom whoever make sure they're already dressed before we get there because they're gonna be in all the pictures and they won't want to be in sweat pants for that they're gonna want to be dressed so have them ready before eleven before eleven okay and what are your thoughts on should I be putting my dress on at the hotel or at the church I would definitely do it at the hotel because at the church the lighting's awful the backgrounds awful just makes for a lot better pictures and uh and it's how far away is st lukes it's not that far is it no it would probably be fifteen twenty minutes from the hotel okay so your dress really isn't gonna get wrinkled if you sit in the car at all and sometimes prize will even take it off and then put it back on if they're like obsessed with getting every day but I really think you'll be okay yeah I'll stand up if I have perfect all right ends then for dan getting ready we would start it ten and what that would until would be basically the same thing would be pictures of all his shoes like cufflinks best tie him putting all that on and then dad brothers whoever helping him put all that on and then him reading a note that he wrote to him on camera okay so a ten o'clock he'll need the note from you to read and same thing for him whoever is going to help him get ready make sure they're already dressed before we get there that way they're addressed for those pictures are perfect and you've done that get ten a m that's right from about ten to eleven and that's all at the renaissance right I will be at the renaissance with the bright made stan will actually be at a different location with the groomsmen ok where will they be um it'll be about ten to fifteen minutes away from the church they'll be at our house getting ready how far away from the hotel do you think that isthe from the hotel it probably twenty minutes away so you and the groomsmen will be staying at our house though the night before okay so then in that case we'll shift it a half hour earlier to start at nine thirty s o nine thirty to ten thirty will be him getting ready at the house and that'll allow some travel time from cell to get teo to your house to the hotel because we have to load all over gear and everything okay so nine thirty to ten thirty will be dan getting ready and reading the note and then from eleven to twelve will be you at the hotel perfect and how many bridesmaids and groomsmen d have teo right made in dan has ten groomsmen how did that happen you got a lot of friends like friends and family and certain danna fully cow all right way normally it's the other way around he's just a popular guy I guess yeah all right perfect so the ceremony will be about one thirty two to thirty ish maybe two fifteen yeah and then right after we'll go into family pictures at the altar so just let whatever family whoever you want pictures with let them know to not disappear after the ceremony is over just tell them to head straight to the altar and we'll start pictures right away as soon as the church clears out and we knock through that and like twenty to thirty minutes so we trying to that really quickly okay great all right and then from there was all the fun stuff so right you guys have a bus right for the group yes we do we have one of the limo bus is it can hold everybody on there could even hold you and saleh's well wait our number we have audio awesome will probably follow behind you are in front of you just cause of all of our gear but uh we'll go straight from the church to our first location now did you have any specific type of scenery and mind like did you prefer park or urban anything like that I think we'd like to do a mix okay we would like to do some park shots and I know that our mom's definitely want to dio some with more of like the park type of atmosphere and trees and it is going to be the spring so we kind of wanted to get any flowers or blooms and there is well you thought would be nice perfect so then straight from the church will head to a park first and then get some of the spring type stuff and then you've got the stadium from four to five right yes we did in the perfect world but the cardinals have a game that day so the only way to get it anymore oh that's uh I know dan was heartbroken with so I'm sure wass well we don't know what time game time is there anything there's a chance we could work it in outside somehow okay that would be great but just I'm not quite sure we'll be able to do that or not anymore with the game that day yeah yeah definitely if there's a game that day they usually won't let you inside but we can always stop by the outside and get something cool with the architecture and the sign out there oh that would be great perfect okay so then we'll do park first and then maybe head downtown stop by the stadium gets something really cool and then go to a more urban location like some abandoned buildings or brick walls to get you that urban look yeah perfect okay and we've loved the pictures that you guys have done with the arch and so we were being the weather's nice that day to get some of those in there okay just no way love your pictures they're awesome it's funny because everyone wants the arch so every time we shoot the arch we have to try and figure out a different angle or different way to shoot it just to give you you unique pictures because of course you don't know your pictures look like someone else is right let's awesome okay so we'll do park the stadium an urban location and then swing by the arch okay good all right and then five thirty we want to arrive at the reception at the renaissance downtown that'll give video time enough to shoot the reception before people get in there and destroy it so they'll get all the details and everything right uh cocktails are from six to seven is that correct yeah okay and then do you guys get announced at seven yes and do you know the order of events like when kate cut and toasts and all that happened after that I can work that out specifically yet I think we will do the cake cutting right away after we walk in okay and then we're still trying to figure out what the best flo would be with dinner okay and that's post and all of that all right so whenever you just get those solid just let me know and we can solidify the reception details most people end up doing toast like while salads are being served uh that's usually a good point just the big pieces are once dinner's done we play that slide show with pictures from that day so just let your deejay know that we only to play like five songs for the slide show in anything like michael boo blay john mayer that type of stuff ends up being perfect for it okay we have a band a little can have you worked with bands doing that before yeah they don't usually have an ipod or something they play for their breaks so whatever they have for that is typically perfect just let him know so they could expect it you said forty five songs yeah so that'll be right is dinners wrapping up and then right after that we typically go into dances that way you can get the dancefloor opening the party started are you doing a book ain't garter toss uh probably not alright cool and is there anything different or unique you're doing that day that you want to make sure we know about it ahead of time um tryingto say um we're still working out I mean there are a couple of dances are dances a couple of songs that the band displaying that are special tio our group of friends so I want to make sure to have either have the band play that towards the beginning of the night when we know that video is going to be there okay and that fire is going to be there right just captured those moments with everybody yeah especially like to get their reaction if it's a meaningful song that'll be good for video perfect well I think that's a really solid timeline I don't see any potential issues uh whenever you talk to the crystal ballroom with the renaissance and firm up the details we'll just hop on another call and walk for all that make sure we have everything lined up a great were there any questions you had for me uh just one question that popped into my mind is during the cocktail hour and even before the cocktail hour will you be taking pictures of just the design and decor yeah getting all those little pieces that's a great question yes so during once we get there five thirty we'll head straight up to the crystal ball room and start taking detail shots of the decor and the place settings everything in there before people get in there and then video too but then we'll also have someone covering the cocktail hours so that you get candids of people like talking and having fun too great perfect awesome roy I think you're set to go if you have any other questions just let me know on dh I'll reach out to once that starts getting a little bit closer and we'll walk through everything again sounds great alright tell dan we said hey I alright we'll talk to you later I was awesome that's torture watching herself that was the first time you you are seeing this conversation that is the first time I'm hearing the conversation you're getting all this information what ten groomsmen yeah tank groomsman I'm like holy cow and then I'm cringing about the arch I hate shooting at our tried it's the most cliche spot in st louis but our clients love it so my personal challenges because every city has that cliche place not your clients want to go on the biggest mistake you can make is to go to that cliche plays and produce the cliche image right so I always take a personal challenge as taylor alluded to but you know I do want I do want to highlight this cue up your questions because I'm sure you have questions I want to highlight a few things lisa and dan real clients their wedding is when april sixth april sixth were doing video and photography for them we absolutely loved the two of them we connect with our clients right because well they were one of our destination engagement sessions so we were in new york maybe for photo plus last fall and they flew up and met us there for their engagement session and we got amazing pictures and they bought black label plus more on dso they love us in the process they appreciate what we do absolutely so so where I was going with that is you know when you when we talk about finding the right client this is the right client right elise and dan came into our studio met with us and there was a connection there was a meeting of the minds and we all have those moments where we connect with those clients man those are your clients you will know when it's your client you get that feeling she's spending twelve thousand dollars with us and is happy about every dollar and that's the client you want they are happy to give you their money because they know you're going to give an experience back well because they get what they they understand what they're buying thereby into the experience our art they appreciate the photography nothing is worse than working with a client who doesn't appreciate what what we're doing we've had brides where they'll spend twelve thousand dollars but they really don't care about photography and those of the worse and they'll they could be like the half million dollar beautiful weddings but we hate every minute of it we would rather be shooting at a v f w hall uh for the same amount of money or even less with the bride that really appreciates what we do because we like to have fun to giving up every saturday yes which we have done by the way we should plenty of u of w all weddings not our weddings or high end right wedding so wait does tend to be the most fun most interesting because when I see you want to dance floor dancing during the middle of my back yeah okay that's private all right well here's what I want I want I want to do some stuff up in case everybody out there isn't catching the subtleties of this call first and foremost I think the call is imperative but I hope everybody out there agrees that taylor was the expert on that call did you I don't know if you caught it I did when she said to the bride you know what's going to take the bride said all it's only about fifteen minutes and in tears like well they gotta load up their gear and equipment and and she was like okay you saw the light bulb go off in her head that is every one of our brides they don't think the way we think logistically and that's ok that's not their job it's our job to educate them on that and this call is very much scripted so what I said here is what I say every time so if you buy this course watched that over and over and over again that's going to be essential to getting the time that you need for your wedding's run through this timeline and pick up on those key words that I said in the way that I ran through the timeline starting with the ceremony and then building backwards and then going forwards but you were walking through right the actual timeline form with her and now you're going to get her a copy of that form correct so now the bride has the exact copy the two of them agreed to and again I want to highlight a couple of things that you did which our key to making this whole thing work because here's what we're giving you we're giving you a system a process you have to follow the system you asked her are you looking for park like or urban why did you ask you that because sometimes we don't have time for both and from the engagement session if they got a lot of urban locations I would suggest going to a park setting that way they have diversity and the artwork in their home we pushed diversity in the artwork in your home it will say that over and over and over again through the client's life span with us because that's how I'm going to be able to sell artwork if you got all brick walls from the engagement you got all brick walls from the wedding they're not gonna want to buy a lot of large art pieces because I already have a brick wall so you want to give them diversity and when you tell them that they're like oh yeah that makes sense why wouldn't I want different backgrounds but we noticed we didn't ask them where they wanted to go yeah that just parker urban don't tell us exactly where you want to go just give us the generic setting of where you want pictures so that we can put the spots that we know photograph well based on lighting based on right time of day they sold you on it take a walk through the park we know where to go for each type of location so we're just looking for a little bit of direction from them and then we take over yeah I thought that was really key and then at the end you did something which again I think a lot of photographers don't necessarily do which point I pushed you to that expert level again us the question is there anything special going on in your day that we need to know about I asked that every single wedding because there are going to be things just like this a song that's meaningful to them and their friends I'm just seeing video in my head already we could open the video with them their whole bridal party screaming having a good time like that's going to be a nugget for our video and for pictures and if I hadn't known that we might have been gone by the time it played now we know we need to make sure we stay to get that and so it whether it's a trinket from grandma that she's carrying in her pocket little things like that that are meaningful to them and they might not think to tell you you want to make sure you ask about it and the important part is because taylor's doing this during the timeline she's writing this stuff down that ensures that on that document I have it I'm not on every phone call I don't want to be on every phone call so now I have it when I'm on the wedding day and my team has it so now everybody knows about these little nuggets of information that we would otherwise never know and could possibly miss so with that being said yeah I'm sure we've got some questions but ladies here what are your thoughts on this processes this easily can you replicate it questions um I have three but they're kind of quick um one how many total locations do you allow on the wedding day because you're talking about going from the home to the hotel to theirs ceremony we don't charge you're our limit locations will go anywhere they want to go our job is to tell them the constraints with time so if uh if they're like well I want to do my house and in the hotel but they're an hour apart I'll educate them on that like we could do that but you're gonna have to add extra time because that's going to eat into your time for your day of eight hours you're going to need a nine now and so that might change their mind and have them move it hotel which we'd rather do anyways right but that we're having that conversation a year out right so that's possible have it three weeks before the wedding six weeks before the wedding's not possible so that's why it's so important again to be the expert and I think you kind of answered this one in saying that they did add stuff did they add time because even if they're black label that's ten hours right and is ten hours yeah but with video we tend to just let the time go because it's it's important for us to be there for all the big stuff more videos so when we have video when they're spending that amount of money will just just stay where I was wondering could you said you're starting at nine thirty and they're not getting announced until seven which would mean that you would be leaving a half hour after that but then they're talking about the dance isn't things that are going on this is a client that is contracting for twelve thousand dollars spent another twenty five hundred after the engagement they love us we love them we'll be there we'll be there all right but what will educate them on that so as we keep going through our timeline will be like listen you've got ten hours in your package you're going to need another three of it but we're just gonna absorb that we really feel like it's gonna be essential for your videos we want them to know that we're giving you write four hundred fifty dollars an hour free services because create a lot of goodwill with doing that it's true because I've gotta pay for me taylor my video crew and every additional picture I take costs money its not free because it's digital somebody's gotta edit it somebody's gotta look through it video every additional minute video holy cow somebody's got to go through all that so there is hard cost to it like teller alluded to when you've got that client who's spending in your top level and basically is your client man we're going to try everything in our power to take care of them and it's a lot of goodwill you're more of one more when you were talking about awful sorry you know so when you were going over do you want parker urban when do you go over an actual physical location so that they know what a driver all how do they remember that day so you tell the driver that so the way it works that day is will pull up right in front of the bus I'll go out and talk t to the driver be like I'm going here why don't you just follow me yeah so we take care of that that's good question okay I have a comment and a question I loved the part where you were discussing where you're putting your dress on and that you bet you are very honest on the lighting in churches air horrendous so I applaud that because I guess I'm always trying teo eliminate wrinkles and that sort of thing and and taking those pictures of them when they're at the church so I greatly appreciate that aspect of it um but when I'm sure when you get to the higher end of clients I know from time to time maybe you've been with him all day and you've shot everything at the wedding reception you know the cake has been cut the dances have been done you're just taking pictures of somethingto look busy right time to go right so how do you handle theirs just been a couple of times that I've had where I was a second shooter wasn't my wedding that I have friends of mine as well that have that sticky uncomfortable I I haven't had too many I just go up to him so hey we've had a great day but the whole day documented I think that's tied to the way you word you're your time we have up to ten hours up to eight hours in our packaging I am not going to stay around for there's never all day coverage in my packages I think that's insanity but if I say up to ten hours I just worked a wedding this past weekend everything went so smoothly I was supposed to be there till nine thirty according to coverage by eight o'clock everything was done so we stayed for another thirty minutes and photograph the dancing going on but how many dance pictures they're they're gonna put their album none so when a thirty came I walked up to the bride I said I said susie I've gotten everything for you today I said is there anything you feel like mist is there anything you want to get any additional picture she's like no I had a great time thank you for everything you've done she gave me a hug I went home an hour early have you ever had somebody give you heat about saying that during the timeline so during that time line call if we have coverage till ten o'clock but everything stops at eight be like well I don't think you're gonna need coverage till ten because you don't want drunk dancing pictures and that's basically what's gonna be happening at that point so we typically stay till we get all the big stuff you know the book a garden dances and you ask her about the bouquet garni yeah and she's not doing it right but my point is we'll stay uh to get some dancing pictures of just group of people having fun but then after that you don't want to document the rest you don't want evidence I just I feel like there's some hole you know just that restraint like we want you here it was up to ten u and I did not know has to happen just like taylor did right here if you're having that conversation as you're trying to walk out the door then yes there's gonna be friction because you didn't set expectations were properly setting expectations a year in advance six months in advance so that doesn't really happen for us because we start so early okay with educated started so where do you get where do you put that hour and a half so are people doing first looks is it during people cocktail are brides there push back and say oh my god our guests are gonna be waiting forever it's between the ceremony and the reception typically yeah typically now if they do a first look well then it's going to be before the first look or right after the first look so the short answer is itjust depends but typically it's gonna happen between the ceremony and reception and are if you have your bride who sees photography is a priority she doesn't really care if our guests are waiting for an hour it's not a big deal and that could be during content yeah uh she had mentioned she wanted to get the detail shots at the reception and I know you guys have second shooters do you ever if you're running close on time do you ever send a second shooter to go get those details shots but you're still finishing up the creatives or do you always have the second we always red in one car okay yeah so we're always together the whole day for the most part I'm a real big believe our system that I'm teaching you and showing you and we'll cover more of it uh today tomorrow because I'm going to show you where your second shooter should be to complement your style of harvey you don't have to use my style of photography but if you take your style and put it into our system you're going to get the shots you need let your shooters split up and your image is air not going quite look the same so we will never split up our shooter's if it were the two of us maybe maybe because our styles are almost identical but rarely will I let my team split up let's go to the internet because I'm sure it's a buzz let's go to the internets go to the phones so archy says that we set up a time line like this but when we get there the hairdresser is still doing hair and the girls are not done and dressed throwing the whole day out of whack how do you deal with yes oh very true right yeah oh that happens uh but what also happens after this we do this three months in advance but then the week of the wedding I call call the bright again and we'll go through the whole timeline again and I reiterate okay you tell your fiance he cannot get to rest until we get there because they always get dressed before we get there and then we don't have those shots of him putting everything on and I'll tell her that I'm like they're notorious for getting antsy and getting dressed but if he's already dressed when we get there we won't have those pictures for your album and the story won't flow and suchlike are right he will not be in that you will not be dressed when you get there what about makeup makeup I tell them you need to have your hair and makeup done before we get there and be ready to get into your dress when we walk in the door this is an important point I was actually talking because when we go this afternoon we're going to show you bridal prep and groom prep and I was having a conversation with our makeup artist before we went you know came on air and she asked me she's like well what time you getting and what time do you want to be ready and so this is an important point we work with makeup artist we refer makeup artist there on our preferred vendor list I've been working with the same makeup artist for almost five years now and their sisters their amazing I refer them to everyone that doesn't mean everyone uses them but I refer them to everyone and the reason is simple they know what I'm looking for what I need what time I'm going to be their makeup artists like to go you know the bride is the last one to be done this way she's just beautiful and glowing know the bride should be the first one to be done so that when I get there she's ready to go and we educate our bride on that makeup artist actually call us and say what time are you getting there it's like okay I'll have them done before you get there so it's key to align yourself offenders just like south saying that get what you do but that's back to you being the expert when you're talking to your client so taylor is the expert are brides trust us when bright when she tells a bride you need to be ready or else no one's going to be there you know we're not going to get those pictures the bride is like no I want those pictures now she's making a personal mission uh to be ready another question there are a lot of questions about the traditional first look timelines and so from heym and hannah bose what do you do when the bride and groom I don't want to see each other beforehand that becomes more of a traditional yeah traditional where they see each other at the ceremony that's probably what seventy percent of our weddings are they don't want to see each other before the ceremony lot of catholic weddings right catholic weddings uh so what happens is after the ceremony bill in the midwest they have a gap of time between the ceremony and reception might be like four hours of time in between the two trenches sometimes yeah and so that's when we get all those pictures but if you're in a place where that's not really the tradition you have to just educate them like listen if you want these pictures I need this amount of time and so we can do a first look and weak try and sell them on the first look you know we'll make it really special uh well photograph his reaction to seeing you and you'll have a moment together where you can really enjoy each other versus up on the altar in front of everybody you can't really talk so try and get them to do the first look because everything run smoother whenever they do do that yeah absolutely so you know the key here with all this is understanding it's about educating the client and again positioning yourself is an expert I don't want anybody out there to think that every time we do this it's absolutely perfect and every bride completely agrees with us we've had situations where you know we had a bride not too long ago she's like you guys are being very difficult I don't I don't like this timeline this is my day okay so we started working with her she it was it was going to be new year's eve wedding true story sorry inside joke really got so she started it was a new year's eve wedding and she didn't want to get into her dress until about six or seven o'clock at night well that's fine but in december in st louis it's dark it like four o'clock in the afternoon so we're trying to educate her educator and she wouldn't budge on it so finally she told us she said you're being extremely difficult and taylor sets or she goes look it's your wedding day all I'm trying to do is god you if you're okay not getting the great images that you've seen on our website we're okay and that was all taylor had to say because then the light bulb went off in my client's head on the client realized well wait a minute I'm paying these people a lot of money there telling me they're not going to get these images I have a decision to make and sure enough after we said that to her she stopped arguing with us and shifted our time line up so that we could get some pictures of her in her her husband show and I think photographers most of us are probably more introverted we so much of the time you just want to try and do whatever the client wants like ok ok it's fine of fifteen minutes for you getting ready yeah we'll just have to rush no it's not okay tell them if you want what you see then this is the amount of time I need just tell them I mean you're not a magician you need time and so if you tell them if you want this I need this you're just giving him your blueprint what you need and so that way when you presented that way they understand it and then they'll start to work with you because that's where they hired you don't argue with them don't don't make it friction right just be the expert and it will help you there I got time for one more question and I've got to get onto my post production segment so we could look at the great pictures from the engagement session yesterday there's a ton of questions coming back so I'm glad I'm glad you girls was this valuable to see this call live we don't know how this would go this is something new that we wanted to do and once again we're trying to push the limits and make this kind of again a blueprint I can only say that word so many times so give me a hit me with another question okay I've seen this question a lot of times this is from lauren cole photo how do you handle the request to stay for the bride and groom toe exit when there's clearly like one to two hours between you know that you'd have to be sitting around photographing drunk people dancing yeah how do you do the exit if uh if there's not gonna be a big exit then we'll just tell him listen to you aren't really going to put those in your album unless you have like sparklers or anything we were partly over there for exits but they would have to pay for the time so yeah we're gonna have about two hours a time in between so we'll just capture some dancing pictures and then and then we'll get your exit so if they want us there they're gonna have to pay for the extra time so it's about how important it is to them and that well you just said it right there taylor just summarize it the way we position out to the client these were like guys you have ten hours of coverage you've got to decide with that time what's important you we will not break time up by the way right so I've got we have clients that ask us all the time well there's going to be three hours during the middle of day we're going to go back to our rooms taking nap you know know what am I supposed to do go take a nap somewhere like you know so it's continuous coverage we have to explain that declines but then as taylor alluded to you've got to make a decision on what's important if you really want us to photograph that exit then you're going to have to pay money and this guy's as photographers ladies you cannot feel bad bringing that to their attention because guess what if they wanted to keep the bar open an extra two hours they have to pay for it if they want to keep the reception hall an extra two hours that have to pay for it why do we feel bad feel guilty because they asked us to keep us our team everybody rolling for an extra two hours it costs money they need to understand that we are a business and there's nothing wrong with that

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Ratings and Reviews

Carlos Rosa

This class is Gold!!! This class is a must, I have purchased around 20 CreativeLive classes, I'm building my own curriculum, but I did purchase this class because of Sal Cincotta's name, little I knew how good it is, it's a mind blowing and it contains so much key information to be a successful photographer. I was still a little "afraid" to start my business, but after this class, I feel confident because it was like put the puzzle together. Yes, Sal really insist in his blue print, how he calls, to implement in your business and you will be successful, and I do believe that. However, I can't do that at moment, because I'll need more money then I have, but I do believe I can implement the idea and slowly works towards implement all his system. Yes, in this class you'll have all, from engagement section, to bride reception, to SEO, everything you need. Sal is a Genius, an amazing mind, I truly admire him as a person, artist/photographer, amazing Educator, but man, as a business man, he is just a mind blowing, I mean, look at him, he had practically built an Empire in only 10 years and that's enough for me to listen to this guy. With all he has, he could just quit photography for good, he totally don't need, but he is still behind the camera, and that shows how much he really love photography. Totally recommend this class, it will change your life, and I mean it. I just wish CreativeLive would do some update, even if is just in pdf, because a lot of recommendation he does in the course does not apply anymore, website does not exist, the iPhone app does not exist, etc... just an update it would be truly appreciated. And that goes for all classes, you guys could just contact the educators and ask them for an update in those areas, that's all.

KR Productions

In 2016, I decided to try and start photographing weddings. I've been a wedding videographer for 16 years now, and have consistently been asked to do this, but never have. Last year, the number of requests was unusually high, and so I decided to explore what all is involved in doing wedding photography. I actually bought Sal's 30 day photo business class here first. Watched it over and over. There were principles in that class I was able to apply to video. Great! I then decided to buy this class to get the actual "day of" mechanics down. I've watched this over and over as well and started wading slowly into the wedding photo waters. I have the benefit that my second shooter, is actually a photographer and has been shooting all his life. So, having him to back me up with his already trained and creative eye is a huge benefit on the day. (We do the one camera has a wide angle, one camera has a telephoto technique like Sal discusses, and it works amazing) So far in 2016, I've shot one wedding for $350, the next one for $1,000, and now I'm up to $2,000 on my third for just basic stuff. Incredible. Working on moving into IPS, but right now I'm focused on making sure we're capturing the right shots and doing great impressive edits for marketing , and that's already paying off. I had 4 requests yesterday! Thanks to Sal and CL for helping jump start me on this amazing journey!

Paul Marcus

Once again.....Sal proves he's the man! Wow. What a great wealth of knowledge. I wish I had seen this a few years ago when it was fresh. It makes me cringe at all the money I have left on the table. Thanks to Sal and Taylor for being so open and sharing their business model with us. I hope to have great report to share with you in 2019 as I put a lot of this class to work in my business.

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