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Wedding Photojournalism

Lesson 32 of 34

2:45 pm - Interview with Shalia and Teurth Part I


Wedding Photojournalism

Lesson 32 of 34

2:45 pm - Interview with Shalia and Teurth Part I


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2:45 pm - Interview with Shalia and Teurth Part I

I would like. Without any further ado, I would like to bring on Chile and test. I would just want him and you know what way? Okay, So, um hey, I would like to thank you for allowing us to come into your lives and one of the most important days of your life and to share that with us. To me, for me, that was an honor. It was a blessing to be there. All things aside, it was one of the most beautiful things I've witnessed. Especially this man crying in your reaction to that was just this priceless. So thank you, both of you. It was amazing. It's OK. It's OK. We have accomplices surprises for you. But, you know, I kind of wanna see how this guts, how you felt about the whole experience yourself. I mean, hopefully it was seamless and not a whole lot of intrusion on our parts, because I know it was a full house, but I got to tell you that the crew of creative life was so small, just invisible to me. Yeah, really, They were. They were I mean, it was It was great. They were following us hanging...

out and was totally easy for us anyway. So the word thing for me is I wanted to see everybody, you know, But they were just like ninjas there. Just I could never see them. It just Yeah, I told someone at the end of the wedding, but because I've worked in production and I know how hard they worked. And I said, I didn't even know you were working so hard. So I know you worked really hard and you I would have never known there was a production going on. I really I was very surprised about that. Cool. I want the both of you. It was for me. It was so natural, You know, it was just us at our wedding, and we were just lucky enough to have you guys. They're Teoh. Photograph it. And we're just It's hard for me to, you know, convey words how I feel so sorry. No, it's all good. It's all good. You know, I don't know how much of it you all remember, but hopefully what we do for our clients is what we're about to show you is that you're gonna get a chance to relive some of these moments that air to us. We thought they were phenomenal. And I'm hoping that you feel the same way. One of throw it up. Okay, sure. Let's Let's get this party started. Um, we can pause on images, I think, and go on there and and hopefully this is a short selection. We shot about 6000 images between two. So I'm really sorry about thinking, knowing who testes. He's not going to see most of those because he'll weep tears for two weeks so we can do that to him. So I don't know. Did we do photo shop on this, or is it just the cleanup? So this is pretty much how are you gonna get your proofs? We just selected a handful. Um, grab shots basically and we color corrected them for you. And it was just what? How many images do we have? You roughly. But I think there's about 70 something door Got todo Now keep in mind the audience at home. I think there's a difference between the monitor here and the ones that they're seeing. This is calibrated so that it looks good is very cute. Little punched up on this monitor compared to what you're going to see. But she was adult. Okay. Funny story. The Matron of honor is the mother of the flower girl. She also had that headpiece and wanted toe. Wear it along with that that immediately You are grown up. You're not wearing a feather head. Yeah, serious. They were checking. You know, it was a beautiful moment. Wow. Some of the, um, bridesmaids in the morning. We're sending you sneak peeks on their IPhone. Yeah, We made a little, uh, gift toy big for the ring bearer and the flower girl to keep them occupied. And they really loved those. That was That's fun. Yeah. Yeah, there's a right in there somewhere. That's pretty standard. Real shot. Yeah. Oh, and I didn't even know about. I know you didn't write the wedding band. That's why Rich got to shoot that wanted. By the time I wanted to grab a couple shots of it, he said, Don't shoot, which surprised. So that was my shot because I couldn't show the other one. I am so interested to see what he was looking like before our first look game face. Because what I saw was was some serious emotion, and I hear it started the moment he opened his eyes in the morning. That's just Coca Cola in Dixie Cups. Yeah, sure. Did you see July's a little hand way? That's what I love about your photography Joe. Is that things that you might not notice? They're just front and center. Yeah, and that's rich, right? So anything that you see with death in and getting ready is richest shots. He does the same thing I do. Basically. They're brilliant. She was having a hard day that day. She hit her head on a table. The minute she got to the venue, she was not in a good mood. Just just for a second. I just want you to think about this for a second. Every shot has brought up a memory that you can explain that you can relive and feel again and have a memory about. That is the power of photography. And that's what it ought to do. 20 years from now, 20 years from now, when I want you to open up your book, I want you to remember exactly what you're remembering. 00 He made some good friends. That day. Okay? Thinking maybe a couple of bad influences. Oh, I'm glad that you got some pictures there. What a story about that shirt. I'm worrying. Oh, my gosh. I went to go pick it up on Saturday, and I couldn't actually get to it because it was closed. He took me. I had it tailored. And I text a photo on Facebook going, um, sure is actually in the alterations location right now with the doors closed. So this is the shirt that I was actually supposed to pick it up this morning? He texted me. Guess who's short? That is. Behind the window looked and they're not on Mondays. Wow. I heard shoes were important. Yes, Yes. Always. I don't know what that's about. Power. She put me smelled so good. And we had to spring my dress with Scotch anti static stuff so that it wouldn't sweep the entire venue. Oh, so she's only 16 months old. She's really little flower girl. She's looking. Lucy, Lucy. Everyone could get their eyes off of her. Oh, that is so cool. That's fine. That the entourage really, really a good picture That looks really romantic. Should have seen him was he giving you a talk like No, he was like, Did you want me to look here To think is the most important moment of your life. They probably knew you didn't need any more sapping up. I was wondering how these would look because you're trying to hop in your dress without people seeing a bunch of stuff. Especially when there are all these cameras there you like. Get me in the dress quick. I have no clothes on. So I wasn't paying attention at all to you guys and wondering there's a disc that is gonna be separate. E Oh, my gosh, I remember this moment because something awkward is happening under that dress. There was, and I had no idea Lucy looked so cute in that picture. Oh, well. Angel. Hello. Hey, that was before we exchanged our gifts. Our bridegroom gives a pretty natural taste to that's That's cool. That's beautiful. Oh, I like to do this. So that you if the card that somehow doesn't exist anymore still here, we I try to make a recording for her on the phone. If she would open her present with recording that you never mind on this right? Try going to be good. You could just see him just like food. That's exactly how the proposal went. He's going to cute. This'll was after she wrote the first a helmet, and she goes what this is And then he's development symbol symbolizes how will protect you. And I was like, Yeah, and then the bike that will. Right, which, frankly, I'm very excited about that. Oh, so she brought him again? Yeah. This is a compass that I was looking for a compass and I couldn't find one. And then I was resigned on a pocket watch. Okay, we'll do the pocket watch. And then I talked to my grandma. My grandpa recently passed away and I said, Do you have anything we could pass down low? You know, all his stuff has been gotten rid of, and we don't really have anything else. There were some pens in a drawer. Oh, and there was this compass in the drawer with the pen getting It's so fitting, cause I just I love geography, you know? I love to travel, and it was just and I'm always getting lost. If you had of one of the jokes in our relationship. So, um, you know, he'll help guide me now. He has to. And I engraved my Gramps last name in our last name so it could be pass down. Worked. Yeah. Really? Oh, three year old. Oh, my gosh, That was hard picking lace you. I'm very meticulous. Will try and 50 shirts that are all exactly the same before I choose one. And picking lace to have that made was almost impossible. The bridal suite was gorgeous. Yeah, we had polity of space. I think the thing is, you were, uh what emotion would you say before we did our first look? He was anxious. Yeah, And anticipation. I was honestly, from the morning when I woke up, I was already just I think I was crying in my sleep because when I will wait, I'm getting married. Well, that's the thing you were on that it And I was so excited, so excited. So I was not, you know, crying. I was just, like waiting Teoh. Which, by the way, we did not know that our friends were behind the window witnessing our first look, which was really cool because we heard a cell phone video. Someone took in there saying they know we're here. They have to know we're here. And I was so wrapped up in what was going on. Oh, I had no idea they were standing there witnessing that, which is kind of cool. Oh, like that. I've never I don't see what I don't get to see that. So it's just o e feel so bad about what I did to you. Oh, my gosh. Look, A tow lie, huh? Oh, that's just amazing. And there's someone recording cell phone journalistic we get. Oh, okay. So s so she gets up to me and she goes, You look miserable. You enjoying yourself? I felt kind of bad. You look, you just looked like you were in pain. No, I just couldn't hold it in anymore. I meant that in a good way. Oh, look what we owe. You know he's been Oh, I was teasing him. I told him he can't call me auntie until we're married. And he kept going. Hey, Shelia. He kept wanting to say it. And then after we got married, he came up and he goes, I get to call you Aunty from now on. and I think that that day he was kind of waiting for that. And to see him in these pictures kind of in anticipation on way. Witness I from my cheap money No. Oh, Oh, God. Award todo Do you have a lot of first looks that you do Where a lot of people are watching the first look or usually the bride and groom alone? It's split. If the bride and groom wanted to be a very private moment, it's just the two of them. Sometimes they'll add their parents and then sometimes they'll add the bridal party on top of that, you know? So I I've done it where there were quite a few people I love the way it waas. We didn't even plan that. Wow, these are our wedding pictures. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I'm talking about Oh, I love that. Who wasn't even I ran and ran inside. This is the thing when you're I assumed wedding pictures would be really posed, like Okay, now I want you to do this. And there is some element of that. Obviously, that has to be casual in the moment of the photographs. Even if they were saying like give each other a kiss. Oh, my sweet goodness. That's gonna be the whole wall wearing a blow. That one up. Oh, my God. Oh, but in the moments of the pictures, I was not aware of the picture that was more in the actual moment, which and you should be. That's exactly what kind of surprised me. And that's why what I don't do and it's very hard for me to witness sometimes is when the couples having the first dance. And it's a very intimate moment, and I've seen it's done and the photographer coming. Okay, you guys hold on for a second. Can you put your cheeks together and look at me while you're dancing? And it totally interrupts the flow. Whatever you're thinking, feeling and connecting with each other and then captured. And you don't need to do that because when you'll see in a minute, those programs were originally gosh, getting these little things together. That's what the cake looked like. No kidding. Yeah, it turned out really well. Oh, my own goal. He was telling me how honored he was that he could walk me down the aisle. I overheard some of that was He was my prototype for this one. He was the blueprint to tell me what toe look for. No flowers. My grandma. She's when you guys were walking down the aisle. I don't recall. I don't even know how I got to the O. Most most grooms walk The grandmother. She was walking you down the aisle. I know she was helping you. Yeah, she's assembly later. Lady, I would like to hear what she said to you. I know. She said something. Here we go. For little Lucy was having a hard time wandered everywhere. It was cute. Wow. Wow. I actually really like the wet ground in these. It looks really cool. The reflection of the dress on the ground. That's really cool. Oh. Huh? I love that. Wow. That was a really fun ceremony. I had fun at the ceremony, I have to say, and I don't know where that tree went. We should get that because it's kind of the symbol of our someone. Have it. That was fun. Water in those trees. Yeah, And this is when you snuck this ring on here. I didn't even know, and then you put it on my hand. while you try to put it on my hand. It didn't fit perfectly where we managed. Oh, that's a good one. I was killed. I love that. It's so cool to see this from other perspective. Yeah, Yeah. I wanted to get a ring shot while it was on you. Remember when I did that? Yeah. Someone texted me or Facebooked. Uh, your wedding was so awesome. There was rain, There was sunshine and there were rainbows. And I thought it was in that the perfect metaphor for a marriage. I mean, the day. Really Waas No, that is cute. Look at Nick. Yeah, but he's trapped. Goodness way have July security guard with the ring. But he was so nervous, I don't hold it and took it serious way. Told him you are a very important part of this wedding, buddy. Who's the an interesting story? My veil never showed up, so I was improvising. We had to improvise. There was a square of leftover fabric from the dress and our Lindsay makeup girl just bobby pins and pulled it up. All right? E o so much. Love her expression right behind. I love it. Iko Iko! Okay, Cool Yeah, Being able to wear the traditional Cambodian stuff was very fun for me. Yeah. I love shooting between has just It's wonderful, You know, Peps parents. Oh, these little fingers were so great. They were great. They were awesome in a real Cambodian or not a real. But in an actual Cambodian wedding, they change their outfits four times, at least. And they're as extravagant. Is this each time? And I just who that would be a lot of work. I mean, look at the detail in these little outfits. Just unbelievable. They sure celebrate. Oh, this is cool. My Matron of honor came up with this thing Where, uh, everybody should right pick a restaurant they love right where the restaurant is in the name of the restaurant and put it in there. And then we by the time you know, we're dying here would ever have to have gone to every single restaurant. So it's a game pounds every year. I didn't even find it on Pinterest. Oh, my grandma. She's gonna love that picture for her. Oh, I'm glad we got that. I was really She was She was very Thanks. The shot. That's the shot there. Oh, yes. No. Love rain. Yeah. Whoa. Crazy thing. This picture has got so many fabulous things happening, and I don't even know what to say about it. Your husband? I lie. Honey, that fountain back there looks really good. Green grass in the rain. Okay. I was waiting for that Rich saw hailed it. That was that was great. House cropped in a little bit. Way going to pick one of these to go on our mantle. We're gonna have to have, like, a big man mantle for some of my clients will get, like, six or eight of these, right? And they'll throw seven of them in the closet and put one up for about three months. And that's what I was just gonna say one for every month, just like a calendar. Rotate that. That is ridiculous. You got lucky with no kidding. Yes, on. That's another rainbow of personality. Lots of do you know, Did you know that way? Fed the long you put the thing and you're making in your mouth and the Lamis it out of your mouth and it looks like you're kissing a llama. And you put that on the gift table? Yes. Oh, wow. Get that is an amazing picture. I like her. Leo House did such a great job. Oh, my gosh. Oh, I love that man. These are so good. Oh, that is wonderful. All. And then they started dancing way. We're gonna switch. And my uncle and test started Teoh to your mom and I were left standing there like, Oh, that's fantastic. Okay, what she got Game face, guys. Yeah. He pulled that football out from underneath my skirt with the garter on, and people were pretty surprised. I came out later. He had it on over his getting into, you know, I just forgot about the fireworks until now. Just okay, there's fireworks. These are establishing Are establishing shot. Well, that was the reason we had to climb up on that. You? I brought that. Wow, that was rich from the front while I was setting up the back shot. How fun was that? Oh, wow. Those are unbelievable. And this is when the light of the fireworks were hitting then, yeah, that happened. You're right, though, before these pictures popped up, I was so pulled into the other photos. I totally forgot about fireworks. which usually is not something you forget about fireworks. You just You go into each image like I didn't. I forgot that there were fireworks coming in these images because you you think about that image in that moment and then you move onto the next one. But it's just every obviously I love the fact that when you know, I couldn't see her behind me. Now I know what she was thinking about or the look on her face now is just It brings you know more into the story of what I remember. I don't remember, but didn't see because it was so many tears. I don't know. Your family and your friends are the reason you're there. You know, we will have them with us as we grow and evolve. Couple. And the thing I didn't notice much that I see in these photos is them and their connection to us. Their excitement in their eyes were looking at us and their love for us. That is something that I mean, you know, it's there on the day of, But when you look back at these pictures, that makes you really feel more supported and surrounded by love because I don't know. I got in a way. I know my grandma is excited, so I don't really think about it. But when I see her walking down that aisle with you, it's just priceless toe actually see her in that moment. How excited she is it really? The pictures that you take give us insight into what's happening. It's not just, you know, a picture of some stuff. It's fantastic.

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Learn everything you need to know about telling a gorgeous wedding story from start to finish using photojournalism techniques. Award-winning photographer Joe Buissink will guide you through the process as he shoots a longtime creativeLIVE employee’s real wedding, live and in real time.

This three-and-a-half day course will begin with Joe posing, lighting, and shooting every step of this creativeLIVE family wedding — right before your eyes. You’ll have a front row seat as you watch Joe’s unique style in action as he deftly captures the portraits his client expects while still documenting the overall chorus of emotion throughout the day.

After the newlyweds head off to their honeymoon, Joe will explain why he made certain lighting, posing, and angle choices during the ceremony. You’ll learn his techniques, workflow, and on-the-fly tricks for dealing with unexpected developments. This intimate, interactive experience will invite you into the creativeLIVE family and empower you to photograph weddings with the eye of a photojournalist


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Joe Buissink, Thank you for share your out of this world wedding photography its be on great,I just love it. I look up to you every day I do a wedding. I have yet to meet you but some day I will. I took conclave in April 2013 and wished you would have been there. My favorite wedding photographer is Denis Reggie which has become a friend I just love his work also. Between you and him both of you I look up to and hope some day I can be as great of a photographer just like the both of you. I just love to be a wedding photographer. Thank you for share such great information and course. Carlos Zaldivar Carlos Zaldivar photographers

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This is one of the more slower-paced courses I have taken on Creative Live. I ended up watching the videos over a span of about 4 months, but enjoyed every moment of it. Watching Joe and Rich work is a beautiful dance. I love Joe's philosophy and he instills a calm spark in all that he does. The way he looks at angles, approaches situation and works with his clients is mesmerizing. I highly recommend this course if you are looking to be inspired by wonderful philosophy and to gain valuable insight through watching a master in action.

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