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Lesson 1 from: Wedding Photojournalism

Joe Buissink

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Hello, internet and welcome to creative live this is a historic day here. Incredible! I've my name is ken klosterman and I'm going to be your host today along with mr russ andy's. And what are we doing here? We are putting on a live wedding that's right for the next? I don't know eight hours or something, something like that on and off. This is a really living, breathing wedding and the great joe abusing is going to be photographing this wedding. It is going to be incredible. Our very own shelia figgins is getting married. Teo test piece now taft has been with creative live from the beginning and he is our lead audio engineer and my goodness let's, just talk about how this historic event came about. You know it's one of those things where it's always been a joke around creative live where we do this let's. So we did the jasmine star live waiting years and years ago and three years ago. And it's always been a joke around here that okay, who's going to get married next because somebody i...

s gonna have to do it live that's how we do things here grated live. We broadcast them live, so the question is who's going to be a turns out testament and what we're going to do here again is we're going to be bringing you stories throughout the day, actually, let's, let's talk a little bit about how this is gonna work for us. Absolutely. So this is the beginning of wedding photo journalism from start to finish with job using this is a three day workshop starting today, going tomorrow and tuesday today is going to be sort of behind the scenes fly on the wall. Look, we're gonna watch you're going to see through our cameras as joe and his assistant rich are working all day long now we're not gonna be able to interact with them. We want them this to be a riel thing really deal we have joe here before and he didn't amazing workshop and he was really good at explaining it through the setup wedding that we did their thie opportunity we have here is to really see him work alive, so what we want you guys to do as you are watching, go in the chat room and ask questions we've got people back at home are wonderful chat moderates will be coming down those questions, and tomorrow we're going tohave half a day where joe is going to go through video from today and explain what he was thinking his thought process, how he was approaching it, the problems he saw all that so that you can understand exactly what was going on so today it's going to be very much behind the scenes fly on the wall not interactive we're just gonna watch him work can I just take a moment to say what an amazing thing this is that we're doing and we are so glad that we have our global worldwide creative life family with us because our community is honestly is so special and we just are so thrilled that you're here with us but with further without further to dio let's introduce the man himself absolutely mr job using joe and rich come on up his wealth welcome joe thanks so good to have you wrenching more leather so good to be here one more time yes it is indeed so good to have you back we absolutely loved having you the first time and when we thought who can we get to shoot this live wedding with someone who's very important to us we wanted someone who was already a member of the family yeah that's awesome. Thank you so much for inviting us well and I was just actually getting ready getting my hair and makeup done with the bride shelia and her bridesmaids and what was really cool was we were talking about you jo and your style which will get teo in a minute and how the two of you will work together but she just expressed how when tess was showing her different websites different photographers she was blown away when your work here and she is just so and tapas well so touched that you are here you specifically tio it's an honor for us this's our passion what we do for others and we love photog he and hopefully it shows in the work on uh yeah I'm looking forward to this I think it does so let's talk a little bit about the actual logistics of how you two work together I know that you don't necessarily approach what is talking the same way as most other people when you talk a little bit about how you guys work together sure, sure you know what? When I first started many years ago eighteen years ago I was the only person shooting that eventually I started hiring a second shooter when there was just too much for me to do and lo and behold that second shooter started bringing out work that I wanted to do and I said wait a minute how come I do all the formals all the table shots I was the guy that was hired I was the studio so uh yeah I have to shoot that stuff because mom is expecting it. Okay right. All right, so what is the point mom writes ever, ever rule number one uh then I came upon rich his personality is amazing and I thought to myself to let him do those formal shots. Let him love mom and let mom love you a lot louder. Joe so doing a formal this is true it's so true that's so I became a second shooter, so my style is photo journalistic in nature and the bride at higher is my studio army loves that about my work is that I capture the essence of the person in the moment, and I can't do that if I'm focusing on table shots. You don't mean so I let rich do this for me while I do what I do for the bride. So rich is mom's photographer, if you will, I'm the bride's photographer that bill you actually, he does a lot of cougars come out it's already said yes, it is, but anyway, so it's a great, great tag team operation that we have at this point now and so what we one of the rules we have let's say in the reception, if I see you or you see me, we're in the wrong place. Okay, so that way we don't double up on the same images. So if I see him grabbing something, I turn around. I walked the other direction, I find something else. To shoot and that's just the kind of well yeah I mean a part of it is that you're going to be mostly focused on the bride and groom and moments between them and the people that you think it's like a two hundred three hundred wedding yeah it's important that I'm doing stuff like getting moments between other people that aren't necessarily in the circle around the nucleus of the exactly they're the nucleus and it's usually you're the one who sticks with their I do and that I'm constantly running around just to make sure we document everybody having a good time and get a feel for the whole thing as well this is true so speaking of number of people there are two hundred people that are going to be attending this wedding so what you're going to be seeing again unlike other other than jasmine star wedding unlike other workshop where we are putting on maybe a reception maybe the bride and groom getting married and we have a good you know, ten guests because way don't wantto bring in everyone so it's just a logistical nightmare at this point so instead we're just going to leave this logistical nightmare to these guys yeah it's gonna be fun right? How long have you two been weren't working together let's see, I think it's six something years somewhere in yeah yeah that's right? I moved to los angeles only twelve when he was really good with the camera even when he was that must be hard to have never been that short but I believe that I have so many questions I think and I think let's go with number one for me really quick before we send you guys off I don't know if you guys can see exactly what's going on around us but it is not dry this is a seattle wedding ladies and gentlemen how do you guys feel about that? Well here's the thing for me I love challenges I work better when I have a challenging from me now having said that the two three million dollars winnings are beautiful but when people see me shoot those and they see my work they are all well that's a piece of cake is look it was set up for him it was lit for him it's in california that's ridiculous I shoot in the back alley when it's like ten degrees out jo how do you do that you're about to see are about to see is fantastic. All right, well I think we can let you guys you guys need to get start getting ready so we are goingto let jo and rich off and we are going to take a little bit of a tour through the venue here show you guys exactly what we're looking at also guys we're so excited that's fun way all right, okay. All right. So folks, just another reminder this is gonna be a very, very interesting day we're going to be loose we're going to be running around we're going to be following people as we need to and we don't know what to expect way have know what we're doing right now at this way we're going to give you a tour. It is however pouring rain that we do have to be an umbrella we have an umbrella or do we want to ru is the camera okay walking out there or seems like it's okay we have no umbrella for the camera we have umbrellas for us so we need a good three to five minutes before we head over there oh let's go let's go there right now are all rest where are we? Where are we? We are at laurel mannar laurel manner here in beautiful sumner washington it's about a half hour south of seattle is a beautiful venue can we talk about why we're wearing purple? Absolutely alright so purple is you'll notice a lot of purple throughout this wedding and purple is tests favorite color that's why I'm wearing purple that's why I have purple that's why everyone's got purple throughout the day the crew even behind the scenes we're decided to dress up where nice nice shirts, purple shirts and it's just it's a team it's a family and I love it I was sitting there in the tech meeting beforehand and just listening to everyone who are so excited for the challenge and for the fun of today that's that's the atmosphere here in creative lives that's why I love this family and so what we're doing now is game day right it is sunday yes this is game yes all right let's let's grab the umbrella here and let's head out put it in front of the first of all so as we're going down here we have a couple of tents let's put it over this way way go okay so this is the first of our two little tent areas this one thing that's for the very first time by the way kenna has been off with the bride getting ready and we and I have been here working with the tech folks and kind of going over there it's cool this and we still have a few hours to go that's one of things timing wise we should let people know we are getting started here we're going to shoot joan and richard going to shooting people getting ready and we're going to show you the whole day so yeah the ceremony isn't for a few hours now at this point but we are just getting ready and we're going to be following joe throughout the best as he does throughout the day exactly and I'm going to throw this right over there. All right, so let's, look at where we are, let's, start back here. Maybe what is this for is is the bar I'm assuming that this is a yes, this is I believe, where we will be having the cocktail hour here later throughout the day. So this is where people will be able to enjoy a little re pass. We have our wonderful just here so that we can get some amazing standard jib, which is always any wedding it's traditional. I mean, it is over here. We've got a little lounge area. We've also got hour, uh, audio booth over there for d j folks, we're going to have beautiful it's purple purple chaise lounge. I love it so I'm going to be lounge and this is where we're going. Tio have some dancing later on for the reception. So this area is going to be the fun area. This is where the stuff is going to go for raising its going to be a good time. Let's, keep going. I just realized I should have grabbed that that's. All right, it's a little it's a quick little job to take a quick look, I'm gonna go wait, so this this area is going to be the main reception are excuse me main ceremony area instead of pews instead of the usual rows of chairs, we are going to have everyone sitting at tables, which will also be where they will sit for dinner and for their meals later. This over here, as you may be able to see, is the arch, where we will have the actual ceremony itself. So the photo the bride and groom will be entering up through this area here. Now, once again, a zay was listening to the conversations happening with the bride and her bridesmaids. Earlier question wass okay, if it rains, which we all knew was a pretty strong reality of the day. Do we want to get married in the tent or elsewhere? And I and I believe the original plan, of course, was to be outside, not under the tent for the actual ceremony, but this is the reality. This is the reality I think we're going to be seeing again. These rial world challenges. I don't just say that there was a rainbow this morning when I was driving to the creative life studio over seattle, and so my belief is any wedding day that starts out with a rainbow no matter what is going to be perfect and it's true, if it rains on your wedding day also, good luck. And with that, folks, we are actually ready to throw you over to joe and rich. Now we will be standing by, so we'll be back later. At some point, we'll talk to mme or later. But for now, we're going to send you over to what you came here to see. We're going to send you over, have fun watching joe and rich work. Enjoy folks.

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Carlos Zaldivar

Joe Buissink, Thank you for share your out of this world wedding photography its be on great,I just love it. I look up to you every day I do a wedding. I have yet to meet you but some day I will. I took conclave in April 2013 and wished you would have been there. My favorite wedding photographer is Denis Reggie which has become a friend I just love his work also. Between you and him both of you I look up to and hope some day I can be as great of a photographer just like the both of you. I just love to be a wedding photographer. Thank you for share such great information and course. Carlos Zaldivar Carlos Zaldivar photographers

Jessica Lindsay-Sonkin

This is one of the more slower-paced courses I have taken on Creative Live. I ended up watching the videos over a span of about 4 months, but enjoyed every moment of it. Watching Joe and Rich work is a beautiful dance. I love Joe's philosophy and he instills a calm spark in all that he does. The way he looks at angles, approaches situation and works with his clients is mesmerizing. I highly recommend this course if you are looking to be inspired by wonderful philosophy and to gain valuable insight through watching a master in action.

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