Day 3 Wrap-Up


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Day 3 Wrap-Up

All of you out there and the internet thank you all so much for being here and experiencing the last three days with us has been beautiful there's never been a dry eye in the house here we just want to let you know you are the reason we are here so thank you from the bottom of our hearts again thank you so much first in studio audience again thank you so much to test and shelia you guys are just absolutely gorgeous and beautiful we couldn't love you any more and support you in your new journey as husband and wife rich thank you so much again you've been just such a pleasure to meet and to have here at creative live thank you sir job you think the bottom of all of our hearts you were so thank you guys so much and joe just you know we have you know put up our thank you card for you guys specifically just for you guys on facebook that just a couple calls from their malvina molnar says awesome I love watching joe I'm way more relaxed about my own work thanks to him itjust refocuses me on w...

hat is important emotions thank you joe and thank you rich for sharing and bob pictures says a massive thank you to join rich as well as creative live this has been more knowledge than any other video article or audio lesson ever keep up the great work great. Thank you so much. All right, you guys, you have just experienced an entire photo journalistic wedding from start to finish with one of the world's greatest photographers. Joe of you think this course was designed for you? It wasn't just the fact that joe wanted to show his style. We designed this for all of you out there. We've been listening to what you have been needing and wanting in your photographic journey and that's why this happened for you. We've shown you an entire wedding day from start to finish and you have been on joe's right and left shoulder, seeing how he shoots the entire time he spent an entire day talking to about his entire shooting process, what he was thinking, what he was failing, what he was feeling in that moment, and what he shot in between. Each moment he shared all about that rich has gifted us with all of his expert, a photo shop processing and light room processing for port postproduction workflow they're editing and call calling styling skills, which is just invaluable. This is something that is not taught anywhere else. We have given it to you for free, and we're so thankful that you have joined us and we're so glad to have been able to bring it to you all around the world. And we just want to say that I guess I want to say that I feel like this style of education is absolutely privileged not everyone gets the opportunity to experience something like this, so I just feel privileged to be here I feel privileged to know all of you and to know that you have joined us throughout the journey just remember that if you would like to go back and relive the wedding seeing all that video footage see how joe shot see again how he felt like as he shot and hey, you talk through the videos and how rich goes to the calling and adding a process you can have all the videos at your fingertips at any times if you choose to purchase this course for all three days it is one hundred and forty nine dollars of course during the live event which is right now there's only a few hours left you'll see below the video feed you're watching there's a countdown timer that has started that live event price is ninety nine dollars so you know this is the course for you snag it up right now remember you get entire pdf of joe and riches gear list which is pretty cool really awesome again thank you all so much for being here and experiencing last few days with us we will see you next time on creative lives that's a wrap

Class Description

Learn everything you need to know about telling a gorgeous wedding story from start to finish using photojournalism techniques. Award-winning photographer Joe Buissink will guide you through the process as he shoots a longtime creativeLIVE employee’s real wedding, live and in real time.

This three-and-a-half day course will begin with Joe posing, lighting, and shooting every step of this creativeLIVE family wedding — right before your eyes. You’ll have a front row seat as you watch Joe’s unique style in action as he deftly captures the portraits his client expects while still documenting the overall chorus of emotion throughout the day.

After the newlyweds head off to their honeymoon, Joe will explain why he made certain lighting, posing, and angle choices during the ceremony. You’ll learn his techniques, workflow, and on-the-fly tricks for dealing with unexpected developments. This intimate, interactive experience will invite you into the creativeLIVE family and empower you to photograph weddings with the eye of a photojournalist