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Become An Expert At Photography Lighting

Master the principles of lighting and learn to shoot photos in any condition. Bring professionalism and quality to your photography, no matter your style or subject.

7 Easy Photography Tips to Enhance Your Lighting

  • Use a kicker. It’ll add a ‘pop’ you can’t get otherwise. 
  • Try 5-in-1 reflectors for outdoor portraits and thank us later. 
  • If your subject wears glasses, just raise the light to avoid glare. 
  • Odd color temperature? Match the light or overpower it with ambient light. 
  • Use gels to help tell the story of an image. 
  • Save your gear (and money) with sandbags. 
  • Looking for lighting? Just find where it’s coming from and what it leaves behind.
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How To Best Use Lighting In Photography