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Make the Most Out of Selections in Photoshop

All right, three make the most out of selections and selections air really, really great. I love using selections and photoshopped because they help me stay. You know, they stopped help me stay organized. They help me just affect the actual area that I that I would like to select in photo shop. So we're going to jump back into the selections. We talked about them briefly just a moment ago. We're going to jump back into our selections, and I'm going to show you a couple of things that you can do to add this election's to change your selections, to subtract away selections and just some general ways to work with those selections. Okay, well, let's say we want to select out this handle. We want to select out this door handle. Maybe I want to get rid of it. So I'm going to start with something like a rectangular marquis tool. So what will make a selection right around here? I could use that space for if I need to can't move that around. Now, let's. Say, I want to select out this part of th...

e handle is well, with the same selection. Well, I can hold down the shift key, which puts a little plus next to marker, sir and that's going to allow me to make another selection and added to the original selection so you're never just stuck with just a square or justice circle you can bring those together now let's say I wanted to go down to my elliptical marquis tool and add to this well I can do that as well hold down the shift key and I can click and drag around that part of the handle and I can add that is well maybe I want a little bit more detail there I could hold shift click and drag there so we're adding to our selection using different selection tools as well I'll add to this election a little bit there and then you know what maybe I don't want this election right there so now I'm gonna hold the old or the option key which brings up a little minus key and there we can take away from this election so if I don't need some of these areas selected out I can take away from this election using the minus keep and you can see how relatively quickly we've got a selection here that doesn't look anything like a square or a circle but we've used basically the rectangular on the elliptical marquis tools to get us to this place so we can combine selections really easily in order to get more advanced elections like this now we can also use things like the lasso tool so keep in mind a selection is like its own genre in photo shop and there are a lot of different selection tools and you can use any of those tools combined together to affect your selection so we you started off using the marquis selection tool if I want to add to it with a lasso tool not a problem I'll just hold the shifty and make a selection right over there and that's going come right in the exact same selection we've been working on here we go let's just say I got a little bit sloppy with this like I wanted to select out this handle but I want to keep it mostly just on this orange because if I wonder you wind up clone stamping or trying to you know maybe I want to get rid of this handle I don't I don't want this brown area of the door selected I don't want these areas because if I go try to close stamp on a new layer let's say I'm not you know I'm not very uh here we go I'm a little messy it's just going to kind of flow over onto that and way really don't want that so having a good selection is going to allow us to make sure we just paint in those areas so let's say we have this election and I want to refine this a little bit more it's got a straight edge from here down to here it's a little bit of a blur but it's got a straight edge. So what I'm going to do is I'm going to choose this election tool that it's going to allow me to have a straight edge. All right? So I want to choose a selection tool that's going to allow me to have a straight edge but also keep in mind, it's not perfectly up and down, right like this rectangular marquis too. It has a straight id, but it's perfectly a pin down, so I'm not going to be able to make that straight edge at an angle, just like I wanted so we're going to do is move to a tool that's going to allow us to do so we're going to go to our believing a lasso tool, which is basically just the last tool it just allows you to create straight lines so here we're going to do is I'm gonna hold down the old or the option because we want to minus that out of this election we're going click on the top there and now you can see I just got like, a little tail that's gonna follow me wherever I go I can come right down here, click there again, come out and make like a little triangle. Okay? And then hit enter when I'm done with my selection and it's gonna minus out in that straight line so I can be pretty sloppy here on the left. But as long as I've got a really nice, clean line there on the right side, totally cool, and I started out with, you know, just a regular selection with a couple of tools and I just minus that area out now, we do want our edge to be a little bit blurred because that's going to fit with what's going on in the image, so to get that what we're going to do is sit this refined edge, but so after we've made our selection looks good, we've learned we can add and subtract from our layer from our selections, we're gonna hit this refined edge. There we go, and now we have a few different options on how we want to see it. This doesn't help me out so much because I can't see the rest of my image. This is a viewing it on black, you can view it on white, you can you have a lot of different options here in this case, I think the overlay option may be pretty good because you couldn't well it's it's better when the whole images in red because the overlay is like a red overlay, so in this case, I don't know how much it's going to really help us let's try it black and white and see there, okay, so what I'm going to do is I want to give my edge of my selection a little bit of feather I want to make sure that the edges a smoother edge, so we're going to take our feathering and I'm just going to bring this up there we go now, if I do want to match what's going on in my background image, I can choose something like on layers to view what's going on most of the time overlay would be the best example here, you can probably see it in this case, but it it is red on red, so we'll just we'll just say that, you know, ten pixels I think looks pretty good if that doesn't work, we can always come back and refine the edge again, not a big deal, so just by making the edge a little bit blurred, adding that feathering, we're going to hit ok, and now what I can do really easily is just going to grab the brush tool and I'm gonna paint right over here just covering this up so painting over my little handle and you can see it's not it's, not going to let me to paint anywhere else, right? So this edge here on the right? I really I'm not worried about that at all because I can't even paint even if I wanted to it's not going to let me do it it's not going to let me break the boundary of my selection. Now sometimes when you're doing this, that little line around the actual selection, it gets in your way, right? I can't really see what the border looks like. I think it looks good, but I'm not sure big tip here is ted controller command h that's going to hide that selection, so controller command h is going to hide that selection it's going around, we'd actually see what it looks like. This election is still active, by the way it's still active, but now I can actually see what I'm doing a little bit better, so I'm not so much flying in the dark here, all right? So we'll affect this area, and then you can use your clone sam tool here, brush you'll, whatever tool that you'd like to go ahead and paint that area in, and you could make sure that your edge is going to be a really nice edge because he uses selection toe actually make that happen.

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Photoshop can be daunting for beginners and it is hard to know where to start. In this 90-minute Photoshop class, you’ll learn 10 actionable tips that will help you get the most out of Photoshop so you can start editing today.

Aaron Nace will start at the beginning. You’ll learn how to organize your files so you’ll always know where to find them. You’ll also learn about color settings, layers, masking and groups. Aaron will cover the commonly used tools in Photoshop and even teach you keyboard shortcuts so you’ll know how to work quickly and efficiently.

Software Used: Adobe Photoshop CC 2014.2.2


Patricia Green

This was a very informative course, and perfect for a beginner. I came from Paint Shop Pro and so I knew some terminology and some of what might be possible with what tools, but Photoshop is a big new world for me, so this beginner course was just what I needed. Great instructor who is knowledgable and has a good sense of humor. I would recommend this class to beginners.