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Bonus Video: Expand Your Space

when I'm shooting in a space like this it's really really tight that means that I can't pull my camera back very far to get a shot of my subject so what I'm going to do is take a picture of my subject just her upper body whatever I can actually get in frame in my camera without struggling to move back too far and I'm going to take that shot and then walk my focus down that's what I'll do first good so I've got my subject and focus I'm now going to lock my lens down to manual focus and from here I can take all of my extra shots all around the frame so I can turn back to her take a shot of her lights now just like that and then I can take any extra shots all around the room because I have all of those shots and I'm locked down on my focus I can add them together into photoshopped to create a space that looks a lot bigger than it actually wass the benefit to this is that you can shoot a smaller space or you can shoot in a large space get really close to your subject and have a nice shallo...

w depth the field meaning that your background will be out of focus and that gives a really interesting look if you want the subject to separate from the background

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Fine Art Photography allows you to bring your imagination to life. Join Brooke Shaden as she discusses her journey, her inspiration, and her business philosophies that keep her creating beautiful images. You will learn how to capture images that reflect who you are as an artist and photographer.

In this class Brooke shows you how to:

  • Self critique and do goal setting exercises
  • Accomplish 10 basic poses 
  • Get started with 8 business techniques that will lead you to gallery shows and sales
If you know why you create and how you create, you are going to make images that you love.  



Brooke is amazing! I love this course. Brooke is easy to listen to. She has a beautiful insight into creative fine art . Love it! I have learned so much. I especially love that she is so candid about everything.

Beatriz G

I bough the course and it has been very interesting, definitely Brooke establish a great connection with the audience, She put a lot of effort. Her work and her way to teach is open and full of great intentions. I liked to be able to share her process, It's really worthy in my opinion. My very best wishes for her and her work!