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30 Days to Design Your Portrait Business

Lori Nordstrom

30 Days to Design Your Portrait Business

Lori Nordstrom

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2 Day 2: Setting Up "Shop" Duration:48:03
5 Day 3 Bonus: "Planning" Duration:37:23
6 Day 4: Studio Image Duration:24:21
7 Day 4 Bonus: "Studio Image" Duration:32:30
8 Day 5: Defining Your Niche Duration:34:31
9 Day 5 Bonus: "Your Niche" Duration:51:54
12 Day 7: Marketing Part 1 Duration:27:52
13 Day 7 Bonus: "Marketing - Part 1" Duration:1:07:57
16 Day 9: Networking Duration:43:30
17 Day 9 Bonus: "Networking" Duration:35:18
19 Day 10 Bonus: "Pricing Part 1" Duration:37:16
21 Day 11 Bonus:"Pricing part 2" Duration:1:10:30
22 Day 12: Projections for 2014 Duration:20:08
23 Day 12 Bonus: "Projections" Duration:34:27
30 Day 16 Bonus: "Product Line" Duration:10:22
31 Day 17: Packaging Your Product Duration:42:18
32 Day 17 Bonus: "Packaging" Duration:21:05
34 Day 18 Bonus: "Consultation" Duration:41:25
38 Day 20 Bonus: "Mandi Shoot" Duration:21:14
40 Day 21 Bonus: "Dryden Shoot" Duration:09:05
42 Day 22 Bonus: "Adding Video" Duration:09:32
45 Day 24: Portrait Workflow Duration:22:35
46 Day 25: Sales Duration:35:48

Class Description

The strongest portrait photography businesses have one thing in common: a dedicated, strategic plan for artistic and financial success. Join creativeLIVE instructor Lori Nordstrom as she goes through 30 Days to Design Your Portrait Business, an intensive course that will give you the step-by-step tools you need to survive and thrive as a portrait photographer.

Over 30 days, you will work with Lori to develop a plan of action for marketing, branding, and pricing that will keep your clients happy and your business growing. Lori will outline the lighting, posing, and shooting skills she uses to make sure clients come away from a session with photos they’ll love. During each daily segment, Lori will discuss the topics covered in her 72-page workbook (included with purchase).

By the end of this course, you’ll have the concrete skills you need to attract clients, build a successful, satisfying business, and deliver stunning results every time.



This course is amazing! Lori covers so many essential things to have a successful photography business. She goes through everything in a very methodical way. I also appreciate ALL the free stuff she gave to help make my business successful. I also love how she shared how she gives back in her community and worldwide. Thanks Lori!

a Creativelive Student

I cannot say enough GREAT things about this course!!! I've been in business for over 10 years now, but still need to check in on the business side of things periodically. This class reminds us just how much fun marketing, sales, and planning can be. It has rejuvenated my passion for the BUSINESS side of this business. In fact, I'm so inspired by what Lori has to say, I think I will recommend this class to my COMPETITORS down the street. We will all be better for it and the industry will be better too! This is perfect for those just starting out AND seasoned pros :)

a Creativelive Student

I have loved so many creativeLIVE courses but I have to say this has been THE BEST for me. Lori thank you so much for sharing your wealth of knowledge! I am feeling more confident and excited about moving forward and making my photography a real business finally. I have been crippled by insecurity and fear and with this course I feel like I have finally been given the ok and the KNOWLEDGE to do what I need to do. Thank you!