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Day 23 Bonus: "Studio Lighting"

Lesson 44 from: 30 Days to Design Your Portrait Business

Lori Nordstrom

Day 23 Bonus: "Studio Lighting"

Lesson 44 from: 30 Days to Design Your Portrait Business

Lori Nordstrom

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44. Day 23 Bonus: "Studio Lighting"


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Day 23 Bonus: "Studio Lighting"

Today, segment is all about studio lighting most of us, when we start photographing, were all outside all natural light, maybe moving into window light and a reflector and that's how I started was all available light, and so when it came time when I moved to iowa and knew I had to shoot inside, I knew I had to buy a light and a reflector, and that was almost fifteen years ago. That was fourteen years ago, and so at the time, there weren't a lot of people that I could watch or see that we're going to teach me studio lighting. There was nobody that I could just call, and so I opened up my larsen catalog, and I bought all that I knew, and that was a window and reflector. And now, thirteen, fourteen years later, it's still what I use it. So what I love, and so we're going to be talking about this today, carly, so far you've been shooting some in the studio, but with some umbrellas, yeah, right? Yeah, so we're gonna teach you a better way. Yes, and I do love the one light, one reflector, an...

d so I'm excited to show you how I use it. I have used multiple lights and we actually have multiple lights here in the studio, but I always go back to the just kind of the safety of the one light one reflector and the reason that it's safe is because it really does give you just this nice soft light and lots of light wraparound and so your subjects can move around a little bit in it and you don't have to worry so much about being you know, super technical with moving the lights every single time here your subject maybe especially if you're photographing kids yeah with the umbrellas you get lots of shadows and a little bit harsher so let's play awesome the family that we're going to be photographing and just a little bit is going to be coming in greys and blues and we're matching some tones in their living room and so that's why I chose this wall this's just a painted while in the studio it's not a background but uh it's just we've got, you know, made use of space in the studio it's different painted walls and this is when we actually love a lot I'm going to kind of keep him away from the white chunked up area although I love shooting there too, but it just got a family of four so we're gonna keep him right in here I'm shooting on a design revolution floor and I love these floors too because you just roll him up in store um roll him out when you need him so this has worked really, really well for us and then our lighting equipment is going to be a larson four by six soft box I'm using a photogenic light and we'll get all that turned on here in just a minute it's pretty simple but and then I've got a larson reflector and a radio popper is goingto trigger by light and I've um I really like the radio popper nano's that's the latest and greatest from radio popper and they're just small tiny and they're very reliable so that's one thing I like about him cause I'm an over shooter so and it does they fire really consistently and do you have anything like this no I'm attached for the cord right now so all right well how would you like your very own radio poppers weigh awesome well they sent you some so we're going to get you hooked up with that so these air bananas this is your receiver that is going to g o on your light okay and this is your transmitter which is going to go on to your camera so we'll go ahead and head and open that up and then we can both shoot today yeah and we're gonna loosen this part up and then it just goes in your hot shave all right it's a tight knit out well and then if you just push on the power test right there that's gonna light you up and it's gonna tell you what channel your on and we'll make sure the whites on the same channel all right then we're just going to turn on our light pretty basic we've got justin on off switch back here that's going to turn this on and then we've got some power buttons here or we can turn it higher and lower the modeling light I usually turn all the way up so I can really see what's going on and then this is where we're going to change our power based on what happens when we shoot I do meet her through my camera and so we'll take a test shot and then I'll adjust either power or exposure to get what I'm looking for and so we're going to start it about an eighth of the power there I am using a photogenic light this is the power light twelve fifty there are a lot of great lights out there, but I've always used photogenic so that's just kind of my light of choice with this one light set up my preferred lighting there people who shoot different ways some people like the same lighting from head to toe I prefer to have the natural fall off that the larsons off box gives and so I typically I'm gonna bring this up either teo either almost shoulder height and just just like for the face and let it fall off or like it is now about mid links for me and my style, I don't like to light the whole scene, but that's just me no writer on, but I love the just the e's and simplicity of using it like this and so about shoulder height, so it's a little bit lower, probably than I would normally do, but we're going to photographing a family, so we need a little bit more. Uh, you know, light wrap around, and somebody probably drop it down, I may even drop it. I'll look down a little bit more, depending on the height of the kids, but about shoulder height and then to the very back of the soft box, and I usually went a little bit behind the subject just because I want to have some separation between the background on the subject, but you know more of the soft box in front of the subject and what's so great about this boxes, I can feather it towards the back ground if I want to lighten up the background, I reckon, feather it away and bring the subject up too dark in the background, so it makes it really nice and very versatile, and with the reflector, we're just that's going to be our fill light, we've got main, we've got phil and the phil I'm going to bring in just to pop that fill in a pop in the second light so I'm actually gonna let you stand right here, okay? So our audience can kind of see what's going on okay and let's put you right about here? I don't want she too close to the background I'm gonna pull the light out just a tad and we could go a little higher than this, but I'm gonna keep it right about there. I like it kind of light in the background and a lot of times people when they're start using lights, you get really afraid to get people to close to the light. But, you know, always remember that your light this the closer you get the software lights going to be not the harsher and so getting a closer to it is not the bad thing usually it's we need to pull the power up or down, but don't be afraid to get loose with your subjects. Um once we've got a family and we want to make sure that they're evenly lit all the way across and so I might pop in a second reflect, reflect or for a family, we'll probably do that today, all right? But I'm gonna take this away we still have a pretty high light coming from the soft box, but now if I bring in reflektor, you can see that a second highway that comes in underneath your eyes and really the eyes are the soul of the portrait so you always want to make sure everything you want happening is happening in the eyes the rest of it can be a variable and that's okay, as long as you've got that highlight in the eyes that you're looking for and that catch light that you're looking for you're gonna have a pretty lit portrait patty is my friend from here in town and she is also a photographer so we have traded services often on over the year she has photographed my family and I photographed her family we're finally getting them back in here for a family photo we haven't done it in a while so I'm excited have you guys here thank you and thank you we know what we had to drag you out of work so we're very thankful we love when dad's air here to do this for their family so this is good stuff. Okay? Hunter lauren I'm gonna have you come this way first we're gonna pose mom and dad first has come out here by me okay? And uh pat him and have you turn your feet and tebow actually the other way that way yes. Okay, jeff hug around her lean back into him a little bit and I like you kind of been in that front me we're gonna get you actually a little shorter patty all right, jeff turn you turn out this way just a little bit good awesome looks great guys mean your heads together uh okay jeff up just a tad okay, chin down in that way I get me good just like that and happy wait here we go. That looks awesome and I didn't even do a test shot of you guys but that's looking good I did a test shot before we started and it looks pretty good and, uh you do not have to worry about blinks I'll make sure that we take care of anything we need and jeff come forward again just a little bit yep. And I'm just trying to get him into the light instead of hiding behind patty's hair more time. Okay, let's get you guys all right? Now we're gonna put some kids in there stay just like you are. You gotta love each other a little longer, alright? And hunter if you'll come in right here his hands on your hips right like that good job. He looks deadly okay? And lauren, I'm gonna have to come right here and lean against three odd and make sure that you're kind of turned out just a little bit you want to make sure that we get her in the light there good, good I'm gonna pull this around and I actually mac gonna add a second reflector back here that looks cute okay, patty, pull your right hand back good that's great and then take your hand a little bit more just like maybe intertwine your fingers there yeah, and then can you tuck your elbow into jeffs switch hands let's let his b on the outside yeah area okay and I'm just going to move this out of my shot just a little bit we've got a limited floor over here so I gotta be a little careful with that, okay? You guys look so good I love it and close up is I'm doing like a half length jeff turner turn again one more time did kind of come out just a little bit deaf there we go just want to get him in the light and then carly I'm gonna let you jump in here and shoot so we're just gonna do the same pose but I just want you to kind of see what's happening with the light what lens are you using? Uh fifty millimeter one point eight okay, awesome. Okay and do it did go ahead and do a test shot and we'll look okay, I see what you're getting. I blew you away um and I am shooting just so you know, I'm shooting at uh my eyes so is one twenty five I'm shooting at five point six at a hundredth of a second there you go that's a little bit of something came here a little over jackson and you know another thing to think about when you're photographing a family of different heights is we want the shorter person next to the light because we don't want the taller people to block the light a little bit different with lauren on this side but that's why we pulled her out but instead of putting lauren on that side and hunter on that side where he would get a lot of the light blocked it's kind of why we want to pose in that direction so um also another thing to think about they both have about the same color hair but if you have somebody with lighter hair you always want them for this from the light okay if you've got a dark headed child and a light headed child all right I'm just gonna stay ok I'm good I'm just my life what you're doing and maybe they know you're fine you look awesome can you turn this way just a little bit buddy okay yeah beautiful panitch has been practising that yeah, well your value from model look it learn on this can you guys leave together in the middle of wartime work yeah beautiful I like that much better thank you. Okay, so what did you end up with for your settings come I was at one sixty six point three and low point seven we're going to use imposing box now and get them seated and so we're going to start with that bring him in first on we'll start with this I've got some posing block is here from back to back design works and I'm gonna have to sit here needs facing that way perfect all these people have long legs so you know what hunter come here before we even bring the girls and I want you to come here right here stand by dad just as your elbow up here and come around and bring that right foot around us a little bit left foot back so yes good lean in just a little bit this way good all right it looks great you guys jeff turner turn that way perfect very handsome boys awesome okay and then we're gonna bring the girls in and let's get let's try this one for you patton but you got in here right between his legs hey, we're gonna make it shorter try this one actually, I couldjust turn that one to you but we might need this get low had a long ways down you go that's good. I like your feet kind of turned like that that's perfect. Um try this foot in front see if you're like that that's good yes good. Okay and you guys are gonna come right together all som e put it like that yeah, I like it. Yeah okay uh let's see hunter let's try you right there through knees out that way and we're gonna work here like usual on building our triangle stand up and pull his pants down a little bit all right there we go and scoot all the way to the end of that block probably I'm not going to see your feet anyway so don't worry too much about it if we were going to see everybody's fated prime make everybody get barefoot but then jeff might hate me so okay speed all the way back to the edge of the yearbook it's why I didn't ask you you know it's okay thisbut okay and because we are not going to show feet I'm gonna let you put your knee right there yep just yeah just me and lane in pretty close to dan okay I'm gonna put it down I want it shorter so great it was great about does it can turn him any direction we want to make sure you're staying a little bit closer thank you. Um yeah let's put that knee up and then turn it into your dad good yeah good and I want you to drop your hand back so just put it on his back so we'll have some angle to it but not quite up over your shoulder all right there we go. You leaning that way just so awesome and hawkeye patty lean right back into him snuggle in yeah, good. Okay and then let's just bring all this back a little bit hand on top of hiss okay, I love it and lower our light your eyes are good models you're awesome. I'm gonna bring that around just a little bit. We're gonna bring our reflectors around just a little bit, okay? And I'm actually gonna go a little lower this time because I wanted a little bit more straight on and I want to avoid all the feet and so if I'm up here I'm gonna see feet so I'm gonna get a little bit lower maybe in his point. And are you having a hard time staying tall? Ok? And that's actually. Perfect, but just in and back that way. Good. I'm gonna fix your hair one more time. I'm using twenty four to seven. All right. And let's, drop that elbow down. So what? Your hands just about tierney, try taking it back behind hunter. See what that looks like? Yeah, I like that. Better gives you a little better angle too, and then slide your foot out towards me. Patty, mister, bring your knee down just a little bit more. Yes. Good. All right, now I'm just going to have a test shot and I do this every time I move somebody around because I just want to look at everything and that is all looking pretty good we've got a little bit of shadow there behind paddy's head on jeff and so I'm gonna feather that's around just a little bit more and bring the reflector around just a little bit more fill in that spot one more time and they look beautiful and perfect but that's just gonna be another test shot for us and see a film with just a little bit okay and lauren don't hunt too much the up good that's perfect right like that first set up awesome that looks great yeah okay patty lean back into jeff just a little bit more good just like that you guys look awesome yeah okay good model really I'm not letting you go for work okay do you want me just to show you the exact same thing you know you can move around okay patty can you move your head just a team steve it towards the light just a little bit like turn your nose towards it just a hair okay lean back on me mac got him just a little bit okay hunter lean backing them on this a little bit okay you look beautiful there we go and lauren can you put your arm on dad's for arm there for me here right there yet okay good work you guys are awesome model seriously beautiful you're closing at home or I know I like lauren take your back shoulder back fine like just back let me yeah maybe just a little bit just like paul body that way here we go good shot god that's so nice work don't move I want one ok let me get out of the way okay and I don't want that separation back there okay that looks great you guys I love it and I love the addition of lauren's hand on dad so that's perfect hey you guys look awesome perfect okay jeff you're perfect patty keep your ten right where it is still the top of your head all right looks great you guys okay patty can you lean back just a little bit further yeah good looks great awesome okay I'ma let you guys get up to take a break and miss lauren okay let's have you sit right there and um just cross your ankles yep let's take your hands out on your legs yeah ok hunter I might bring you behind her here you can touch her too yeah you can touch a lover a little bit right e e okay hop up I'm gonna actually maybe just a little bit closer to blake right there and let's get this in there we don't have to do a lot of cutting when it comes to these reflectors I'm doing the maneuvering and lean and just had good okay hundred there warren lean back into him just a tad okay okay let's keep you guys okay? Hunter hugger yes yeah good okay while we're talking do that again yeah because it's okay connor take a break and we're gonna photograph just going for a second okay and try your elbows all the way out on your knees I love it okay right where you are let's just drop your hands yet perfect right like that great and turn your tent or additionally that way just a little good beautiful I'm gonna get loose okay and let's go one a little bit more serious beautiful do one more like that looked really pretty awesome. Okay, well I was a closed I do I want with them well it's great all right and that's perfect I'm gonna pop that reflector back and it's a lot more since we've got him turned away from the light looks good okay we're going to a serious with you two such I like the smile because I can see your dimples yeah okay some laughing is good big okay and then we're gonna get mom and lauren in here and then lauren you taller than me but I think this will work really hard grounder because you love your mama yes okay patty reach up and kind of hold on to her hands straight but perfect! I'd be the longest I've ever seen your hair go now it's staying hey yeah no I think it's good ok ok morn it lean your head right in good class okay, that looks really great you guys we're gonna let you guys stand up and legal for a second I am going to completely move white lights and completely new the way the reflectors and I'ma let carly start over from scratch so okay my turn I'm gonna move the light first and of course in the great thing about the one larsen saw fox and the reflectors is is it's not hard you know it's really easy once you do it once teo recreate it and have beautiful lady so I'm going to start with you two in the middle just kind of how laurie had it beginning so you get you get to go up there have you turn to the side a little bit again thiss way would ready awesome good poser I wanna put you between his legs more time right here if you want to sit right there for me okay, I get that kind of what you guys lean into each other and then lauren I'm gonna bring you right around the back kind of like this okay? Alright. All right. Can you get down? Let me see I have these posing locks so this works can you kind of get on one knee there just to see if I could bring it up a little bit? You guys are good good job canoeing down just a little bit buddy bring your hinges forward just a little bit forward there you go. Can you extend your arm just a little bit on mountains maybe bring it down just like that okay, okay let me see what I'm getting was I would get lauren a little taller so that we're not yeah diego was in her backpack like okay, I'm gonna shoot this oh you didn't flash probably doesn't knocked it when you were okay now I'm ready all right good job sit up just a teensy bit that way hunter there yeah, you see what I'm getting here bawling you out a little bit okay. Well, more like this let's see um there's a shadow yeah, I would just I would try to get her up a little bit higher, okay. And then the other option would be to bring hunter around to the side and then put lauren on the floor knees out that way with their arm up on her dad's leg there there. Okay, so you know we want teo triangle I'm all about like, let's snuggle we're losing her just a little in the back. So, um I'll move these and you repose let me just see what I'm getting here what now that we moved okay lauren computer in your head that way just a little bit okay then both had just forward just a hair there you go okay yeah, this is a practice shot we're practicing okay? Awesome. Oh, that was the best one I know. I love that could work. Okay, one more look. See what we got going on? Good one ready smiles good smiles like you just scored a touchdown with that football game that you're playing way there we go. We're awesome. I like it. How do you turn your vase that were just to hear their god? Can you guys ling your heads together a little bit there from I turned bo, turn your eye out that they're going now. Now put your head back. Now put your head back on her. Okay, turn your I need to see your right eye a little bit better. Okay, now that your heads together oh, good shot of you guys were really good at the model poses you're awesome. That's fun. Yeah. So what do you have any questions about the lights? Or I think it's really something isn't going to have to play around with the fact that I can kind of circle the light a lot more than just my umbrella. It's really gonna help. Um, the only thing I'm a little worried about is I only have one reflector, so that might be a little bit of a challenge trying to point the light in different directions, but well, do you like the set up? Was it? Do you think it's a little bit easier to use and awesome umbrellas wait easier to use, especially for a family and, you know, it's it's okay, lighting it with one person now it's ok, but now, it's awesome. If I can, you know, bend the light a little bit better. It's it's a lot better. I love it. All right, well, I'm glad to hear that because larson is sending you a brain, you soft box and reflector school, you're going to be set up with your radio popper and your license that larson set up. So I'm excited for awesome. Thank you. I really feel that the professional lighting and light modifiers really make a difference in your work. And so I'm excited to see you put it all in action and you really see a difference in your studio lighting. And even though most of what you do is outdoors having just that professional clean option that you can have two people really sets you apart because, you know, ninety five percent of the photographers out there are not set up to shoot professionally. Yeah, yeah. All right.

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This course is amazing! Lori covers so many essential things to have a successful photography business. She goes through everything in a very methodical way. I also appreciate ALL the free stuff she gave to help make my business successful. I also love how she shared how she gives back in her community and worldwide. Thanks Lori!

a Creativelive Student

I cannot say enough GREAT things about this course!!! I've been in business for over 10 years now, but still need to check in on the business side of things periodically. This class reminds us just how much fun marketing, sales, and planning can be. It has rejuvenated my passion for the BUSINESS side of this business. In fact, I'm so inspired by what Lori has to say, I think I will recommend this class to my COMPETITORS down the street. We will all be better for it and the industry will be better too! This is perfect for those just starting out AND seasoned pros :)

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I have loved so many creativeLIVE courses but I have to say this has been THE BEST for me. Lori thank you so much for sharing your wealth of knowledge! I am feeling more confident and excited about moving forward and making my photography a real business finally. I have been crippled by insecurity and fear and with this course I feel like I have finally been given the ok and the KNOWLEDGE to do what I need to do. Thank you!

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