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Day 25: Sales

Lesson 46 from: 30 Days to Design Your Portrait Business

Lori Nordstrom

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Day 25: Sales

All right, let's talk about sales. And I know sales is big for everybody. Everybody that I talked to, it's like, Oh, I don't wanna be a salesman, I don't wanna be pushy. And, you know, what about this? What about that? Well, if you're planning and preparing your client, like we've been talking about, working with them all the way to the sales appointment. The sales appointment becomes much easier and much more, it's a happy time. They get there and they're excited about choosing their images for the products that we've already decided on. So, they're not getting there in the order appointment and having to make those really tough decisions on, wow, really, it's gonna cost me that much. You know, they already, we've talked about all of that, they've made their selections and now we're just choosing their images. So, I actually love the sales appointment and that's just the fun part for me. That's when we get to see it all come to fruition, we're getting the clients exactly what they're ...

gonna love every single day in their home. So, Steve Jobs said, "People don't know what they want until you give it to them." And I totally believe that with sales, we have to suggest, we have to tell them what they want. We've got to show them what they want. And we talked yesterday about dads being so excited. Men get excited about seeing something finished and done. Like, this is exactly what you're gonna have before you ever have to pay a dime. And they liked that and it makes the sales process much simpler with the dads. And I used to have lots and lots of dads in the order appointment and I definitely still want them there, if we need to have them there. If mom really doesn't feel like she can make decisions without him, as far as choosing the images, then we want them there. But the process is already done with making the hard decisions. You know, I'm not sitting there going, okay, dad, this is gonna cost you X amount, because mom's already seen everything. She's told me what he likes as well and she is gonna tell me either, do not say price in front of him or yes, we've got it all figured out. You know, we're gonna communicate about these things before he gets there. So, I love the process of being able to show the completed wall concepts in PreeVu before it all happens. So, the first thing that we're gonna do before the order appointment, is we're actually gonna make a call to the client and that's gonna be usually the day before and we're just calling them and we're letting them know, we're so excited for you to see all your images. Can't wait for you to get here. You're gonna love what Lori did for that wall grouping in your family room. You know, that's what she's already decided on. And so, we're just kind of giving her that Pat on the back and yes, you made great, great decisions. And so, we want to get her excited about it and ready to come in. And then, when she comes into the order appointment, she's excited and she's prepared and she knows we're decorating for that living room space. She's already seen the frames empty on her walls and how it's the exciting time of being able to fill them with her images. And so, I'm gonna walk you through a little video here, of working with the client on their sale. Lets see here. Oh, sorry. This first is just a little video of clients in our sales appointment. You guys saw these guys being photographed. This cute family. And here they are in our order appointment room, seeing their images for the first time, I'm just gonna roll through this really quickly. But these are images showing right in PreeVu and they're watching together. So, this is fun. But that's fast, I wanted you guys to just kind of see this little process of them on the couch. We sent the kids away (laughs) and they're seeing all those images. You guys have seen all these images already, but this is when they came to make those decisions. And that's that one family portrait that she decided on for that living space that we already built for her. And then, I did show them a couple of things for that basement as well. So, that was that one. And then, let's see. Let's just show this since we're on my computer. And play. Okay, so, here we are in PreeVu and I'm just gonna flip through here. This is actually, and I'm not gonna go through these as she makes selections because that it's like 15 minutes worth. But this is just showing you were bringing up, you know, three at a time I'm zooming in on them, so she can see which ones she likes. We're coming here and I was on the client's couch. I was with her at her home for this and cutie little pumpkin. And we had chosen, which you'll see in a little bit for their master bedroom, a family portrait in the middle, and then a portrait of dad and daughter, and mom and daughter. And then for her bedroom, she changed clothes. And I shopped for her bedroom, and that's what these are and they're making those selections. Took her outside for those and that's what mom wanted. So, now we've narrowed down. This is what she narrowed down to is with that last little contact sheet there. And then, let's see. Scrolling a little further. It stopped. There we go. I think I went backwards. (laughs) Okay, now we are to... Well, she's chosen her favorites. And so, now we are, this is what I originally designed for them. And I'm gonna let this play for you guys a little bit. But I originally designed this with the thought of mom and dad, or the whole family in the middle, then mom and daughter, dad and daughter, and now, I'm going in and I'm switching these horizontal because I showed them vertical first and they chose horizontal images. So, it's that quick to go into PreeVu and just flip those frames, which is what I did. And now we will go back. These are our projects there. Let's see, that's not. We're gonna go back our images now. And we're gonna fill those. Now that I've turned them horizontal. There's dad and daughter, and we're gonna zoom it up. We can do that and move it around right in PreeVu, save it. And that's gonna show up there on the wall for us. When we go back and there's dad and daughter. Now, we're gonna click on the other one, take it in and we're gonna put in mom and daughter, and that's the same process. Putting it in, we're gonna zoom it up, move it around to where we want it. And then take it back. There it is on the wall. Now, we're gonna add that family grouping in the middle. And so, it's been prebuilt with the blank frames and now they've chosen their favorite images and we're filling them. This is the same thing. I showed them a vertical image. I'm turning it horizontal. And that's okay, what they've chosen is the space. They've chosen the space, they've already decided on their frames. I know what frames I'm hanging there. And turning it horizontal is not a problem if it works for the space, of course. And it did for these. And I actually changed the size of that frame to make it fit in that space, but now it's all saved. And then, the next thing that we're gonna do, is we're gonna go, and I've already built these rooms that you can see on the left of the daughter's bedroom. And so, I'm pulling those in and I'm asking her now, do you want the stripes version? Or the plain version? And she wants the stripes, so we're pulling that back in and that easy. Now, we're gonna go fill those frames. So, I'm just clicking on that. I'm thinking I'm talking about the stripes now and talking about turning these vertical. And so, we're bringing in that middle frame, scrolling down and finding her favorite image. I'm gonna move through this again a little bit more quickly. But there, that's filled, we zoom it up and I love that of her. And you can see, I'm gonna just stop here for a second. You can see how we chose that dress specifically for this bed. You know, it all ties right in together and it becomes part of the decor. It's not just about pictures. We're not hanging pictures. We're hanging home decor. We're hanging wall decor. So, now we're going into the other frame here, one of the side frames. And choosing those, she chose vertical. So, I just flipped it vertical. I'm adding Maryhill there to the middle, we're zooming that one up, adding the other one. And there they are on her wall, finished and ready to go. So, it's that easy. I'm moving things around. There's little up here at the top. You see these tools, it almost like you see in Photoshop. And with those, you can click on each of the frame group or the frames in the grouping, and you can line them up based on those tools that you're used to using in Photoshop, which makes it really nice. So you know that it's perfect and ready for them to see. So, after that, we went through and chose images for her image box because she chose a 10 image image box. And so, that was next, but I'm not gonna take you through that right now. You get the idea. And I just wanted to show you quickly how easy it is to build that wall grouping in PreeVu, and then start designing and planning the session based on where we're gonna hang the portraits. Even in that master bedroom, we did traditional framing there. We did handcrafted framing, and then we chose the clothing by laying the clothing out on the client's bed and matching all the tones of the clothes, to the bedding, to the pillows, and then getting those images there on the wall. The grouping is already built. If we were building that with our client and the order appointment, they're gonna get completely bored, because we're gonna have to try different things, try different frames to get it right. And so, instead I'm choosing that for them. When they send me the snapshot of the wall, I'm deciding this is what's gonna look great in this room. And if I can't decide just by the snapshot, like if they shoot a snapshot and don't do what I asked them to do, which is to get in other elements of the room. So, if they came here and they just said, you know, this is my space, they've got the measuring tool on it and they shoot this without the couch and all the other things. And I'm gonna ask them back up from there, I just want one more shot, you don't have to stand straight on for this one, but I wanna see what else is in the room. Because that's the way I'm gonna decide what framing is best and what I'm gonna suggest for clothing and all those other things that we need for the sale to make it that perfect sale that we wanna have. And so, hopefully that makes sense. And it's kind of exciting. I think it's so exciting to be able to do this for our clients and really just help them through the entire process. And, you know, I've got that wall concept built with blank frames and now that hard part is done. They have told me, this client, I showed them I think four or five different wall groupings because that's what she sent me for snapshots. And then we went in and she had chosen, narrowed them down and chosen specifically for master bedroom and for the daughter's bedroom, that's where she wanted her personal portraits. And so, we went in, they're already prebuilt. Now she's chosen her favorite images and we're just dropping them in. So, it makes it fun and it's easy. And with PreeVu, I can just click on them. I can rotate them. I can change the size. I can change a frame if I need to. If I actually, you know, if she said at the order appointment, you know, I've been thinking about this and I really would rather go with just a black frame, which wouldn't work in that room. But if that happened at some point we can go just click on it and change the molding right in PreeVu and show them what that would look like. Even if I'm showing them that, you know what, I think we made a good decision the first time let's go ahead and look at it in black, but then we'll see what you think. And then we're sitting right there with them to help them through those right decisions for them. And it is all about home decor. So, I love that. That gets me excited. (laughs) And just a few tips of working through the sales appointment. I always want to, you know, we hear all the time, show what you wanna sell. And that becomes a really, really easy thing to do, even if you just have a home studio or you're just on location when you're using tools like PreeVu. And so, build those concepts, let your clients know this is what's gonna look amazing. This is what I'm suggesting for this room. And when they love it, then you can then start suggesting. Well, this is a clothing that's gonna work best for their. You know, you're still designing, you're still planning and it's so fun. So, I would encourage you just try it. Just try it once. So, even if you decide that tomorrow is not the right time for me to invest in PreeVu. And you guys get a discount of course, with your, that business plan work, but there's a discount in there. But even if you decide that that's not right for you tomorrow, think about starting to make those suggestions before the client sits on your couch, or before you go and sit with your client on their couch. But get with them, make sure that you're planning with them. And just try it once making a suggestion and just see what happens. And remember they can't say yes, if you don't suggest. And they really do not know, they don't know what the options are for them until we tell them. And so, I love that. I love that that's part of our job and that's part of what makes our business more profitable and it makes the client happier in the end. So, it's a benefit for everybody. So, show what you wanna sell, plan and prepare. We've talked about that all through this process and we wanna make sure we're planning with our clients and preparing them for that final order. It can't happen when they sit down on that couch. A lot of times, I know for me, if I've got a client who is sitting on my couch for the order appointment and they've got questions, or they've got objections about, well, I don't really know if I want to do this. And I really haven't talked to my husband about this. Whatever those are, it's too late. A lot of times, we're gonna lose that client. We're gonna lose that sale. And so, I'm gonna make sure they are very prepared before they get there. And just following those steps, following that workflow and that system, to make sure that they're prepared when they sit on the couch. We wanna do. Sorry, we wanna do that pre-session consultation and make sure that we're working with them before the session ever happens. Working through, you know, this is what I'm suggesting for this room, planning and designing the session with them and going through everything individually. One of the things that has helped my sales tremendously is having that product based menu. So, I wanted to make sure I threw that out there one more time for you guys. We went through it a lot when we talked about pricing, but that has really changed things for me, to just be presenting the client right away after the first phone call. We're sending them that PDF of our product menu. And anytime even somebody asks me about pricing, I'm turning it around and saying, yes, we'd be happy to send you our product menu. Tell me about who we're gonna be photographing. And we start that conversation, and start the relationship and let them know here's what's gonna happen next, here's what I'm gonna ask you to do. Let them know about this entire process. We wanna always, always, always make suggestions. That's gonna always lead to higher sales for you, even if you just do that. And that's all. If all you do is suggest something to your client, you're gonna make more money. You just will. And Carl already showed us that, when she was here. That very first sale, all she did was take a client who had already purchased a digital file shoot and burn session. And she just said to her, you're still gonna get everything, you're gonna get all the digital files, just like we planned for. but I'm so excited to show you some of the new things I have to offer. You know, would you mind if I did something special for your home? Would you mind if I built a wall collection for you? Would you mind taking a couple snapshots for me? And her client was so excited. And she sent over those snapshots and she bought. She bough $700 worth of stuff from her. So, it can happen by just making those suggestions and just being excited about it. And then, of course, for me, PreeVu Software is a big, big thing for me. You can also do some designing on walls if you already have ProSelect. You don't necessarily need to change. Eric is making faces, but we won't make faces. (laughs) And I use ProSelect for many years as well and I know that there's a lot of things that they do now that they didn't do when I switched over to PreeVu. But by far the design capabilities in PreeVu are the best that I've seen. Just being able to really, you know, you can move things around, you can change things quickly. You can choose different colors for your framing, different moldings, and it makes it simple and easy, even like you just saw with me working in front of the client, having to rotate things and change things and move things around a little bit. So, I get excited about that. All right, I'm gonna, Oh, and this is so cool you guys, our downloaded for today. I am really excited about this and I hope you guys will come and share with me on PhotoTalk Forum, how this is going for you. I've put together a record of sales workbook, and this is a sales tracker for your next 30 sales that may take some of you through next year. But it's for 30 sales and just tracking everything that happens. It's everything from, you know, just information about the client, to all those little checklist about communicating with them, building their wall concept for them, what their room looks like, what the colors are there and then tracking what worked and what didn't in the sale. And then, at the end of every fifth sale, there's gonna be a sales review for you to go back through and think through again, what's working for me? What's not working for me? What do I need to do better? What objections am I having? How can I answer those? How can I put those into my workflow before they come up so that they're not happening during the sale? And so, that's gonna be a whole work for book for you guys to work through beyond the workbook. And I'm giving you lots of work right now. But I'm excited about this. This is something for me that in our studio, if I'm working with somebody new, who's doing sales, working through these types of things together, so that we make sure things go smoothly and consistently for them. And we're improving each and every time for our clients. So, I'm excited about sharing that with the guys. All right, great. Well, earlier, Lori, you had asked us to remind you-- Oh, yeah. About larger families and additional sales-- Good. In this section. Yes, good. One of the things with extended families that I always wanna make sure I do. You know, I'm really planning and preparing with my clients before they come in. And so, when I've got an extended family that calls, it doesn't matter what sister it is. If it's a grandmother who is calling me, I'm always letting her know, you know what, I would love to be able to contact each and every mom that's involved in this process, so that I can help them with clothing suggestions. I don't wanna leave that burden on you. So, why don't I talk through with each and every one of them, so that we make sure everybody's coordinated and I don't wanna leave any of the blame on you, or any of the burden on you. And I'll take care of that for you. And I wanna make sure that everybody feels really comfortable and prepared before they get there. And so, I get all the contact information from each of the moms, and I really consider each of those a separate session. Even though we're doing it all at one time, I have made so much more money by doing it that way and really taking care of each individual family than I ever did before. And I don't love, love, love shooting extended family sessions, but I love what results from them. Now, in the past I would do an extended family session and I would work with grandma or I'd work with aunt Susie. And you work with that one mom and then there's always somebody who doesn't come dressed appropriately. There's always somebody who comes not knowing what's going on, or even what time to get there. They don't know, you know, they just don't know what's going on. And then, the sales get lost, even if they're all coming back for the order appointment together, that doesn't happen a lot. But even if they all come back together, you lose somebody and you have them sitting there. And even if aunt Susie, who booked the session has gone through the process with me and she's told me exactly what she wants. She wants a large portrait for her parents, for their 50th anniversary. And that's gonna go in the parent's home. And, even if she says, and we'll do an eight by 10 for each of the siblings. She thinks she knows, but I know I'm leaving money on the table. If I don't talk to each one of those moms and really find out what's best for them. And they don't know until we talk. And so, I think that's something that's really important with sales for extended families, is to really take care of each individual family and get those snapshots of their walls and make sure that you're doing something really special for them. If they don't all come back together for the order appointment, which I honestly actually like a little better if they don't, because they're not dragging each other down with, oh no, that one doesn't look good of you. You know, which happens. I'd rather work with them individually. And if they're from out of town or they can't come back all together, I'll do a Skype order with them and I'm still showing, I'm doing just a screen share and Skype, it's free. It's easy for them to log on. It's free for them. And you just click a button to share your screen and I'm walking them through everything, just like I would if I was right in front of them. And so, and that's definitely an option for you if you're far away from your clients. Just make that appointment with them and walk them through just like you normally would. And meeting with them in person even if it's over the computer, over Skype, is gonna be so much better for your sales and throwing them all online and expecting them to know what to do with them. All right. Well, let's see if we have any studio audience questions. Go ahead Tia. So, getting back to that plan and prepare, and the precession consultation. You were saying yesterday that you give them a ballpark figure for each wall. I did. Is that enough for your families? Cause you're saying then the husband doesn't necessarily need to be there. How much detail are you giving them during that phone call? Is there back and forth and email? What detail are you giving them? I feel like I get caught up in giving them too much detail. And here's the estimate. And then, it's just back and forth on numbers. Like, when do you give them that? Well, and the only reason I say about is because I do wanna leave myself room if there are changes, it almost always is exactly what I tell them, because if they keep with the configuration that I gave them, it is gonna be exact, because PreeVu figures it all for me. So, in PreeVu, you've got your print prices all set up, it automatically calculates all the frame pricing for you. It's also one of the things that I really like, if handcrafted framing loses a molding, if they drop a molding, it's automatically gonna disappear from PreeVu. If they go up on a pricing, on a molding, it's automatically gonna change for you, you just do your updates and it keeps everything updated for you. Which I love. So, it's calculating everything as I'm working with the client, I'm dropping those blank prints in. Remember, so it's calculating print costs and then it's calculating print cost. So, I am pretty much telling them I just don't ever want to get stuck in a trap. And that's why I say about. But as far as going back and forth, I am telling them the cost when we do the consultation call. And so, they are starting to make those decisions. And one of the things that we do from the beginning when we're planning the order appointment, I'm gonna ask the mom if she needs her husband to be there with her, to help her make decisions. And so, we're talking about that from the very beginning. And she's gonna tell me, I do not want them there, or yeah, he probably needs to be there so, he can help me make decisions. Either way, she is right. If she needs him there at the order appointment, I'm gonna make a time for both of them. But a lot of times what happens is, and not a lot of times. But if it happens that mom, I really feel like I need my husband to be there, but we can't figure out a time that's gonna work for both of them. I'll let them know. I'm gonna predesign everything for you, share everything with your husband, make sure you're both on the same page before we move forward. And that is before we do the session, not the order appointment. And so, I'm wanting to make sure the husband, if the mom needs that validation from him, then I wanna make sure that's all done before we ever get there. So, but I definitely have moms who just say, no, I don't want him there. He does not need to know. He's gonna love it when it's done and that's totally fine. And those moms are right too. But it's all discussed before they get there, so they're not ever sitting on my couch going, I wish my husband was here. I wish he could help me make these decisions. I have already talked to them about all those things. So, not a ton of back and forth, I also have moms that want dads there to help them make the image decisions, like choosing which image they want and different things. But they don't want him to know the price and that's okay too. We'll figure it out however they need it figured out. And then I also have moms who know that we require half down when they place their order and the other half when they pick it up. And she'll tell me, tell him the half and just let him think it's all of it. (laughs) And when we go with it, whatever mom wants, she's gonna get. (laughs) All right, really quickly on that exact comment, that exact topic actually. Debo, do you get the session costs at the session? And then, this is credited the final sale? WHP, during which parts of the process does she actually collect money from the client? Danielle Gagard, how do you get payment from clients? Do you require a percentage down to hold their book? Let's talk about money. Let's talk about how and when you get the money. Yes, we do take a session fee when the client books their session. After we schedule the appointment, my next question is how would you like to pay for that? So, that's in our script. That's just part of it. And it's a very natural question for people who are reserving appointments. Nobody anymore, even questions it. And 10 years ago, maybe. Now, no. And so, how would you like to pay for that? The session fee is reserved in advance. I am working with the clients very, very closely, up until the session time. I don't get cancellations. If somebody really did get extreme sticker shock by the time that we got to the consultation time and it's just really not gonna be a good fit, I will absolutely give them their money back for their session. And that's not a problem. But I do take a reservation fee then. And then, at the sales and order appointment, I will let them know that we require half down to start their order and then, the other half is due before the order is picked up. And so, if a client needs me to spread it out in payments, we will absolutely do that. And I don't have that written anywhere. But if somebody says, and this is gonna be on the consultation call, not in the order appointment, we're gonna find this out early. You know, if she says, yeah, I really, really love this and this, but I don't know if I can afford to do both. If she's told me she really, really loves it. I can say back to her, you know what? If you love both of these concepts, I'm gonna help you get them. Let's set up a payment plan for you and make sure that we can make this happen for you. I can let you pay it up any way you like. That my only requirement is that we have half down before we start your order. And then, the balance is due before you pick them up. And so, what that means is if they wanna make payments, even if it takes them six months to get to that half, I'll let them take those six months and then I will start their order. And then, they're not gonna be able to pick it up until after that balance is paid. What you'll find is as if you actually say this to people, and I know it's an option, it's almost like this is my objection. You know, I just don't know if I can do it. I don't know if I can do both, I really love them. And then, if you give them the option, you can pay it out. Well, I'm gonna help you. You're gonna get exactly what you want. If you love it, I'll help you get it. Almost everybody will just say, you know what, I'm just gonna do it. It's just that they had to throw that objection out because that's all I know. I've got to balk a little bit, when somebody tells me, this is gonna cost you $1, and this is gonna cost you $2,200. You know, well, I was not thinking that, of course, they weren't. Of course they weren't. They were calling thinking they were gonna get five by sevens and eight by tens. Or even digital files. (laughs) And then, we're walking them through the process, and yes, it is a little bit of a shock to a lot of people the first time. But most people are gonna love, love, love the idea and the concept. And they're already invested in it. They've already walked through their home and they've started thinking, okay, yeah, I could hang something here. And they're taking that snapshot. I'm telling them, walk through your home and any place you'd consider taking or hanging your portraits, I want you to take a snapshot of that wall and text it over to me. So, if they take that snapshot, they are considering that this would be a great place to hang their portraits. And so, I have to consider that as well and create something beautiful for them. Yes, there are times when they're gonna be shocked, and that's okay just to expect that and remember that all of us, there are things that we really want that we there's a little pain involved and that almost makes it more valuable to us. If it's a little painful for us to have that thing that we really, really want, we really, really treasure it. You know, it's not a bad thing if your clients aren't comfortable. That means that if they decide and really decide to make that investment, that they were hurting over, they are gonna love it every single day, even more. So, don't be afraid of those things, just learn the positives of communicating with them, helping them get exactly what they want. That really resonated with me in terms of valuing what, again, what you pay for. I was just thinking about the last purchase that I made that I hesitated to. And now, when I wear that thing over and over, I treasure it even more because I paid a good value for it. Yeah, that's right. I just did that with the, I was buying a Kindle. I was like, oh, do I wanna get this one? You know what, I'm gonna get the one that-- Good. I had made that extra step and yeah. And I'm really excited. Good, good for you. Yeah. All right, we have some more questions, any in the studio? All right, this one came in from Lifeline, similar to what you were just talking about or building on that. In that predesign, you're talking about the snapshots that you send folks with blank frames. Can you clarify again. Is there another design that you send to folks prior to the image appointment? She's asking because you'd said that, they will see exactly what things look like before sitting on your couch. So again, is there an in between? There is not an in between. They are never seeing images in the frames until they are in the order appointment. But that's what keeps it exciting. And I'm personally against the sneak peek. I think that when we put a sneak peek up on our website or we email them something, this is what this is gonna look like. It takes a little bit of the thrill away from getting to come in and see it the first time. And the other problem that I have with it, is if we're showing somebody a sneak peek, we're usually showing them our very favorite image and then everything else is a let down, you know? And so, I'm personally, I don't love it. I know other people love doing that, but that's kind of how I feel about showing them images in their frames before they come in the order appointment. I want them to feel like they have narrowed down to their favorites. And I'll just tell you too a little bit about what we're telling the clients when they come and sit down on the couch. And we're telling them when they come in, we're letting them know, we're gonna show you a slideshow first, so that you can see everything that we captured. No, it's not everything. It's everything I've selected. But I let them know we're gonna show you everything that we've captured so that you can get a feel for everything that's there. Just sit back and enjoy. Don't worry about making any decisions. We just want you to have a good time watching this. And then, we'll start the slideshow, whether it's clicking in PreeVu or Animoto. When they're done with that, we chat about it. You know, what did you think? Did you love them? And yeah, you know, yes, they were so amazing. We don't know how we're gonna choose. And then, I can tell them again, I'm gonna help you. We're gonna walk through this together. I'm gonna help you make selections. And I tell my clients that all through the process, because they do think I'm gonna love everything. I'm not good at making decisions. How am I ever gonna choose? I'm gonna help you. I'm gonna hold your hand through the entire process. I'm gonna make sure you're really happy with your decisions before you leave. And so, then I'll tell them and again, if that comes up at order appointment. And then, I let them know after the slide shows done, I tell them, now, we're gonna go back through each image individually. It doesn't mean I'm gonna click through everyone individually. Sometimes I'm gonna bring them up three and have them choose between them. And you guys saw in that little demonstration that I showed you, that was shown immediately following their session. Those were straight out of camera JPEGs. Nothing was done to them. I hadn't even edited down to, my yes, no, maybes. And so, they saw everything I shot because that's how it works when you're doing it immediately following. And so, normally if I was showing them in my studio a week later, half of those images would have been gone. And so, when you see that as you're going back through you today and you'll realize that that's probably twice I would have showed them if they were actually coming back to the studio. So, at this time I'm telling them, now we're gonna go back through each image individually. And as we go through, I just want you to let me know if it's a yes, a no, or a maybe. your nos are gonna be anything that we're just gonna throw out of the mix. And it doesn't mean that you hate them because people get worried about saying no. Because they feel like they're saying no to their kid or their family. And it's true. And they have a hard time putting them there. But I'll just tell them, we're gonna throw him out of the mix. This means that it's not something that you're gonna love on your wall, or end up in your album or image box. And so, we're gonna throw those in the nos. Your maybes are gonna be your biggest category. That category is gonna be for any images that you like. And we can pull from them for an album or an image box. And I don't care if we have never even talked about an album or image box, I'm saying it just like that at that time, because I'm starting to plant those seeds for those additional products. And so, we can pull from those if we need them. And then, your yeses are gonna be your very favorites. The images in the yes category, we'll be choosing product for. And so, saying it in that way again, is saying to them, if you're put it in the, yes, you're buying it. That's basically what that's saying. Images in the yes category are gonna be a very, very favorites. From those images we'll be choosing products. And so, those are the images that I go back to the ones that we've starred for yeses. That's what I'm gonna go back to when I'm pulling up the wall grouping that we've built for them. We're pulling up the yeses and we're pulling those in. So, it simplifies the process a whole lot. And even when it comes to design, if they do choose an album and I say yes to an album, and I'm gonna let them know, I've already got all your favorites marked. And so, as I design your album, your yeses will be the main images in the album. The maybes will be used where I need them to finish your story. And the nose won't be included. Is that okay? And it's done. I'm not sitting with them saying, okay, this image on this page and these two here. Which I used to do. I used to plan all that out with them and it would take an hour after they had already made all these hard decisions and they're going through making now we're narrowing down to 20 images and we're narrowing down to 10 images, or how many are going into their albums? I don't wanna do that anymore. I just want to tell them your yeses will be your main images, your maybes will be used where I need them the nos won't included. Is that okay? And done. So, this really simplifies the process, and it keeps it fun and exciting for them. Cause they're narrowing down to their favorites. One of the things I will tell a mom or mom and dad, as they're sitting on my couch, if as soon as they get to whether it's the first image or the fifth image, if they're both a yes or they're both a maybe, or they're both a no at the same time, I say to them right away. Oh, my gosh, you guys are such on the same page. And they will be for the rest of the thing. And it's crazy. And it doesn't even matter if they disagreed with the first three or the first four, if they get to that fifth one. And they're like both, yeah. Then I'm gonna say, you guys are such on the same page, that's awesome. And then, for the rest of it, they're like, they're agreeing with each other. It's crazy, the power of suggestion. I mean, it is crazy. And so, I love the sales appointment. I think it's so fun to finish the products for the client and really see it all come together.

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