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Day 15: Client Education & Customer Service

Lesson 28 from: 30 Days to Design Your Portrait Business

Lori Nordstrom

Day 15: Client Education & Customer Service

Lesson 28 from: 30 Days to Design Your Portrait Business

Lori Nordstrom

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28. Day 15: Client Education & Customer Service


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Lesson Info

Day 15: Client Education & Customer Service

Client education and customer service for day fifteen we have so many opportunities tio educate our client and all through the process we want to make sure that we're continuing the conversation and that is a big part of leading them through the process and so the first thing we want to make sure that we established value even in the marketing you know what is my product when you look like my showing my client's exactly what it's all about you know what is the marketing look like? And we talked about the design marketing that's what I love that's what I want to sell and so those are the actual marketing pieces that I've got out there no your website, your blogged and even your social media you can continue to educate your client you know, put up those room views, take snapshots of them and put him on pinterest and put him on twitter and I know tia you've been doing that with your going back into your client's home and taking those snapshots and do you want to share anything about that?

Uh so I definitely talked to the clients even before we get the images on the wall about how you know would it be okay if I photographed your finished wall? I'm so excited about it, I'd love to share it with other families that are doing the same thing s o now I've just started making those blogged posts more about the end results and I'll sometimes put the before and after or haiti remember that session you know I wrote about a month ago here's the finished wall gallery and then I'm putting it on pinterest and finding that people since pinterest is so much about a lot of interior design stuff and well displays people are repainting it so I'm just starting to explore pinch arrest in terms of the wildest place and I think you're doing a great job with that and you have you found that your clients are excited to have you come back and there were excited to show it off yeah they're definitely really proud of it and happy to share yeah I think so too you know and I think sometimes we get nervous about you know well maybe they will want it on the website or they won't want it fooling around on pinteresque people get excited they want to show off what they've done they you know and they want to show off their families too that's why there's a ba jillion you know facebook post every single day is because we want to share our lives we want people to comment on the you know, fun things that we're doing and even you know how our kids look and the cute clothes they were for their session and then this beautiful display that we did in our house they want to share that so take that opportunity to be able to do that, and we can do that on the website and on the block and three social media and even even in twitter, you know, just hashtag interior design uh, wall portrait swell grouping you know what our hashtag a few things and post, you know, some pictures up, you can do it through instagram, post one on instagram and tagging on facebook and twitter so it's going out to all your places and build a little wall grouping gallery so or whatever it is that you're about, you can show those different things and start educating your clients in that way, just by the simple tools that we have available to us. Other happy clients are going to educate your past clients, and so that is part of, you know, making sure that customer service is top notch, making sure they have that star experience, something that always remember to go and talk about. And, you know, we really want to make sure one of you, one of the things that I always want to think about, is if I can't tell you why you should come to me instead of photographer x y z, then how are they going to know, you know, and that's something that with my clients as well, I want to make sure that I'm giving them the experience that I'm giving them the products you know, all those things that I know that they're excited to go and talk about I don't want him to keep it to themselves they're going to educate my future clients so you know, that's definitely one way that we can really make sure that the right word is getting out there by giving those clients that the right experience the first phone call is our first opportunity with that new client besides the marketing and, you know, website in those things but our first verbal communication with the client to begin that education process and so having those phones it's in place and being able to really walk through all the things that you feel are important to deliver to your client answering those objections, walking them through those questions and again, if they get to my couch in my order room and they have objections or questions or they're just not ready to place the order, I have not done my job along the way, so we've got to start that education process as early as possible. The first phone call the next is the consultation call during the consultation call we want to continue that conversation, I'm showing them the wall groupings that I've designed for them it's just frames with blank prints in them they're not they're not even their kids or their images but they are going to see a wall grouping on each one of those rooms that they sent over to me I'll also go to my client's home if I need teo especially if it's a past client I know it was gonna purchase well or if it's somebody on the phone that gets really excited about interior design and oh my gosh, you can do that and oh, that sounds amazing. I love that I'll go to their home and that is absolutely fine with me. I know I'm gonna sell more if I go there so you know, we're gonna continue that education process however we can and the consultations ninety percent of mine or done over the phone the phone works perfectly fine, but the point is to make sure it happens so that we continue that process and you know, I found if I do the first phone call and I never talked to my client again until the session there's a lot that gets let down there and so you know, we do the session and they're so excited and they get photographed and they love their images when they come in to see them but now what you know and we leave that on them so many times you know when we show them their images and I love my love, my love and we say, well, what would you like they don't know what they want you know and especially if we're putting them online they're gonna order all they know or not order at all and I know a lot of you have seen that happen you put your images online and I love them I love them I love them so much and a week is buying another week in another week and we don't hear from them and we e mail them, we're bugging them and all of a sudden it's like I don't know if I should call this person option a mom again I feel like I'm driving them crazy and then we lose the order, you know, because they just don't know they've enjoyed their images and you know, whatever you've probably put him on facebook, you probably wouldn't have done sneak peeks for them and you know all these other things and you know, it's kind of over because we have not told them what's available to them and so consultation call for me is very, very important I want to continue the conversation I want to show them that was wall groupings I want them to get excited about the possibilities and really start making decisions right on that consultation call and the session comes next and I want to continue educating through the session I want to say to them this is going to look amazing in that family room you know, this is going to be perfect for your daughter's bedroom, whatever the situation is, you know, mud session. Oh, my gosh, can you imagine how cute this is going to be in your laundry room? You know, how you how fine, and we're just giving them that pat on the back that, yes, these air, good decisions, this is going to look amazing. You make great choices and just, you know, and that's continuing that education process, I also want to make sure that I'm thanking dad when he walks in the door, you know, if a dad comes and he's invested time in that session, no, thanks so much for doing this for your family, this is really special, and, you know, that makes everybody feel good. It makes mom feel good, even if, you know, she was about to smack him in the face on the way, you know, and that does happen. Sessions are stressful, you know, they've gotta get close together, and they're having to send me pictures of their close, and I'm walking them through all these things, and they're investing a lot of time, and then they get their kids up in there brush and hair, and they're mad and the kids screaming because they're brushing their hair and you know, somebody doesn't wanna wear underwear whatever's going on and you know, mom is probably about in tears by the time she gets to the studio and now she's expected to make your kid smile, you know? And they feel that responsibility and so we've got to communicate all those things to her along the way and I'll even tell people I'll ask them about the personalities of their kids and, you know, she might tell tell me my little one here I mean, I don't know how you're going to make this happen. He is naughty, he's never, you know, done well for anybody that's taking his pictures and I'll tell her, you know what? I love him naughty we're gonna let him do his thing wanna show off his personality don't worry about anything I want to take the pressure off for her, you know, I'm finding out, you know, what their family situation is and being able to talk to, you know, this is a special time that you're spending together. I love the way you guys laughed together, I love the way, you know, your little girl just wraps her arms around your neck that is so special that she is, you know, she's in love with her daddy, no, whatever it is that we can recognise its happening in front of us is, you know, leading them through that process, keeping the education going in that conversation going so that that's exactly what they see in their images when they come in then is the order appointment call we do place a call to our clients before the order appointment ever happens it's usually just the day before, but we'll call them and we'll just say, you know, whoever is doing the sale is going to let them know I'm so excited for you to see your images they look amazing and you're gonna love how everything is going to be, you know, finished up for you and your family room or whatever we've decided to design for and it's just that one last call that really gives that positive, you know, input and continues that education process before they come sit on our couch, and so we're gonna answer any last questions that they have no, we're gonna we're going to make sure that when they come and they're in our order appointment ram that they really ready to move forward and if you want to call it close, we'll call it close, but I don't really like calling it that, but that that call before the order appointment is that our last time to be ableto answer those questions and make sure we've got everything covered so that they're ready to come and make those decisions with us and in the next is the order appointment itself and hopefully by this time we have done a really great job of getting them there and, you know, so there's not a lot of education that's actually happening here, except for continuing to praise them for the choices that they've made another thing, you know, I I wantto make sure that we're talking about different things that happen during the session and so continuing to talk about that family interaction or how the kids were together and, you know, what we're seeing in the portrait says we're seeing him and it's another one of those things that if I'm telling them what I see that's what they see too, you know, if I'm telling him it and it just happens, just try it, you know, just just trying to write a few things down for yourself and even memorize them if you have to, because it is it's hard the first couple times really think about, okay, what can I say about what's going on here? You know, I haven't even tried to do this with high school seniors, and, you know, I'll ask girls before their senior session, is there anything you're afraid of, anything that that bothers you about being photographed, anything you're nervous about coming in, and they will tell me all kinds of things and those are tools that I can use when I'm photographing them you know, whether it's my smiles cricket or I have one eyed it's bigger than the other or you know I don't want my butt look big or whatever it is there's always something and so I can tell them during the session your smile looks amazing I love when you do this I love when you you know that this looks fantastic and you know, just lifting up the things that they feel are their weaknesses and you know and talking to them about that and they feel so good and when I tell them your smile looks amazing I love when you laugh when they come and they sit in that order appointment room that's what they see you know and so you know, think about all those things that we can be talking about during this session and really, you know, even if it's a newborn baby talk to mom about what you see in that newborn baby you know and it's amazing what can happen and a lot of times just even during the session moms are crying, you know, I have had a lot of grandma's cry just, you know, being off there, not even a part of the session I will get him in there and photograph um I'll photograph anybody who comes even a nanny and and it doesn't matter. I'll take a couple snapshots with the kids because I know they're going to at least get a five by seven of that. That person was special, right? But, you know, grandma will be often just, you know, and it's it's, not just the session, I'm not great opposing I'm not grated all these things, but I can communicate teo a family, what I see in them and, you know, and then grammas, they're going, I'm a goes yes, that's that's my family, you know, those are my grandkids and, you know, and and mom's too, you know, especially doing during newborn sessions when they are emotional and, you know, you're seeing these new things in their sweet little baby and it's the first time they're hearing some of those things a lot of times so we can continue to educate through all of those things, and then we want to make sure that we're following up with our clients and that's definitely not only continuing the client education, but continuing that customer service and taking care of them by following up with them and letting them know that, you know, we care about them, we care about how they feel about their images, did they get him on their wall? I would hate hate hearing from somebody that you know they're still sitting on the floor against the walks I haven't hung him yet you know I want to take care of that person and say, what can I do to help you let's get those on the wall and sometimes it's just the follow up that makes them actually do it I don't always have to go into it for them or send somebody to do it it's just that reminder follow up have you you know how they look and how are you loving the images in your family room oh my gosh I haven't hung him yet let's get him hung what can I do to help you and then she'll commit to me okay? I know I'm gonna do this I'll make my husband or this weekend and I'll tell her take a snapshot of it when you get it up I want to see it done and you know and that's something you could tell them early on as well and even you know t is going back to their house to photograph these things and so they're committing to get in them on the wall because I know she's coming and I think that's that's great and then we're gonna kind of rush through this because I took too long on the other part but in your workbook you've got a customer service brainstorming list and let me find it um oh I'm thinking yeah yeah yeah here it is customer service and loyal brainstorming um in your in your workbook on page forty three and this is just something for you to go through and really think through the businesses that you go back to again and again and why and how you can apply those different little bits of customer service or the special things that they're doing for you and apply them to your business you know and it could be something as little as you know, there was a there was a research study done on vehicle owners with high ticket you know, vehicles like range rovers and you know, these nice cars that they felt better about their purchase because they got a key chain you know? I mean, it doesn't take much does not take much, you know and think about those little things you know like filling out the client profile for the client when I come in what are all the little things that keep you going back to a business over and over? And this is just a little worksheet for you to go through that kind of jog some of those things for you and then think about how you can start applying those things in your own business and does anybody have something they want to share some business that you keep going back to over and over I'm throwing that out you guys but I've told this story before but I'll tell it since I asked you guys and nobody's coming up with anything but you know what I've got one actually thie place where we put our our instructors when you guys come in stay we book your hotel we we do all that stuff and instructor was here recently and came downstairs it was the end of the day he had been traveling all day was very tired came to the front desk and ask hey where is there a local communion shop? I just want to get some water and they said oh well your creative live instructor we take care of you pulled out a couple of bags of water and handed him over e o but it was exactly that it was just you know, we were going to keep going back to them as long as they take care of if you guys and it's and it's that example being aware of who they are you know, knowing what they needed care of it and it's a little thing but it really means a lot that person was tired and they didn't have to walk down the convenience store they took care of them and so it doesn't have to big, big, grandiose things that we're doing for customer service for our clients I know erica one of things that she does is she's got a video monitor in her camera room so that her parents those brand new parents of this newborn can go and sit on a couch and relax and they can still watch the session on video what there, you know? And she uses that it is that as a customer service but it's really so they're out of her hair it is but that's it and added value that she can actually communicate to them on the phone you know we've got and she could call on state of the art I mean, we have a state of the art studio they've got a video camera you can watch your session on video you know, and it's just a baby video thing, right? And so you know, but what a great added service for a client. You know, I know another photographer who specializes in maternity and newborn portrait and she actually has a whole little room for the mom or the mom could come in and do a foot bath she could get in a robe she can do para fend it with her hands and she's off taking care of that newborn and photographing that newborn and mom is just relaxing and having a good time, you know and but that's something that she's known for and her clients are going to go and feel very pampered and very taken care of she's got gift baskets there for them you know what? She can turn a whole lot more just by adding little things because it's it is it's like going to a spa while your baby gets photographed and you get the spa today coming away from the hospital. You know what? Little things and that's kind of a big thing, but, um, you know, but it doesn't cost a lot. And erica, did you have your baby monitor with your own kids? And you're just using it or did you buy it? It's a webcam. So it goes through the, you know, corn and onto the tv, but they love it. Everybody talks bad. Well, video baby monitor could work, tio. But, you know, just little little things that we can do for our clients to really up that customer service and give them something exciting that different nobody else is doing that. And so people will talk about something that's, different and unique. I show you the down today download is just gonna be a welcome note card to the studio. And this is something that we can send out with our little initial first phone call peace card, no card that I'm writing after the first phone call, and it just has a little bit about the studio it's, actually, something that's repeated from our products, manu so I didn't take a lot of thought, you know, my part. We're just sending them to a c I just quick little note cards back, but that's, what we can write our note in and it does tell them a little bit about the studio and, you know, talks about your design consultant. We'll do something special and unique for you sometimes that's me sometimes at somebody else. But, you know, we do become the design consultant when we work with our clients in this way. So that's our download for day fifteen. I am loving these daily downloads. Thirty thirty it's, a lot of downloads. Wild. Okay, so we have time for a question or two if we have any in our studio audience, you were talking about the happy clients, you know, letting their friends known. So, like that, remember you'd mentioned earlier about asking for those referrals asking for the right fit. Are you asking for contact information or you just expecting them to take that idea in their head? And then it makes me happen with it. I am just expecting them to take that idea in their head. But it's just a starter like you said, and I don't even think we talked about that. In here, I think we talked about that out of here, but one of the things that molly and I talked about was, you know, that client that you want to go give that buzz worthy baby basket to someone or that you're asking for those referrals from, you know, how do you know if that person and I think we even talked about gift certificate? What if somebody by the gift certificate for has one to give away and it's really not the right fit for your client? You know, I'm part of that does come with education, nobody calls my studio, thinking they're going to spend thousands of dollars, so is walking them through the process, but another part of that can be when you're talking to your client and you're giving those gift baskets away or gift card away if that's a a gift that you're giving them to give, you know, just saying to them, especially the past client that's worked with you, you're targeting those people so they understand that it's not going to be cheap or free and so just saying to them, do you think that that person would be a good fit and that's all you have to say they're going to understand if there a fit or not and that's going to let them know? Yeah, well, maybe not, maybe you're right and that's. Ok, I'm ok to not have that phone call and try to work that client through that process, you know? But it also lets them know that we are looking for the right fit, and they can start thinking about that. So I do want, always plant those seeds and and be asking our clients for referrals.

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This course is amazing! Lori covers so many essential things to have a successful photography business. She goes through everything in a very methodical way. I also appreciate ALL the free stuff she gave to help make my business successful. I also love how she shared how she gives back in her community and worldwide. Thanks Lori!

a Creativelive Student

I cannot say enough GREAT things about this course!!! I've been in business for over 10 years now, but still need to check in on the business side of things periodically. This class reminds us just how much fun marketing, sales, and planning can be. It has rejuvenated my passion for the BUSINESS side of this business. In fact, I'm so inspired by what Lori has to say, I think I will recommend this class to my COMPETITORS down the street. We will all be better for it and the industry will be better too! This is perfect for those just starting out AND seasoned pros :)

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I have loved so many creativeLIVE courses but I have to say this has been THE BEST for me. Lori thank you so much for sharing your wealth of knowledge! I am feeling more confident and excited about moving forward and making my photography a real business finally. I have been crippled by insecurity and fear and with this course I feel like I have finally been given the ok and the KNOWLEDGE to do what I need to do. Thank you!

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