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Day 19 Bonus: "Wall Concept Shoot"

Lesson 36 from: 30 Days to Design Your Portrait Business

Lori Nordstrom

Day 19 Bonus: "Wall Concept Shoot"

Lesson 36 from: 30 Days to Design Your Portrait Business

Lori Nordstrom

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36. Day 19 Bonus: "Wall Concept Shoot"


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Lesson Info

Day 19 Bonus: "Wall Concept Shoot"

This is the wall that elissa sent to me that we're going to be designing for, but just walking through the house, I'm also going to photograph the wall down in the basement where they spend a lot of time and it's the movie room, tv room, game room. So we're goingto suggest a grouping there, above the couch there where they gather together as a family. We're going to place the design tool on the wall, and this is just a ruler. If you don't have this, your client doesn't have this, you could just have them take a piece of paper to the wall or anything else that's measurable, but what this is going to do this is going to give me ten inches to take into preview software to measure, and then I'll be able tio put perspective on the wall and get the exact size for this wall. So when I show elissa when we're when I show her her design for this wall, she's gonna be able to see the exact size as it would be finished for her. So there we've got the design tool, and I'm gonna go ahead and take a s...

napshot of that for myself, I always tell my clients that I want to have them stand straight in front of the wall. And so we're not at any kind of angle and I also want to see other elements in the room this wall is kind of a stand alone but I went ahead and shot it pretty wide so that we could see going into the kitchen and into the stairway because you really want to see what you're going to view as your viewing the portrait on the wall so we want to see the surrounding elements all right we're gonna have the ad first I'm gonna have you kind of stay right here I always wanna build around ad cause that's what we dio all right and I'm gonna have to turn your feet that way and let's just talk one foot under yes good it's perfect you're good at this is he doing good yeah okay and then mom I'm gonna have you come sit right here in front of him and josh I might have even turn back just a little bit more just yeah on the list right there and what I'm going for is a little bit of that red behind you and let's kick your feet up yeah okay bella right on this side come right behind him and right there that is perfect okay and then sabrina let's bring you right here I don't have you said all the way on your floor and on the ground and turn your feet out that way that is great okay mr sai and you come sit right here right in front of dad's arm that's perfect and he if he's crawling around whatever works is great all right and then let's have vala libya come right here you're gonna sit right next to mom's feet and just lay over lay right onto her legs so let's take your feet the other way kick your feet that you and is laying low and as far as you go just like that perfect that's awesome can you put your bottom right here and sketch right and like right in there good and just lean right upon your sister's dead oh and silas you're so sweet l s so you take your hand on his shoulder the other one snuggling him in they had a good okay everybody look at mom and mom like it silas silas, can you can you look at livia? Whoops we lost yeah that's good ok, look, mommy look at mommy. I love it all right now mama dad get a break. Can you guys get run back over there? Okay, let's see let's ah, serena was put you in the middle this time on we'll turn your knees out just like that, okay? And even camaraderie uh can you pull his shirt down on the backs of rita okay let's keep you guys all right awesome. You guys are too easy okay bellied and even a little closer if you can can you squeeze in there yeah there you go perfect silas yeah off uh years on a a okay silas can you put your hands on sabrina's hands I think you deserve marshmallows okay it in a little bit taller right there good one more time okay silas held my hold my okay okay okay hands on sabrina's er like so pretty okay beautiful huh more and do the other way for the window and I wind in your face faina all right we're gonna go for some sky and soda some green okay close your eyes for a second relax and open them okay try not to squint it's so hard okay ggo just raise your chin up just a little bit there we go can you put your feet together good cave expire beautiful okay can you laugh at me you are a good actress ah so okay about a little taller I'm sorry eating little dollar I do that now we have three kids alex perfect you guys that's a cute hi silas you want to stand up let's see if you get nose to nose with mommy can you put your hands on her yeah yea that's thank you but I love it oh you got your nose okay can you look at mom uh that is perfect so that was a fun quick session it's really cold out so I wanted to get them done as quickly as possible when we know what we're shooting for that makes it a whole lot easier so I knew that I wanted a family grouping I wanted the kids by themselves I wanted mom and dad together dad of the girls and mom with the boys and again it's a lot easier when you know exactly what you're shooting for, you can get those things done quickly make it all happen and call it a wrap so it was fun I chose this spot today is an overcast, very cold in kind of dreary day. It rained yesterday and normally I would be scouting around for the light, and today we have really overcast just very even lighting and so I was able to kind of go anywhere, which sorry, you guys that was cheating a little bit, but so I chose the location just because of the color we had some of the red flowers in the background that's we're shooting, we had the red and the clothes, I've got some red in the french er I thought that would be a really nice addition to the background and most the time I chose a really low vantage point so that I was gonna avoid the sidewalks behind us if you designed the session with the family plan the session with the family, you know exactly what you're going for and you can get it quick and it could be over and everybody's still happy now what we're going to do next is when I came into the home I actually suggested a second location in the home for mom way put a little I just talked to her about it I'd even even put this together in preview we just talked to her about my vision for what I wanted to do above the couch downstairs and so now I'm gonna shoot for that so I've talked him into this other grouping we're changing clothes it is cold outside so we're gonna make this one happened quickly as well for this one I want a main family portrait that's going to go large so I'm actually gonna have them stand in this one I think I mean if we can get silas toe hold the d I think would be super kid it may blind in a little bit too much we'll see can you hold it so I can see it and kind of lean into your dad just a little bit good all right and eat and let's take arabella take your hands down and can I see your fingers good job you guys that's perfect okay and mom and dad snuggle in good ah let's so cute you guys okay, here we go good job you guys sabrina step in a little closer good silas oh, good job you guys that looks so great are you guys cool with home hands or is that no uh okay awesome okay good silas who is he and the abbe what do you see he is like staring off into space there you go are you ready ah there we go good as good okay everybody like a daddy daddy look at mommy okay so laughing is good come on e ah yeah big john's over there ok do you is it wet they're ready mindset now warmer time since we're here let's just do one more thing and then well let's put how about you right there on dad's leg that's getting a workout today way perfect ok this way just a little okay serena right here stand and yes I would not be good with it okay right there and silas can you get right there you stand up top right in front cto hold mommy's hand her hands are both okay okay and olivia kind of lean into your need just a little bit not too much yeah that is perfect awesome and then uh let's see I like that um dad let's take your hand up on mom shoulder good okay silas yeah let's let you get back down here we go good job you guys hey, silas okay eat and stayed up just a little bit and try to open your eyes good job it's hard not to be squinty out here, isn't it? Hey, sy was highways. Can I borrow your tie? Okay, okay, put it down one more time hearing out, um, we got crazy smile, so we like him, alright. Hey, sai, you gonna ride, you buy, come, alright, awesome, you guys, that was great!

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This course is amazing! Lori covers so many essential things to have a successful photography business. She goes through everything in a very methodical way. I also appreciate ALL the free stuff she gave to help make my business successful. I also love how she shared how she gives back in her community and worldwide. Thanks Lori!

a Creativelive Student

I cannot say enough GREAT things about this course!!! I've been in business for over 10 years now, but still need to check in on the business side of things periodically. This class reminds us just how much fun marketing, sales, and planning can be. It has rejuvenated my passion for the BUSINESS side of this business. In fact, I'm so inspired by what Lori has to say, I think I will recommend this class to my COMPETITORS down the street. We will all be better for it and the industry will be better too! This is perfect for those just starting out AND seasoned pros :)

a Creativelive Student

I have loved so many creativeLIVE courses but I have to say this has been THE BEST for me. Lori thank you so much for sharing your wealth of knowledge! I am feeling more confident and excited about moving forward and making my photography a real business finally. I have been crippled by insecurity and fear and with this course I feel like I have finally been given the ok and the KNOWLEDGE to do what I need to do. Thank you!

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