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Day 30: Goal Setting & Motivation

Lesson 53 from: 30 Days to Design Your Portrait Business

Lori Nordstrom

Day 30: Goal Setting & Motivation

Lesson 53 from: 30 Days to Design Your Portrait Business

Lori Nordstrom

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53. Day 30: Goal Setting & Motivation


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Day 30: Goal Setting & Motivation


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Day 30: Goal Setting & Motivation

day 30. Wow. Yeah, This is great. Till thanks, everybody for hanging in here and we're on day 30. So we're gonna talk about gold studying and motivation and want to just propose a couple of ideas to you and, um, think about the idea of talent versus skill. You know, talent is God, given that something that you know you have or you don't have. But skill is something that can be learned, and we can all learn and skill is, is learn by practicing and by repetition. And you know, all the things that we've been putting out here, they really you know, a lot of it doesn't have anything to do with talent. And, you know, I know that I wasn't born a business person. Um, absolutely. And so, you know, but it's skillets. It's making a determined effort and deciding it's making the decision that I am going to make this happen. I am going to make these changes. I am going to do these things, and I'm gonna put the goals in place. And I'm gonna put the action steps in place to make sure that I reach tho...

se goals. And so, you know, think about that and that we all can learn a skill. We all can make the choice and it is a choice. And so you do get to choose it is your choice. And I just wanna throw that out there to kind of to on a little bit that you get to choose a level of your success. Nobody else can choose it for you. You're the only one, and we all can do it. We all can make that happen by making that choice discipline. Getting things done is going to allow you the freedom that you want, whether it's freedom with your family, whether it's free time for yourself to travel, you know, free time to give back and be able to be. You know, somebody who gives opportunity to somebody. But it's gonna be, you know, allow you that freedom. We talked yesterday a little bit about being organized and how that leads to creativity. And, you know, we all get kind of bogged down in this idea of if I'm you know, if I'm multitasking, that means I'm getting a lot done. If I'm busy, that means I'm successful, you know? And we all have these ideas when really what that is is It's a big, fat excuse. And it it's an excuse to say exactly where we are. You know, Busy does not mean success busy. A lot of times mean that we means that our mind is in a lot of places it shouldn't be were jumping from this to that to something else. And we're not staying focused and, you know, making those kinds of choices. It is a choice when we choose those things. And believe me, I have no, not not perfect with these things. You know, I I make those kind of choices all the time. We all, you know, every day were given the opportunity to start fresh and make a new choice. And so, you know, think about, uh, you know, really thinking through these goals. And we've got some things for you to work through in the workbook. We've been talking about goals kind of through this and really putting those action steps in place and thinking about what's important to you and setting those priorities. And that's a new choice that we get to make every single day. And your success is your success. You own it, You get to decide. And so, you know, I think that when you can take that power and really make that decision yours and, you know, I can decide if I'm gonna be successful. I'm the only one that can make it happen. I can't depend on anybody else, you know, Um, I've got to make it happen. Yes, we can look for help. Yes, we can find a mentor. Yes, we can, you know, follow up half that's been laid out for us. But we still have to choose to walk that path. You know, it's not going to just happen. There are very few people who, you know, are even born with a silver spoon in their mouth that get to keep chewing on it without making some decisions. You know, we've got to make those decisions to move forward and to stay discipline and stay focused on the things that are important to us and part of that and of, you know, if staying focused on moving forward is, you know, thinking about what's important for your life and your family and your health and, you know, and just who you are as a person and thinking about those things first. And we've been really, really concentrated on business throughout these 30 days, you know, even the even the five days of shooting. You know, we're still thinking about how it's gonna excel our business. But, you know, stop and really think about what's important to you as a person and who you are and where you want to be next year and in five years and what kind of time you want to be happy, be able to give to your family and to your friends and the people that you love maybe to somebody that you don't even know yet. But what does that time look like? And how can we then form our businesses and structure? Our business is to make sure that what we want in our life happens. You know, your business is not the most important thing. We all want successful businesses. But hopefully your motivation for that successful business is so that you can have the life that you want to lead. And I know that I have learned that the hard way, You know, um, for a very, very long time, I thought if my businesses is successful, I'm gonna be happy If I could just show the world that I can, You know, I can do this. I don't need anybody. I can make this happen all by myself. I had that chip on my shoulder. I'm telling you what, That I don't need anybody but Lori Nordstrom, period. And you know that is that it is not a healthy way to live, you know, Um, so you really think about what it is that you really, really want out of your life and then how we can play in the business so that you can get there and part of that for me. And, you know, when we've been talking about this is serving others. And when you think about that, not just not just in, you know, in charities. And that's not what I'm talking about at all. You know? Of course. Um, you know, God, first family, your clients, you know, who are you serving? And I truly believe that when we start making excuses about being busy and not being able to to stay on task and I'm not disciplined, you know, those things are very selfish choices, those air choices that we're making Teoh. You know, if you're making a choice, that I am too busy to do this for my family or I am too busy to do this for myself. That is a selfish excuse, and that's a hard thing to stop and really think about, because when we get busy and we're, you know we're involved in, we're doing all these things and sometimes it's even good things. Sometimes it's, you know, whether it's for business or, you know, maybe even for a charity or four. Um, you know, it's we hell have to learn to prioritize, prioritize and really think about what's most important. But don't allow the excuse of being busy or not having a retail space. We're not. Whatever your excuses are right now, don't allow those things to hold you back. And really, I mean, I'm and I'm just throwing it out there to consider it as an option, something I learned the hard way that a lot of the excuses that I was making in my life were completely out of selfishness. And we don't realize it selfish in the beginning. But, you know, if I'm busy and I'm taking time away from my family. I'm choosing to be busy and taking time away from my family. I can allow too many clients in my life. I can allow too many people taking free things for me. I can allow those things and make excuses for not being with my family or I can choose, but I'm gonna do things differently. But I'm gonna be profitable. And then I'm gonna have some freedom in my life. I can spend time with my family. I can spend time growing my business and so think about being of service to others. And I think of the even in our business is a lot of times we're thinking, I hate marketing. I hate sales. I hate you know all these things that I have to do. So we give ourselves the excuse of I'll just make it easy. I'll go and shoot, and I'll hand over some digital files. I don't have to think about them again. Is that really being of service to your client? You know? Oh, are we making excuse out of selfishness and not really doing the things that we know that we need to be doing for our clients? And if you think about it as being of service to another people. It really changes your perception of things when you start thinking, you know, how can I help this person enjoy this experience the most? How can I help this person have the very best from what I have to offer, you know, and and believing that I do have something valuable to offer? What do I have to offer this person? I How can I get them to get the very, very best out of it and out of me? That doesn't mean losing myself in it. It's still making choices for myself. But putting somebody else and you having that service heart well, you know, whether it's in your business or not and helping you make those right decisions. And, you know, stopping and thinking about those choices that we're making that, you know, are they selfish? I think most excuses that we make are pretty selfish when it comes down to the root of it, you know? So you know, just think about that. That's just some food for thought to two on, but and then one of the things that I wanted Teoh, I'm just share is just some statistics on goals. You know, I've talked to you guys throughout this about setting goals, So I just wanted to give you this from the American Society for Training and Development. And what they've said about gold is that when you consciously decide to act and I on an idea, you've got a 25% chance of making that happen. So if you're sitting here wherever you are and you've said, you know, just one thing taken one thing from the 30 days and you guys all said something this morning and just by saying it by making the decision and saying it, you're at 25% chance that you are actually going to make that happen. But if we test set, take that one step further, just a baby set further and we put a timeline on it. And in your workbook, A lot of times through this, I've said, give yourself a date. When are you going to make this happen? And when we do that, we take our chances up to 40% of making that happen. And just that one little thing of putting a timeline on there takes us almost halfway to making sure that we're a success. Just a little step further does get you halfway, and that's developing a plan, and that's putting those action steps together. So if you've got that goal set, you've given it a timeline, and then you've said some action steps in place to make it happen. You are halfway guaranteed that you're going to make that they're going to make that happen. And then the statistics says that if you commit those things to someone else, find an accountability partner, you take it to 65% that you're going to make that happen, and then just one more step and this is huge. You're going from 65% chance of making your goals happen to 95%. It's almost 100% guaranteed that if you make an accountability with that person that you've been accountable to. If you say you know what I'm telling you, I'm gonna make this happen by the state, and here's how, and I want you to check back with me and set up some set point. So when you check back with me in a month and in three months and in six months And then by that year day, I'm going to make this happen. You're taking it to 95%. And I think that is such a power powerful representation of you know, we're all we all tell ourselves all kinds of things. I'm going to do this. I'm going to do that. I'm gonna lose £20. I'm gonna jog every day. I'm gonna, um you know, I'm gonna change my business. I'm gonna put those systems in place. I'm gonna start networking in whatever those things are we tell ourselves. And if we let ourselves down and it's tomorrow and we go on, But if we commit to somebody else, we are 95% more likely to keep that promise. And keep that, you know, accountability that we've given to that other person. So think about that. And hopefully you've decided on a couple of things throughout the 30 days that you're gonna make happen. And making that decision is a great first step. But then take the next steps and put some time in place. And, you know, I know there's a couple of you guys who have been my friends that have given me things that you're telling me I'm going to make this happen by these certain dates, And I've seen those things happen for you guys, and I'm very, very proud of you. And, uh, so, you know, And, you know, I appreciate that about you guys, and you know, the power of committing to somebody, and I think that's very, very valuable. So just wanna, you know, throw that out there into you know, everyone in the audience, wherever you are. I think about that one person that you can commit to you that you know you will not let down, whether that's your your child or your spouse or a best friend or a parent, you know, think about who you could be responsible and committed to and tell them what it is that you're going to do be open about, to be honest about it and tell them what your plan is. Tell them what your action steps are. Give it a date and make it happen. And I'm excited that we even have statistics like this to look at because, you know, I can tell you that all day long. But the American Society for Training and Development did studies on it. And so I love sharing things like that that they've got hard core data behind it that tells us that we're almost guaranteed. If we take those steps to make these things happen, it's gonna happen. That's pretty exciting, I think so, Um, and your workbook, One of the things that one of the first things here that it talks about is for your health and well being, thinking about where your mind should be occupied. And it says 80% of your time should be spent in the present. So think about that. You know, 15% of your time should be spent in the future. That's taking those time to make those goals, to set those action steps and do those things that we know that we need to be doing. But we also can get really wrapped up in that. You know, we can make those goals every single day, and then we just get excited about Oh, yeah, making goals. That's a fun thing. We're thinking about what if and what could be, which is another trap of making excuses, you know, So 15% of the time, sure plan and dream and those things are great. Think about what the future looks like and that's that's perfect. 5% or less. Your time should be spent in the past, you know, And that 5% should be spent on happy memories thinking about things that worked for you in the past things thinking about things that worked for you and, you know, family time and vacation time. And, you know, just things that are happy and good memories don't dwell on past mistakes. Don't you know, learn the hard way. Let me tell you, we can spend a lot of time dwelling in the past and really weighing ourselves down and bogging ourselves down. And so, you know, 5% and hopefully happy times, you know, thinking about good things there and then 80% of the time right now be in the present, be intentional, you know, Be there for your family. Enjoy the moments that you live in. And, you know, man, just another thing that I learned so hard. I learned the hard way when I was busy, busy, busy in my business in early 2000. And I was going home every night playing good mom and spending time with my kids in the evening. Physically, I was making dinner. I was doing school events, helping with homework, whatever he needed to do. And I was back at the studio every single night of my life, and I realized at a point when my marriage was falling apart and my kids were suffering in, my life was broken that, you know, that time that I was spending with my family was not with my family. It was back at what I should be doing at work, and it was very, very selfish. You know, in my mind I needed to be back there and I need to be profitable and I need to take care of my family. And I needed to prove to my husband that it was worth him quitting his job and staying home with the kids so I could live my dream. And I was, you know, it was an excuse. I was leaving life to go and do this and, you know, going home and playing good mommy every night was not enough. You know, I realized that every every night while I was at a ball game or I was doing homework with the kids or making dinner. I was thinking about what I had to get back to work to Dio and whose album I needed to design that night and what I was gonna do when pulling on, pulling all night or the night in the next night. What? Who is gonna be complaining the next day? Because I didn't have their stuff done, you know, And I was not present in the moment. And so I just want to encourage you to think about that. I think about that 80% of your time, the needs to be present, an easy be focusing needs to be right here right now in the moment that we live in and you know, so much easier said than done. You know, all of this get caught up in thinking about the mistakes that we've made in the, you know, the things that have gone wrong and what we could have done better and thinking about the future, what ifs and if if only. But you know, think about when you're planning and when your sudden your goals and when you're working through these things of really being present right here, right now and what's important to you and your future and with your family and in your own life. And you know, your health and your well being and, um, be here. So I want to share with you guys just as the last thing. These were some of the things that I want to thank through when I'm planning my goals. And, um, I want to think through each one of these categories and these air my categories. I've been using this for years and, uh, just kind of, you know, all the different categories of goal setting. I made him efs because I like to do things like that cause I'm goofy. I always like to have little, you know, little things, But these air, the goals that I go through And you know, every year I want to sit down and I want to take some time out to really think through each one of these things and set goals and each of these in the stings and, you know, think about the next year and even think about three years from now. Now what I want to see in each one of these areas. But I also want to think about them, you know, weekly and monthly and set little goals. And, you know, just even if it's something silly, I wanna, you know, spend some time doing this or do that and each one of these things, they're going to mean a different thing to everyone. But, you know, think about faith and what that means to you. And, um, you know what little things you can put in place and on your calendar to make sure that you are, you know, having the relationship, you know, that you need to have in your face and think about your family the time that you want to spend with them, whatever your family is, if it's a dog, if it's a sister and brother, if it's, you know, kids, a husband, whatever that looks like for you, really, what does your family time look like in a perfect world? And, you know, and think through that and set some goals for that for you? Noah's little is, you know, I I want to make sure that you know I'm spending a certain amount of time with my son before he graduates from high school. He's a sophomore. It's my youngest one at home. You know what kind of goals can I put in place and share with him to make sure that I'm not losing him these last two years of high school, you know, because it's happening and, you know, so sitting down with him and letting him know how important that is to me and what can we do, what goals can be set, whether it's taking a trip together or making sure we do lunch together just us once a month or whatever it is, it can just be anything. What does that mean to you? And fellowship and friendship? Those are also going to mean different things. But I know for me, you know, there's people, of course that I know if I call him six months from now, we're still gonna be friends. But if I don't really think about it, I need to call this person once a month where I need to send a little card to this person. Once a mother, you know, whatever it is, think about how you can put a plan in place to be really friends, not Facebook, friends with the people that you love and keep those friendships up. And, you know, as we get older and older friendships, do you become more and more valuable to us. You know, as I know you know what it means something different to all of us. But friendships? Definitely. I think we take friendships for granted when were younger, and they just become more and more valuable, especially girlfriends, you know, for me. And I'm sure guys were the same way. Who knows? But, um, and then fun is going to be different for everybody. Freedom, fulfillment. Fulfillment for me is a lot of no a part of why I have Dondo or more. You know, fulfillment to me is giving back and being able to do some of those things and see, you know, lives better, too, because of, you know, because of what I'm doing. And I love getting people other people involved in that and blessing other people's lives by being a part of it is fulfilling for me. You know when it is going to be different for everybody. But think about those goals and then last financial and it's last on the list and not because it's least important or the although all those other things. Your financial goals should support everything else on that list. You know, that should be your Why, for why I want my business to be successful. You know, I've set goals in all these other areas, and now what do I need to do to support those dreams? And so then planning our finances and usually financial planning takes a little longer setting goals. Not usually it always does. Setting goals. My In my business, it's not as fun, you know, it takes a long time. It's a little fun for me, but But, you know, it's it's that's something that takes a little longer we spend more time on. But just as you're going through and you're thinking about your goals and your putting those action steps in place, you know, really think about making sure that what you want out of your business and what do you want, What you want financially. What you want for client experience is all part of Hall, the other parts that make you you and make you full and whole and make sure that business is going to support it. But and that is where I want to leave you guys are download for Day 30 is a texture set, these air textures that I have personally taken in China and in Greece. So there hopefully unique to you. But and then I'm just showing you before and after their. But I think there's there's, like, 50 textures in there, so just fun to play with. And, um, I hope you hopefully you enjoy those. And I put those there just because it's kind of a little just fun creativity thing here at the end of our journey together on this 30 days and so And I'm very, very excited to have shared these days with you. And I'm looking forward to working with you over the next 30 days. So, Lori, thank you, Um, can before we end this day of 30 days if you have gotten here, you know, this far, Not in this moment, but in the future way are again on day 30 and you're going through the program again. I would love to know you've done The people have done the work. They've been going to photo talk for him. They've been part of the community going through this with each other, but they now reached a 30. Do you have any final words for them once our future US in the future? How? Well, you know, I think I'd rather speak to someone who's thinking about starting over Day one. Okay, if that's okay, that's great. And and the reason is is because I do have gotten emails already. I've seen Post I know what's going on. I know there's a lot of people who are feeling so overwhelmed with all this, you know, And there there are so many things there, so many steps to take. Teoh. You know, if you when you make that decision that I want to make some changes in my business, where do I even start? What's the first thing and how do I do this? And so that's what I think. It's fun. But you know, that's really the best part of being able to start this over Tomorrow. We get to start Day one together, we get to start fresh and move through each one of the steps individually, day by day, you get your weekends off, so that's fun and you know it. Of course, if you buy the course, you're going to get all those things and you can watch him whatever you want. But if you follow along with us during the 30 days, we're going to end this with a 31 back here so we can, you know, hook up with some of you have been through the 30 days and see some of the changes that you've made. And you're going to see the changes that Carly's made in her business and, you know, even being able to watch her and know that if if if Lori can do it, if Carly can do it, I can do it. And I hope that she's going to be inspiring to you as well. I'm believing in her and, you know, we may come back and she may say, You know, here's my struggles. Here are the things that I need to be changing in the New Year, and that's okay, too. You know, the point is that we want to make sure that we're taking steps and moving in the right direction. So I'm excited about starting over and getting, you know, able to go through the process with you. There is so much bonus content that's coming, your way. And so you know, when you purchase the course as Day one releases and as day two releases those a three you know, there's going to be things that pop up on those days that you're gonna have. That is gonna be extra things for your toe watch and to go through and you're gonna have more questions. So, you know, and come on a photo tech for him. I put that free resource therefore, you guys, so that we could stay in touch and you can tell me how things were going and you can tell me we're struggling with and there's work on it together and I want to just I want to tell you guys, I want to tell you guys, but I just want to let you know that I am committed to this and to you for the duration of this workshop. And I really is important to me. Teoh, you know, to see you succeed, it's that's part of my fulfillment, you know, that's on that fulfillment goal list for me is to see other businesses succeed and eso share with me. Let me know what's going on and and also realize that by sharing. You're also going to be helping somebody else. You know whether it's sharing a struggle and we're working through it all together or sharing a success, you're gonna be helping and blessing somebody else by doing that. Lo Lager fee, who has been with us for this full live event, 33 days, says, Even if I'm taking baby steps, I know I am going the right direction, thanks to Laurie. So again, whether it's right now or 30 days in the future, continue taking those baby steps. It really is. What's my next best step? Whether it's a baby or a big? Absolutely. So that's the end of the 30 days we have. We've had our tradition that we've done at the end of every single day. Laurie, it's cross off. Day 30. Yea way do so give a big worldwide round of applause from his lorry. Nordstrom

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