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Adding Revenue Streams with Adobe Stock

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Posting Your Content to Adobe Stock

Jared Platt

Adding Revenue Streams with Adobe Stock

Jared Platt

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5. Posting Your Content to Adobe Stock

Lesson Info

Posting Your Content to Adobe Stock

Now we've prepared the image itself. So it's good quality, cause quality is important. Adobe is gonna reject it. If it's not good quality, then after that we've got to prepare it by adding keywords to it and descriptions and things like that because of the description and the key word is going to help people find your image. There's also something called categories once you get there and we'll show you that as well. So we're gonna go Let me turn off the history so I get a little more space here. So we're gonna go instead of this I p t c extension area. We're gonna go to our defaults and you can see that this has a title and a description. It's a lighthouse on Lake Michigan and then it's got photographed a lighthouse on Lake Michigan at dusk with lights on. All right, so that's that was me just telling me what the photograph is. That's so I confined it later. But if you didn't know how to name this thing, you could just simply go in here and delete it so you could just go delete and del...

ete. And then, if you didn't know what kind of keywords to use because you're brand new to this. Just go in here and highlight all of these and delete those. Now, keep in mind, this is a virtual copy that the keywords air still in the original. This is just the one that you're going to send up to Adobe stock. So once you've got those all cleared out, then you can simply go down to your Adobe stock submission portal, which is just a It's just an adobe stock plug in and it's already inside of light room. So if you have, like from C C, it's already there. So it grab it, drag it in there like that. And now I'm gonna go look for other images. So the other image I want Teoh put up there is this one of this horse and I've removed. I've already removed the keywords from that one, so I'm gonna grab that one and drag it in. Oh, it was already in there, Um and then I'm going to go up to these photographs of the remember our photographs of the of the girl Here we go right here, and I'm going to take a photograph of her consoling this guy time and so this one. I'm gonna actually leave the key words in it so you can see what happens when we leave the key words in it. So I'm going to go down again to our portal here. And by the way, if you right click your portal if you right, right click your submit to Adobe Stock Collection and you just tell it to set as the target collection. Then when you're searching through your portfolio, all you have to do is hit the be key for boy. I'm gonna make a lot of money, all right? And so you hit B and it just sends it over to Adobe Stocks collection. So these are the three images that I want to submit. I'm just gonna sit, hit, publish. It's going to go ahead and publish that. And while it's publishing any questions while its publishing, we just saw that you could do this through light room directly. Obviously, you can just upload images directly on Yes, you can adobe stuff you're not. If you're not on light room, you can always take a J peg. Full biggest J pay you got of it. The best quality J pay you got out of it and you can upload it directly into the adobe stock portal online. Or you could do it from Bridge. That was my next question was, Can you do it from bridge and or Photoshopped? Well, you wouldn't do it straight from photo shop, but you you would do it from bridge. Or from now, you can just upload it from photo shop. You can then upload it directly to the website, and that's fine. But the reason you would use Bridger or Light room is it's just faster to put the keywords in and put the descriptions in because you can highlight a bunch of things and put them all in at once, and it's just much more efficient to do it. Now there is a difference between light room and and bridge. If you keyword in light room and upload it, the key word order that you put the keywords in will be an alphabetical order from light room. But if you do it from bridge, whatever order you have, the key words in doesn't matter about it'll keep the order, which is interesting. It's a difference. But so so If you're doing it from light room, the key word order is going to be an alphabetical order. If you do it from Bridge, they'll stay in the order that you have them in Enbridge. That will become important in a minute, so just hang on to that information.

Class Description

Learn how to accelerate your creative business potential by organizing and managing your images in Adobe LIghtroom® CC and monetize them by submitting to Adobe Stock®. Jared Platt will show you how you can bring new life and unlock the financial potential of images you already have sitting in your hard drive. Find out what kind of images buyers are looking for, and how you can accelerate your photography career by showcasing your work to millions of creatives in the Adobe Creative Cloud network. This class is perfect for photographers of every level, from the enthusiast to seasoned professional.

We'll Cover:

  • Unlocking the Potential of Your Photo Archives 
  • Connecting to the Creative Market Place
  • Posting Your Content to Adobe Stock 
  • Creating Original Content for Stock 
  • Making the Most Out of Every Image

Software Used: Adobe Lightroom CC 2015

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Ryan G

This is a great class if you're just starting out in any kind of stock photography. It seems that the other stock agencies require you to "audition" a few pics before they "let you in." I just uploaded 1 at a time to Adobe and they accepted my 2nd image after rejecting the first. Easy. I just started to upload to go through the process to see what it was like. I think the feedback they give you from the rejected photos would help me become a better stock photographer. Thanks Jared for the inspiration to try this. BTW Jared, I couldn't believe your high school bleachers photo where you added "Looser High" and pronounced it Loser high. I cringe whenever I see this and sincerely hope this was just a joke.

John Dowling

Great teacher, great class. Highly recommend this to anyone contemplating getting into stock photography.


This is a solid introduction to the field. Concise and entertaining. Many of the nuts-and-bolts details refer to Adobe Stock, but the content as a whole is worth the time even if you have other markets in mind.