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Auto-Saving and 3rd Party Plugins

Another thing that I wanted tio mention which is one of the big new features in cia six is something called auto save and background safe it's really quite amazing the deal is if photoshopped crashes, cs six will automatically open here last save document ok and you say but we said, what if I haven't saved the document in a couple of hours, which is kind of easy to do if you get really focused in your color correction and what have you it's? Easy to forget to say? Well, c s six is saving that document for you in the background seriously, automatically so that is a huge, huge thing and it simply never happened before. So auto say how often is photoshopped saving your document? You might ask I believe it's every five minutes automatically, but you can control the time interval yourself via preferences so let's pop over and see how to do that. So I'm going to go up to the photo shop mini and she's preferences on a mac or the edit menu preferences on a pc this time we're going to trot down...

to file handling and right here is where you can control that honor save business you're also going to notice a check box for saving the background that's another new feature and c s six when you save your document whether it's an auto save or youth physically chosen the file menu and safe it doesn't lock up your photoshopped life you can still keep on editing so the saving happens in the background so you can continue doing other things while that document is saving then we'll do that here in just a second and you can see the world's tiniest status far for the background safe so if you want to change the increments were the time intervals in which your documents are automatically saved a cia sixth and you can do that right here from this poppet menu so you can choose from five minutes ten minutes fifteen minutes thirty minutes or an hour hey if you're working with really big documents and I mean gigabytes you know documents like two three four, five gigabytes then you might not want to choose every five minutes because being such a large file you might notice a little bit of a slowdown in your system all that auto saving is happening so I'm real happy with setting mine on ten minutes I usually don't work with you talking files so that's a really great thing and it's happened a few times now see a six hasn't crashed on me very much but a couple of times it has and it's amazing when you re launch the program toe have your document pop right back up because depending upon when you last saves you could have to redo hours and hours and hours work so it's an amazing thing auto saving background save alone may be worth the price is that upgrade you know so that's where you can change that time interval so I'm going to press ok so let's look at saving this document now this this world's tiniest status bar that I alluded tio is right down here at the very bottom left where it's actually your your status your info bar really okay so if you click the little right pointing triangle next to that status bar that's how you can change the information that shown there so depending upon what you've got that set tio mayor may not be exactly like my news right here but it's at the very bottom of your window this little guy right here so when I choose file safe here in a second is this is a big file so you can see we're only viewing in its sixteen percent so when I choose file saved watch this area right here and you're going to see a tiny little blue bar that in the case safe see how it's it's going so I could continue to do things right now with this document if I wanted tio ok so that's saving in the background that doesn't let you you see the progress of the safe and if I have had it happened that I've tried to do something else and photo shop has gotten a little bit wage and said oh okay oh no I've tried to close the file you can't close the file until the save is complete okay and it will squawk it you if you do that we'll get a little air dialog box and we'll close the file after the background safe is complete. Okay, so that's just a little bit about the auto saved in auto recovery so that's a really, really nice thing they have a couple of questions about that that's all right? D uh, question is from a mi thirty five when it automatically saves the files does it save over the original say phile so if I wanted to save it at a different name but it crash what? I just have to accept it as the most recent auto say so the auto save documents are temporary. Okay, so footage shot you don't get an opportunity to use your rename those or anything it's not like you triggering emanuel say so it's it's doing an auto saving its its stores them in a temporary folder and you can find out where that folder is by buying this great books called photo shop cia six missing manual but you simply don't have to worry about what she's talking about kim it because photo shop was handling the naming and it's it's making them a temporary file based on you know the real name of the file the last time you did emmanuelle safe on it. So what she's talking about doesn't really come into play on that particular thing it will never override you're the last time you names that file it's makes another temporary file cool an anne marie wants to know is it also saving the history? Negative, great question, though, yet your history is a panel and also open it up she's window history, and it keeps track of the last twenty or twenty five or so things that you've done to your document. Ok, so it's a great way, tio kind of see the evolution of your of your image, the history states on ly hang around until you close the document so an auto saved they're not going to be there because the document was closed and it's reopens. The history goes away every time he calls the document. Unfortunately, one more quick one from joshua river can the folder hold multiple? Otto saves commit? Can there be multiple auto saves? I don't believe so, because again funny shop's handling all that, you know, under the hood behind the scenes, so to speak so no, I don't believe so cupe thank you. All right, so that's auto save auto recovery in background safe, really amazing features ah, one more quick note about the interface, something that drove me crazy it's, just fun, because I get to tell you all what to do, not what I did, so I literally reinstall cia six because I thought it had lost its mind because I couldn't collapse any of my panels. Okay, so, you know, in c s five, you could double click the dark gray bar next to any of these tabs teo collapse and expand them well, I'm double clicking and nothing's happening. Nancy it's, for it was a single click single click tio collapse single plate to expand cs finally changed it to a double click double play to collapse double play to expand and see a six you have to click the tab I nearly held because I thought it just wasn't working and never in my wildest dreams what I'd have thought to click the dad come tab so now if you double click the tab itself, they do collapse and expand so that's just a little note, don't let that happen, tio don't reinstall the program, just click the tab, ok, so let's close this image, I am going to be using a lot of keyboard shortcuts like I said earlier, so I'll kind of explain those as we go along, I'm gonna close the window by pressing command w w from window or control w on a pc first, if even done anything and haven't say the document photoshopped will ask you if you want to save the document and then you can tell it yesterday no at that point, but I like closing the documents with that keyboard shortcuts real handy. Okay, so we talked about property channel and auto saving. Another new feature in c s six is the ability to skip loading any third party plug ins that you might have installed upon watch in adobe did this as a troubleshooting helper for them because, you know there's tons of third party programs that you can install in photo shop. Some of my favorites include silver effects for making black and wise color effects. A slow things by nick software in I k slow things by on one software that air really handy to d. But since those plug ins are made and blessed by a derby, sometimes they can cause we're things to happen to your program. Not nothing, nick in the on one playing so much, but other others that are maybe developed us fully. So adobe gave us and see a six the ability to turn them all off temporarily used teo, you would have to go into your plug ins folder for their install. They need to put a little chilly in front of them. Each plug in, and that would keep them from installing talk about a pain in the rear. Can you even imagine? So now you can simply hold down the shift key when you launch the program and you'll get this dialogue box here that I asked you if you want to temporarily skip loading the plug ins. So as a troubleshooting measure that's really handy. So if you've got a problem going on, you can simply quit the program. Hold down the shift key. Relaunch, say yes. Keep loading the plug ins and see if the prop persists. If it does not, then you know that the problem is related to one of your plug ins. Unfortunately. Okay, so that's anything and again, that's just holding on the shift key when you launch the program. Another handy item that we got in this release is the ability to migrate any pre cents or custom is ations that you may have created for yourself upon installation of c s six? Unfortunately, I don't have a screen shot of that one for you, but let's say, for example, that you had customize your work space. Okay, so photoshopped lets you customize the way it looks in myriad different ways, so let's say, for example, I had, um let's say I don't like the swatches panel so I took that out and let's say that I wanted to add another panel let's say I use cooler all the time which is a great way to create color schemes if you're a graphic designer and maybe I customers my panels a little bit like that and maybe I owe I like keeping my tools panel it two columns and again you just click the little two triangles at the very top left of the tools panel to make it go from single column to double column and let's say that maybe I like my options bar you know, down here at the bottom of the screen did you know you can liberate your options bar you have soup can you need to buy the c s five intensive training to figure out how so let's say a customized my work space like that you can save workspaces okay, so you could do that it's actually appear in the options bar you could do that by clicking this little essentials it'll say essentials probably because that's the default workspace give that pop up menu click and you can say new work space and I could call this one lisa's space okay, so if somebody else uses my computer they can create their own workspace too and have all of their panels and everything customized just the way they want hey, you can also customize tools and all these things are called creases, so let's say for example, we're going to be looking at the crop tool pretty soon here, which got a whole new makeover so let's say that I had some pre sets in the crop tool that I use or crop sizes that I use a lot on my save those is a preset okay, so we'll go ahead and just type in a pre set here and I'll say, say preset, just so we have some process in here, okay? Now when you first install cia six, you can choose to move all those priests is to see a six if you've done any of any of that in the version that you have, if you have praecis that you did if you're upgraded from cs to that's not gonna work and only it only works if you upgrade from c s three case, but you will get a little dialogue box saying, hey, would you like to migrate your precepts? And the installer of the program will take all those in move them over for you, those of you who have been in the preset role before know that to do this previously you had tio dig into the presets folder and you had to move those suckers over by hand every time you you upgrade, which is a pain ok, so my great presets upon installation is anything. The second thing that's ni with praecis is let's say you work in a a graphic design agency and let's say your graphic design team ism six workstations strong. Well, you might wanna have, uh, similar pre cess on every machine. Ok, especially if you're doing any kind of corporate identity or anything like that. Colors need to be consistent, so maybe you've customized your swatches panel with the company colors you've done, all these kind of pre set their specific to the projects that you work on. If you need those precepts to be on every computer in your office, you can use the new, um, my great presets dialog box, so if you don't, you know, doing on launch on ly moves your presets over on your own computer, but if you want to share those presets with other computers, then we have another new tool for you, which is really, really handy. And let me show you that one right here. So what we're going to do is we're going tio go up to the edit menu and go down to pre cess, ok, so this is if you want to share your pre cess. Now the priest, that manager has always been there, um, migrate presets is what you can use. If you missed that dialog box on installation, then you can still get your old ones over to the new program later on, but to share them, you can choose export and import process, and this brings up a brand new dialogue box that lists all of your presets over here in the left hand side. Okay, so you can simply click and then use thes arrows to determine which ones get shared, you know? So if we had pretend we've got a slew of process there, then you could just selectee toward by clicking in and click the right facing arrow to choose which wants to export. Now, why would you want to do that versus using the preset manager that we've had for years and years? Well, the precent manager doesn't work on actions it doesn't work on keyboard shortcuts, ifyou've customizing the keyboard shortcuts and photoshopped it doesn't work on menu customers ations did you know that you can actually remove items from these menus that you don't use in order to shorten them? They don't bother me being long, but you could do that, so if you've done any customization, is like that, um, or work spaces, the preset manager does not work on any of those things, so if you want to share every customization that you've made in the program, including actions and work spaces and keyboard shortcuts and many customers ations, and the only way to do it is, use this new export imp for pre says dialog box. So when you do, you just pick the ones that you want to add and tell it to export presets and in bundles in that bundles and making them very easy to share on multiple computers. Case that's, really anything, and if you need to import the presets on those other computers, then you simply use the same dialogue box, but you click the import process tap instead, so works the same way. Pick the item you want to import and click the right facing arrow to add it to the list or you can say, please import all of them for export, all of them so that's a new handy thing for presets just to clarify, and I can you again tell us that folks were asking if that if you can migrate actions, I believe you said you couldn't, but could you just clarify that? I don't think the migrate presets works on actions? I think that my great praecis kind of works on all the same things that the presets manager does. Yeah so to get actions and work spaces and that kind of stuff moved over I think you have to use that import export that could be wrong on that okay and then, uh margin she asked with cloud other programs online are are they presets installed on the local computer presets her stall locally yeah you actually download the software if you go the creative cloud route but I think what it does is that you have time in internet connection every so often so it has to go in and check in and make sure your account is still in good standing or the software just won't open but you do install it locally cool that answers a question that folks had asked earlier as well um and I believe this is the same but mary from costa rica can custom brushes can you migrate them? Absolutely. The presets manager will work on all of your tool presets like help recently made for the crime tool but the import export presets works on all of it which isn't needs me thank you. Yeah all right so I'm gonna go ahead and revert my work space back to what it was by using this little workspace menu appearing options bar top right give it a click and you can come down and choose from any of these built in work spaces if you've not done any customization so I'll go ahead and go back to essentials and I'll re dock my options bar by grabbing that little dark gray with tab at the left side and dragging it up to the hot spot of my screen. And when I see that little blue line appear, that means that when I released my mouse, but and that's where that panel is going to be docked. So I'll just drop it. There we go.

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