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Iris Filter

Now let's look at the iris filter one of the new blur gallery filters in c s six and here I have an image I'll turn off the visibility eyeball of the layer I created for you so you can see the original and you can see that all of the superhero team are in focus however we can blur out everybody that we want to by using the irish for filter so let's go ahead and take a look at that so the first step is to duplicate the image layer onto which he won't apply the blur because we said earlier these nublar filters don't work with smart objects so smart filters you can forget about it for now let's go ahead and duplicate this layer by pressing command j on a mac or control j on a pc and then go up to the filter menu choose blur iris blur way get that wonderful nearly full screen interface that we saw with the fields blur and we get the same kind of on image controls except we've got more of them here in the center you'll see that photo shop has dropped a pin blerp in right here and then aroun...

d the outside of it we have a blur ring we also have a slew of other controls and I'm going to move this blur ring up a little bit just so you can see the other controls these four dots here that appear inside the ellipse the's four dawes are you're thinking think of them as feather handles ok, so this is how we control the with between what is not blurred in what is blurred and we didn't have that kind of control with the filled blur filter that we looked at a little bit ago. So click and drag clicking hold on your mouse button and dragged these handles inward to reduce the feather, reduce the with or click and drag them outward to increase increase the with of the sharpened area as I dragged those you can see what happens as I dragged them very closely in than everything except for her face is blurred a little bit all right, so if you have a band you're a musician and you have a band I do not recommend doing this to your band photo they will be really angry with you when all the rest of the band members are blurred out and only the lead singer is in focus that would be a bad thing but nevertheless so you can grab these little handles again, drag him out tio change the feathering and change the width of that blurred area other controls that are handy in this interface here you'll notice this oval right here outlined that doesn't print or anything like that goes away when you get out of this interface right here but that determines the size of the blur ok, we didn't have any kind of control over that in the field blur filter so you can grab any of these little handles ok? They're kind of small cells in men so you can see them so there's for these a little bitty white handles around, and if you click and drag near the handles, not only can you pull them in to make to change the shape of the size of the blur, but you'll see that I've got a little curved cursor so I can rotate the shape of that blur till its name back out we'll look at that in action, so if I click and drag and pull any of those little white handles in, I'm changing the shape her size rather of that blur and then I can rotate it as will so you can see the power with this when you can really control uh the after shot blur for this the next handle that I want to show you is called a roundness handle this guy right here it's larger than the others. Okay it's one big one you can use that one to you change the shape of the blur from an ellipse to more of a rectangle so let's look at that so click and drag it you may have to experiment with which direction and in which to drag, depending upon how you've rotated the shape of the were so you can see how that's changing from a more rounded rectangle, two in the lips, so some pretty amazing control with their you've also got the same kind of slider over here on the right hands had if you're blurring is microscopic. We tried during the break to figure out why that was happening, and we were unsuccessful so far, but if you're blurring is really too small to see, then you can always use the blur slider to do the same thing, so as you can see, create some some interesting effects that's how those lines on the wall or are morphing as I'm blurring it a little bit more. You've also got the same boca sliders down there at the bottom see how they're visible this time and before they were interesting clothes shop likes to keep us on our toes, so if I wanted to introduce some speculate highlights or make my highlight sparkle as if they were speculator allies, then you can simply drag that side or to the right. And if you'd like to introduce a little color in your new speculate highlights and you could drive the bookie color slider to the right and that's pretty much all there is to it, I've got another image that I want to show this to you on, so we'll go ahead and click ok one photo shop applies the filter, but since we wisely did are filtering on a duplicate layer, we've not harm the original image. So if we decide the blur's a little bit too strong, we could drop capacity just a touch if we'd like or we can throw the layer away all together to get rid of it and we've still not harmed original image. This next image is painfully key. Thomas gonna warn y'all before I open it almost askew is our new kid and that we have at home not quite okay so here's our before and here's our after so not only do these filters let you create shallow depth of field effects after the shot, but they're also helpful too control where the viewers I entered your photo. For example, if we look at the original, that lamp is pretty dominant in this photo right here. So if I blur it just a little bit creatively using the irish flor, then I can make that less distracting. So that's also a nice a nice feature, so the first thing again is duplicate the image layer that you want to run the filter on by pressing command j or control jay on the pc and then let's go up to the filter menu choose blur iris blur you get that wonderful near full screen interface again so for this one I'm going to grab the blurring and we're going to move it up so I want to make sure that the focal point of my image falls within those four circles feather controls you want to call him that okay? And it doesn't matter if the on image control goes off the edge of your document that doesn't matter at all okay, so if you need to move it half off your document to keep the area in focus that you want to that's totally fine I'm gonna rotate when this one just a little bit by having my cursor pointing my cursor at any of these a little tiny white handles even rotate that just a bit and then again you can grab the round has handled the larger white is actually square then you can affect the shape of the blur just like that so I can see photographers using this one a lot like we said earlier because it will give you more accurate blur more realistic I'm filled blur is kind of the quick down and dirty way to get this done and again if we wanted to add a few sparkles we could drag the light boca slider up we really don't have that many highlights in that range better small we do have highlights in the range that the book is affecting but they're large areas so we're not getting that speculator highlight so here's our before and here's our after so let's look at one more example of that here's another one there's our before there's our after duplicate the image layer first try it to the filter menu choose blur I respect her skate your pen around rotate your blur shape however you'd like it change the width of the blur or the feathering amount and the strength of the blur using the blurring so all kinds of really neat effects that you can create with these filters and they're just so much fun now you can also set multiple pins using the iris blur as will ok so here's another example there's our before here's our after so let's duplicate our image layer try it to the filter menu choose a blur iris blur and now let's make this particular blurred quite small put the pin directly atop the focal points face that you ensure that that's tax sharp and then if we want to create more pans we just simply click so very quickly you can create specific points of focus and blur okay and to temporarily hide all those pins and blur rings and and border shapes press and hold the h kiefer hide h for heidi any questions on using iris flor? We do have questions question from marcus be photography was I think back I'm a couple of images before that was could I use a mask to make the boy's legs in focus I think it was can I use in mass to make the boy's legs and focus this guy right here like so you could. But that would kind of be defeating the purpose. It would be much better to work with the on image controls of the irish flirt a little bit more to control that you could certainly add a mask could add the layer mass by clicking the circle within a square icon at the bottom of your layers. Panel thing. You could switch to the brush tool. Make sure black is your foreground color chip because black conceals white reveals. And then you could hide that blur, but it seems more efficient to make sure the blur's correct over in the iris blur interface. Thank you. And then let's. See steve hamel, dot com can you move the feathering controls independently of the rest to create an irregularly shaped alert? I don't think show I believe they all move as one and a question from fashion tv using a poor if I hold down the shift for the outer circle dots, can we get a perfect circle? I don't think so, but we can give it a shot so let's, duplicate this, run our filter once more, you can create a perfect you can create a perfect circle that the shift key doesn't seem to have any effect on that. Thank you all right and our williams photo can you control the amount of blur at it outside the ring? Well, that's what you're doing with the blurring right here okay, so you're controlling the blurriness of the area outside of this ring now the blurriness of this area you know the area in between the fade or the with the only control you have over that is with the's feather handles all right, but you get one blur strength command and that effects this area out here as a result, it does affect the inside, but on lee to the extent that you dragged these the's feather handles around to determine how wide that area is and a question from our goodman photo who is from seattle, can you copy and paste pins like do the middle boy and do them in a bowl and then copy the same pin to the other two boys? That is a really great question I think he can let's just give it a shot, so we'll open up our filter interface and let's tweak this pan this a little bit and get it all set and let's try copy paste did anything but let's control click to see if we get any options or right click I'm not seeing that option if it can be done I don't know the super secret shortcut or the facial expression that you're supposed to have to invoke it I don't know this works but somebody else had actually asked the question from the bags can you ault for option dragged and existing pin to duplicate great minds think alike because that's what I just tried and I'm not getting any kind of documentation that would be a great thing that would let you duplicate four rings well if somebody figures it out let us know yeah let us know it's funny I always end up it makes me feel good to teach you all things that you don't know but every time I do these classes at creative live folks on the internet always in teaching me something teo and that's a wonderful gift so I really do appreciate all of your questions cool anymore where should we move on um yeah we got one from show twenty four can you get the main figure fully sharpened up to the edge and the background blurred starting from the outside edge of the subject so something a little more like how the camera produces it I'm guessing well the only way to do that is with these fees on image control so you control the strength of the blur with the blurring and then if you want uh you can move these feather handles out to the outside edge of that that blurry area to try to get that effect. But you really do. You have tio play around with it to get the effect you want using these controls. All right, I think we can move on. So blur filters exciting, eh? Yeah, but before we could use the, um, lens correction, is it. Guess the limbs correction filter to create this kind of shallow depth of field, but that involved creating a selection first, creating an alfa channel. So, basically, what you did was you manually created the mask that the's nublar filters are creating on the fly via an alfa channel, so it was a lot more steps, a lot more confusing and difficult. This is just incredibly easy, doesn't take very long to pick it up and learn it at all. So big, big improvement. Thank you, dobie, for for that wonderful new feature.

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