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iStockPhoto Plugin

When I wanted to show you as the actual ad on is a new productivity tool from a stock photography company called I stock photo we've been kind enough to let us use their images so I thought I would show off a brandy plug in that just hit the streets this past week and it's a plug in that works inside of in design as well as photo shop and it allows you to access the image and illustration database in the programs you can also place cops so like a temporary image that you think might work in your design and then you can switch it out for a purchased image right there inside of photo shopper in design once you decide that that's really the image that you want tio you so I'd like to show you how that works is the neat little thing it's brand new I installed it already but let me show you where you can find it opened up a couple of documents here so the url for the eye stalk plugin is lisa dyin slash I stock ps for photoshopped plug in ok lisa dot ryan slash istock ps plug in and that's ju...

st a short your girl that will take you to this page right here okay so this is the istock downloads page and the new plug in is this guy right here I stock adobe plug in it works with cs five as well probably would work with cs for if you wanted to try it I haven't tested it but works fine with cs five cia six so you can download that thing it's totally free once you do let's say you're designing something with a stock image we're back to our limoncello label ok, so let's say that I hadn't yet found that perfect limon image. What I could do is access the istock side right here inside a photo shop so you have to open the panel first and the panel is in the window and you extensions I stock photo once you install it of course quit relaunch photo shop and then goto window extensions I stock photo what you get here is a handy little interface first you want to sign in so you need an account so I'm gonna go ahead and sign in here and hopefully I got that right. I did so it's telling me right now that I haven't inserted any cops and compass a free small image that you can download just to see if it might work in your layup. Ok, so what we're gonna do is I'm gonna turn on the photos database and type in limon's now if I want to chase that further and I know that I want my photo to be on a white background, I could say limits on a white background click the search button and we're loading that I start database right here inside this plug ins so it really is a nice fella productivity tool so from here I can child feels and gobs of images let's say I like the looks of that one I can give it a click she was insert khan from the resulting menu and I get a little low resolution idea of what the image is gonna look like it appeared in my layers panel with number of the image so if I need to go back and find it and purchase it I could do that easily whether I'm still in this plug in or if I'm on that I stopped put aside so from here I can sum and free trains for make it bigger and you can really get an idea in a low resolution kind of way if that image is going to work for you or not used the scroll bar to keep going down to find more images that meet the criteria that you typed in once you get down to the bottom of the scroll then you can click to load more images in depending upon how faster internet connection is that will either be a quick thing or a not so quick thing so looks like I ran out of images with that key word so I'm just gonna go back tio oh there it goes you just take a little while there we are. So here's. More images that I could try out very easily right here. So let's, try this guy. So I give him a click insert cop plops and into my layers panel, I can turn off the visibility that other one used free transform to make this a little bit bigger to see if it's gonna work for me. And I think that one looks real nice. So let's say you've saved. This is a photo shop document. You showed it to the client, should it to art director. They say yes, that's the one all you have to do is open this plug in. Back up. It shows you the cops that you've recently downloaded. Remember when we first locked in and said you haven't downloaded any recent coms? Well, now, if I were to log out a lot back in, it would show me these two images right here, when I'm ready to purchase it, I simply go to that image and I say download with credits are replaced, selected, replace elected comp would let you put in another cop in this one's place. Okay? So we could try that image instead of them. And if we wanted, but I'm ready to purchase it so I can choose download with credits. You get the familiar little interface that you see on the regular istock side that lets you choose what signs you need and that's one of the things I love about our stock is is you only pay for the pixel dimensions that you need if you don't need to print this thing at poster size by a tiny little image save your money so for this particular one a small size of work fun I can see that it's going to set me back four credits and I click download image it checks my credit balance and it downloads the image and it should plop it right in here so it's amazing little productivity feature that's that's brand new so if you are a fan of istock photo if you want to try them out this is ah great great way to do it and certainly the person who won the twenty five credit package should give this plug in a shot so that's the I stopped playing all right fantastic well wow what a day lease out leave it's like again sometimes workshops go more slowly this one is just flown by time flies when you're having fun right? Yeah a lot of things so man we just we went through a turn of content today already I'm just looking back at my notes we did new features the new crop tool straightening perspective crop tool the power of the new auto levels and auto occurs and layer tricks and patterns and contact sheets and so much more. So, what a full day! Thank you all for joining us out there online. Thank you guys who have come here in our studio audience and thank you, lisa snyder let's give lisa big round just to give you a quick teaser of some of the stuff we're going to start out with tomorrow. I don't know if you have. I noticed some of the artwork that is on the walls, but we're going to be creating this image right here, which is made with a continent where move tool. So in the original photo, those soap boxes were dead, even all right, so we're going to use the new continent removed. Told to skip one soapbox ahead of the other, we're also going to be looking at how to use the new tilt shift filter in photo shops and the blur gallery. So we've got an example of that, which mimics the effect of using a tilt lind such as elin's, baby, and we're also going to look at the other blur filters. We're going to look at the new photographic toning process radiance that we've got, and we're just gonna have amazing day of changing reality in a way is you can't even imagine.

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Lesa Snider returns to CreativeLive for an intensive Adobe® Photoshop® CS6 tutorial. Whether you've already upgraded or are still deciding, Lesa shows you practical yet non-destructive editing techniques you can use every day. This 3-day course is a perfect companion to Lesa's previous Adobe® Photoshop® CS5 tutorial on CreativeLive.

Lesa dives further in-depth into advanced filters such as Puppet Warp, Liquify, and Lighting Effects, which all take advantage of the new processing power of Adobe® Photoshop® CS6. Lesa also spends a full day covering Adobe® Photoshop® CS6's brand new video features.

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