Camera Raw Perspective Correction


Advanced Content Aware and Cloning


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Camera Raw Perspective Correction

Alright, this is a real short conversation about straightening your files up first so if you have to do that content aware fill stuff and you need to extend this road, please straighten your file first. Photoshop will be so much happier, you will be happier, everyone will get along. So that's the original image and I did it in Camera Raw so I'm gonna turn this off and on. That's before and after, before and after. I don't know if you know this trick but I wanna show it to you so I'm gonna go ahead and launch Camera Raw. Do you see this beautiful little transform tool up here? What this allows you to do is actually, in fact, I'm gonna go ahead and reset this. I'm gonna cancel this, I'm gonna reload it. I'm gonna reset Camera Raw default, okay. I'm gonna go in here and I'm gonna say hey I need to straighten that baby out. Now, there's a bunch of tools in here in Camera Raw that will let you, that'll try to automate it yourself but what I'm rather fond of is I like these little boogers he...

re, I call 'em boogers and what they allow you to do is draw, so I'm gonna draw my horizontal line number one and then I'm gonna draw my horizontal line number two. It's gonna say is that what ya want. I'm like uh, I don't know, maybe I want more like that. And then you can say hey what about your vertical lines. That's my vertical line number one, that's my vertical line number two and then I'm already feeling better, I'm feeling better about the universe. You can change this depending on what you need, it gets a little unwieldy. I love this, I absolutely 100% love this and I hit OK. Now one of the things you'll notice what I did is I left it as a Camera Raw, I can always go back to the original, I haven't committed myself, it's all good. It's really awesome. What did we say about the lines? We are consistent across the board tonight. The, it could be barbed wire, it could be wood grain, it frickin' hates this, can I say that? I did, so you're gonna have to repair that after. I'm sorry, that's my old correction 'cause I just redid it so I just cloned it out, how did I clone it out? I don't clone anymore, I use my lasso and my F and that took 30 seconds. Circle, circle, circle, F1. Now, do you see it's on a flat layer? I had to commit. So here's what I'm gonna do, I'm gonna go to history for just a second because I wanna make sure my file's the same so what you wanna do is with your Smart Object, here's how I do it, you can do it anyway you like. Command + J to make a copy, Command + Shift + N on a Macintosh or Control + Shift + N and say repair, control, fix, clean, whatever ya wanna call it, I don't care, just call it something. Shift click, those two layers, Shift click those two layers, Command + E to merge, I just said a lot. Command + J, make a copy, make a blank layer on top. Hold down the Shift key, select them both, Command + E, that's all I did, that's all I did. Why do I do that? I do it very specifically that way 'cause I gotta keep that baby a Smart Object, it's (speaking foreign language). Okay and then what I do is, you know it, it's coming. Lasso, mama. And can I tell you something that I found that's really odd? The more zoomed in you are, the different, it works differently. What! I'm serious, the more zoomed in you are the content aware responds differently. I need an engineer, I don't know why. There you go, it only takes a few minutes, you get the gist. Then you're all repair, cool, clean, awesome, all right.

Class Description

Elevate your command and understanding of our old Photoshop® friends—the Clone Stamp, the Healing Brush and the Content-Aware Fill. Lisa Carney will investigate these toolbar control leverages, which few have explored past the “option-click,” “shift-delete” and “hot key.” In this class, you’ll learn how to use quick Content-Aware Fill action to make crosshairs headaches a thing of the past; fine-tune cloning tools to do exactly what you want; expand your expertise of the entire army of healing tools; and utilize different methods to extend backgrounds for layouts. Freshen up your capabilities, speed up your productivity and improve your asking price.  


Amy Vaughn

Content aware was one of the best things to happen to Photoshop and this is a great comparison of the different tools that use it. I've been using the content aware fill action regularly since taking this class and now I want to go find a project that uses the vanishing point tool. Thanks Lisa!