Advanced Content Aware and Cloning

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Advanced Content Aware and Cloning


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Content Aware Patch Tool

All right, let's talk about another one. Are you guys really confused yet how many content-aware fills there are? No, you're hanging in there? For me I actually had to point in my desk where I had one, two, three, four, five, six with the icon and I put up and I'm like okay, which one am I using? So now what we're gonna do is content-aware fill patch tool and where you find that is up here. Excuse me, patch tool you find there, the content-aware portion of it is here, and you have either normal or content-aware. I don't use this, I don't like it that much, but I think I'm duty bound to tell you about this. So here's the patch tool sample and I'm gonna be honest, I have no good reason to tell you I don't like it other than I don't use it very often and I feel a little uncomfortable. So I'm gonna make a selection and I'm gonna go to my patch tool. Please note you have normal or content-aware, there is some, you can do structure and color which will change the result up here, please exper...

iment, and what I mean by that is under the structure do one, so I'm gonna take the patch, if I go to the left it samples from the left, that was my right. Either left. If I go to the right it samples from the right, if I go to the left it'll sample from the left. Who's dyslexic, I don't know what you're talking about. All right, and what you wanna do is play with the structure which will be the detail. Do you want it to be super detailed to match or less detailed and the color, super match the color, and not the texture or whatnot, I have got to be 100% honest with you. This is a pain in my hiney, it's too much to figure out, I don't wanna test it, I just don't, there's too many other tools that work for me. So yeah, if you wanna try it, for my line of work I'd rather just do the paint thing or do a move thing which I'm gonna show you. So in all disclosure I don't use this, but by all means have at it and go have some fun with it. All right, the big difference, and please when you try it at home please try it on normal mode and then content-aware fill and see how you like it. And do you notice that grass, that's kind of a detail thing, that's not a sky, that was the detailed. So if you were thinking what I'd suggest is do an experiment on a sky with this, then do an experiment on a grass or pebble and you'll get the idea of what the results are. All right, patch, we just talked about that, before and after. All right, I have mixed feelings about this as well. And I'm gonna, again, there's another caveat I really wanna talk about here for just a second and that's what I do for a living versus what other people do for a living. I do high end print, and man, every pixel someone's on it like white on rice, and if you're doing web work you might not need to be so picky or kind of lower resolution work, so these tools that I'm showing now in this stage might work for you. I'm hesitant to talk about it 'cause I don't like 'em, but in my line of work it's not so useful. So we're gonna patch in the window. That means make a copy of it and we're gonna patch out the window, and there's different ways of doing this and I just wanna make sure I don't hose this, so I talked about it properly. All right, so what we're gonna do is we're gonna go to the patch move tool. All right. I'm gonna make a selection. Make that selection. And I'm gonna move this. I'm gonna make a copy, do you mind if I make a copy, I'm just scared. I'm gonna move this. And I'm gonna hit return. It's gonna say okay, cool, you don't want that moved on the right, you don't want the window on the right, you wanna move it to the left. And it's gonna do the best it can. You know what I would do 'cause I know you are my people, I would actually cut it out and move it. I wouldn't do this, I think it's too hinky for me, but I don't wanna discredit anybody who might want to use this or think that this is a good tool for them. So and likewise I might wanna, and I believe it's extend. No, no, I think I'm doing something wrong, give me a second here. Yeah, I know I was in the right spot, all right. You having fun? Someone oughta have some fun. You can also extend it, I didn't do a large enough selection so I apologize for that, but watch what it's gonna start doing. So it's trying to figure out, now do you remember at the beginning I said maybe do multiple moves? So you don't panic and you don't do it just once, and maybe you say okay, well let me try it again. And I find with this particular tool Lucy Goosey is best. Lucy is, that's a professional term I think, Lucy Goosey, and maybe do it multiple times, and then maybe figure out if you want that, that hoo-haw in there, that's a hoo-haw. You may want that or not, you might wanna cut and patch, but here's the thing, imagine for a second your assignment is to do an album cover and you have to stick someone in front of here and you're gonna blur it anyway. Well heck far, that's it, you're done, you don't. So think about the context in which you might want this. Again, put in a chung or danger sign 'cause I really, it's a little hinky, this kind of thing. All right, so again, I'm just gonna show I patched a window in, I duplicated or I took it out. I don't know, it kind of works, right? It's quick, I don't know. So again, a caveat. I think it's important to talk about the pros and cons. So original, content-aware patch with, content-aware. All right.

Class Description

Elevate your command and understanding of our old Photoshop® friends—the Clone Stamp, the Healing Brush and the Content-Aware Fill. Lisa Carney will investigate these toolbar control leverages, which few have explored past the “option-click,” “shift-delete” and “hot key.” In this class, you’ll learn how to use quick Content-Aware Fill action to make crosshairs headaches a thing of the past; fine-tune cloning tools to do exactly what you want; expand your expertise of the entire army of healing tools; and utilize different methods to extend backgrounds for layouts. Freshen up your capabilities, speed up your productivity and improve your asking price.  


Amy Vaughn

Content aware was one of the best things to happen to Photoshop and this is a great comparison of the different tools that use it. I've been using the content aware fill action regularly since taking this class and now I want to go find a project that uses the vanishing point tool. Thanks Lisa!