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Organizing Your Templates

Let's talk about organizing template so this is I alluded to this earlier so when you buy templates basically you get a zip file with three, four, five templates in it and they don't necessarily they're probably cohesive in style but they don't necessarily have everything that you need organized for scrapbooking and what I mean by that is that they can have two photos I can have four photos maybe some of them are double pagers and some of them aren't so when you have all of these different templates and you have them all sorted let's say by the product like you would a kit you would keep a kit together um so when you have a kid of templates and you try and organize them how do you find later on down the line a template that works for you I organized by number of photos spaces thinking the number of photos and so what happened because you have to break up your product and that could be a problem for some people it's not a problem for me in this instance because what I really want when I...

'm scrapbooking is I want to say I have one picture and I want to use a template so I am going tio have all of these templates in here that have one picture and now I can see them all together and I can pick which one is going to work for my style um I know this is blasphemy to some people but it's it's the way that works for me no uh let's talk about something else that could be kind of terrifying for people how often do you purge kit and products that you buy ever if you do yeah yeah, well you're super organized I just been doing it for so many years now that I realize I'm never going to go back and use some of these so I am I right in thinking that a lot of digital scrap bookers hoard their product yeah oh yeah used by new hundreds he's signing hard drive and then no problem right? What makes it hard to plan what you want exactly? So much stuff exactly saying that online said she's she uses multiple she goes back in time and pulled out all sorts of different photos when she's actually working on projects and so she's had a challenge with dating the layouts when she's using photos from years before so this is sort of in the mix and match then and now yeah so like her heritage photos like her really old stuff yeah that could be a challenge with my heritage photos I try and date them vaguely by how old my dad was in the photo maybe he was a toddler so I know that it was I know about the year that it was it's not going to be perfect our new photos that we can make it perfect, but not in our old photos, but back to the purging. Uh uh if you haven't used it in here if you look at it and maybe you downloaded a lot of freebies when you first started and they're not really the best quality and it feels like something out of the kid. Just one thing. Just keep their one thing, and I believe everything else. Yeah, maybe like an illustration in the kid I pulled illustration down that's. What I do? Yeah. Or maybe that maybe it's. No longer your style. Your scrapbooking involves over the years. You change the product changes, everything changes. So maybe something that you really loved five years ago you would never use again because your style is different. I am giving you permission to throw him away. Just get rid of them. They're taking a hard drive space, and it can make it hard to find the things that you actually do. I want to use, um, if you have thirty halloween kids, but really, only five of them match the way that you scrapbook. Now you have to scroll through thirty to find the five that are good, so purge you should be purging at least every year, um if it if you can't bring yourself to purge every year than try every two years, maybe go back in time to the files that you downloaded for five years ago and see if there's anything that you can get rid of them. It's essential for productivity and it's, what makes me a faster scrap booker is I know, ok, all of this product is something that I would actually use now I'm not saying that to throw it away because you've used it, maybe there's something that you would reuse, but a lot of us don't. So you have to take that into account as well. Let's talk about backing up. Do you have multiple copies of your stuff? Good, good digital scrapbook. I just read somewhere else. Somebody had lost everything, um and it's, so heartbreaking when you lose thiss the product ok, that's money that you've lost, but the photos, the layout's that you spend time on it is essential that should be in at least three places, so I keep mine one on my computer, one on a hard drive, actually more than one hard drive, but not completely necessary, and then if you have one outside the house too so this could be an external upload source like back plays or carbonite those kind of things where they will automatically upload to this website and keep working backup of your computer if that doesn't work for you I actually don't like using those programs keep hard drive at somebody else's house that kind of thing you want to have one outside your house because if you have a house fire god forbid you're going to lose everything but at least if you have something outside of your house you can recover that kind of stuff and it should be somewhere that you go often so that you can update your files often so maybe a parent's house or or something like that or even a safety deposit box in the bank if you have something like that just outside of your house is important how often should you back up at least that much at least once a month maybe not to your external if you can't get to it I mean you're the one that's outside of your house and you can't get to it that often but you should be backing up to something else at least once a month your hard drive and go and any time and you won't know and it just happens out of the blue so if you're backing up monthly then at least at the maximum you've lost a month so, it's, very important, always to back up your stuff. And I have lost stuff, too. I lost an entire year's worth of photos. When I first started pictures of my babies, I could never get back, so make sure that you're backing up.

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Traci Reed will teach you how to design a custom scrapbook layout – from start to finish – in Design Digital Scrapbook Layouts in Photoshop.

In this class, you’ll learn how to build layouts from scratch or from a template – you’ll also learn how to create your own pocket scrapbooking layout. Traci will explain the benefits and challenges of each approach and show you how to build a page that fits your individual design sensibility. She’ll also teach you an efficient process for managing your entire layout design project.

Designing custom layouts demands a high level of organization, but keeping track of digital files can feel overwhelming. Traci will help you prepare for the important first step of getting organized. You’ll learn an easy organization system you can use so you can always find the files you need – when you need them.

If you’re ready to create photorealistic pages that reflect your own, unique style join Traci for Design Digital Scrapbook Layouts in Photoshop and learn how to create pages that pop.

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