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Creating Charts & Tables

Going to create a new one and let's choose something a little different just to kind of give us something else to look at today, let's use this one I kind of like this this one is one that I used for, like portfolios and that and I'm probably do a little bit more show and tell at the end some of the other sample types that I have and this is one that I use a lot. Photographers take note this is kind of a nice one. I like it, so we do that it just clicked on the photo book one aptly named and when we come back here make this seventy five percent so we can see it and plus I just really like the photos that are in this one and I just won't do what I did before kind of come down and see what sort of options air down here cover photo our chapter heads there's a lot of different chapters chapter starters tio choose from even the section headers. I like this one a lot of different layouts with photos without photos and even the pages I love this even pages have images on there so again, this ...

is definitely something set up for a photo book. This is one of the coolest ones, I think, and then some text as well let's close that back up and one thing I won't talk about four we go any further is how we change the templates that air there. So again, we talked about the bite of fault. It puts the chapter in the section on the pages here, but I can take that and say, I don't really like that one that's here, let's, just use this little teeny tiny pull down menu right here and say let's, change the chapter layout to something else. Maybe I decided I wanted to be photo and text so I can change it easily, and the great thing is, even if I've put some text in here, let's, go out to our text file that we have and let's, just grab this sample that I have here and go back to my books author when I paste that in there, I've got some text in there, and when I change this layout to something else, also with text, it shows up in there as well and that's, because of the way things were tagged, we're gonna look at tags in just a minute, of course, that I choose one that doesn't have any text, it doesn't show up at all and that's fine, but I can look at that and just see, oh, I could change my mind at the last minute it is about the on ly changing of our minds that we can do is change what template layout we want on top of that sony let's just close that up, and I just want to create a new blank page because the next thing we're gonna actually talk about is we're going to do charts and tables, and I know that doesn't sound very exciting, but you could do some really cool things with charts and tables, and I'm kind of a big proponent of tables in other programs as well, I thought, oh, tables, that's boring, that's just, you know, annual reports and things like that, but there's a lot of cool things you can do, you can put interesting information in tables, and the nice thing about tables is it puts we could do things like put colors in the background really easily or half lines alternate with colors that having to manually do it, we said it into a table, and you don't have to even tell people it's a table, sometimes tables don't look like tables, so too, at a table. I'm going to appear to the table little tool that's up here in the little button and just say at a table, I'm going to click it. And it's just going to add a table and it even opens up the inspector to the table. Inspector so I bring this image over here and by default it just throws in what is that? A four by four am and share three by four, and I'm just going to drag this and make it a little bit bigger. So the table assume everybody has worked with tables in some capacity, maybe or least seen them rights if you work in excel or something and I'm not going to go into everything the tables can do, the great thing is it can actually do things like do the sums and add things together. And so it's actually more robust than, say, things like indesign tables can't even do that in in design, right? So it's, I love that I can put all the information in here and have it do the work for me, but I'm a designer not, you know, spreadsheet guru, so I'm probably not going to do much in here. I'm going to get my tables from somewhere else, and we're actually going to bring in a table or two if I have time to show that, so I'm going to bring in this table and it asks us. How many body rose and body columns do I have so I can add that had more? Rose tracked the rose evidence that says there's two rows, but I see three rows here and that's because these air body rose, but down here under header and footer, I have this little blue one celek I did, and this is how many header rose I have so few hover over, I should tell you that it's just choose the number of head arose, so the first row is a heroin. It knows it's kind of special that's the you know where we put the title of the rose that air there so I can tell it that I wanted to add some rose if I want to, I just do it here I can also I can put my cursor inside any of the cells, so if I do that, I'm actually inside the cell and I could type information inside that cell. I saw you just type here and we'll just put some info. In fact, we'll just say info because we don't know what kind of info we have in here, so I'm just going to put that in there let's make it a little bit bigger, actually, and we'll make it bold sure we will, we will make it bold. There we go. All right, so I have that in there and I can tap between cells if I want and it says that return key moves to the next cell is actually on here, which is weird because I'm using the tab key and I have return keep moving to the next cell instead I d select that I can also use it so that I want to hit the return key it goes to the next one in the next road all right? So it can turn that on its well as faras styling of the table those you want to make sure you have the whole table selected so I tend to drag across it because I was just trying to select this one sometimes six elects an individual cell so much like the whole table and I can do things like ad footer rosa's well let's add one foot a row just want to put some information in the foot a row and put a bar at the end that's an interesting way to do it sometimes we don't want it divided that way, but I can select the cell or the table. I'm sorry and I can come in here and shoes what happens on the different cells so because I have the whole table selected this kind of represents the outside cell border, the inside and the right side, so if I select this and tell it I want there to be lines in their divider lines in thicker. I select that. Then I choose the type of line thin lines declines. Maybe I want a dashed line instead, and I could make it thicker, and I can change the color as well. So let's, come back here and change the color of those lines were gonna make a really ugly table so we can see what that looks like. Right? So I play with the cell. The divider lines that way keep the colors kind of hidden down there. I can choose the background, the cell background so I can choose a color phil or none. It's one of the places where I think would be really great if I could have, like, an image. Phil, back there, put an image back behind. One of thing that you can do is have no phil that's here and put an image actually back behind. But again, now you're trying to manage two things instead of one. But I can change the color of that let's actually make this kind of a light colored background let's make it blue and, you know, so it didn't color the head arose because the head arose a kind of a special a special thing and I can also tell it alternating row colors which is kind of nice so I can have a go blue, white, blue, white, blue white so I could choose the color here of my alternating row and my my major road as I add rose to that and I'm going to shrink this up just so that I have more room to play with I'm going to keep adding more and more body rose all right, so as I add those you know, so puts that alternating pattern that's in there as well so again, this is something if you have tabular information I don't know if I have my tables in here let's go out to my desktop and see if I do actually jump up this way and see if I did throw those in there I did look at that tables so one of the things I can do is I can open up this file or I can drag it in so I've got this this do you see file here this hikes what's actually bring this in and drag and drop now if we're lucky we can get it to land on the table kind of yeah that's just going to drag the name of that in there let's delete that table and we're going to bring in that same doc file and drop it and it's not gonna work for me some days it works let's actually open that it's going opening pages because they don't have word, but I should be able to select the the that's my footer I should be able to select the text that's in that table and I'm just going to drag across and again I am in pages and so I'm going to drag across all these cells that are here and I'm just copying it and I'm going to go back to my books off there and I'm gonna say paste and I actually have a table in here now so I have that tabular information doesn't look great, but I can start making changes to that so I can grab and drag across. I could drag this little handle here let's not do that I'm going to undo that going to zoom in so you can see what's happening here. This is a weird thing I've never seen this happen with any other application if I take this cell and I grabbed and dragged across watch what happens to the word in the second column so it's his trail and then trailhead so does I dragged that across it changes it so the text is exactly the same, so if you drag across, I've now just made it all say trails not sure why that does that, so I don't want to actually do that bring this back let's undo undue there we go so what I actually want to do is I wanted I want to select everything in here I'm holding down the shift key and selecting the cells so I selected the upper left hand cell and the lower right hand cell while holding the shift key now I have everything selected gonna zoom back out a little and I'm gonna make the text figures we can see what we're doing so I'm going to go ahead and keep the font the same let's make this a lot bigger we can actually read it there we go and now I can start doing the things that we did before make one a head a row so I need one head a row so that throws ahead a row up above so what I really wanted was this road to be my hetero so ah lot of times I find that trying to get that in there I have to copy and paste to move everything up a row just kind of a pain so let's actually leave that off we're going to not have a hetero but we're going to have a foot a row because I have some text that I want to put in there so what I'm gonna do is just come down here and say add one foot a row at the bottom there's our foot a row but I want the text to go across all the rose that air there I don't want them to be segregated into the individual cells so again I'm going to take the click in the first cell, hold down the shift key and select the last cell and then I'm going to go over back to my doc files that I have I have this one called footer and discussed select this text obviously was small enough I probably could have typed it, but when I selected and what I want to do first with this road that I have selected I want to merge them into one cell. I want to be one long sell all the way across so when you come over here to the edit rosen columns in the table inspector and I'm going to go ahead and tell it to merge those cells when it does, it makes one big cell and I can put my cursor in here and then hit paste. Of course, I would probably want to change it. Maybe I can open up my style's drawer and make changes to it if I want maybe there's something already set for tables let's actually find out we'll move our inspector out of the way ellis is heading to that's pretty big we don't really want that maybe there's something for tables in here, a table body table heading it's got a table heading alex decent all right, so they've already got some table stuff set up here is well, so I could have just selected that text and said let's, change that to the table, the table text it was in here, the table style let's come down here to table body and see what they have set up. And so that's actually already built into the styles as well, so chances are probably good. I don't know if you will use the tables at all, but it's a good thing to know that it's in there, especially if you are bringing in, you're doing like I say, I've done some annual reports and reports are actually kind of a big thing that people do in the field, and they're really well designed these days, so there is a lot of tabular information that actually is just facts and figures and, you know, stuff that I don't find very exciting, but you could make it look really nice and when you put it on the ipad and distributing, if everybody in the company has ipads, it's a great way to distribute your annual report for meetings, things like that or whatever budget report, whatever you have to do, and it creates what I like to call likable. Information because I was just stuff that's so pretty on the ipad I just want to look at you know so it's just it's tasty so even tables can be tasty that's all I'm saying so anyway yes tables you may or may not use them but it's good to know that they're there and like I said, I like to be able to do some of the customization to it it's to give it just kind of that little extra of information that you want on there so I would delete that probably not a lot of questions on tables I'm going to the tables and charts and then we'll see about questions charts are a little bit more fun but still it's information that says to me board meeting you know things like that and if we're all creative people were kind of snooze but sometimes our job is to make that information look good right or likable so I can choose from the charts pull down menu appear at the top says charts I can choose what kind of chart I want to do the ones on the right are three dimensional the ones on the left or two dimensional so for fun let's start with two dimensional I'm going to use a pie chart it's about the only chart that actually makes sense to me you know I get a pie chart to get how that works some of the other charts again not information I deal with, but it creates a chart with colors based on whatever they thought went really well with this particular thing. So again, it's built into the theme you can use what's here or you can customize it. We're just gonna work with what's here, and it automatically creates a chart and a legend as well, and it opened up this chart data editor and it opened up the chart inspector, so you'd use a charge throws a ton of things on the page for you. So I've got this pie chart that's here, and it just has dummy information into it, and again, this is something that just gets propagated from the theme that was there originally if someone built that theme based on this theme, that information is still just there, and we could keep making changes to it, but it automatically throws in some information along here, so I've got some some figures that are in here I could make some changes to it. Let's, take this first one, this one in twenty ten it says ninety one whatever's we don't know what those are, right? We'll just pretend we know what those are, but I'm going to make it a lot smaller so that that value actually changes on the pie chart, so right now it looks like it's probably this thirty five percent right so I'm going to change that, and we'll just make it something small, like twenty five percent and I'll hit tab, so it takes and everything changes here, so it updates on the chart, which is pretty cool. I can also tell it right now, it's percentage, which on a pie chart is pretty pretty specific, but I could tell it instead to actually do the number itself, so changes to matches the to match the numbers that are up here. So if I want that instead of the percentages I can do that, I'm gonna put percentages back by default it's sitting in a certain spot each of the numbers or sitting in a certain spot on the pie wages, and I can change where that sits so I could move those in and out so I don't have to move each of those individually. That's pretty cool it was ever had to work on creating pie charts knows that that's kind of a pain to do so I could just use this little slider. I can take off labels altogether. Maybe I don't want any of those labels at all, but I probably dio let's move those in moves backward was but here's, the cool thing I like this explode any time you can push a button that says explode is a good thing to me, so I'm going to hit, explode and see what happens actually pushing slide it a little bit when I do it explodes the pie chart out that's pretty cool, but here's the thing I can also grab an individual slice double click on that and explode that out so we could just play with one and pull that out. So that's pretty cool again, they explode button very cool. So it's actually change this right now because I actually can play with this angle if you want, we could just spend the pie chart all day it's fun, right? And then we exploded, right? So we do that and, you know, just look what happened to the numbers as I changed the numbers move with it, but they're always staying right side up that is the magic button. I don't know how that works, but I think that's the coolest thing ever because if I were going to do it, I do it is a graphic and photo shopper illustrator and then when I rotated and everything would be upside down, I love this, I can also add a shadow to it I could do a shadow for the whole group or it could do each slice individually which doesn't make sense when it's in a group too much although you can see kind of where it sits on top of each other but when you explode that out of course that looks pretty cool let's turn that back off and then I'm gonna come in here I'm going to grab that same chart and I tend to grab the legend as well it's weird the ledge meantime the lives by itself but it was created together and it's one of these things you got to kind of figure out how they work I like to grab both just to be sure the legend goes away when the chart goes away but I want to do is come over here to the chart pulled on thing and instead of doing the two d let's do a three dimensional pie chart so we do that let's see what happens oh, it angled it out that looks pretty cool but I can play with that with this three d seen handle that's down here so I could drag this up and down or right and left I could also extrude it making a really thick pie chart and then I can rotate that again in three dimensions so it's pretty cool I like that and then when you explode it that's exploding in three d how awesome is that gonna move that out? It would explode those pipes pie pieces out like that. So while the information that's in here isn't all that exciting, being able to actually give it some visual interest is pretty cool. So close that back up and I actually want to change the chart colors, so I'm gonna go appear to chart colors. I'm going to click on that. I get all sorts of different options I could choose now this is stepping outside the temple it a little bit, which is okay, because while this fits the temple, they think it's blue and I have a lot of green and these pictures. If I were to use these pictures that we're here, I don't like the color scheme as it is, it doesn't really go along so I can choose from this to the image to d color or let's stick with the three d texture fills and I can choose a color scheme or a type of material. Maybe I want to meddle. Let's make this really modern. We do metal and then we'll see what all are down here. I guess I just have those six to choose from what's actually choose this here some a click that and click apply all and hopefully it will put it on their hands. Pretty amazing, huh? So I can play with that there's one that I liked a lot better, but I guess it was the middle one I like the etch metal one let's play with that and just click apply all and will change and give it a new kind of shiny characteristic to it and then exploded right so there we go it's like explode that out, move the grab just the legend and move that down a little bit and all that information is still live so I can still make changes to advice select that I can come in here, I can rotate a little bit more maybe I don't like the way it looked there we go, we could move that there and I can still come in here and change the information that's in the table and it's still going to change in rotate and keep everything in three d space for me, that makes sense to everybody. Cool, I know it's like said, sometimes the information isn't so exciting, but if we could make it look pretty that's kind of our job, I like that let's do that right? So that's charts and tables does anybody have any questions, online charts and tables or kind of one of those things, though I've got a question about a widget, but we haven't gone and widgets this's about table is that okay? Says and studios asking, can you put images into the table so you can't put images and detailing? You know, I know and that's something I do with tables elsewhere. And, yeah, you can't put him in there.

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