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Publishing Your iBook

Let some published this thing now, unfortunately, I can't show you a lot of the publishing because it involves going out to web pages and logging into personal information all that and that's always the great part trying to demo something. But what they added in version two is a really nice step by step, so I'm actually gonna show you a couple different things let's actually open up out of all this let's actually open up the book that we showed in the very beginning today. So I'm going to go into my files in here and I'm gonna come in here that's, not the folder I want let's come over here and I want to open up some other files let's do the trip to italy, and I didn't even get there some other books that I haven't maybe do some show and tell at the end, if someone could remind me to do that, there was a couple of their showing tell ones I wanted kind of show, and we'll do that at the very end when we're all tired of looking at pictures of italy, which no one is getting tired of doing. ...

Apparently so that's good. All right, so we have this book, this is when we looked at in the beginning. So this is with all my sections, my chapters, all those great widgets that we had in everything so let's talk about the couple different ways that we can do this so the first thing is we want a pre flight it on an ipad we did that, so I'm not going to do that again I'm going to do preview and I'm going to bring it over there's a weird thing with previous you can only have so many previews on your ipad at one time and if you have five versions of the same, you know it's the same document it thinks that the same document or it's different iterations of that it sometimes opens a different one you'll click on this one it opens this one and I think it's because they're they don't want you to prop because you probably would just do proofs all day long and then, you know, distributed I don't know, but for whatever reason if you put too many on there, it starts opening the wrong ones so we're not going private, but we could prove it like we did preview of you need to make sure you're connected by a sink cable it will even tell you that I'll say make sure ipads opened I books and ready to go we can look at that we can also look at some of the different ways that we can export this so the first thing I want to do is probably exported to the ibooks format just exported to my desktop because this is something I'm probably going to want to send it, maybe to somebody else to look at so I might want to email it. The other thing I could do with it, I could take this file and I can put it in itunes and sink it that way so that that's an actual book, so it's it'll show as a book, not a proof. So you get these little tags on your ipad that say, on the bookshelf, that's a proof or new or whatever so we do want to be a proof we want to be a finished document, so I'm going to export that out. I've got a couple different options. I could go under the file menu and choose export. I can also go under share and she's export also send via email right there. Ibooks author for mac ibooks, author for ipad so the ibooks other for mack is going to take this aiba filed the one that they open up in ibooks and make changes to so if you're sending it somebody else who has ibooks author that's going to make changes to it? Sort of. In the native format, you would send them that. Otherwise you could send them an eye books for ipad and that's, the dot ibooks format that they will put on their bookshelf in, read, or you can save it as a pdf, and you have the same options under the export menus. The same via mail is nice, because it's going to automatically open the mail and find the file for you, and still having to go find it in your desktop. Sometimes I love what apple does, all right, so I can choose ibooks formats. So this is the dot ie books that we're going to open on an ipad and look at now. It does tell me in here, it says, it's going to be read, using I books on your ipad. It can all be sold through. The book starts just reminding you that if you're going to make any money, you have to do. Publish and do it through the bookstore so just remember that but this is fine we're going toe send it to someone else on our team to look at so I feel okay sending to him they're not going to pay me for that were good you can also click right here and learn more about publishing to the ibook story this is great this is going to tell you what you need to get started in all that great stuff we'll talk about that in a minute as well right now I'm just gonna pretend we're saving it out for someone else to look at on their ipad we're not ready to publish published yet we're just ready to start letting other people look at our books I have two options for what I'm what I'm exporting the standard books for I books this is the it's a finished product or a sample book so on the bookstore when you look at books and you're buying books you can download a sample it used to be with version one you had to create your own sample. This is nice because it says make a sample book and I'll ask you later what chapter you'd like to pull that sample from I remember how many pages it is but it grabs a certain number of pages from whatever section you decide it comes from so that's nice but I'm going to the standard books and new in version two is a version number of your book. This is great version one point oh, it says, this is the first time you've done it's one point oh, next time you've made some changes to it, you could make it one point, one or two point. Oh, and then they can keep track of the version, and people can download new versions of your book as well. So I don't think they get automatically notified of it. I think they have to go to, and they see that there's a new version. They're going to see it as an update. Then I say, oh, this book has been updated. Would you like that? And I believe if you go to the second version than it automatically makes you put in the pricing information for that, so you can have them, you know, it's a new version, it's, not an update. Exactly it's a whole new version, so but I would look on the publishing for that, because this is one of those things that changes day by day. So look into that. So we want a version number. Also, it tells you on the version. Ng I believe it tells you on your itunes connected tells you about the versions it tells you you could do no zero is no leading zeros and it's not point one point a wanted sees that is one point one so there's a whole numbering scheme. I'm gonna let you read that not bore you with that. Read that at your leisure someone say ok, next let's, go to the next thing and it's going to say, what do you want to call it? So let's call it trip to italy and I'm going to say too, because I think I have one already here, just out to my desktop and I'm going to hit export so it's going export it it's already done when we placed it everything, it was optimizing it, so it really shouldn't take a whole long time. I do have some a lot of widgets in here, so that's going take a while, it's going to compress everything down the one thing it doesn't do is it doesn't actually, it compresses the videos, but it even if you put d r m and they're the videos that you put in there, apparently you can still pull out, so I'm not really sure how that all works. If you're interested in digital rights management, I would read up on that as well on the apple store, because I'm frankly, of the mind let's, not make drom even though I want my stuff protected, but you can go through a lot of hoops to get everything protected. And then somewhere comes on those ivan apt to crack that, you know, just like whatever. So I don't worry about that as much. Let's jump out to the desktop, maybe eleven to get out to the desktop and here's my ibook so you can see it looks different. This is a dot aiba file that's the design books file that we open up and make changes to here's the one we just exported the dot ibooks file. So it says, I books on it's not very exciting icon. I know, but there you go at least it's different enough that you can tell the difference between the two. So now I can take this and there's a couple different ways. I can get that onto my ipad if I didn't wantto bring it over as a proof I want this under my ipad. What I usually do is either email it to myself. I would take this and email it. I might have used the email to function just to save a step, but I would email it to myself, open it on my ipad. Read my email on my ipad and it was shows an attachment and I can tap on it and it says, would you like to open this and ibooks? Yes, I would it's going to put it right on my bookshelf ready to look at the other thing you could do is you could use something like dropbox if anybody's using dropbox, I love dropbox and I could drop it in there and then I can open it up in dropbox on here and of course dropbox is going to tell you I don't know what to do with this file. You tap on it or you tap the little thing that says go to or print that button tap on that and it says open and ibooks tap on that and it's in my books for you, the last way you could do is you can drag it into itunes and sink, but that seems like a a lot of trouble. I haven't done that way in a long time. Once I found out I could email anything and it asked me what I owe on open and I stopped singing because it wants to sink your whole ipad. I'm like, I don't have time to think my alive that I just on this book and go so a lot of different things we could do with that particular book now let's say this book was finished and ready to go when we were not selling it. We could take this and place it on our website and start, you know, getting it downloaded. So however we do if we have a shopping cart, whatever we have is long as money isn't changing hands, we could take this file and do whatever we want you know? We're going to give it to all our sales reps or whatever we're just going to take that file and email it or put it on the server, whatever it is we need to do that makes sense to everybody that's the freeway to do it as an ibooks I think we're going to talk about publishing very last, of course, because that's involves apple and money and all that good stuff. So leave that for a second. The next thing I might want to do is export that out to a pdf so we talked about some of the other options we have for exporting going to come here to export and we choose pdf now the pdf that's here it can says, you know, could be edited red and a pdf application reviewed in a web browser and that's great all that interactive stuff that we did is not interactive, so we're not building an interactive pdf. It sounded really good when I first heard about it. But the great thing is if you're just laying this out with text and photos it's going to look really good as a pdf and the great thing is the pdf is already ten twenty four, seven, sixty eight and so when he opened on ipad, it fills it to the screen and it's going to look really nice depending on your pdf reader that you use on your ipad choose the image quality we're doing. Those photo books will probably want to do best, right? We'll do that also have some security options. We can tell it we need a password to open, you know? So is this just standard pdf stuff that we can have in there? Do you allow people to copy content from the document? If so, do they need a password? Yes, they do. So we put that in there so I'm not gonna worry about security. Just going say best. We're just going to say next and I want to see what actually happens or how long this takes let's see? See how this goes? Pretty quick is just flattening everything. So, like when we did, the video was in here which it's not. But we chose the poster frame that's. We're going to see the first image that we had in the window on the slide show that's what we're going to see so it's actually go out here. Hopefully we have acrobat assume we probably d'oh. There we go. Let's actually fit that into the page. All right? And we can actually scroll down and look at what that looks like. So it looks pretty good, you know, obviously there's, nothing here we can do with that. Nothing at all. So it's, no interactivity. But I think as far as the layout goes, it looks pretty good. So I would probably make a different version if I was making a pdf. I would probably take the thumbnails away just because I don't really need to see that at all. But as far as the those pages, they look pretty decent. All right, so I just look at that scroll through so as a pdf it's really? Not all that bad and is pretty quick way to do it. And the nice thing is you have this pdf that also has the same look and feel as your ibooks author book and the last one for exporting just different options we can export, we can export all the text so basically it's just going to do an r tx five actually it's going to do a text file, I believe. Yeah, so it's going to plain text it's gonna strip out all the styling that we have let's just do that out to the desktop, and basically all we're going to end up with is the text, and this is kind of a good way if you are starting in my books author and you want to move over to pages or in design or something like that later for print, if you have all the text, you don't didn't already have the pictures. We're rolling out the pictures as we go on ibooks author but now we want to move that over. We can come over here and at least have all the text that set up here. So if nothing else, if he did the texture, you brought it in from eight different sources, all the different chapters here, maybe we had all of them separate inward or pages. We put it all together and ibooks author, and now we want to send it out is one big lump of text to indesign we can do that this way as well, is that text is there? Be nice if it was rich text we'd have our styles we could also probably have all are in line graphics as well but in a perfect world and this is not one so all right so anyway let's talk now about publishing because we all want to know we talked a little bit about the um the licensing thing that we had earlier today about who owns your stuff and I think I covered that pretty pretty well but I want to go ahead and publish this out to the three I bookstore going to make some money with this I think it's beautiful we're going to go ahead and put it out there we're going toe charge people money for this and that's a whole another probably hold other thing how to charge properly for e books because if you've ever gone to buy any book you know that the pricing is all over the place you know? So certain things like oh the textbooks are great because they're limiting school textbooks to fourteen ninety nine so your textbooks can't be more than forty nine nine if you're selling you know for educational purposes they have that limit all the way across the board for a while but there's some books out there they're like twenty five dollars and then you get those beautiful d k books that was talking about they're like eight dollars I can't compete with eight zero is I'm like well you know, you just got to kind of figure out, you know, how you need to price these things and what sells and the nice thing is it's really easy to go and change your price on itunes, so that makes it pretty easy. So version two, they added a lot of stuff, so the published the first thing it does with publishing, I'm just going to look the publish button. I guess somebody didn't see me do that. I'm going toe actually try and walk through a little bit of this, but it needs to go out to the internet at some point. So I talked about meeting certain things you needed apple I d, right? So let's, actually talk about that. You need an apple I d for publishing, and when you choose in itunes, connect dot apple dot com you have to have your idea in there, and you need to set up a free book account or a paid books account, and this is kind of the weird thing and actually the way I did it when I first set it up. I did it through the published button here because it takes you through step by step, but it says, do you have this if you don't click here, go and get it. Come back okay now the next step is to do this because there's so many different things you need to do in the right order but they have gotten it down to a science really helping you along so it says ok, we're ready to do that I need an apple I d and so what I did is I decided to create a free books account for the purpose of demo ing when I get ready and I almost have my workbook ready to go that's going to go on that's going to get paid one you can't convert a free account to a paid account so if you think you're ever going to charge for books open a paid account you could do free books as well, but if you open a free books account you can't charge using that account you'd have to create a whole new account which requires a whole new apple I d so I have to apple ideas now I have the one I've had for eleven years or whatever with itunes and that's going to be my paid one, I just haven't set that up but I wanted a free one has to have a separate account also if you've already been selling aps, that apple idea also doesn't count, so if you have abs and you have a free one and a paid one, you're gonna have a lot of that ladies which each I think, require a separate email account so well, there you go. So you get to keep track of all of these and so anyway, create one an apple you need an apple I d so then you can open up your connect account, which will give you things that you can get. There are you can download ibooks author there you probably already have it because we've already been working on it. Do you think you can download? Is that itunes producer and what the producer does it's, an app that sits on your on your mac and you take the book, and when we go to publish it says, ok, I need to go out and open up your itunes producer great. It puts it together and sends it to the bookstore so kind of does it all in the background and I like this because it steps you through step by step. What you need to do so tells you right here to publish this book, click continue so what it did is it it looked at it and said, ok, let's, let's decide if it's worthy if it makes it, if there's no weird technical issues, so they continue and says, oh it past the pre published check, this is new in version two or it actually looks at it and says okay, now this doesn't mean it's definitely going to get sold on the ibooks store and he was sold anything on apple has said I don't know why they rejected my fill in product here for my book or whatever I had a friend who did some publishing and because they mentioned prices of their print book, apple refused it so apple's looking your content as well. So it's just kind of a you kind of get a feel for what what's out there, so I'm gonna say, ok it past the pre publish check let's click continue and that tells me the next thing is is that you have to have a freer paid books account if you don't have one click create new account and this is how I set mine up because I thought this is walking me through step by step if you have one click continue now when I do that it's going to go out to the the ibooks store, we're not going to do that, actually, so what I'm going to do is just go over and show you over here what the steps are so it's going to tell you great you have your account, you need itunes producer, do you have that and we'll have a big blue button if you don't have it, install it if you have it, click continue so I've already installed it good, then it goes out to the to the store to the connect and it's a sign in so we're signing with that apple idea that we just created when a signing with that and then we're going to go ahead and add the version info into our book remember that was asking us what the version number was when we saved it to the desktop, then it's going to say, create a sample book, you have to have a sample for people to download and I think that's because, you know, you might be charging fifteen dollars maybe you should have a sample so they can look at it, so that again will ask you, what section would you like to create that from? And it will create that for you and then you're going to click export book and what that's going to do is exported out it's going toe open itunes producer and from itunes producer, you're going to say this book I'm ready to upload to the store you can upload to the story will make you signing with your apple I d and then you'll be ready to sell that so it's pretty nice they have these step by step instructions, but you do basically want to make sure that you've I looked at your book and had probably other people look in your book as well and before you're ready to send this up because otherwise you're going to be like now I'm doing version one point one now I'm doing one point one point one and I'm just going to create that I think you can go four digits again that's in the the information on itunes connect so itunes connect dot apple dot com is a good place to go and get all the information the other thing is that there actually is ah whole manual that goes along with this it just there isn't a printed manual so you want to go online I did a google search the very first time I got I got this application when it first came out last year and I just got online and I realized that you can walk through the whole help menu on there so it's just kind of an online manual but it brings you through step by step for everything and like I said things change all the time so going to the itunes connect at apple dot com is a good place to kind of get in there and see what's changed see what they have a lot of best practices and it's pretty well written actually you know sometimes you get online and you're like I didn't understand any of that so it's pretty well written so anyway it's walks you through step by step hit export book opens itunes producer itunes producers where we upload and published to the bookstore, and then we go there and we make lots of money selling our book and it's awesome, right? So once they cancel out of that, so other things that you need to know is that if you are charging for your book and selling it on the apple ibooks store, apple requires an espn. So you have to have an international standard book number, which I believe cost one hundred twenty five dollars apiece, and this is the biggest pain ever, and I'm not really sure why? Because it's not like you're selling at a bookstore, you could sell other places, other types of electronic books. For instance, the kindle store in the nook story you don't need, I s p ends for them so it's not like it's required. So for whatever reason, whether it's cataloging whatever apple requires an espn you can buy ice peons from, I believe third parties look up, espn dot org's given all the information on the espn, but apple requires it, but a lot of them you could buy in bulk and save, but if you only have one book, you don't need it, but their places that buy them and resell them, but there's some goofiness aware not, who owns that I espn again, so again. Do a little research, you know, I haven't actually done the paid version yet. I've done a lot of free stuff that I've distributed, so I haven't had to worry about a nice bien again. It's just a pure charging for it. And the thing that you need is that you need and ah, banking coming for that paid one that's. Why the free ones? Kind of nice if you just want to set it up and play with it, frank, when you just say, hey, I need an apple I d it's a free account boom it's ready to go if you set up a paid account, you have to give them credit card and like you would on itunes, you know, you have to give him the credit card info and have to give them banking info because they're going to be taking the money for you. They're going to be taking one hundred percent, and they're going to give you seventy percent of everything they bring in their keeping their thirty percent after no where to send that money. So it's not like it's. A weird thing. They have to give them their banking and folks, they need to know where to send the money when you make your first million, they gotta know where senate so there you go. So you need an apple I d no matter what, whether it's paid or free and like I said, read all the stuff on the publishing because it changes a bit. I'm sorry I can't show you everything that's on here because some of the limitations that we have. So if you want to ask questions of that later, you can of me either in the chat right now, what we're doing to questions in just a second, but it started mentioned that if there's stuff that I didn't cover that kind of is part of what we're talking about. I mean, as far as the really in depth publishing stuff, I'm probably not the person asked, but I might know the person to ask. Feel free to send me an email. My email is learn l e a r n at erica gamut dot com that's e r I c a g a m e t dot com and if you can't remember that it's on the creative live my my page that's on there have a link to that, but feel free to send me e mails questions on some of the stuff that I covered if I didn't cover it. Quite in depth enough, or I can at least send you to the right person that might know the answer because these are all murky waters that were swimming in. We're kind of all swimming in it together imagine or a bunch of fish and this kind of murky water trying to figure out do I need to publish here? What do we need to do? A kind of you book two I need so it's I, like ended two years ago when I first started doing the digital publishing to the wild west, and then we all need hat's we'll need, like, you know, cowboy hats and probably some cowboy boots for protection, you know, to kind of make our way through, and then we need aprons because things were getting messy. We don't know what we're doing this digital publishing, and although it's come a long way in those two years that I've been doing it, it's still kind of where we going with this, and I just think my book's author is a really cool kind of tool to use to get into it really easily there's a lot of a lot of things you have to do that, you have to invest a lot of money, and this is one of them that you don't. You don't have to invest a lot of money to try it put it up there see what it looks like and see if the digital publishing is even something that will be helpful for you and your business things like that so anyway that's kind of my my publishing rant that's there and I think we'll do some questions and we have some excellent I thought we might we actually took up with questions about itunes producer that you brought up earlier in the day and these air definitely pregnant now so the first one is people are wondering can you get itunes producer from apple's website do you have to get through that publishing process you don't have to go through the publishing process you can go to itunes connect up apple dot com and it's there it as my book's author as well quick link for that so anything that you need there's a lot of other things for publishing anything you need for publishing on the ibook stories there and it's even if you're publishing e pubs and things like that everything's there okay uh designed central wants to know can you get itunes to producer before your eye bookstore account is approved you think you can I think from install it beforehand okay well last one on nineteen producer this one's from lauren originals I have a question regarding engines producer if you already have a long an account that's used for apple aps can you use the same account for your itunes producer for creating aps? No if you're creative, you're an app developer you're creating aps using that log in you need a new one for selling books if you have one for selling paid books, I believe you can use it and that items connect again talks about all the what if what if? What if, but if you're if you're selling aps that no, if you use it to buy apps it's your log in information like it's what you've been buying itunes songs with, you can use that for that account and if you converted to a paid account that's great because they already have your credit card information as well. Ok, all right, so another topic from so crow is wondering in your honest opinion if you're going to take the time to design a book that you would want to sell as a print in addition to a publishing book, what would be your first second third choice study the printed edition pair a ce faras oh, you mean like what would if you're using my books? Would you use blurb or book smart to do a printed version? I myself would probably take this and probably made pdf ce of it and plop it into in design and probably replace the pictures with higher resolution ones, I think because if I wanted if I wanted something that had the themes already laid out, instead of trying to create something and in design, where I have tons of control and bring it into ibooks, where I'm a little more limited, I think that would be crazy making. But I can take something from my book's author and duplicated, replicated in design that's probably how I would do it. But if I wanted tio, if I wanted to just go from print, I probably could take the pdf that I make here and exported out. I'm just not sure the quality would be up to my standards for printing anyway, so I probably put it in design and or maybe even just do an acrobat where I can replace the images with higher resolution, but I think I would do it that way, and then maybe take that pdf and go right to blur something like that. I have used himself. Yeah, I like that. You just coined a new word. The crazy making crazy, making tio crazy in here. Um, I think we're going to keep going. Yeah, absolutely. We've got time. If you have more questions, more questions? Yeah, no, I'm good that's, that's all I had to cover, so I think so. Yeah, stuff I do. You start thrown in the maybe questions that aren't your topic. This one might be something that you answered earlier, but I'm gonna go ahead and ask me in a way this comes from mali in and she says, well, the images in the gallery not cycled through in a pdf how does it handle aquino presentation when exporting to a pdf when exporting to it's going to take the first image that you see, so whatever you saw when he plucked it in there, which is going to be the opening slide, so if you're going to use that you still want something there I would make a slide that maybe it depicts the same information or some of the information, otherwise I would remove it before I make that pds if it's only gonna work is, you know, five slides and a keynote, I would either make five pages and put each slide on its own, or maybe make a new graphic with each of those, or make one image in kino and make that my front page of that and so that information shows up and I wouldn't make it interactive because the interactive keynote puts the little place symbol on the top, then that I noticed showed up in the pdf so that's something weird too, but that's probably how I would handle it, okay definitely two different kind of I would have two different versions of the book I think at that point so earlier this morning that you asked me to remind you to do like a test out a little question that somebody had and it was don crossland I was running if you can nest widget I forgot about this growing ok so we're going to ness can it be done nesting or what inside of pop over something inside of problems okay putting a scrolling text frame and a pop over all right let's try that lets some make a widget and we will do the scrolling sidebar first we'll do this and we'll put a bunch of text in here let's grab that we're gonna put it in here and pace that and there's we've got that nice scrolling sidebar down to make this a little bitter can actually see it and then let's try putting that in the popular I don't think we can we're gonna copy it let's make a pop over here let's track this is we could drag this image what it's not gonna happen there maybe we can pasted in there the base didn't work either yeah that's not gonna work that would be awesome though I don't think it's gonna work it all can't drag it and I can't pasted in there okay says the answer is no no you cannot nest widgets cool you can't question which is this one comes from sue from seattle when you export an ibook two pdf is the hyperlink functionality maintained? Yes, the hyperlinks remained. That might be the easiest question we got all that way I angela from idaho is and actually quite a few people all day. We're wondering, how do you buy ten plates? Where do you go away? Recommend I have bought a few on the app store there's one called book palate, and I believe I think I paid a whopping four dollars, I believe for ten or twenty or thirty templates a lot. I don't have it loaded on here, but you can buy them there's just I would go to the app store and just type in ibooks, author templates or even just temples, but you probably got a lot of keynote pages one as well. I don't know jump soft carries any thinking did j u m s o f t they used to do some great keynote templates, and I believe they're doing some my book's author ones that's usually what I do, I try to go to some of the companies that I know of arthur in the mac app store, I feel like they've been vetted a little bit, I know people complain about the absolute being a little closed off, but I like when I go there that I feel like I'm not going to get just a bunch of junk. I'm not going to pay twenty dollars and be like, really? This is all I got out of it. So I like it because you open it up and it just basically says, open it up and save it and it puts it in your mind templates folder and then it's right there at the bottom of your panel when you go to open a new template. Great. This one comes from angie. Oh, it just jumped on me. Can you default or can you redefine the default glossary style? Can you redefined the glass, restyle? Yes, actually. So you mean actually a textile? Ok, yes, when I have the styles open, one of the things was the glossary in here, so I can change it at any time. I can come in here and just aiken select any text to change a style let's, go ahead and find that glossary. Actually, is it every girl? It's so I'm gonna put that in here. I'm going to say, but the glossary on top glossary primary that's here and then I can make any changes that I want to it and I can't come in here and just say, ok, let's, change this instead to something bigger twenty four and I can come in here and I can create a character style from that selection if I want to so I can create another one, I would call it definition to or whatever, and then weaken change that, and so it will automatically the theme automatically wants to assign the first one the glossary style to it, but I can tell it instead to change it to this particular when I still had is highlighted so I can have a change that I don't if you could set it up is a default, though I don't think you can, but I don't know that's an I don't know to that answer there enough. All right? Here it is wondering if you could please discuss some of the differences between the landscape and portrait views within a template one more time, okay, some of the differences? Well, the main difference is that when you're working with the the landscape view it's very much, you've laid it out exactly how you want to see it. You're focusing on the the look of the page, you've got a lot of graphics and a lot of text where is when it flips to the portrait, it automatically strips out the images. Or if the images are there they're just really small in the side bar in the margins if minimalize is them and so it focuses on the text and then when you're looking at it on your ipad you're actually able to take that text the reader can change the size of it make changes in that respect to it the only difference being where it's more graphic in the port the portrait lay out is if I am I want to create a new one if I go with one of the portrait on ly templates and again because that's sort of built into the template so it's created more the graphics and it's kind of ignored that whole thing about, you know, put the margin the images just in the margin and make those really kind of small so it actually says no actually we are going to do a full layout but in the portrait but because it's built in again if you wanted something that had the portrait layout I would take a portrait on ly layout and put that in there that makes any sense so yes so in the normal on that has both it kind of says the landscape one is all about the images in the layout and the portrait one is more about the text with images sort of as an afterthought or sort of something small to click on more like a textbook so and that's why? A lot of times when people lay out the landscape, one will disable the portrait one so it's like, yeah, I don't really want that it's, not a textbook. I just wanted to look like this or if you wanted to look like this, start with one of the portrait, only ten points, right? Erica, you have the internet, like just peaking with leg for activity, like what books they're going to make? I mean, people have lists of what they're going to be making, but one person in particular plank plan close is wondering, is your book a trip to italy available? No, it's, not it's, not anything on there is fake text, you know, know that a book I will have, which isn't nearly as impressive to look at what I try to make. This is my indesign workbook, so it actually is the workbook that goes along with the class that I'm giving in the next two days, if I can tie that in there but it's a workbook, and so the pictures are going to be screenshots, they're not nearly as exciting, so I'm sorry. No, I don't have it. Maybe I'll just make the whole thing of all my pictures, and everybody can look at them and give me something to think about, excellent

Class Description

Learn digital publication with this tutorial of Apple® iBooks® Author! Apple® iBooks® Author gives the publisher a simple way to create stunning multi-gesture books. Apple® iBooks® Author is a creator of digital textbooks, but the software can be used to assemble a variety of visually-rich interactive publications formatted for the iPad. 

This class teaches you how to:
  • Choose a theme
  • Import existing text and images
  • Create interactivity with the built-in widgets
  • Add videos and sounds
  • Publish your finished masterpiece.