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Are You Good Enough?

okay the question of the day are you getting a that's the question right because I think that in everything what stops us is this we're not good enough we're not good enough to charge we're not good enough teo exhibit our work we're not going to submit our work for competition we're not good enough for the client to travel we're not good enough to establish a business we're not get enough so are you are you get enough therein lies the question what drives you td jakes if you can't figure out your purpose figure out your passion for your passion will lead you right into your purpose see how easy that is remember the story that I told you of evan having to paint eva my youngest has to sing she's been singing since she was eighteen months old she will not get on stage but she can not not sing she just has to say and if you catch her alone in a room cleaning she's singing if she's brushing her teeth she's singing that is her passion in there that's that's part of who she is and if you tell...

it to stop singing shall see my memento they told me to stop seeing him like never stops singing and let us know when you're ready to go on stage and we'll help you get there she's not ready but she already knows her passion does she know what our purpose is in life no she's eight she may not discover it thirty year until thirty years from now but she knows what her passion ists olivia loves animals right kept saying go back to children she she can talk to animals like I've never seen before she loves animals that is her passion if she will help an animal she will love them care for them she khun draw them she's an amazing sketch artist and as I keep saying go back to children if you don't have children just go go to the park don't be weird but goto the part and just watch a child's observe look look around you children naturally go into their passion they have no idea what their purpose is but if you put five kids in a room and you set up art math science teachers know this and you set up all the areas that would represent a future business and you put them all in there around four five years of age and they'll go like magnets will go put adults in that same room what's gonna happen we're bumping into each other I don't know I love this salad that I live this end of this but there will be one thing that catches your eye there always is and we put it behind us this is the passion is just a hobby yeah I just I like doing that I could never make any money from it think of the professional surfers in the world you think anyone woke them up and said you were going to be a professional's over I mean no but uh betcha they love to serve I'm actually they love the water and so I always called different things that oprah effect because I'm a big oprah fan I don't know just oprah anyone that's a positive speaker in the world anyone that's a positive source I surround myself with positive energy and reading because if I don't I go into a dark space so I that's something important that I want to tell you if you're somebody that says oh I just get so down on myself and I get I put myself down and I have health issues and weight issues and I'm a newly single parent or whatever it iss because we know life is not perfect and things get thrown in the way all the time if all of that you on ly surround yourself with things that are good it will pull you out and that could be something different for everybody some people it's going to church some people it's being part of a youth group ah photographers group sometimes moms group maybe you going unit with someone or you go in you get pedicures with someone there's someone or something in your life that can pull you out and so much thing is if you if you were like oprah were you on ly surround yourself with positive things you're not alone long enough to get in that negative black space because open income a billionaire overnight right and she said her story a million times she was not on the list to become a billionaire and if you think of anthony robbins if you listen to him who was over way and struggling and broke right and you listen to all the great motivators in the world regardless of their business they m one thing in common and what is it it's on the screen somewhere passion we can take care of the business stuff you can get training on the ordering software you can buy a better camera you khun perfect your newborn sessions you can nail your transitional posing with pregnancy but at the end of the good day you're going to go to bed miserable and feel like you aren't good enough if you aren't surrounding yourself with things that are positive and if somebody's bugging you and their negative and they're draining you down pull away some of the most successful people in the world have a small circle of friends for that reason I said I'm quite content with just my family I have so beautiful amazing friends that have been there when I need them and they know who they are but at the end of the day I'm quite content just being at home with my family and so when I say is when I first started out I first started to work to earn money and gain experience right I've always worked and so in my teenagers you know my first job was clothing you know sixteen I know I don't need thio conquer the world I'm just trying to get experience and understand who I am and going through all the jobs that I did even web design I didn't say I'm going to go in a web design and being a passionate web designer I know how it started wass how did it start I was working investment firm in new york city going to school working full time going to school full time at pace and I was leaving the city and I job searched every sunday and there was a job for a computer trainer for a company called nobody beats the wiz back ese which I don't think they exist anymore and their electronics company maybe like flat screen tvs I have no corporate training experience right I knew how to use word and excel I've always been good a computer programs so why don't I go take this job and apply thirty five thousand dollars a year why not so I went and apply and they're like do you know how to use word and excel and can you talk in front of people we need a corporate trainer to train you know we have a huge company will give you a training facility will give you eight computers and your own room in a budget can you do it I guess we're not wasn't my passion no I was working to gain earn money and get experience and because I'm very good at computer programs and I went to school for accounting I ended up rewriting their entire bonus program using excel in macro because they don't have anyone to do it I had nothing to do with my training room and I remember getting that five thousand dollar bonus and they're like wow anna like no one's ever done that and I was like you had a problem and I just want to fix it I was just doing things and when along my work experience my philosophy wass if someone asks I answer the call right let me just I don't know where I'm gonna be ten years from now I wasn't thinking about kids family so if you're watching this regardless of if you're eighteen or sixty you may be in a position where right now you're just working to earn money and gain experience and that's okay and if you're doing photography as a hobby or you're playing around that's okay that's kind of a part of life then is you earn and learn your shift will change directions to meaning and to me that's just part of a jj right when you know better you do better that's so maya angelo says when you learn you teach the more you get the more you give that's just part of a life cycle and I have to self motivate myself every day and what I do is I continually surround myself with quotes that's gonna get me through the next day that have nothing to do with photography by the way and most great innovators in this world and leaders in this world and the most cecil in people in this world if we say did you ever have doubt did you ever even securities did you ever think you weren't good enough yeah but they had what that kept him going they had passion passion for what they're doing okay and so I think that in our question lor we want we just want to nail that perfect baby pose and we want a beautiful smooth session to music and one were the baby just flows from one post to the other and the mom looks at you and says here of the baby whisper there's nobody like you in the world you're amazing and then when that happens you wake up and you do it all over again you know I mean there's no that quest for the perfect baby image doesn't exist the quest for the perfect pregnancy mit doesn't exist there is no one photographer in this world that is the best at everything there's room for all of us right we don't have to beat out the person next to us stop trying to compete with the person next to you you don't know you see it on the facebook feed and they have a good picture you don't know what's going on in their life that could be dead broke but yet you're following after them like a puppy dog because they nailed that image you're not in their home and in their space you don't know what they're going through they're probably going to the same thing you're going through but I was so afraid to put himself out there I put myself out here for three days you guys I'm giving you my sweat my tears I've tried to show you some tips and tricks techniques with newborns after to show you howto post pregnant women try to give you a glimpse of selling I can't tell you every single thing I know in fourteen years I can tell you every single baby pose I'm done I can tell you all of that I can tell you I can help you with your newborn sessions and then you take that and do it on your own style you know many people only goto workshops of photographers of a style like they like and then I'll say how was the workshop was great did you get that image oh yeah I got up got like the best baby member okay which is what she say about business we don't discuss business well we should say that editing so she used actions okay what did she say about marketing we just kind of discuss that over dinner so would you get and get a great baby image yeah that's awesome now what else got any us because you need more than a great sleeping baby to succeed in this world way more that's just two cherry on the cake okay so I don't want it to be about not everyone's gonna like my style I don't expect everybody to like my baby me just don't expect everybody to like my pregnancy images but guess what you're not my client they are and if they like my work and they're paying me and I get zero likes on the image but I got a three thousand dollar order on that image or a hundred dollar on that order on that image that's what I care about can we put our focus there instead of how many likes we got on our image

Class Description

Ready to explore the art of photographing mothers and babies? Join Ana Brandt for a comprehensive class on everything you need to know about pregnancy and newborn portraiture.

During live photo shoots, Ana will show you how to work with pregnant moms, babies and toddlers, and new families. You’ll learn how to wrap babies and how to work with a variety of props — from buckets to fabrics. Ana will also cover essential techniques for safely posing and photographing babies and toddlers, including how to identify when you need an assistant.

Ana will walk you through integrating pregnancy and newborn services into your existing photography business. You’ll learn how to market to new moms and create pricing packages that appeal to both your clients and your bottom line. The skills you learn in this course will give you the confidence and skill you need to give new families photos they’ll cherish for a lifetime.  


Mindy St Onge

I cant believe I got this on sale! So happy with this purchase. The one thing I feel I would have changed is I feel she rushed through the newborn sessions really quickly and spent ALOT of time on maternity. I would have liked to see a lot more of the newborn posing and info versus a dozen maternity. But all in all its full of a lot of great info and I love that its not voice is true time so I can see how she is interacting with the clients. Thankyou Anna I love love love your work always!!

Kate Marsh

I loved this class! I learnt SO much and I have actually gained confidence with my work from watching Anna. She is a great teacher and I absolutely love her work. This is definitely the best class I have purchased on Creative Live. Thank you! :)