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Shoot: Movement with Fans

okay I think alicia is gonna show us how we move right alicia john years I know if we didn't have a model you would step in hi mama are you feeling like a pregnant bride yes I have a secret I've never worked with this gown we just made it before I came I went into my seamstress this is based off my original gown from seven years ago that was the all mama and I went into my seamstress and she never understand anything I'm saying and I'm like trying to draw it and can't draw my daughter who's my sketch artist isn't there and I'm like layer we have three layers so we can blow and she's like okay so because I like layers we've got three layers in here and we have a sheer skirt and we're gonna bend the leg throw on a fan and see what this baby does right color let's go back to color the one of the reasons why I love you materials and fans as I it's like a pregnant woman I feel like she's so full of life and I just I just want to get that out I don't know if I would ever have the courage to ...

do this I need a glass of wine first and then I'd have to be pregnant I can't do that so you know I always I think live vicariously through my clients I think that's what I do because I really want to be this pregnant woman that's all flowing I've totally changing up on you you might want to test that john I was like great he's like what are you doing I keep thinking of in my studio sorry you can overrule me conover romy I it's just a natural habit to change my lights now here's the great thing about working with fabrics and materials were going to bring out with c c we're going tow bring out just some pure material teo tryto work with it but the good news is you're probably never do the same shot twice the bad news is you'll never do the same shot twice so if you get this killer shot have like things blowing in the right directions give yourself a bow because you probably won't get that ever again so what I tell women when they come in and they're like that shot that you got those amazing my great that was her her shot her energy that space that time can't duplicate that exactly but I can take you where I took her to get that okay you know I don't promise shots I never even with the baby I don't promise anything I'm this servant I'm here with my camera I'll do my best that's all I can do and uh yes I have a question yes oh this fan is obviously not your regular house fan what what kind of band it's not one I have in my house what kind of fan to use and where can you get that kind of fan okay this is from amazon dot com I love amazon they should be a sponsor if you go to the art of pregnancy and newborn dot com on the home page go down there's I think it's called lighting overview and I wrote this before a photo weak because everyone kept asking me so on there there's a lighting over you and it shows a link to this fan on amazon but I just have tried five thousand million different types of fans and I hated every single one of them and I was in new york and renting a studio and what I love about new york studios of the movies huge power tunnel thing is that they use for sense so if you've ever been on a set those fans those industrial whipper snappers are to die for but the really expensive so when I was in the new york studio I was like covering this fan like I have to have a fan like this but it was it was bulky and industrial weighed five hundred pounds so then I went on amazon because everything's there and I found this baby and then I told creative I've a photo week I had to have it and I paid for it to come here then they shifted home and then I was like they should be shipped home because I'm going back even though I didn't know it was going back was just hoping and then I came back and I said I'm shipping my fan back so here we are here's your job the fan is gonna go on and you've got to tell the client what they're doing because they have no idea so we're going full power and we may need to bring this closer you're gonna back up a little bit good good and so you're out with this stress and you're gonna just lift it up and let it go down she's like which layer yes and so when we're playing like let's say you lift up the top layer of the top two layers the top two she's like I have a lot of layers you have this one too I told you it went a little crazy with the layers way could even if you hold the top one let's go to the bottom to do what they're gonna do now you gotta keep those legs bent and keep the arms gentle and the legs have been closer yes yes and you're gonna be we're gonna experiment what happens if you uh now when you go up told that material little back more behind you I may even need tiffany um that kind of help out here but so we're gonna go taller here I really want you having a problem so yeah so many keeping high because you know what I'm looking for uh all you have to do is stand there way need a camera I don't know that lights in the way john would see it turn shin to me god no your body's just like that this army spends a little bit yeah and what if you look this way yes yes below that belly out now here's what I want you todo is I want you to move thiss will only work if we can move so I'm going to give you permission to move for a minute it's just mean you know what I said in the green room it's just you me so when you're like this you're going to go like this and you're going to go like this and you're going to switch your legs you're gonna look that way and you're going to look that way and you can look down and you can go this way and you just give yourself permission to just go in a different space for like thirty seconds it's up to you I can you know I'm a fast shooter I could do anything whatever feels good keeping in mind you have a belly and a baby in there and I do want to see it and below that billy out keep the posture up smile angle keep your arms away from your body and have fun pull that pulled away from the middle little bit more froth front yeah just let it go that like should be in a way yes good and here we go bend those arms seriously get yeah yeah you're good you're good you're a pension down good now go back the other way and I'm gonna help you out go back this way and go like this yeah like this yes yes yes I go here I'm tiffany take her gown and lift her up and just blow it ready on chin down anyone t three and take this hand and so here I go here way to get her belly out so john let's let's put the fan in front of her and let's blow yeah so it's going to go in yeah in between those life that was actually pretty weak there look down look down while he's moving let's just too soft for a minute take their tops off and just go like this go this way yes and look down let's perfect that because I think that can be pretty while he's moving china you have to be over here so you're gonna be here and we're just relaxing we're relaxing here when you're like this and you're gonna bring your head more this chin this way camp oh sorry oh this hair ben ben ben bend bend bend bend bend bend spends beautiful little smile chin down to the right shoulder okay now you're gonna face the fan drop and let the material go tiffany's gonna blow with you now people always feel like when they have materials that they have to do it alone if you have dad's there get him involved if he's not get somebody so I'm wondering if wait just wait just lift up let the place fall just lift this up you know I mean there we go way go hands on the tummy take this leg bend this leg up up up up huh look familiar you guys pose right stay right there I'm sorry I'm like myself a little smile tiffany blow up and let it go yeah baby ready she needs to go a little closer to the fan take one step closer okay should not you gotta go higher tips bring it into her body like go like this go one two three even go closer come right into the centre you so pretty way see it it was one that I loved I like that little flip on the end wait where was it you uh there it is that was it beside that was that was where was it when what was it that won meritus that shot we crap in and it's beautiful now can we looked down and do this one more time because I like to do things more than once because I want to see what I see that makes sense okay so you're looking down chin is out big smile relax those shoulders pressed a rupture in down go ahead two more times if closer beautiful turn a little bit more towards me just a little bit good really really been that leg bring your chin to your right shoulder right there good put the other hand on top of the belly the left hand switch okay go ahead to you two fall see how fun now obviously turn that fan off obviously this is one of my dresses we created it's fun but you don't have to have this let's say you just take a material we're goingto play with just some material and you take a materially and you do this but it's so funny is because the mom would be like do you have the address that you have that material or do you have a think and do something fun with it and love to do stuff like this is the beach because you can really let the material go and play with it I just want to do a couple more straight on and we're going to bring in cc for the fan um for the material john I'm sorry to bring the fans back so come more straight on okay here's what I want to do this is something that I tell a lot of women to do we're gonna end with this with you and then we're gonna bring in cc I asked them well they just dance for me for fifteen seconds she's like man I was so close to being done here's what you do it's so simple you're just going to go like this it's actually technique I do with little girls all the time I say well you just dance and that's something someone like this we get to see like who's got rhythm and who doesn't but I'm just like look let's just try it let's just see what we get all I'm doing is moving my legs the hip movement is up to you and I'm gonna ask you to just move your arms with the material and you're gonna put a fan on I don't know you tell me it's your shoot come on now look at me oh maybe bring a wall layers so I could see your belly way go oh my god and really really been those legs one on top of another and bring the hair forward tiffany their forward as much as we can and when you're doing it I really want to accentuate the legs she's going so fast we're good and then those arms a little bit so they're not so out so they're more in yeah in and even in a little bit more and you can turn hey she's like now are stepping it up and not and maybe even one arm goes up one arm goes down good girl look I'm dancing with you and freeze and look down this way thank you that was beautiful fine hat that was fine you did it like six that's beautiful stunning c c's gonna come on over there look at that I love it oh my killing my audio people I'm sorry that was fun right when do you get to do that when do you get to celebrate motherhood like that this is what it's supposed to be about we're celebrating life let's let's make it about life why is this I guarantee that we have a million years to make it great right let's make it great now not tomorrow right now right thanks for making a great you're good nose wonderful your sister's watching you

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Ready to explore the art of photographing mothers and babies? Join Ana Brandt for a comprehensive class on everything you need to know about pregnancy and newborn portraiture.

During live photo shoots, Ana will show you how to work with pregnant moms, babies and toddlers, and new families. You’ll learn how to wrap babies and how to work with a variety of props — from buckets to fabrics. Ana will also cover essential techniques for safely posing and photographing babies and toddlers, including how to identify when you need an assistant.

Ana will walk you through integrating pregnancy and newborn services into your existing photography business. You’ll learn how to market to new moms and create pricing packages that appeal to both your clients and your bottom line. The skills you learn in this course will give you the confidence and skill you need to give new families photos they’ll cherish for a lifetime.  


Mindy St Onge

I cant believe I got this on sale! So happy with this purchase. The one thing I feel I would have changed is I feel she rushed through the newborn sessions really quickly and spent ALOT of time on maternity. I would have liked to see a lot more of the newborn posing and info versus a dozen maternity. But all in all its full of a lot of great info and I love that its not voice is true time so I can see how she is interacting with the clients. Thankyou Anna I love love love your work always!!

Kate Marsh

I loved this class! I learnt SO much and I have actually gained confidence with my work from watching Anna. She is a great teacher and I absolutely love her work. This is definitely the best class I have purchased on Creative Live. Thank you! :)