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Art of the Wrap: Egg Wrap and Side Wrap

okay so we got the basic rap piece of cake right everyone done moving on okay let's talk about this egg rap now we're leaving twins in there for now oh they're just so happy um should we give a little color for underneath here yeah I think that'd be nice for this blanket not color maybe we'll just do this they're gonna ask for this blanket came from one of the spike it couple from it came from came from where I'm the same person that had the prince and I had the cram because he probably don't say it props for you out there okay now I have to look at what I'm doing well because the twins are we going to try and flip them over a basket right okay well keep him there alright thiss is mckinley kili is ten days and she's a solid girl I think we need a heater over here okay now with egg raps I love to do nude for the safety of television broadcast we're not loved these babies they're like stretching theory that she was thinking less pink more is this this is that's on the top no no I'm botto...

m right you like no it doesn't matter right now this is a perfect example this is not stretching we've to show my walgreen's round see how long it is I'm five four it's pretty tall this where did I find this listener shot me could be in our store we will be doing a resource guide thirty done I think we're just adjusting so with the egg rap you wrap around the bottom and the great thing about wrapping around the bottom is it keeps the feed in so when you do that you can talk a little bit under you can fold the legs over again it depends how they're bendy they're going to me what I'm doing appears I'm going to tuck under the shoulder see how she's a little egg now I call this the pope's position many times so if a baby has not pooped this is a good time to let it all out because I'm wishing on their bowels um but it's still a pretty comfortable position and then you just you just make it up you can go up under the some people like to cover the head the key in this is your wrapping around so however you want to do it whether you wrap the head in or not it's very simple you just wrap around so tiff pull that way go dama yes I was just you just kind of reminded me a little bit of a question that I had how do you deal with the diaper do you tend to want to put on a fresh diaper right before you go on to a shoot or how do you what's your recognizes there so usually after mom's eaten thank you after the baby has eaten I'll say it to mom check their diaper because we we want them changed before us to keep in mind that when I start we're starting with the diaper on so I will tell mom what should we do should cover her head I will tell mom um I don't like that teo check the diaper if they've moved definitely put on a fresh diaper I also asked the mom if it's the type of baby that minds a dirty diaper because some babies hate it and some babies don't care so we like to start with a clean oops late we'd like to start with a fresh diaper but then I get my best shots right after baby's poops because they're like ah and so if they've just pooped and they're like passed out and they're not complaining I'll get the shot and finish off before we change cool thank you so now we're gonna meet this like freshly you're gonna carry those twins over mom and dad and then we're gonna lift this up please and then we're gonna bring that over there do you want to help her and I can pick you let me help you just haven't extra hand I have a question here but I don't understand it so I'm gonna ask me had asked and kira had second sight me says I see you pushing down the beanbag how do you know where to push down I'm having trouble with my beanbag posing okay so this is a very firm beanbag I have them fill it very firm but the thing that about filling it so firm is when the baby was on top it looked like the baby was gonna roll right over so I was pushing it in the middle so that there's a little groove for the baby to settle in because otherwise I feel like the baby's just gonna roll off the beam back so my advice is to get a pretty firm and then you have enough give to just push it down so we're just going to try and bring the hand's in the front and this is it this is an anagram you'll see there's a million variation into doing it you can cover the head you can move the hands the idea is you're covering and wrapping around now many times when they're nude I will just take it and wrap it around the outside but I'm putting more on the front because she has pants on but if she was nude I would probably just criss cross her hands and her arms and just do it on the outside like a pure eggshell you've all seen it a million times keeping in mind that if the baby is gassy and they have a hard tummy so her tummy is very soft when you're doing something like this feel the tummy if you can't press down on the tummy I don't advise doing this position because she's gonna be uncomfortable or he's gonna be uncomfortable okay so let's say I'm sliding you know what I'm doing okay what we're doing for the head yeah we're gonna put a pillow on each side and then what we're gonna do is we're gonna try to flip her over and do a side twist on a bum rap you know mom's getting nervous when I say that mom's like is she going to do it is she going to do it I need it flatter there's so many variations to this when I'm doing this rap I can take her from the bean bag and put her in a basket that's what I want you guys to start thinking is transitions and thinking okay I got this shot gosh I worked my butt off for this shot now what well what if you layered the rap and then put it in a basket you know plan ahead think if you keep thinking about what you're going to do next you'll have a smoother session did you want yeah they're gonna just stay there for a minute they're gonna go over a basket we're gonna get the shot way head band or something I'll do a test shot with her her hands are begging me so we'll fix her hands she's a little shadowy john can we leave this left light up and down okay that's perfect yeah it's a little like I think it needs to be angle or maybe vertical angle down again keeping similar colors very handy talk with your client about the color palette you know when I go on location to a client's home tiffany always calls them ahead of time and asks what their color palette is brown's blues greens so that when I packed to go on location I'm not bringing my whole studio I'm just bringing the tough part about this kind of wrap is it doesn't stretch you want to have that lease on top it's tricky all right why don't we do that so how are we doing two guys do this it's easy right yeah when you're going on location to someone's house how do you transport all of your props and like is there any suggestions you have for people that are feeling like they bring wait too many this yes okay so no more than three basket or prop items and everything you're taking should fit in those three items so for example I will pick something low to the ground that I can shoot over like my egg basket and usually because it's low to the ground I'll put a bunch of tie backs in there in a couple of wraps two to three wraps and then I'll pick a taller basket that maybe they can hang over and then inside that basket will be the bigger blankets again I'm the whole time working on two to three setups so you just need to tell yourself you're only allowed to bring three set ups with a couple of transitions in between there and if you've talked to the parent and asked him what colors they like the metal eliminated and just don't just just force yourself to be creative and only use the things that you've brought in just don't overpack I'm pretty efficient with my packing but it's taken a long time to get there because I I like to overpack okay it's kind of almost more of a bundle wrapped but the idea with the egg you can if you talk them all in like this you can wrap it around easy tuck and rap what I was doing here you know is is starting with the bum rap and then tucking it around you can go over the head but the idea is keeping them close and just rapping okay so let's see this and we're gonna put her on her tummy because we haven't done any tummy so we really want to try to do that for you before we run out of time kay many think I might have too much wrapped going on it's a lot it's a lot going on twenty three good I was going to say don't let go till you pull but you did it anyway you know that's kind of write to me the so what we're going to try and dio no no you keep her head I'm going to try and take this back off now that she's calm because this the eye is drawn to the brightest do my eyes drawn to this and then I think we got it I think that in every newborn session you should do one rap and if you do any more than that it's a bonus you have to remember how many pictures of a rap baby does mommy if she has too many she's not gonna have a favorite right straight ahead a little bit oh that's my fault I was messing we're so close okay all right one more time just tuck tuck one more time I was messing with your strap I'm sorry any other questions your head needs to go higher because she's of course course of course of course so marie louise had asked about the color palette yes that you're choosing and what are your suggestions as faras what goes with what how did you select your color palettes as far as the raps and you're set up well that's really hard because I love it all this particular one we just had mom pick so all mom has to do is pick one color and then we could go from there so when I was packing to come here it was extremely hard nope that's going to pick colors here so why tried this's all punchy I was trying to pick more monotone colors colors that are in style right now grey's creams brown's blues you have to remember that there is still fashion and trends so when you go out to the stores what are you looking for you're looking for the current trends that are out there and so if the current trend is warm hues natural sze you're gonna look for blankets that's why I love to buy blankets you know from t j maxx and marshals and in the home goods area because now you're buying the same elements that clients are buying for their home right and so they're already going to design their home with these elements that are in all of the big box stores so if you buy one or two pieces from makes up that beanbags bugging me that it's that's showing through the blanket but that's okay um if you buy an item or two from the big box stores whether it's baskets blankets then when you're as a base when your prop shopping you're coordinating that so I buy from vendors online but I visit marshall's tj maxx and target every single week through ross in the mix I mean weekly weekly so I tell you I tell the parents pick a color and let's keep working from there okay ready one two three they lost my focus and see how simple that is what is it about it's about the baby right this is not to property this's not too trendy this would look beautiful in a nursery it would look beautiful on announcement it would look more amazing in the necklace the pressure dad mom whoever gift giving for christmas we need to do like oprah's favorite things to do like anna's favorite things I'm obsessed with product I love product I'm going to tell you that now when I'm selling and this is all about day three let's get her on her tummy and let's get this up when I'm gonna flipper and we're going to cy this and hang it yeah but I'm gonna flipper and you have to slide this angle this way so when I'm shooting I'm shooting with a purpose my purpose is pictures that are gonna look good when hung in the home not when they're gonna look good on the computer screen we do sell digitals we'll talk about this in day three it's a hot topic but you can ask tiffany my clients buy more products then digitals my clients treat digitals as something to have we sell campuses books jewellery announcements pardes purses ipad cases phone cases I want my client's images to be part of their home in their life and I practice what I preach if you look at my phone I got a phone cover if you look inside my bag I have a phone purse if you look at my ipad case I have a photo if you look at my keys I have a key chain isn't too much no because I don't walk around with all these things on my person but it's so important to me I want my kids to see their face on the walls I want them to know I'm proud of who they look from the moment they were the border they were born to now through all the toothless smiles through the funky hair cuts through the awkward clothing I photograph it and I hanging on my walls and I practice what I preach and I see so many photographers they don't do it if you have children you have to do it and does children's excuse because stephanie who just had a baby who was an assistant for seven years she had a cat person cat nicolas she's a cat leading these cats to stephanie half we don't know and then we did photos of her and her husband and she has a picture of her husband on the necklace we don't know and she knew from day one don't make an excuse it on a kids you know you have a bird I don't care but the point is if you're in the image maker if you're an image taker if the purpose is to prince thes make this part of our life make this who are then we need to do we need to walk the walk I am not doing all that I'm doing to porn and burn it on a usb stick and say bye bye that is not what I'm doing I am doing it and I've said this a million times I don't have photos of myself as a baby I don't have it if I had one thing that somebody asked me anything in the world what would it would be it would be a photo of my biological mother and myself not because I feel like I need to meet her not because I'm missing anything because it's really hard to know where you came from if you don't know where you're going I want my daughters to see say this is what I looked like this is what my mama looked like this is what my dad looked like this is what my dog looks like gives kids and they have a school portrait a school program a school project is what I'm trying to say and what do they say in the school project you're going to do a poster all about me if you have kids and they've been in a kindergarten first grade that's what they say guess what you're doing there is not a kid in school public school or private that hasn't had to do a poster all about me and what do they ask that's for a photo of your family and how many times I go to my kid's school and I look at the posters and only ten percent of them have updated photos of their family they're drawing stick figures of what their parents look like why are we doing that because we could lose ten pounds because we like our hair because we couldn't afford it I'm sorry there's big flat screen tv is in every single home in america so you're it has to come deep when I'm doing this and I'm wrapping this there is more than the color palette you know I want mom to be like uh that's good and I'm gonna hang it in my home that's good right I'm myself do you have a cups are get on my little tangents and I'm lying yeah so she needs a lift for head had going here huh and we're going to go to the key now where we're going to do what was going to dio a side wrap writes what am I doing so let's give me just something uh we're still in the same color huh which merely switched the color but we could just well you don't have much time so I don't know just something we do aside oh middle twist okay skip middle trust for a minute that's easy one any side just twist in the middle okay let's do side it's a bum rap because oh where's my walgreen's my walgreen's rasam hanging over here that's my walgreen's rap because I can show them how easy this is so easy questions how we doing I wantto askyou a question about posing I've seen a couple people ask with this one are you do are you shooting to sell you know what poses cell and you're shooting so someone had asked about maybe a more creative pose except not the side by side for the twins and I see that you're switching poses and you're now putting the baby on its stomach but I'm wondering if you just have a few poses that use that you know that so or do you try to you know mix it up you try to be creative trying todo I get very bored of myself michael I'm done that a million times tiffany says to me it's new to them because sometimes I live like five days one day and they all want the frog hose I'm like my facebook feed is gonna be the same frog pose of five different babies so yeah I'm a creative I I like to play if you guys were all here I would be playing we're goingto do one more pose with the twins were going to get him on their tummy leaning over the basket so I love to play give me a cozy sleepy baby and I'm not I'll just I'll just go through five six seven eight poses plus I like unique poses and so when the when the client is looking at the images he take a passenger I want many poses so we're gonna take this wrap this is silk I actually brought this to use with my maternity ease but just throw it around her waist for a minute and then the same thing goes with props you'll use it for a while and then move on to something new well just like that just put it through yes and no I can't quite get rid of them because I have a lot of two or three and I can't tell you how many times someone has come to me and said you photographed baby number one in this bucket we want to do the same thing in baby number two and three this has happened to me so many times so much so that I try not to get rid of things as quickly because the other thing is I have a lot of referrals on we're gonna put the center and split the rest out I have a lot of referrals and so they'll see something someone else did and they will say you have that right one thing I pride myself in being well before I say that I just know that all we're doing is putting this over the waist and we're so we could do a bum rap right now we're going to take this tuck this under and tiffany's gonna grab it through on the other side it's that simple um oh what was I gonna say just lost my woman oh I pride myself in telling my clients I have I have it this goes from maternity and newborn I have closed I have wraps you don't have to bring anything because I want them to just kind of come in relax I think that's the first time a babies cried the whole day yeah now honestly that sounds like a cry but we're going to try and work through it for a minute sh is it feeding time again probably a lot she eats a lot babies I also find ten to eat more when you're shooting and if someone said if a mom says she's an eater that to me sounded like a hunger cry there is a whole scientific thing you could do research on what different cries sound like there's audio's and videos that will literally tell you all the different baby sounds and what they mean in sound like I've heard enough over the years that I know when a baby's in pain from gas versus hungry and it's just time it's just a lot of time you kind of get used to the sounds sometimes you don't know when you asked the mom and the mom's like oh yeah like that's a hunger but I could be wrong so would you recommend for somebody just starting out maybe one of those baby crying translator machines absolutely you know re educate yourself happiest baby on the block get yourself the best way to educate yourself is get the same books that parents are reading you don't need a photography baby book you need a baby book you need the happiest baby on the block and going over the shushing in this waddling in the white noise and all the things that sue the baby that's what you need and one more pillow under here you give me a diaper clock to your good you're on list done you're almost done you must tend what we're gonna do one more and then you can go see woman I like to negotiate with my babies all the time just one more go feet I promise yes yeah and the one love photography is asking what do you use to prop the baby underneath the blanket so these that we're using are the baby bean bags that we sell in our shop and they come in a bag of seven different beanbags like john if you hold up the bag we have a little travel back seo it's his tai o cannot so we weigh sell these in our shop and we bring them with us and they're like I can't get through a newborn session without them and so if they go to shop ty open dot com and go on beanbags it's there and it's just so invaluable to me because over the years I used blankets and wraps and diaper claws and so many different things and I was honestly I was just tired of it I felt like I'm a professional I need something a little bit more professional you know and so we made these and you know started selling him two photographers just because I felt like it's like your gear bag right you're the you're the doctor that's on call your showing up with your gear bag I felt like well keep it like that and then I could get toes out I feel like it's my gear bag I need props and things like that don't just angle I'm gonna shoot this way up the beanbag so I'm gonna pull lights back by me john because I'm gonna be here and it's just so simple these raps right it's just experimenting with different things and ways and I think you need to pull that one back john and then to go a little bit more to the side fees that being bag stand contraptions a little off center but I don't think we need to worry about it this is I believe we're giving this away this is doing testing this is from shoot baby who makes the beanbag I have no light but it's ok you can open up um me open it no I'd rather open um I don't know if we're firing I don't know if that's kicking it yeah it is this one is off so um this blanket stands it's from shoot baby and I'm ninety nine percent sure it's being given away somehow some way okay so see john how dark I am right here okay perfect perfect I know this one's more we could bring it closer I'm okay with I do if you want to just pull and holds around that sign testing okay it's us if he gets out of the way testing oh well well over exposed five oh yeah too much you'll see it whoa spring it down I'll go to five six five six is pretty I'll take five six yeah now there's so many different ways you could do this because when I shoot once now I'm going to move now I'm gonna go this way but o has a great shot uh oh viguerie shot two beautiful now tiffany fan that material a little bit more this way I would like to get her legs out but you know you can't go crazy enough to see what we have really have so much time so I'm playing it safe right now but if I was home I would for sure take her toes out tighten the rap a little bit think transitions right so you have this got it great then I would take the feet out show do it with the feet out then I wouldn't add a hat right no problem now I've got like three different looks in one then I might tighten the rap I am going to shoot over her so when this pose I would probably have five or six different types of shots I will shoot this way I'm going to shoot over her we'll try one more with a hat if she goes for it she goes for if she doesn't she doesn't then we'll go to the twins so in each set think transition what can I do next what am I doing next I got that I've already got it what next what next okay beautiful it's totally dreaming helen it's like wow wow okay well give me a little hat I mean so see how I'm doing all these different angles and just I don't know what I'm gonna love which angle I'm goingto love most um so I like to just kind of play shoot different angles so we're going to do one more and then we're going to go to the twins hanging over the bucket so we only have like twelve minutes or so she might not make it okay okay uh like that cnn pack enough the pink one the pink one with the anna yes if you do need a few more minutes feel free don't don't stress on the time ah yeah where is that coming from who cook gives me the okay to do that that would be our producer lacey she doesn't love me oh we could spend all day well week it's it's you know look this is why when I do in person work shocks I used to do bigger workshops like ten twelve photographers and it was too much oh it was so much if you've been in a workshop with me you know it's a lot we changed at my in person workshops too small group workshops to five or six photographers because it's there so much to learn and you know I definitely recommend doing an in person workshop what if well if we keep the whole rap effect can we do the bum like just if it was just bomb it would be this and we could get her head up more um definitely I recommend if you feel like you need more help and you're by yourself double layer and we're just going to do a bum rap and get her head up a little bit more then I definitely recommend doing it in person workshop I really feel like if you need help you need guidance that that would be the thing to do that would be my advice so anna yeah I have a question from layla and she would like to know can you be any more awesome you know I just don't know we still have two more days to find out who did it okay um you hold here we got this and we can get her head up a little bit more excited if I could show you this that would be good too because tiffany is going to show you with the head up I think there's this misconception that the baby's holding their head up and most of the time there is a person there and so I want if I can show it to show you how we do it let's just do a quick bum rat tuck tuck mama tuck good girl I'm used to talking to people that don't talk back so I don't think it's weird if you talk to babies I think they kind of like the voice you know when my kids were little like no one talked to me for like years so I just would talk to my son all the time he was a late talker he's certainly made up for it but I just would talk to him all day long he wouldn't talk back but I just talked to him and now he's very verbal and I take full credit for that you know even heard a thousand times you're responsible for the energy you bring into the room so I think if you're nervous so that way the baby's gonna pick up on it they're going to be like this person that's handling me has no idea what she's doing let's get her up here she's gonna be like this you done done maybe done okay right here let's get this she's done who's I want to put her a little more in this way see if we can get it there we go so she's more on her elbows oh what do you think mama not really oh we're gonna go see what kind of a little bit right here wait okay let's not question she's done okay we're going okay like she's she's she's done we're gonna we're gonna let her go because I think she's done e think she's done I know I e did a great job

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Ready to explore the art of photographing mothers and babies? Join Ana Brandt for a comprehensive class on everything you need to know about pregnancy and newborn portraiture.

During live photo shoots, Ana will show you how to work with pregnant moms, babies and toddlers, and new families. You’ll learn how to wrap babies and how to work with a variety of props — from buckets to fabrics. Ana will also cover essential techniques for safely posing and photographing babies and toddlers, including how to identify when you need an assistant.

Ana will walk you through integrating pregnancy and newborn services into your existing photography business. You’ll learn how to market to new moms and create pricing packages that appeal to both your clients and your bottom line. The skills you learn in this course will give you the confidence and skill you need to give new families photos they’ll cherish for a lifetime.  


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I cant believe I got this on sale! So happy with this purchase. The one thing I feel I would have changed is I feel she rushed through the newborn sessions really quickly and spent ALOT of time on maternity. I would have liked to see a lot more of the newborn posing and info versus a dozen maternity. But all in all its full of a lot of great info and I love that its not voice is true time so I can see how she is interacting with the clients. Thankyou Anna I love love love your work always!!

Kate Marsh

I loved this class! I learnt SO much and I have actually gained confidence with my work from watching Anna. She is a great teacher and I absolutely love her work. This is definitely the best class I have purchased on Creative Live. Thank you! :)