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Lesson 8/14 - Adding Insert Menu Command and Stops


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Adding Insert Menu Command and Stops

Two things in certain menu command and insert stops we need to look at those two things so sometimes you might wanna warn someone something like you need to make a selection before you run this action you need to do x y or z so you should know if we go back to the make mass from selection, right? Because we're on a single layer document right now and if I want to do the make mass from selection, I might want to insert what's called a stop. Okay, so the stop says, hey, do you have a selection? Okay and I can allow continue, which means ok, I already got senator control I'm good and I could just continue on with the action or I could stop the action, make my selection and then go through it so I'm going to say allow continue click ok and you can see the stop right now it's like it's the very end so that's not going to be a lot of good, so we'll bring it all the way up to the top so mass from selection the stop says, hey, you have a selection, so if basically if I just hit play, it brings...

it up and says, hey jo, this election stop lasso, make this election, then go up and play the action again hey, you do have a selection? Why, yes, ideo please continue and then it makes the mask in this election that picked my brush it's that all those other things, ok, the other thing that you might notice is sometimes really like things don't get recorded and that's because they are these a special kind of unique menu commands a lot of them are found in to the view menu, and they just don't record because they're not really sure if you need that as part of your action, but navy, maybe before you paint, maybe before you start paying in your mask, you want to make sure maybe before you sharpen that you're viewing your image at one hundred percent ok, well, ok, I'm going to start recording again, start recording and I would say, yes, I really want that I want to go to view and I want to go to one hundred percent, but it does not record and it will not record, okay, so I'm gonna zoom back out that doesn't zooming in zooming out do not get recorded, so when I need to do in this case is insert this time a menu item so you insert the menu item and then you go there's none selected like, well, no, because I know what you know, insert but it's it says, do it you just have to do it like, ok, hey, I want to do this one hundred percent. Oh, there it is. Look, menu item, all right, so you click ok, it recorded that, and now it's, just like two hundred percent menu item, and then you click on the little stop recording, and that becomes part of your action, right before you start painting it's going zoom up to one hundred percent so there's, just a few of those little things that might catch you. The warnings are great. If you're handing off files, tio someone who's doing your production, and then the select menu item is a nice way to zoom and make sure they're sharp. Newman everything in a hundred percent.

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Software Used: Adobe Photoshop CC 2014.2.2



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