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Lessons in Lingerie

Lesson 6 from: Building a Successful Boudoir Business

Jen Rozenbaum

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6. Lessons in Lingerie

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Lessons in Lingerie

I'm gonna give you a little lingerie lesson and this is a laundry lesson in my view you might think some different things but this is my experience with the different types of lingerie that women wear uh laundry is incredibly intimate sometimes we forget that is boudoir photographers because we're around it all the time we forget how people sometimes get butterflies when they walk into victoria's secret or you know they want to shop for something they don't really know what to ask for so it is our job to learn about laundry how it works and how it flatters and how it works is a big one because that's really confusing but it's confusing it's complicated and scary and especially to the average woman how many of your clients ever say to you I don't really ever wear lingerie well that's even more intimidating I mean how does she know what looks good on her? She never really where is it? It was part of your job and I like to call a shopping market research so I give you permission to do mar...

ket research but your client trusts you they trust you to guide them don't let them down in this point either okay, so I'm just gonna kind against the nitty gritty bram panty sets people hate the word panty which is why I'm going to use it any way way uh we're going to talk a little bit about that very simple, and the thing is that broad and underwear sets are probably the most common thing that you'll see because they're the least intimidating because it's something a woman where is every day so she's familiar with it and it's a comfort zone for her, but it's not always the most flattering thing for woman, so we need to make sure we understand how bras and underwear and underwear work and how they're different cuts in different types of broad and underwear. He's also concede to the biggest wardrobe mistakes. I mean, I've seen, like major outfits be pulled off awesomely, and then somebody'll come in with an ill fitting bra and underwear that so this is where the most common mistakes are made, for example, this is a broader actually they sell now you see how she lays down, but the broad's still there? I hate that. So you want to make sure these air like the super dupe our broads, you know, or whatever, they're called ed twelve cup sizes, they're great when you're standing up sometimes, but I tried to stay away from them. I try to guide clients away from them, and I'll show you kind of why, even if I want to say, even if an especially if a client is very small, are very large. This is what the inside of that broad looks like. If you can see it it's kind of just a shelf. I mean, there's, very little room in this bra for boob. So it's just kind of like a shelf. What happens is any time you move your arms or you lay down, they're all just going all of places and your broads staying exactly where it isthe. So at least all of this and this can be photo shops and it can be fixed. But it's annoying to do that. So we want to try too. By the way, I hate editing. Did I tell you guys that? Yeah. So I want to try to make sure I don't need to do extra editing on dh. In this case, I did. And even even where she's not gaping in the broad, but here you can even see she's not really feeling it in properly. Um, these were much nicer standing up, but we want to make sure she gets fitted properly. This is what it would look like after I photoshopped something like that. It's. Okay, nobody will ever know the difference, but it's just annoying to have to do it it's a really beautiful broad, and she was really small chested. I don't know, I still don't think it looks at ross, they don't look like she filled it, it just doesn't look like that to me it just looks like she's wearing the broad's wearing her she's not wearing a bra so and that's like another reason I said why I send people to lingerie stores that I worked with because they could be fitted properly this is actually the broad that I'm holding in my hand were pretty close to it and you see how low it is you give her breasts and hear the brought ends here that doesn't I don't think that that looks good, but that there's nowhere else for the broader go because there's no room for a booby in this bra, so I don't particularly like that and she's a larger chest a girl and she doesn't really need that so girls think because they see it on commercials and they see in the media oh push and bigger and bigger and pushing it up and up and there's nothing worse also that one the girl has a larger chest in here she's all pushed up and she's like here and now she has no neck looked heavy so it's important to not just say braun panisse, that's it's important to say this type of bra or that type of raw make sure it's not this make sure it's that in contrast, this is a set that this woman bought from the laundry store that I work with. You see how well it fits her? Um, she's not particularly on the large side or the small side she's. Kind of just right in the middle. But the so there's something in here called underwire men. It's a kind of a wire that goes under the breast and that helps give them support and that's. Why that brought looks so beautiful on her because she's not kind of hanging everywhere. She's got a lot of support, and yet the cup really fits her nicely without any padding. When she lays down, I didn't do any photo shop work too, that you could see. It looks great sitting up. It looks great lady. Now. Okay, get to know the bras. I go out and feel them and touch them and no, like, you know, when clients, as you all know, I want that super duper broad. No, don't do that. Trust me, it's not going to make you look ten cups bigger is just gonna make you look heavier, so get to know them bottoms. We're gonna talk about bottoms. Okay, so this is the tissue part there's, a lot of different types of bottoms. And this's the thing there's words and people don't know the difference like what's the difference between a g string and a thong and what's the difference between brazilian and the boy cut and what's the difference between you know, people are confused by them confused by it so I'll show you a couple different different options something like this is a really cute bottom it's a g string because it just has the string but it has a little skirt on it and this is really cute for women that are sometimes a little concerned about there booty and if they're going to look big or small they went a little bit of coverage something like this is really cute because then kind of like this the bottom of the touch still sticks out too cute for pictures um this is more of, like a boy cut social sport sport here covers a little bit more I know you guys were looking like what are you doing? This is really your job it's important to know these things? Um my client's favorite is usually something like this these air, like a brazilian cut her a little bit of a boycott nation, a little cheeky there, cheeky bottoms I call them and clients are usually most comfortable in this because it shows a little bit of booty, but they don't feel very ex supposed and you could get some really cute cheap shots there so um didn't they tend to like that again? G strings usually are the smallest their strings literally that's why they're called that and then we also have some options like in a more vintage style which is very popular these days and these air great too because you can find versions of these that are like belly tucker's like spanx or other like shapewear that kind of really kind of high and they're vintage looking, which is beautiful but they're also kind of holding a woman's stomach in and it makes women feel good even if it doesn't matter in real life women get happy with that so that's another idea for bottom garters and stockings ok confusing there are two types of stockings and this is the probably the biggest mistake that I see when women come into these air thigh high stockings and most of them are sold with this rubber inside they also sell a version without the rubber inside but most clients come with us. You guys find that so when you have a guard er you back up for a second um garters kind of come to different way they're either attached to a piece of laundry like this these air what's called the garters they hold up the stockings or you could wear a garter belt so if it's not attached to your lingerie you could put this on over your underwear when I sing on the model and it will hold up the stockings and they come in all different versions. So if you want to wear the stocking there's two ways it's either attached to lingerie, wear a garter belt um, thie stockings with the rubber in them are actually if you don't have garters, so if you just want to wear them like with a dress or something of that nature and you don't want them to be held up by a gardener, you wear this in this rubber sort of sticks to your skin and it keeps the stockings up. The problem is, if you have gardeners to attach them is a really big pain in the but if it has this plastic on it cause it just doesn't fit properly, and this is where my client's always rip their stockings or get frustrated or ruin them. And these also with the rubber tend to really squeeze on the legs. They tend not to flatter thighs very much so if you khun talk your clients into getting the stockings without the rubber on the inside, those, they're going to be better for you as long as they don't they have something that holds them up, I don't know, but right here, take it. But also looks a liner saying please tell even says please tell her that this laundry part is great thank you for doing ah you're going through and talking about each other you know this is fantastic I don't know and learn how to attach the carters they're not easy to dio and clients will almost never know how to do them I've attached more garters I mean I could do it like my eyes close and they're always like how did you do that? I teach my clients how to do it because in case they actually want to wear the lodger again, they need to know so I know how to do it and don't be afraid to ask if you could help because chances are they're not going to ask you they're gonna be struggling in that studio like I'm trying to get my gardener on back here and you're going to like what is taking so long in there just say listen, you can change the next outfit let me know if you need help him an expert of gardeners I've done million atom knowhow to attach them you need a lesson also you just feel like every woman should know this that should be part of high school college depends which way you go teo well that's the thing and here's a trick about gardeners who you want to know a good trick okay if you're good enough, you can put them on, put it on, attach it or have somebody help you attach it when you take it off, just take it off in one piece, so when you want to wear them again, you just put it on in one piece, you don't have to actually take them off if you don't want to. Well, I'm actually tweeting people right now tweeting today lingerie on credit by, right? Right? You wanna know what you should be doing? Uh, way centers that something we see a lot of, but I'm starting to see them become a little bit more popular now. I wish I had an example of one, but I don't. They're almost like a corset without a top or a bottom, so they kind of go around your waist and they they pull in your waist and women that feel that they want to hide their stomach usually buy them and that's the last person that should be wearing them, they really meant for girls, it shouldn't be hiding their stomach just because then things sort of pop out of the top and bottom and it's just not flattering. So waste centres you have to be careful I don't recommend them highly for most women but if a woman is really very fairly slim and has nothing to hide and she wants to do it for an effect then they could be pretty cool but I just wanted to mention it because I had seen it a lot lately on a few different sites that seem to coming back then what? I know I can google this but what what is it? What does it look like? I'm your personal google yes you are okay picture like a course it with the top cut off and there's no bottom so it's just around your waist and it ties kind of in the back or in the front so it gives you like you know, like in victorian days got it ok, thank you. Welcome courts it and gusti a's does anybody well besides beckett's right here but you guys know what the difference is? Because people use the words all the time entertainment? Yeah, they're they're actually not although they are, people do use them interchangeably. Of course it actually gives you like curves on your waist where you pull it nice and tight like you know those movies where you see that women like pulling the corsets and they have like a ten inch waist now bustier is actually lift your breasts doing in tokyo so most women would look at this and call it a corset but it's actually a bustier because there's no like shoe lace in the back to make it tight it just fifty the way it is and it has a cup so it's given you a little bit of so this is actually a boost a versace of course I have some pictures but it's important to know because if you say the woman oh yeah just go get a corset and she shows up with a bustier two different things it's important to know this so that she knows what she's looking for this is of course it it's a secret of my favorite clients ever love her way put her in that thing and I'm like all right ready pull pull I mean it's kind but you see how it's really making her narrow at her waist that's of course that very waste pottering I love this for women who are like I've just had a baby I'm a little concerned about my stomach I have stretch marks you know a curvy girl people like to categorize themselves and that's something I also want to address when we're talking about like body types and what looks good on everybody types I don't categorize body type so I know there's a lot of like well how do I pose a curvy girl? What about a skinny girl and this and that every single woman is different to me I don't have rules if you ask me today to write a book about how do you pose a curvy girl? I couldn't do it because there's so many different types of curvy I'm kirby but I'm a size four right? Somebody else might be slender but a size ten it doesn't really matter so I individualize it by client not by category these air bustier is not corsets that making any sense to you through the difference okay, one thing I want to mention and I might even have a slide on this but with gusti days excuse me with blue stays in course that's depending on what a woman wants to hide, you might need to be careful of the space between the top and the bottom. This is a good amount of space because it's showing like a big difference between the two there's a definite separation and that piece is designed that way so it looks really good. But sometimes if something is meant to come down a little bit longer and the undue hours meant to come up a little bit more but there's a little bit of skin sticking out it's gonna look a little bit like muffin top even if she's a really thin girl she doesn't have anything going on there, you have to be careful to make sure that doesn't look that way random thoughts from jen yeah the dreaded often tough any questions on this you guys suffer good questions from the internet so cuddly koala asked what do you do for clothe what do you do if a client comes comes along that is busting out of bra a bra or panties that are cutting into them yeah with that I'll show you in a few minutes about that okay okay sunscreen and we have a couple of questions about specific broad types and um so what type would you suggest for really small breasted women if they're not comfortable with soft bras what I would suggest it that's the perfect example of why I work with the personal shopper and I worked with the laundry store because like I said, I don't categorize women so it's not like okay there's she small this brow will work what a small small might mean a small might mean bay small might mean you know she's up here she's done here I don't know that's why I want them to find somebody that they trust to help fit a woman and to say to the woman listen, I realize you're concerned about your size I'm going to send you to an expert who's gonna help fit you because if I unless I could be there personally in which I will would you ever give them like the silicone inserts like is that it tio tio lingerie stores and they're like water cutlets and like you know sort of silicone a big breast implants you look like a chicken you're raw that are outside your broad that I don't love them I always end up photoshopping them out at some point they're always sticking out of something so I don't tend to use them is it doesn't have to do like that perhaps you have two photoshopped them but also kind of that it's not necessarily a reflection of who they are and yeah long cleavages plenty of ways to do that imposing I don't need to have chicken cutlets for that yeah I don't really I never really I don't have them in the studio I've never really used them on a girl uses them she usually takes them out I don't really like them yeah but you know that's just me okay so I'm just trying to clarify for everyone again just created like took my chicken cutlets I don't know I thought this is not a cooking yeah this is not a so just to clarify again because people were still asking wait do you have lingerie start for your science and I will get to that perfect baby doll my least favorite look this's a baby die sometimes they're even more baby dollars like poo fear and very pretty and soft and this is what a woman buys when she's trying to hide her body but snot doesn't want to hide her body right, like they're kind of buried under lots of tulle and poof on what I find is it hides their body it just adds bulk to them I've never really seen a baby doll bit flatter somebody except for maybe something like this that sheer enough that I could still see her body but imagine it wasn't shir now it's just she's at your adding thickness to her middle and here's a skinny girl and you're adding book to her they don't hug the body they don't flatter the body women love them because that's why? Because they hide the body so I never I almost never ever we'll tag or a pin a baby's all on pinterest ijust don't don't find them flattering that is a good to know not just what does work, but what does an hour yeah and women tend to go to them because they're like, oh it's sweet and I'm trying to be sweet pretty but there's a million other ways to be pretty and flatter yourself than to hide behind things, but there is a comfort zone you know you're asking your client to step out of their comfort zone so they just bring things to hide themselves, which is you know we need to do that so slip slips I'll take over baby any day and it's a similar idea and yet totally different this's a slip this is something that hugs the body you're still hiding things like stretch marks maybe a little bit of a pooch or something of that that women are worried about but it shows off the shape of your body this is one that our model's gonna be wearing tomorrow this one here which I love and what I love about this too is its sheer in the back so it gives like a little into booty which is so cute and has the garters if they want aware but this is great and what's so nice about this too is the shape in the middle kind of slim is her down because now we're getting some nude on the outside and this is looking like the bulk of her body which is really much slimmer than her real body so this is a very flattering outfit for people in general I also have this which I showed before which is a great slip because it's kind of vintage e and what's awesome and has the sheer side panels so you get like a total peekaboo of the body is very sexy even though they're kind of covered up and it's a look it's definitely you know a vintage look it's for a girl who want something a little different this is a slip now this client have I mentioned how much I love her but I love her and she is very bottom heavy in her in her body type she's body heavy bottom have excuse me and she was worried about wearing things so close to her body and I just kept saying her. Trust me if you do it, it's going to show off your shape. We have amazing curbs. I don't care what size you wear. Your curves are amazing. We want to make them look good. And this did that for her. I mean, look at how tiny her waist looks here. Herbs that awesome this's. The same type of thing. Also, this is actually nothing. Fancy decisions. One of those body body swimmers, you know, like, uh, they keep everything where it belongs. Um, but I love these. I think it's just classic and simple silhouette and really beautiful. And it keeps everything in, and then she looks awesome. And this gives you support everywhere. You need it. This is another slip you came in through a bra on under these. Sometimes if they don't have like another wire, you could throw a bar brawl on to get a little more soup word. But again, they shows this shows off the curves of her body. If she was in a baby doll, I would totally be losing her. Okay you know when I've had a couple clients that come in and they're like I have this and I love it but I need help and I'm like oh my gosh I don't know where the string ghost that's white yeah you need to know where do I put that string and where does this tie and yeah yeah you need to know and if that if that means going to the store and being like you know what I noticed in this collection you have three things I have no idea howto put on somebody ask or you could just go simple something like this this is one of my favorite body suits the teddies ever this has just a clip at the bottom I love this so hot right and it's awesome because kind of like the panel and gives some interests and high some things I won't actually show you a picture of what it looks like she's wearing it it's so cool because it's like hi cut on the leg and it makes her legs look so long she's only like five to yeah and he didn't even show her whole body but look at how tall she looks right? Yeah I love this today this I mean yeah this tiny she it's an amazing coat on everybody and the back is super high too so it shows a lot of cheek which is really cute for the back yes bodysuit and teddy is the same thing well teddy's a more of a lingerie I'm gonna show you bodysuit bodysuit is actually this is literally a body suit it's like a dancer's body suit that I bought it at american apparel and I'll show you what that looks like smokin right we're going to put the model in this on saturday I think but I love like this deep v really sexy and she was a little bit of cleavage shows some you know naughty bits without getting like two out there she still pretty covered up look at how long her legs look um and it's kind of fierce you know it's like strong yeah it was like thirty bucks at american apparel um yeah I loved it this is one of my favorite teddy's from victoria's secret she's wearing it with carter's here it's kind of hard to see I realized but it has a nice support it's sheer it's lee see high leg really beautiful this is also leotardo I bought at american apparel for next to nothing we just threw it on with a couple of leg warmers you know boudoir doesn't have to be lingerie you know maybe this inspired her she's a dancer she's not a dancer but we made her one so you know but this is what inspired her and I think she looks awesome she's also maybe five feet tall she's really not that tall but the nice long leg rompers and short sets the's are awesome to start with their super cute and casual and women are they're kind of like pajamas that women tend to be comfortable in them they don't hide the bodies so much but a little bit so it's usually if a woman brings one it's the first outfit I start with so kind of ease her into this sexiness this is a perfect example and I love it it's like a deep v and it just kind of gives a hint of sexy and she's wearing it with her pearls even though it's totally casual it's cotton she's wearing it with heels, this is another example she could like totally go out on this and nobody would even know that it's launch right? But she feels like it's long dry, you know? And so she but this is a great thing to start with again, something you could probably put a broad underneath if you needed to to have a little we'll support another one when she looks like she could be going out like silk clothing. I love clothing for boudoir I'm gonna show you actually how to cut up a t shirt, and so this kind of answers your question a little bit we're goingto have a two part answer there is so what you do when a woman comes with ill fitting clothes make sure you have a couple t shirts on hand in different colors and shapes and sizes. I bought a t shirt from a craft store for three, ninety nine. Excuse me, mind if I stuck on my sister? So all I did was during the break. This was three, ninety nine literally, and what I do is that cut off the collar of the shirt like the scene, and then in the back, I folded the shirt in half this way, and I could kind of, and I can actually probably post a link to a youtube tutorial or something, but there's, a million youtube tutorials and how to cut a t shirt. Um, so what I would do is, you know what, I'm not gonna do it here. I thought I was gonna do it, but I feel like it's, a little awkward, but you consort of we've thes into each other. I make all these patterns here. And so if you're not really sure what to do or if something is ill fitting or something, make a really cool t shirt, cut up some t shirts and throw it over the bron underwear and be like, all right, you know what? I totally think, like, the sheer shirt over your bra on under would be awesome because I can see it through the shirt, but yet it gives me, like, something to play with with my hands and it's like a little bit of a tease, and now you're taking away all those little things that don't fit. So did you cut? Did you just so I kind of teacher in half actually this way, okay? And you know what? Maybe I'll finish it after and we can show it and take some pictures or something. And then just like, if you weave it threw it just creates a cool little interest. I do this with my client shirts all the time. So you know, when women come with like a batman t shirt or yankee shirt and it's, just not interesting and like let's, cut it up, let's make you know, let's, have some fun, so give yourself some education and how to cut things, make it off the shoulder, take out back, tie it up so this bike is often women will bring like men's t shirts and it's just not flattering I find and again if you have some sheer shares its great to throw over something that they're already wearing I also love sweaters, socks and were going to juice me see ofhis butter here um you know high socks like I said, the lead guitars shirts um anything that you find that women feel sexy in dresses are also a great one so my friend a man to here this is like a hot dress this could actually be laundry you don't even know the difference but this is a dress that she's wearing she looks smoking hot in it again this shirt with the dress with the zipper was really fun to play with, you know have a good time with that totally cute right little sports theme without being too masculine ok, lots of silence I think everyone's thinking like where we're gonna go shopping now your inspirational accessories shoes, jewellery, gloves this is another thing clients often come with very boring outfits, so we need to jazz it up a little bit. I also really hate when clients come with library and heels like call in which you're like two inch and one inch heels like this is the sexy issue I own so I do keep shoes in my studio I keep a black and a nude and basically anything else? My clients want to leave me, which they do often because they will be like I bought this for this shoot. They were ten dollars. I'm never wearing them again. Can I just leave them here? Awesome. So I have a collection of different shoes in my studio. Um, just something simple with a platform. Just black. I'm not gonna lie by all my shoes in a size seven and a half because that's my size. And if I'm going to be buying them, I certainly need to be able to wear them. So, um, but I do find that that pretty much an average size so, like a six confession to a seven and an eight can fit into a seven. And that's, probably a majority of the population, is somewhere between a six and an eight. I will buy a couple of tens because a nine and an eleven can fit in a ten. You know, something like that. So if anything at least have a pair of black heels and nude heels because they will match everything. Um, I have some other cool accessories in my studio. Uh, this one I brought with me today, and I forgot to bring it out here, which is really cool, but I have, like, these awesome beat in handcuffs are kind of cool in this heated body chain that could be changed all sorts of ways to work together and I think that they're really beautiful and meet and if a client shows up but like a plain black broad underwear we're just a pair of underwear it is like this is kind of boring, but I didn't know what else to do I can jazz it up with some accessories I don't really do the lace blindfold anymore because everybody else is doing it now christian grey stole my idea but I'm just saying I was doing it for where he was uh but that's really a you know, a great accessory tohave you know, just whatever is hot at the moment uh, you know, you could look through fashion magazines, get some ideas you could make your own things just to kind of have a little fun okay, before we get into the suggested items to keep in the studio. Which aunt is the second part of your question and in questions about what I've gone over? But you know I'm afraid we're going to run really short here cause nobody has any questions you got it, you got questions you can always count on fashion tv in singapore the four questions so fashion tv has asked quick they're quick questions, but what are your views on brawl it's and bandeau tops and maybe you could even describe what a brawl it is for people who might think what they mean brawl it's air sort of like almost like a demi cup kind of pushing up sort of a half cup I love them if they're fit properly on a woman because if she's too big it's not going to be attractive but for smaller chested women or media chested women I think that they're really cute I like him a lot tops I tend to not like they tend to just flatten everybody okay yeah we want to get some cleavage and some sexiness and it's hard to do that in a bandeau top again I'm not saying that that's for every single woman cause again every woman is different but in general I think it's not a good idea and fashion tv also asked you ever use bus tape on your clients you can I keep it in the studio but I've very rarely used it bust tape is sort of like a double stick tape and it's just sold for a lot more money because it has a fancy name so you can just sometimes like if something is gaping you can put tape on there it's sort of like what j lo uses to keep her dresses on her chest even though because they don't blow away yeah you can just put double stick tape on um I would rather just fit properly, okay. I don't want to go into too many what about this? What about that but uh delgado photo had asked do you have any tips for dealing with women who have prominent breast bones? I think breast bones yeah yeah right. Okay, um yeah, just make sure I think it's more in the lighting than the laundry to make sure it's little more flat lit because if you like them from the side it's going to become very obvious there um and maybe just if they have long hair use that to cover it up well, thank you you guys have any questions? Who's going shopping all right, everyone, we don't actually have questions about what you did go shopping while you are here did so maybe we could talk about some of the places let's see, I had a note about that. Well, we had an interesting shopping experience because don't forget I'm from new york where I could get anything I wanted any given time true and then they transplanted me to seattle and said shop for three women and I'm like where's the mall as I'm standing in the mall making but where's the stuff you know well different here s so we really had to make it work I'll show you some of the outfits we bought we did go to victoria's secret and we had a really you know, nice time there we bought this for one model which again I love and then we brought we brought a braun underwear said it dropping everything which is this which I love. No, this is not the top. Hold on now, here's also, you're gonna laugh at me but here's where I'm also taking my pillar words into consideration when I shop for laundry this broad's a perfect example so it's intimate because it's lingerie it's feminine because it has lace and it's fearless because it has a little bit of the leopard print on it which I find to be a little fearless, right? So it fits into all my pillar words and I'm like obviously this is the output for the photo shoot so when you have these filler words and you're authentically you, it helps you with every single area of your business what the girl should wear, what they should look how I want my model's toe look s oh, yeah that's just a little side note and then we also bought this body's too which I thought was really pretty and has a really sexy back so we bought these at do you want to know places I like to shop okay, I love if you're looking for inexpensive items I love places like forever twenty one, hmm american apparel ami club, where is a place online that sells a ton of in expensive shoes and crazy things that you have to really sort that before? But they have a lot of great stuff. I get a lot of my shoes, they're, um the trace secret is a love hate relationship victoria's secret, what they have that's really good is really good, everything else is really bad, and when I mean that I don't even mean style, I mean, more fit, they're really styled she fit the masses, which is totally against what I'm about so, like, a thirty four b might not fit every thirty four b, but you think it does because, well, you're a thirty four b and that's it, and nobody there I found has ever really been able to size properly, so I tend to like a little more small boutiques, especially because I'm in new york, but if you don't have that, then just find a place where they really know how to size you. Nordstrom's is very good at that there's, a store called intimacy it's, very good at sizing women. I mean, you guys watch oprah, right? Like, women are all wearing the wrong bra size for whatever reason that's like a big epidemic in our country, but it is I mean but it's true, when a woman puts on her brother really fits them, it totally changes their posture and the way that they look and it makes him lose a little bit of weight or at least it looks like they dio and it's important to find things that fit properly so I don't always love the chain stores for things like that, but again, I don't want my clients to spend two thousand dollars in lingerie and not spend any money on me, so I try to be really cautious of that and that's again going back to the mood boards what I love because I can sort of say, listen, just don't go in victoria's secret and shop to your heart's content let me tell you what works. We shot this before, and I know that these outfits work for accessories I love for over twenty one love I think that they have like like I think these hearings were seven eighty awesome even if she just wears it once, you know, but some of the stuff I keep in the studio we'll talk about any other questions I do have a couple of ah, a couple of more questions christy from refined rebel who says I says, I don't have a fish, but he doesn't know what works best to enhance it and make it look like I do um it's posing there's no, unless you're going to go buy one of those like little things, that the pits and it, nothing is really going teo make you look like you have a tush. I find that the little brazilian co were a little bit hanging out the bottom we could make that work if you pose in the right way, but yeah, it's about the posing and should see that if she ever let me shot her, shoot her. S o that come on, chris really called act as she's a rebel and all refined rebel. And how do you know how to advise plans on what to wear if you've never met them in person? Because I asked him for a picture? I'm glad you brought that up. I can't believe I didn't mention that before. I do ask that all of my clients after I have my priest, you consul with them for a picture of their face and a full length picture, and I let them know this is not for judgmental purposes. This is so I can send them to my maker, partisan hairdresser, and I can try to fit you for wardrobe so that I'll get better, and the thing is, they're going to tell you during their pre should console, by the way, my boobs are huge, and my boobs are small or my ass is bigger and my waist is really tiny they're going to tell you because they know what is good and what is bad and they want to look good so they're not going to be afraid to tell you that stuff okay? So once again do you ask your clients what body type that they have oh our um and then again like would you ever say that to somebody said you would talk about pictures but no I never talk about body type I don't like stereotyping women into categories because everybody's different you know when they do those magazine articles were like the jeans at best that your body type I go through I'm like well that's my body type no that's my body type oh no I have that problem that's my body type I don't know what body type I am really and honestly I feel like it kind of changes every day so you know today I might be this body type tomorrow like oh it's so bloated on this body type so um no, I don't ask them that and they don't know even if I asked them but they are anyway, right? So he's a relative yeah, I don't want women to feel like I'm judging categorizing you know, observing too much I just want to make it really simple uncomfortable for them and christy it refined rebel says in all scream caps I told you yes ok, d'oh okay, so we get teo actually see says and then we just that we don't categorize people but what what do you recommend for plus sized clients? Corsets were love corsets that's a very general statement but I do love courses because they really give a woman beautiful shape. Yeah, and I find that women that are plus size usually like corsets to it makes them feel very sexy. Nice. Thank you. Okay, one more fellow question they keep coming in good times. Dave carpenter studio says that picture that you asked for is it a fully dressed picture or like the women in a swimsuit picture? No to see what their bodies. Yeah, well, I would never ask for a picture of a woman in a swimsuit. Andi he should really never asked for a picture of a woman and I don't even have a picture of me in a swimsuit because if I did, I'd put it in the fireplace. So no, uh it's true about the, uh no, just regular everyday picture and that also gives you good idea of their style and what they like to show off because if she's wearing a shirt in her like shirts down to here and she's showing off her cleavage you're like, ok, this woman is very comfortable with her breasts you know, if she's wearing a really short skirt you're like all right well she loves her legs so that will also help cause she's going to send you a picture where she thinks she looks good and that represents her even if she's not conscious of that so once again I'm sorry to to repeat what we have big audience that's both men and women yes this conversation's still is feeling so uncomfortable to some men out there and I have with science so again, what are some of your thoughts on that? My thought is this if a woman hires a man to shoot her that's pretty uncomfortable too and if you're asking your client to step out of their comfort zone to have you shoot them, you should feel comfortable enough to step out of your comfort zone and walked into a lingerie store and start asking questions and the truth of the matter is I went to victoria secret yesterday and I bought a broth for myself and a man helped me pick it out for five seconds I went so I do this right now and I mean, you know what? Whatever if he works here he obviously has the education he's the expert I'm going to trust him to point me in the right direction even though he himself does not have a chest like mine thank you for that about him so go on jury shopping I'm giving you permission so jenna, I think I think we are gonna have a good amount of time after we keep going but teo go back and and talk about some questions that we couldn't get to earlier in the day if that works for you totally so I just want to end by everybody out there tio tio more questions about whatever we've talked about today that we we should be able to have time for more though so you guys to start thinking about more questions about what we've talked about today so top items that keeping the studio yes okay, so no, I do not keep a full wardrobe in the studio first of all for anybody that wasn't here this morning my studio is about the size of this rug so I don't have room to keep things in the studio so these air this is what I keep shoes like I said nude in black if anything, in a minimum, something sheer will show you what I'm talking about. This is one of my favorites I bought this on etsy this is awesome kathy to sort of answer that question this is a great thing to throw over like a braun underwear because you can still see the body underneath especially if it's like black or white but yet it covers all of the things we don't want to see fabric you'll see tomorrow I hang some fabric on the wall, so it looks like a horrendous outfit and she just didn't fit herself properly. We're going to play with fabric and just kind of cover yourself this way and you do this, you know, I can work around pretty much. Excuse me. Anything? Um, so I keep lots of different fabric and ah, hair extensions. I don't keep them, but my hairdresser does, um, often times when women will send you pictures of themselves all done up, and you don't realize that their hair's really fine or really short, and they'll say, do I want really long curly hair? And they come in with hair like yours? Lauren, you know, really short or they'll come in with hair like courtney, and they're like, oh, I want it down here, and then what do you going to do at that point? You know? So you want to make sure you keep hair extensions so you could give them a look that there that they want accessories I keep tons of, like I said, you could go to forever twenty one and by, like, all sorts of accessories, you could spend, like fifty bucks to get fifty eight things from there, so it's awesome. The body suits I keep in the studio because you can actually wear underwear underneath the bodysuit so that this way they can go person to person like I'll wash them in between but there's no sanitary issues I never ever, ever, ever keep a bottom or let women share bottoms or return bottoms like if a client is laying in bed and we do something where the tag sticking out, I'll be like, can I cut off the tag and she's like, no, I'm going to return them I'm like, no, we need to cut off the tag like that's, not kosher it's not like good lingerie juju you need can't do that so you know, I never keep any of that kind of stuff in the studio, but bodysuits well and then t shirts to cut up, which again also think a little bit or tomorrow we'll show maybe I'll throw it on one of the models easy stuff. This is actually this piece right here she was just wearing black broad underwear she's probably like I said, maybe five feet tall, she's like a tiny little nothing and this is the same thing on my friend italian who's probably five, nine, five, ten she's actually, she has a baby now, but she was four months pregnant here and she wanted to hide her little belly little baby bump but she had brought in underwear so how are we gonna do that? Throw this on I don't have to edit it we don't have to see it you still look hot and sexy that's a brilliant with brilliant yeah so that's that's my lingerie lesson everybody let me just show you a couple of other things I have here thiss I also bought off of um let's see, I believe I have not used it yet but I have a plan for it. In theory this is vintage laundry which you can buy tons of on etc I just think it's super pretty like backlit kind of lovely gotta see kind of the the thing is I probably paid fifteen dollars for this and I could totally cut it up and make it into something else and not feel bad about it. So whenever I see something like this I'll just buy it even if it's not really the right size or something, I know that I can play with it later. Um creepy cloth is something that was introduced to me by another photographer stuff it sort of what's weird about this is like it's kind of cool you can like make holes in it you could do whatever you want with it and then I guess when you wash it and dry it it goes back to the way it was before if a woman doesn't bring the right laundry or you need to cover up like I ate my stomach but I brought all brawn underwear ok good then let's just kind of use some fabric let's play a little bit this is awesome stuff you can shoot through it you know you could have a lot of fun with something like this so it just random fabrics and things that you see that you like I would keep in the studio you can play with them different ways I also on bought this this is also really pretty just against year this might be for somebody who's just you know something doesn't fit right or something might be missing it doesn't take away from the woman's body but it could add something really interesting it's pretty right this is something I use for a chute which will probably see through through the day that I bought for a model but just, um american apparel top and bottom and then I just felt like this little sheer shirt that went over it also american apparel but again, if somebody isn't really want to show their stomach they don't want to hide their body these shears air really awesome because it hides booze without hiding the body think that's what all I brought right? Yeah so I'm just I'm curious because well first of all thank you e ther but I think it's really interesting that that we were kind of all a little bit quiet and a little bit shy as we started to talk about all of this and I would love to check in with you guys and see like, how does this make you feel or how how are you going about doing this with your clients talking to them about what to wear and just some kind of reactions to this because I find that it's really interesting it's funny how the energy shifted right that's the same way I think what happens when people walk into the store and they don't know what to do and they're afraid to ask and it's funny because we're really all grown women here it's not where anybody is like, oh, I've never had abroad before free money grown women it should probably be something that we're all comfortable with and this is part of the feminine and being able to be comfortable with things like this because if you're not comfortable with it certainly your client's not going today but I'm interested to hear your experiences well, I mean, I was kind of just don't know what kind of questions to ask, you know, like regarding lingerie it's very informative to sit here and have you go and this is good for this and this and so it's like I just want to suck up the information because I honestly don't like it's, not that I don't think about it, but I don't think I've really ever just sat and thought, if I have this kind of client, I should probably recommend this and steer her away from that, you know, like I personally I've been like, oh, what kind of fun accessories, you know, could I bring it? Because I like sparkly things, you know? So I'm always at the store looking for those kinds of items as opposed to, like, you know, like he's cool, like the sheer fabrics like, I love that I have never gone into a store and, like, you know, be lines looking for something like that, I can guarantee you I'm going to forever twenty one today to see what I can find. So, you know, like, for me, it was just a lot of information where, you know, I kind of just go interesting he do go to farmer twenty one there's, a very similar shirt to this there it was there yesterday and there's a lot of sheer stuff right now, but there is a sure when I was and I said, oh, that looks just like the share shirt I have think it's like off the shoulder a little bit, but and I might buy that the thing is what's so great about forever to anyone is if you don't like what you're buying, but she liked the idea that you could buy it and change it and fix it, and if you ruin it, who cares? It was like ten dollars, you know? So I have fun with that stuff, it's sort of the girly side of me that loves to play dress up in those dress of dolls we had when we were little and like, how can I make you look the best that you can? You know, yeah, I think that's it is the kind of, like, so now we've gone through, and for me, I kind of go, oh, you know, like, I should start thinking about, like, other accessories that even I would wear, you know, like little belts or, like, that kind of stuff, you know, it's like a great look if she has, like, a bra and underwear and you put a card again and you belt the card again over the brawn underwear, we're like a blazer over a braun underwear were even a body suit, something really fierce like that, like those tiny little like, I don't know, like the shrunken blazers or something so fun a scarf necklaces, you mean, you can take regular wardrobe pieces and incorporate it into your boudoir and I think it kind of like and I'm not just talking about like a man's white shirt because that's so everybody does that I'm boring sometimes it's what women want but it's because that's what they see so when a woman says to me, well, I want to incorporate my husband shirt I go, I have a better idea let's do this and then okay, great! They're only asking for because it's, although they know um so have other ideas, genes or another great ones they have a favorite pair of jeans, you could do a lot of, you know, sexy stuff, maybe even topless with the para jeans or really hot shirt. I don't know if you remember I showed the picture of the girl with the, um, boxing robe I said I was she would hit me, she had like, a tank top that just kind of showed a little bit of side boob, super hot, but it was just a t shirt we cut up, you know? I was going to say, I think part of my silence has to do with even though we're just talking about clothing, I'm asking my clients to come and be fearless and to open themselves up and yet as a woman, I'm like, I don't know what I would wear or I don't think that would look good on me or what would be flattering to me and so there's something kind of personal and vulnerable about going to a lottery store and having some other women poke at you and fit you in something yeah, and, you know, I really recommend buying some laundry even if it's not something you normally wear or um I really recommend all of you guys buy some laundry and have a boudoir shoot if you haven't under boudoir shoot yet you're missing out first of all it's really awesome and fun and I believe it even more after I did one that I did before even though I was selling them. Secondly, when your client asked you, have you ever did one? You certainly don't want to be like, no, I wouldn't do something stupid like that, you know, um, but third, it changed my business because I realized a lot of things like for example, I was starving when I left my shoes because I didn't eat five days before I immediately started giving the girl swag bags when they came in to make sure they had a snack silly, stupid little things like that that aren't so silly and stupid to your client's little changes it that make your clients were really special, so I own some of these things myself so when a client comes in and I recommended to rocco listen I own that bodysuit I know it's hot I love it you should definitely wary we have similar body types um I let me make the get the record straight here I don't like ron brandt in lingerie all the time I have two children I'm sure my husband wishes I did but I don't but I do make sure I I get laundry and I make sure that I spend money on lingerie that makes any sense I don't just go to forever twenty one by six dollar bra I have some things in my collection that are really super nice and very special because I sort of believe it's an energy thing I do it my clients will do it too I can't tell them what to do if I'm not living by example thank you so what you just said they're um that's why I've been so silent because I'm thinking I'm really familiar with the guard and everything because when I was younger and thinner, I wore all of this all the time and then as you get older and you know life happens and then your metabolism dives um you know, I'm thinking I wouldn't wear any of this at this point in my life life right now so there's um you know, my insecurities that I pass on to my clients like um you know, you should really think about of course set and they may not need to go there because they work out and they have a nice enough body so that's where my silence is coming from a little bit with this but a funny story when I switch studios in the past I was having them changed out in the open behind like a little what's that called petition eso when they were struggling getting their outfits on I knew about it right away and I was right there to help him with it with this new studio they've chosen to go in the bathroom and shut the door and she was in there for like twenty minutes and I was like I didn't know if I should knock on the door what was going on in there and she had been struggling to get her garters on this whole time and I felt so stupid yeah definitely not if she's in there too but you know what I find really interesting about this conversation was is how much I feel I felt a little silly in the beginning thinking everyone's really quiet is this really stupid on dh? You know, I'm thinking in my head but I really thought this was relevant when I came up with this because laundry is so scary and so intimidating and when I'm realizing really listening to you guys is this is really about us right not about the client so much and comfort level and how much we expect from other people on it goes to prove the point that it's such a personal project and you know it's not it's, not just about them it's about you guys too and I think that that's really a great lesson to learn to save your client's listen who's scared sometimes going into a lingerie store too and I'm a boudoir photographer so let's make this really easy to make it easy for you maybe I'll hold your hand and I'll go with you how nice would that be if she had you? You know, because she's gonna have her friend go with her who's going be like you've lost something that when she's like piling out the side you know but not to be afraid to do it with your client and never to be afraid to say your client I'm scared too I haven't securities to or I can't you look amazing in that I can't wear that cause my butt is too big or whatever it might be because you know what? I haven't security's too I mean it's just like weird why is an emotional first? People will be talking about shopping and launch right? But it's not funny how it happened now we're boudoir photographers were around this all the time now imagine how your clients feel they're not well you've also set the intention with fearless and feminine I think those air to very loaded words that we don't have conversations like this about an intimate yeah and and women trusting other women it's very hard for women to trust other women for some reason or another because women are not always good to other women and if you you are the silence in here is deafening a little bit thin ray's right now wayne is um it's definitely like a woman to woman moment and I think this might be an advantage a little bit there might be different advantages for women and for men men don't have this emotional reaction to it so they could might maybe be a little more clear cut this is what looks good on you from a man's view and this is what doesn't because their pictures are from a men's I our pictures are from a woman's eye and like I said women are not always so good to women and when they find that they can trust you and they can you're going to give them an honest opinion even over their best friend you know that's going to build our relationship and that's that's why I'm so sorry that's why it's good to go shopping with them or tell them where to go shopping or have somebody that you trust shop with them because they want to build that trust see, I love going shopping for laundry I love going and just checking things out and I have like in my studio I have a closet filled with corsets and all sorts of and clients would love it but now I'm thinking maybe I shouldn't be offering that because they're not getting exact right fit for everything because I use clips in the bag or whatever to make it fit for them so we have team fuse you why go yeah but if it's working for you why go against it? I'm just saying financially I wantto give you a hug though I know I understand I think it's fun to and believe me I would shop every day if I could but the thing is financially are you doing yourself a favor in your studio by spending all that money on things that don't even fit so well? Wouldn't you rather save your client? I was out today and I saw I think I just said out like in a totally canadian where you guys are rubbing off on me but I was out today and I saw this amazing courses at forever twenty one you should go pick it up had your name all over it or take a picture of it in texas to hurt this has your name all over it too I mean to pick it up for you what's your size or whatever it might be could be her girlfriend but you don't have to take on the expense for all these clients that you have why would you do that? I don't mean that like in a page and I see my interesting I want to hug you like you don't need to do that it's okay? You don't have to take the expense on I'd rather you spend the money on generic things like these shears and stuff that could be used on five different body types and trying to fit every woman I just wanted to say that that point we made about well I had a client that showed up with pretty ill fitting clothes and I think the point that you made about you know, that's kind of my fault or we need to be educating them and this is helpful for us to be able to put into words what it is that they need to be looking for where you know have that conversation be the conversation starter because they're not going to ask about it they're going to think they don't know what to ask just like you guys said well, I don't even know what to ask yeah that's where I know what you came you there that's where I thought it was really helpful having that conversation with their claim awesome well and uh corin to says every boudoir photographer should do a photo shoot of herself or have one done for herself so that she can experience how it makes her feel put herself in the shoes of her client and I think it's like if you were a chef for so many other things would you serve a dish to somebody without even tasting it do that on top chef sometimes they kicked off e because they're like what do you mean it's too salty? You didn't taste it what do you thinking? Have you guys all had a photo shoot you have yeah yeah no you have not it was a challenge one of the most liberating things I did to write like I mean yeah women are always like they throw up so station said I haven't eaten for days it's like, don't you? I start myself to want to be a skinny, you know, whatever but like that's for that but I went because I got a teddy for my shoot and like I'd been in a lingerie shop and I had no idea what on earth like I wasn't asking I was like it's kind of like a bathing suit and she's like a teddy and I'm like no that's kids you give those two kids you know and you know, since having done my own session, you know I find women you know, when they find out they suddenly have a little bit of extra confidence like, oh you did it well how was it and I'm like you know what? The first five minutes were terrifying because you're completely putting yourself out there you know, the only person that sees me in anything like this is my husband you know and now I'm staring at you and I have a big camera in your face and I'm you know asking you to do all sorts of stuff you know like so you know I always give them permission to be nervous just just be nervous it's totally fine like I'm here to help you and you know that it was on awesome experience and I totally would love to do again because now I've done it it's like riding space mountain it didn't get to go again but there's also a comfort inn saying nerves or normal I have do it to when I sat in the makeup chair this morning the makeup artist listen everybody it's ever sat in this chair has been nervous like you made me feel like normal you know like okay didn't make me feel less nervous but it made me feel like my nerves were normal and that was comforting for me you know, making your clients feel like it's normal it's comforting I did it teo I survived I let every you know I've helped every client get through it just like I'm gonna help you get through it, I'm on your team you know, this is not like even one behind the camera I'm still here for you and uh yeah so I'll tell a little story about my shoot the reason I got getting into boudoir photography is because I did issue for my husband as a wedding gift and I had the best time planning my own shoot the photographer wasn't very involved but I you know, I was kind of sneakily asking my husband like, you know, you know what? Your fantasy and he said something about ice cream so I did like the whole roller skates ice cream cone thing you know and is funny but that's super care in the end I look at those photos I think ten times more than he looks at those photos in the end it meant way more to me than I think it did to him and why do you think that is because of the effect that it had on me the experience, the way the way I felt after I saw them it was like, wow, I can't believe that that's me and I'm a I'm a pretty big tomboy you know, I ride motorcycles and you know, my husband's like thinks I'm sexiest when I'm covered in mud after a dirt dirt bike accident you know e yeah, so seeing myself that feminine yeah, it changed me in a big way and that's why I'm here today oh, yeah, we have crying. I know. Listen, I when I did my brood war shoot was after my second child. And, um, yeah, I did it mostly just to experience what it was like for my client, you know, to say, well, yeah, I did it like I was I was kind of like, I just get this off. I don't even know what I'm doing, but it reminded me that sweat pants can't ever take away my sexiness. It reminded me that no matter what happens all those days, I go without makeup, and I have my hair up in a ponytail and I'm covered with spit up or whatever it was that that woman still existed in here somewhere. She might not be alive every day, but but, you know, we're visible every day, but she is in here and nobody can take that away from me, not ponytails, not sweat pants, not spit up nothing. Yeah. Good for you. I'm proud of you for doing that. Yeah, it is powerful. It is powerful. I just want to say that I did it for myself. Like I don't have a husband boyfriend. Whatever. I just did it for myself and just experience what it is to be on the other side and I totally felt like I was going to throw up on the morning of it was the most nerve racking thing and I just kept telling myself like this is retarded because I do this like for other women yeah, but now I look at those photos and like I honesty well, I'll see you thinking usually during the day I feel like the ugliest person in the whole world so then I look at those photos in like, well there's that that was me but hey it's a good reminder e I had it all out like panic attack tonight for I'm telling you I was like, I'm not going I can't do this I can't breathe my eyebrows are bushy I don't like you no, I'm coming with every excuse not to go it's like I said until my assistant was like, get yourself together and I'll see you at seven in the morning, okay? You know it because yet do I have the right stuff and then I remember her saying, ok, lay out your outfit, I'm laying at everything I own I'm like, oh, I am the most annoying client I am the girl that I hate I can't believe that, but it gave me a different perspective and it allowed me to handle my client with a little more kid gloves you know make sure that I really stepped through because we do do it all the time every day they don't they don't mean they need our help all right, so we have more questions coming in and thank you all for sharing that wonderful people are sharing online as well and so a question was from corrine too and I think I saw another one about this about women uh who have had breast cancer have mastectomies either single or a double have you photographed women and what kind of outfits lingerie accessories do you recommend um I have done it usually I photograph women prior to miss ectomy trying to contact me say listen, I want to do this before I go into the knife um what would I do after I mean stuff like this is great um but I think uh, you would need to ask your client how much they wanna show her high because some women are very proud of it and say, you know what? I want to be out there and and show everything and some women don't it's really a matter of their comfort level, right? And that's true no matter what I mean, for me I treat all women the same it doesn't matter if she is, you know she feels different doesn't matter whatever you're comfortable with, I'm gonna follow that and you know, this is getting back to supplies in your studio do you have an emergency kid like safety pins or like that sort of stuff laying around staples? No yeah, I mean, over the years we've collected lots of handsome think but I've never really had a serious emergency the best thing to keep in your studio's a scissor because everybody forgets to take their tags off and then they're ripping them off and you don't want to you know rip plunge right uh but I do keep extra stocking sometimes and like I said, shoes and earring backings things like that well, I'm just, uh reading some of these quotes here we had asked people um what people have been feeling out there just kind of like this discussion um that we were having a rh here in the studio and rachel h says I'm just starting to test the waters of boudoir photography as in as in I found three amazing books on amazon six weeks ago this could not this workshop could not have come at a better time. I have found that and for target that my photography in general I have hit a wall as far as how to get mohr and how to grow the business so that this was just at the perfect perfect time awesome all right, any other question and the other questions um and we want it. We were thinking that we could go back again and ask questions from earlier today. So you guys again, if you have any, this question just came in from david carpenter studios on a scale of one to ten how emotional is a shoot like this for most women? I would like to think that the, um, emotional factor is at zero when I'm shooting them because we want to keep it light and fun. We don't want to be crying. And what not the viewing session of the purchasing session tends to be where the emotions are not during the shoot. Um, during the shoot, we're keeping it light. We're having a good time with laughing. There's music playing. We're eating chocolate it's a really fun thing. Yeah, we've had a number of questions and, um, the age range of your client. So who's, do you work with older women when it's shown your oldest client that you worked with sixty? Yeah, and, um, yeah, I've shot a bunch women in their fifties up to sixty. Um, my but I'm finding now the more I gets more specialized into what I jim finding my clients are not in that range. My clients are usually between thirty and forty. Or maybe late twenties depending on how mature they are uh this is based off of also the conversation we kind of had this morning with how old are you and how well do you know? Yeah, I'm thirty seven and I'm trying to find myself what I find is that women in their thirties something happens of thirty besides your metabolism er that you start, I'm coming into yourself a little bit more that searching for who you are and why you do what you do and all of that sorts happening more in your thirties, especially late thirties, maybe you've had well, at least in my situation where I've had my children and they're getting a little bit older now and I'm starting to go okay remember me? Why am I here again? What do I do? Who am I so that's the girl that I'm looking for the girl who wants to reconnect with her feminine side who wants to break her boundaries? And I find for me that's mostly in the thirty to forty ish range all right, yes. Um I find that to be true the girls that come in that air like nineteen and have perfect bodies are not nearly as mature or confident as a woman in her fifties who may not have a perfect body and who may have lots of wrinkles but there's something that happens in that forty year old in their minds, they're just more confident, and I actually really enjoyed my older clients. Because of that. I think women in that age rage, let go a little bit more like, what do you what are we holding on to for, you know, what's what's, why you get a little wiser, you start realizing, well, if I let go a little bit, I'm gonna actually living life, going to be embracing my life, that's, how I feel, at least that's. What fearless is for me saying, you know what? I need to embrace all those things that have scared me.

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I don't know Jen or anyone in the class but I related so well with everyone involved in this workshop. I felt like I was in Oregon in the audience because I was so engaged.. haha Jen was so candid and detailed with every aspect. She never held back any information. If you would like to receive many helpful posing tips and so many great sales ideas and client communication advice then BUY THIS NOW! I debated between Jen and Christa but I totally connect with Jen as a person. She's so down to earth and has a fearless confidence that is contagious! It rubbed off on me so much that the day after I finished watching, I reached out to 4 bridal shops about partnership marketing and have a meeting on Monday with the lingerie shop that I really wanted to work with! I also started my ala carte price list the next day. If you've ever been to PPA and you know the feeling of leaving the confrence with a whole lot of pep in your step, if your anything like me, you will feel exactly the same after watching this 3 day workshop. I highly recommend!

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Jen is just simply amazing at what she does and as a teacher. She keeps it real all the way. And despite what your husband says, I think you're funny! ;) So glad I purchased this course! Thank you.

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