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Conquering Content-Aware with Lesa Snider

All right, let's pop into photo shop, shall we? So every once in a blue moon, a software company creates a feature that is truly magical and adobe did that with content aware scale back in cs for ok. So in every version since then since five and c six we have gotten new tools that take advantage of this new technology and it is really amazing. What is this technology? My ask? Well, photoshopped can actually analyze your image and a sign like a priority system to the parts that it finds. So in other words, if you take a picture, that's got a big old swath of blue in it for a big old swath of green in it photoshopped things oh that's probably a rather unimportant sky or rather unimportant chunk of grass so you can use these tools to scale your image and photo shot will leave allegedly most the time leave your subject alone and just scale the unimportant background parts. We also have this technology available now with the patch tool and six we've also got a content where move tools they ...

can use that to scoot objects around. I really wish it was called content where scoot because that's about all you could do with it, you cannot move something from the far right side of your image to the far left side that's not going to work but you can scoot things around and that's going to be an amazing I will love seeing that so we've got all kinds of wonderful tools we've got continent where that's available with the phil command we've also got the content we're option for the spot healing brush so we're going to be looking at all those different tools and we're gonna discover which situation you need to use which tool win so that's what we're going to do so the first image we're going to start with and I've named the folders of the download according to what tool we're going to be using to you go right to those exercise files so first off we're going to use the content aware scale option and again this came along and cs four so if you're running any previous version you're not going to see that but you can download a trial copy of photo shot from adobe dot com so that you can play along with us here so here we go if you take a peek in my layers panel on the right hand side of the screen here you can see a lovely image of two folks riding their bicycles but if you take a peek in the layers paint you can see that I've got two layers going on so here is the original layer and this is we're going to create see how they are closer together the two focal points in the image so we're going to use content aware scale, tio squish that image and push our subjects closer together. This is a fabulous technique if you've got a photo that needs to fit within a certain size let's, say in a magazine or lay out and you just need your subjects closer together, you know, so a situation in which cropping is not going to help you to reduce the size of the photo, because if we crop this one, we could end up cropping out half the back tire on the right or the bundle of flowers that she's holding, so you want to use content where scale and cropping isn't really gonna work for you so let's, take a look at how to do that. I'll go ahead and turn off the layer I created for you the first thing you're going todo to use content where scale is duplicate the layer because you don't want to mess up your original in case you're scaling goes bad, so we're going to go ahead and duplicated by activating the photo layer the layer in which you wantto get it and we're going to do this with a keyboard shortcut, which is command j on a mat or control j on a pc I remember that keyboard shortcut by thinking, ok, I'm going to jump that content up on another layer. If you don't have a selection for the shop will duplicate the entire layer if you have a selection or marching ants on your screen and you press commander control j then it's going to jump just that selected area up onto another layer so now we've got our duplicate layer now let's trot up teo the we're going to go and turn off our background later so that we can see the how far were scaling was trying to the edit menu and choose content where scale or if you I want to use your fingers and toes and elbows and you can use the keyboard shortcut wishes shift option comand see that's a bunch of keys or a shift all control scene but it was also in the edit menu so it's going to use that when you do you're going to get the what looks like the bounding box of the free transform tool that allows you to resize content so what we're going to do if we want tio scoot the's folks together we're going to grab the right corner handle this guy right here and we're just going to click and hold down her mouse button in drag to the left and as I do that see how photo shop is changing the background but not the subject's isn't that amazing it's all press escape and do that again so we duplicated the layer tied up to the edit menu choose content aware scale and now let's click and drag the right most middle handle and then just click and dragged to the left and you can see how the background is being squished and squashed okay, so that's pretty amazing stuff when you're finished go ahead and press return because photo shop has a one track mind and will not let you do anything else while you've got that act inbounding box on there it will squawk it you if you try to do anything else so you have to tell it you're finished with that so as you can see that pretty amazing and this image you know has a lot of busy background but photo shop is looking for skin tones it's looking for unimportant parts of the image and those are the parts of the image that are being changed you have a hell of a time trying to do this with any other tool I mean can you imagine the only other solution to scoot these folks together would be some cloning tool madness for real or you might, you know, cut the picture in half with a selection tool and then try to delete some of that center area so content where scale is the best way to go on that so let's take a look at that oh, and if you want to crop out the transparent area that we're seeing on the right hand side which is what that checkerboard pattern denotes then we can do that easily, and this is an extra special tip for you that you will use every day we're going to come up to the image menu and choose trim. I use this all the time, every single image in my book, I used to trim command on because I'm trying to close crop those images as much as I can to save space and the figures of the book. So this trim command will come in very handy for you when you're in a situation like this, where you've got transparent areas to snip out or a solid color because, as you can see in this dialogue, you can tell from the shop what you want to trim transparent pixels in this case, or the pixel color that's in the top left or the bottom, right? So do you remember the trim command that's found under the image? Many? So we're going to go ahead and leave it set to transparent pixels, click ok, and then immediately that extra space is cropped out, and now we can send this photo to our magazine editor, our newspaper, or what are put it in her own frames, another great use for this photo if you took this photo and these were family members or friends, or what have you may be the perfect frame. Is the size that you know you would lose half of the girl on the right hand side so squishing them together can also help you make a photo fit exactly the prince eyes that you want to get out of it so let's go ahead and close this document I'm going to be using a slew of keyboard shortcuts in this class because I am lazy and I like do things fast so I'm closing these windows by pressing commander control ww for window and then I'm triggering the button that I want to ask right here by pressing the first letter of the button so if I don't want to save this file, I'm in a press d and it goes away soon alice, open up another image and let's do the same thing okay, so here's another image that we used content where scale on here's our original ok, so it was much wider those folks were much farther apart so let's scoot him together first thing we're going to do activate the photo layer that you want to edit and duplicate it so that you aren't messing up your original command jay on the mac or control j on a pc now we're going to come up to the edit menu choose content where scale grab the handle on the right or are on the left it doesn't really matter which and then just skip those folks together isn't that amazing now it's working really well on this image because there's a lot of on important background back here, so it works very well so you can see how you can really squish them together to make them fit into the space that you have. Now there is another option that's worth talking about in the options bar option in the options are a setting rather so go ahead and undo that by pressing the escape button. Then we'll come back up here and she's edit content where scale zoom in a little bit so you can see up here it's the top we've got a couple of options one is the protect papa when you were going to talk about that in a minute, but the option we're gonna look at at this moment is this little stick figure out here. If you turn on that little stick figure, just click it and it darkens and let that lets you know that it's pressed into the interface so that it's on this will make for the shop pay extra special super duper attention tio flesh tones skin in your image so if you're using content where scale and you notice that your people are kind of getting off swish and squash and going poppy job thing, you definitely want to turn on that will stick for your in the options bar, so if we were reducing the size, this image with content where scale, we will eventually get to a point where the bodies start being squished. Okay, so sometimes he had a little boy now is kind of it's kind of creepy, so he can turn on the protect skin tones, and sometimes that will help keep photo shopped for missing with your people in your image. So that's another option for you? Saleh's dragged that back out to the point where our little boy doesn't get all squished in squash with, I think is about there you do need to watch your subjects as you're doing this quite closely to make sure that you're not messing up anything press return when you're finished, I'll go ahead and turn off the original background layer. Now we have reduced the amount of space in between our subjects here and now we can use our trim command again so let's, try it up to the image menu. Choose tram, leavitt said, too transparent pixels and click ok, pretty neat stuff, huh? Close that file, open up another one. We're going to jump into another folder here now we're going to jump into the content aware scale with alfa channel folder, so we're going to talk about alfa channels now alfa channels are simply a what a way that you can save a selection ok that's all they are the name is really, really scary and you say alfa channels and some classes and people that have a stricken look across their face was that it's just a way for you to save a selection that's all it is so what we're going to do is we're going to help photoshopped do a better job with our content where scale we're going to keep it from squishing and squashing our subjects by selecting them first, and we're going to access this alfa channel that we're going to create through that protect poppet menu that we saw just now minute ago. Ok, so let's, go ahead, take a look at that will open up another image here I thought since springs come in, you know, we could use a few benny pictures, right? There's never enough any pictures in the world so let's say that you need to scoot the turtle closer to the benny this is great for pet photographer see sometimes when you have trouble getting the pets next to each other, whatever, you could just take matters into your own hand in post and just do whatever you want. Ok, so let's, go ahead, duplicate our image here and we'll turn off the visibility of the background layer so now let's go ahead and go to the edit menu. Choose content aware scale and let's just take a look at how good of a job photo shop is going to do without us creating the selection first so let's go ahead and grab that right handle and immediately mr bunny is in trouble immediately okay so this is a great example of when you should create an alfa channel tio mark off the areas it's like saying thought of shops seriously do not touch these areas really so let's take a look at how to do that I'll press escape so that we exit the content aware scaling boxes currently active on screen and all our land lt's went away now the way we're going to create this selection you could use any selection till you want but I prefer to use quick mask mode for this quick mask mode is fabulous so this is another little tip within the class for you that I think you'll really like and it is the ability to paint selections on to your images it's nice so what we're gonna do is we're going toe press b to grab the regular old brush tool okay perhaps the easiest keyboard shortcut to remember in the whole program be for brush case let me zoom in there's a bunch of brush chills ok, so we are going to use the regular old plain vanilla ordinary brush tool and if you click and hold down your mouse button on any of the assholes in the tools panel here, the ones that have the tiny little triangle to the bottom right of the icon that lets you know that there's a bunch more tools nested in that spot, so if you just click and hold down on your mouse button and you can access them, so we've got the regular breast tool, next thing we're going to do is trot up to the options bar the pressure brush preset picker say that ten times fast brush preset picker, and we're going to give that a click the little downward pointing triangle, and you just want to make sure that you've got one of these soft of fluffy brush is in this in the top row activated doesn't matter which one, because the only difference between these our capacity and pressure and size and all that we can handle that with a keyboard torque it so let's, just make sure we've got one of those soft edge brushes active because that's going toe make our the edges of our selection a little bit soft so that the pixels will look a little bit more natural around the area that we're changing. So now that we've got the soft edged brush, make sure all of these settings are normal, so you want the mode to be normal capacity one hundred. And now what we're going to do is we're gonna pop into quick mask mode, and you could do that to different ways and do it with keyboard shortcut, which is the way to roll on that or you can do it by clicking the little circle within a square button at the very bottom of your tools panel. That guy right there looks like the layer mask icon in the layers panel ok, but you can, as this little tool tip is ever so helpfully telling you, you can enter that mode by pressing the cuchi so any time you point your mouse at these tools and you see a letter in parentheses at the end of the tool name that's that tools keep or tarkett, so we're going to pop into quick mass mode by pressing q it's all soon back out here now, when you do that, absolutely nothing is gonna happen on screen, so don't let that throw you nothing's going to happen until you start painting, but if you take a peek at the door's panel bottom left, you can see how that button is darkened, so that let you know that you're in quick mass mood. So now we're going to come over here and we're going to paint across the bit that we don't want photoshopped to mess with that's it okay? If you paint too much and let's say you paint this area and you said you don't want tio mark off that area that photo shop is free tio mess around with that part of your image then what you can do is press the ex key to flip flop your colored ship so that your painting with white ok somebody's gonna press x and you can see at the bottom left in my tools pain on my color ships flip flopped ok, so why was my background color chip nail it's my ford around colored ship then you can paint the area that you didn't mean to paint to begin with okay if your color chips for anything other than black and white when you enter quick mass mode, go ahead and press the d ky for default and that will reset your color chips to the default of black and white so too be painting with this red overlay of quick mask you want to be painting with black ok and we'll do this again and again so you guys will get it no worries ok, so now we've marked up marked off mr bunny now it's pop back out of quick mask mode and create our alfa channel they suppress the kiki and when we do we see our selection well at this current moment our selection is going all the way around the image the bunny actually is not in this election ok, see how the marching answer going all the way around the image and around the bunny that lets you know that everything in between is selected it's. What we need to do is flip flop that's election so that the bunny is selected you could do that in two ways. You can try to tv, select mini and choose in verse or lease the favorite way. Use the keyboard shortcut, which is shift command on the macro shift control on the pc, and as I do that, watch those marching ants that air around the perimeter of the entire image, see how they're gone now, so this election flip flopped, so now we have the bunny selected and nothing else, which is what we want. So now let's, come over here to our channels panel, which is most likely open in your workspace. I'm going to click its little tab right here, straight out of the box. It lives next to the layers panel tab, so let's, just give that a click, and then what we're going to do is cruz all the way down to the bottom of this panel, and we're going to click the little mask icon, which looks like a circle within a square same icons layer mass, same icon as a quick mask mode. Ok, so we're going to give that, but in a click at the bottom of the channel's, pale and photo shops going to create an alfa channel for us, which is you already know merely a saved selection it b aa lot less intimidating if it was called saved selection, but then maybe I wouldn't have a job is everything would make sense so let's give that a click and immediately in our channels panel, we see black and white representation of the selection that we painted on using quick mass mode. Okay, now I'm gonna show you another little tip that may will be worth the entire price of photoshopped week. Do you notice how these thumbnails and the channels panel are really tiny? And they're really big over here in the layers panel, would you like to know how to make him really big so you can actually see the suckers? Okay, so what we're going to do is click the channel's panel or the layers panel fly out me and you know, the file menu is this little who hall right here it's for horizontal lines with a little downward pointing triangle. So we're going to give that a click and they were going to come down to panel options when you click that you're going to get this wonderful dialog box that lets she changed the thumbnail size of the thumbnails in that particular panel you do have to change it on a panel per panel basis so we're going to click this one and watch our channels get really big over here now we can see him ok, so we've got our selection we've got our alfa channel now we're finished with those marching its we don't need them anymore so let's get rid of him by going into this select menu and choosing d select or you compress command d pretty selector control deana pc to send those marching ants packing now let's come back to our layers panel and we've already duplicated are layer so we're set to go on that now let's go ahead and summon content where scale you'll hear it called cass among real nerdy photoshopped jockey so if you hear casts you know what they're talking about ok, so now we have our bounding box now from this protect menu we can access our save selection so let's go ahead and give that a click now let's come down here and click and drag that handle and look mr bunny is staying fully intact the turtle's in trouble but the bennies find so that's how you can help photoshopped do a better job with content where scale ok, so let's look that again I've got another image for you that we can play with I don't want you to get bored so here's another great opportunity for content or scale, right? Let's skip these folks together let's go ahead and duplicate our later so that we don't mess up our original and now we can go ahead and and create our alfa channel so that we protect our people so let's do that I've already got the brush stool acted we're using the regular old brush tool tools panel right here I already have a soft edged brush active you can check that by clicking the brush preset picker the top left of the options bar you just want to make sure you got one of these fluffy guys active. Now we're going to make sure that we're in quick mask mode. We're going to press the cuchi to pop into quick mass mood, fully aware that nothing on our screen is going to change say, for the quick mask mode button at the bottom left of the tools panel. So now let's, come over here to our image and let's just quickly create a selection of the areas we don't want to shop to mess with, so I can just begin to paint over the dude here. Now if you need to change brush size there's a keyboard shortcut for that there several actually my favorite is the bracket keys, so if you take a peek at your keyboard and you locate the peaky for paul mccartney then you can press the left record key to reduce your brush size and the right bracket key to increase breast size so we can just quickly paint over the areas that we don't want to squish quick mass mode is amazing really amazing you can use it any time you need to create a selection I went to art school so the painting metaphor resonates with me so I find it oftentimes easier to create selections like this then with other tools quick mass mode is also great for fine tuning your selections so let's say used oh maybe the quick selection told to make a selection but you need to find him in it then you could pop into quick mask mode and justifying team the selection by using the brush tool again painting with black will add the red overlay painting with why will erase the red overlay? Okay now I'm going to show you a setting where you can reverse that behavior if you want tio because I have a feeling there may be some of you all at home that have done this already so you may be getting the opposite effect that I'm getting someone to show you where that setting is if you double click the quick mask mode button at the bottom of the tools panel you're going to get the quick mask options dialogue and I'll skin it up here so that our folks in studio can see it you can change what the overlay color indicates so straight out of the box the overlay in the case the mast areas instead of the selected areas so if he wanted to change it to selected areas you could alleviate that extra step of inverting the selection or flip flop in it okay, but I'm just gonna go ahead and leave it set to mass if you're getting the opposite behavior at home, you might want to take a peek at this dialogue and just change that two masked areas that way you're matching when I've got also in some images the red overlay may not work out for you if you got a lot of red in your image you're going be able see squat when you're painting with that red or relate you're not a step with it you can use the same dialogue tio customize the color of that overlay so what you would do in that case is just click this little swatch and then when the color picker opens, just pick any other color and you can also change the opacity level of it that might be helpful in some images, but we're just gonna let these default settings role here okay? So we've painted the areas that we don't want footage shot to miss with now it's flip flop our selection to select in verse or press shift command I or shift control I on a pc so now the marching rants aarggh only going around the items we want to protect. So do you pay attention to where those ants are that's fun since you may pay attention where your aunts are okay now let's make our alfa channel so we're going to trot over here click the channel's tab now if you don't see that channels have for whatever reason, you can come up to the window menu and she's channels and I'll pop right open any of these items that have a check mark next to them means that they're open somewhere on your screen. Now let's trot down to the bottom of the channel's panel and click that little circle within the square icon to create our mighty alfa channel. Now we're finished with our selection so let's go ahead and press command d or control d on a pc to send it packing come back over to our layers panel we've already duplicated are layer trying to the edit and you choose content where scale trump back it through the options bar and from the protect mini choose alfa one now you can rename those channels if you want to you but that's what the name that photo shops going to give him ok, so now when we come down here and we start messing with our image, first stop is going to do all kinds of squishing in squash in but it's leaving our people alone, we can even run the the feet of the two ladies together, and we're not getting any distortion in our people. This is seriously powerful juju folks, we've never had anything like this, and of course, when you're finished, got to tell photo shop, you're done by pressing return or enter, and then you want to get rid of those extra pixels by using the image trim command so very, very helpful stuff. Okay, let's, try that on another image, one more now, this image, this is another great use for it. So this particular image is my course graphic for thursday's class, which is called editing habits to break. So I tried to find some imagery is the stock image from I stopped photo, I think of, you know, breaking something, but the course page graphic needed to be landscape in orientation, not portrait. What do you do? Ok, well, we're going to use content aware scale tio create the size of the image that I need. So what it's going to do is it's going to create extra background for me without me having to do it? The other way to do this would to be spend days with the clone stand, you know, I love the clothes stand, but I don't spend that much time with ok, so let's do what we did before first thing we're going to do duplicate our layer so that we don't screw up our original command j on a mat control j on a pc when turn this guy off, we want now we need to give ourselves some or canvas space if I'm going to increase the size of this image, I need somewhere to put it so let's go ahead and do that. I'm going to do it with the crop tool I love adding extra candace space with the crop till it's very visual thing if you knew exactly the size you needed to make the document, you could use the canvas size command. I'll show you both ways so here's the first way we're going to press seed, activate the crop tool and they were going to click and drag to add more canvas space press return done the other way to do that and I'll go ahead and undo what I just did by pressing command z on a mac or our control z on a pc, and I remember that by zapping the last thing it in zap it so now we can come up here to the image mint you choose canvas size and if you know the exact dimensions and let's say that I do, uh I need the with to be sixteen hundred pixels and I don't really remember what the height was but if you know the dimensions that you need you can dial them in right here and then you can use this anchor this little looks like a rubik's cube kind of you can use that little box to tell photo shop where you want the imagery that already exists in the document toe land when she increased the campus space so if we want this dude to be on the far left all I do is click that little, uh, left box over there and where the circle is that's your indicator of where your imagery is going to go so you could have him scoot over to the left you know automatically in this dialogue so that's another way to add campus space can all seem back out but let's go ahead and use our crop tool again I just press see to activate it and then I'm gonna click and drag outside the image area toe amer can in space now let's use our content aware scale option tio make this image fill that space without distorting our kung fu dude here ok? So let's create our alfa channel so let's pop into uh grab the brush tool by pressing b pop in quick mass mode by person cube usar right bracket key to increase breast size and when I'm painting in quick mass mode or in a layer mass for that matter, I keep two fingers on those bracket keys because that allows me to quickly adjust size. Ok, so I've got to get selection of our dude here. Pop back out of quick mass mood inverse our selection so there are ants are on ly running around the guy pop over to the channel's panel, click the circle within the square icon at the bottom to create your alfa channel. Pop back over to the layers panel, get rid of the selection by pressing command or control d we've already got our duplicate layer was tried up to the edit menu choose content where scale and we can begin dragging that image out hey, we're getting still getting a little bit of distortion, why's that anybody know why we're getting distortion? Lisa, in an effort to show you what might happen to you at home purposely forgot to choose the alfa channel from the protect me in years. Yeah, okay, let's have one more go with that showing. So trying to the edit menu cheese content where scale from the protect menu in the op auctions bar choose your alfa channel for about point zero three seconds, I thought, what the hey now, look here, we're still getting a little bit of distortion but if we did that a couple of times we could totally stretch that image out toe where it fit in the area that we needed it to go. Now another thing you could tries I'm going to scoot this guy over and we could try the left side that's still going to give us a little bit of distortion but you can see how this would be useful to create extra space on either side of your image should you need to do that? So that's what I did to make this image fifth course page which was kind of fun. All right, let's see what else we got here now let's talk a little bit about content aware spot healing and I've got several images to play with here. This is an image that I shot in beloved italy in roma and this is an actual roman road. This is the appian way. Can you believe? Can you believe moseying asik appreciate it that this ref rocky thing is a road onto which roman chariots would glide across in a very bumpy manor. Well, I couldn't believe the gall slash nerve slash audacity this dude to be in my picture when I'm clearly trying to take a narcissistic shot of the appian way show let's use the spot healing brush teo, get rid of him okay, so if you do buy this course please do you keep these exercise files fully intact because I've built in little hints for you? The hint in this one is that oh my goodness she's got an empty layer here seemingly if I talk of that later often on you're going to see that I did the dudes after hey on an empty layer okay that's a big tip for you that's working a little bit smarter you don't have to duplicate the whole layer to do this not destructively ok, but there's a trick to do in there so let's take a look at that so we're going to go ahead and create a new layer onto which we're going to our dude zapping so you can click the little a piece of paper icon at the bottom of the layers panel to create a new layer or you can try to the layer mini and choose new later if you use the many command you get a naming opportunity so let's call this do you beat on look okay push out made our layer now let's go grab the spot haley brush so let's try over here and the spot haley brash lives within the healing brush tool set depending upon the last tool you use, she may see a different icon here, so we're going to grab the spot hailing brush to give that a click now we're going to come up to the options bar and we're gonna make sure that all of our settings are correct but the thing about the options bar is if you change anything it tastes it stays changed until you change it back so it's sticky so the last person that used a spot hailing brush uh changed the mode here so now we're gonna change it back to normal and we're gonna turn on content aware okay, this option right here so make sure you've got that radio but an active and they're going to have sample all layers that's the magic that tells the shot papal shop I fully understand I'm on an empty layer so the empty layers active please look through that empty layer to what's underneath which is where the pixels actually lives you have to turn on that sample all layers so now it's come down here and you could do this in one of two ways you can increase the size of your brush so that the offending item fits inside of it making it a single click affair or you can use a smaller brush and click and drag to paint and when you release your mouse button the dude's gone so what's happening here is photoshopped is looking at the pixels around it and it's copying and pasting them doing a little bit of blending to make the change look riel okay, you do need to be aware of repeating patterns this picture is pretty busy, so I could come in here if I wanted to find him and I could keep painting around and maybe do a little cloning, which will do here in a minute also, but pretty amazing. So let's, take a look at that again on another image beloved hawaii malley actually, so here again, these people have the gall flash nerd slash audacity to get in my picture so let's, go ahead and delete them so let's create a new anti layer onto which we're going to do are deleting, said she's layer new layer so we're gonna call this spot hell, we've already got the spot healing brush active in our tools panel this guy right here take it picking your options bar and make sure that mode is set to normal. Make sure content aware radio button is turned on and make sure that sample all layers option is checked because if that isn't checked and you're on an empty layer and you click this tool so chappelle's clocky so now I can come down here and again I can either make my brush large enough so that the offending island fits inside of it or I can just click and drag to get rid of the days and all zoom in so you guys can see a little bit better and very quickly I can remove these people when you get close to other items like this bush up here kind of gets a little dicey, but you'd just keep clicking until you get rid of everything so pretty amazing, huh? So here's our before and here's our after and this is fun to do. Also just sit here and click the button. Just kidding. So let's, take a look that again here, so we create a new empty layer onto which we're going to do are zapping give it a name because we want to practice good later naming habits. We've got our spot hilly brush, active mode, normal radio button set to content where sample all layers turned on and come over here and either make your brush large enough so that thing fits inside of it. And in that case, I'll make a little bit smaller. It's a one click affair or you can click and drag aereo pretty amazing, huh? I hold you. These tools are like magic. So content where business now the reason that worked so well here is because there's quite a bit of bree space, that ground area around those items that foot shot could use. Now don't think for a second that we could use that to delete these tiki torches, because there's, just no way an asgard that's gonna happen okay, because there's too much there's, too much stuff that you want to keep around it now what you could do, we could totally get rid of this part of the tiki torch, but you could not use this successfully to get rid of this part because we've got all those trees is really there's. No. Oh, free space! That would be very difficult to do, but, hey, if you work by the hour, take shot at it. Ok, so let's, take a look at another image here, blah, blah, blah. Ok, so let us say we've got some guides turned on someone. Turn off those guides with a keyboard shortcut, command a semi colon or control semi colon, so let us say another use for content where technology is that let's say, you're designing a cover for a magazine, and this photo is perfect for your magazine, but that dad camp fence is going to mess up our copy. We're not be able to read are caught because that stupid fence we need to get rid of that fans. This, incidentally, is bolder, and these are the flat irons in the rocky mountain foothills and to spend a mile from where I live, it doesn't look like this right now because boulder hasn't had any dad gum snow. Actually, we got a little bit this week, but not near as much as we want, so let's, go ahead and start removing these items from this photo to make to turn the photo into what we need so great usery's tools they let you take the photo that you have turn into what you need, so let's create a new empty layer onto which you want to do our fence zapping there we go now we've already got the spot, haley brush active to get rid of that fence, we're going to reduce brush size, and this time we're going to paint across it. Now I'm going to do this in one breast stroke, but you do not have tio I've done this image one hundred and fifty times, so I can get it done with a single brush stroke, but you don't have to you. That means that you could paint a little bit, then release your mouse button let's, put a shot, do its magic paying a little bit more, released the mouse button, let foot shop do its magic so on and so forth to do as I say, not necessarily as I do, so we'll get rid of that shadow and photo shop is giving you a little highlight, a little darkening so that you can see exactly where you've painted what's going to be affected and then the sooners you release your mouse but and that's when the magic is gonna happen for the shops going to do whatever it has teo teo delete those areas now we've got just a couple of problems spots that are easily fixable here and then because this background is not perfect anyway this's just fine now we've got play of space for our text ok so we took the image we had in turn it in teo image we need now we'll tell you that every time you use these tools anytime you use content where technology you're going get different results every single time so we could do this again on the same image and the results will be slightly different okay so it's a random thing so now we wanted to get rid of that do we could do that to tele now we've got our magazine cover ok so let's take a look that again on another image this one I got in santa rainey had the pleasure of teaching on a mediterranean cruise ship back the end of two thousand eight and I got to visit santa any greece which is really nice exceptionals daguin power lines in my photo so let's get rid of those he's in content where create a new empty layer and by doing this on an empty layer it keeps the file size of your your document down just a little bit because any time you duplicating layers full of pixels you're adding fat to your file sides takes it more hard drive space so this is just a little bit more efficient method ok, so we've got a spot healing brush active mode set to normal radio button said to content where sample all layers turned on now we come over here and click and drag paint across that offending power line poof again you don't have to do this all in one brush stroke there we go now on this one if we zoom in by pressing commander control plus now means in the space bar to move around since I'm after I'm zoomed in we see that we've got a little groups little bit of a problem right here okay, that is a prime opportunity for clone stamp tool ok, so let's create a new empty layer onto which we're going to our cloning so layer new layer will call this clone now let's grab our clone stamp tool looks like a stand over in your tools panel give it a click now it doesn't have any content where option okay big old honkin brush so what we do want to do with the clone stand tool in its options bar is make sure that the either current and below or in this case all layers has turned on that again is telling photo shop a photo shop look through this empty layer down in my layers, panel, where the content lives or where the pixels live. So now we could come over here and with the close stand till you have to tell it what area you want to sample from, much like a plastic surgeon, you know, may have to go get for a skin graft, you'll get it from somewhere else. Put it over here. Well, that's, what we're doing in here. So you got tell photo shop where you want that skin ger, after whatever to come from you do that by holding down a modifier key and it's option on a mac or altana pc, so we're going to give that a click and then released the modifier key mouse over to the area you need to fix, and you can see inside the brush that you're getting a preview of what that stand might look like, so you could get rid of that area that way, or probably on this one, we should go down and brush size and samples of water up here, and then come down here and just paint that water into that other area to fix the remnants of the power line that the spot hailing brush didn't fix perfectly so here's before the clone here's after the clone, and we're gonna be doing that cloning for the rest of the this session so we'll see that again so has it ever been so easy to get rid of power lines? I mean, isn't that amazing? You know that the only trouble that the tools have is when or the spotting only brush rather had is when it got up next to this cement on that door ok, but why is that door there? Will uh, santa rainey is built on the inside the tippy top of the crater of an ancient volcano, so there's houses at the top we're at the houses were all on the side of the crater, so the door is all that you see at the top we go through the door and then you go down stairs and that's where the house is so it's really needs so you've got these like floating free floating standing doors all over the place, which is very, very odd but that's just letting you know that hey there's a house down there it's creamy. All right, we're going to pop into another folder here now and start talking about content aware phil so content aware option with the spot healing brushes great to use when you've got a swath of background around the thing that you want to get rid of thanks buddy shop is looking at that copying, pasting and blending right? What if you don't have a big swath of that ground okay, what if the item you want totally is really close to something that you want to keep say, for example, I'll turn off my copy here, account x to another cow. Cowser. Funny, don't you think that every time you use the cow picture, people laugh? Why callous, open? Ok, so let's say, we need to delete this cow. Well, if we had to get with a spot hailing brush, we would end up duplicating some of the cow booty over here and that's a bad thing, we don't want to do that. So what we're going to do is create a selection of the cow, and then we're going to use the content aware option with the phil command that's what, randy, unfortunately, there is no sample, all layers setting for this command, so in order to do it, not destructively, we have to duplicate are original layer, so let's, go ahead and do that. I'm going to click on the layer I want to affect, command j or control jay on the pc. Now, let's, create a selection of the item we wanted to leave, and also the men a little bit seeing see a better space bar to come over here to our a cow that were fixing his at so an easy way, just like this cow would be to other used the quick mask mounted in conjunction with the brush tool like we did earlier or you could use a selection tool based on color because we've got quite a bit of contrast between the area we want to delete the cow and the area we want to keep the grass so we can have a go with the quick selection tool quick selection tool was new and cs four come over here, and this tool works by clicking and dragging or just clicking so you can change the size of your brush again by using those keyboard shortcuts. The size of your brush is directly related to the area photo shop is going to grab in the initial selection, so the bigger the brush, the bear this election you're going to end up with. So for this largish area, the cow body, I can get away with using a big brush, but to get the skinny the legs, I need a skinny little brush, so we're going to go down and brush size so that we can get those legs in there if you want to remove. An area from a selection that you've created with this tool, all you have to do is press and hold a modifier key it's option on a mac or all on a pc and then the brush you'll see in the middle of it, you get a little minus sign and that allows you to subtract from this election, so hold down the option or all key tio subtract from your selection don't hold on any modifier key to keep adding to this election, so we've got a pretty good selection of the cow, but if we zoom in and really far, we've got a few cao bangs appear that are not yet in our selection well, rather than having to find him it with this tool, which can get a little confusing because you may add too much to this election and then you're going to spend thirty minutes fine tainting it let's, just pop the selection outlets, expand it, trying to the selectmen you choose, modify, expand, then depending upon the pixel dimensions of your image. This is a fairly low pixel dimension image, so I can probably get away with about an expansion of five if it's a high pixel dimension image, you may need it feat that number, but what we want to do is pop that selection out so that we get a little bit of grass in that selection so quick ok that's just fine see how now we've got the cow bangs in this election so that's just helping photoshopped to you a little bit better job with this tool that we're about to use so include a little bit of that background in your selection by using that uh select modify menu so losing back out a little bit by person commander control minus now we're ready for the magic I already cow be gone let's try to the edit menu choose phil and from the content aware or from the eu's profit menu she's content aware if you don't see this option you are running a copy of photo shop earlier than cs four I think it came along and see us for what could have been see us five so many cs is ok so she's content aware from the eu's poppet menu click ok teta let me tell you folks this is fabulous for photos of family reunions divorce situations break it's whatever I mean who needs a therapist when you've got content? Where tools right. So now we can get rid of our selection by choosing select d select or pressing commander control d and we've got just a little bit of a cow leg hanging around over here switch to the spot hailing brush some cover here to spot hailing, go down and brush size and weaken quickly get rid of any cow outline that might be hanging around so you use these tools in conjunction with each other and now we've got plenty of room for copy pork is good pork is fine eat more pork all the time cows for change dot com I get such a charge out of making with these fake ads and fake graphics ok, so let's like that again on another image this one is in egypt ok? Not a too terribly bad picture of the pyramids of giza right? These these dudes right here but what's up with the camel shadow in the bottom right let's get rid of that well, if we have a go with the spot healing brush isn't gonna do as good of a job so let's go ahead and take a look that's I've got the spot healing brush active we've got content where turn on sample all layers come over here and color over the area that I wanted to leave it got rid of the shadow but we've got this weird darkening thing going on ok? So let's try content where phil instead so we'll nd what we just did you already know that in order to make this work we're going to have to duplicate the layer in order to do it non destructively so it's duplicated by pressing commander control jay now let's create a selection of the area we want to get rid of let's, try quick masculine it again so let's press b to grab the regular brush tool was pressed d tio reset our color chips to the default of black and white, making sure that black is on top and your color chips the bottom of the tools panel and then what we want to do is press cue to pop into quick mask mode come over here with the rush tool and let's paint the area that we want to get rid of press cue again we've got the opposite of what we want selected with flip flop our selection by pressing a shift command higher shift control I mail let's come up to the edit mini choose phil content aware from the eu's poppet manu click ok it is an ok job but now we could come back and diesel like that going with a spot haley brush and try to clean that up there we go so just another way to use the tools together it's funny I use this image about fifty times and usually the nfl commandos a perfect job that's so funny but that's fine here's another one so here is our original image this is another great keyboard work it for you that I think you guys were really going to be able to put into use all the time is pressing hold the option chiana mac or altana pc and if you click a layers visibility I comment alive all to the left foot shot, we'll toggle all the other layers off so if I want to show you just the original image I'm gonna option or all click that visibility I and it turns off the visibility of those other layers I want to turn those other layers back on you just option click or I'll click it again but little handy tip for you. So here we are at one of the pyramids and we've got these dad got people in there, ok? So let's, take a look at how we can get rid of these things I'll go ahead and duplicate our layer so we're going to use content aware fail on this area let's have a go with this one with the quick selection tool and you're just going to select the thing that you want to get rid of, okay? And we're going to include all the men seeing see we're going to include a little bit of the background in our selection pacey have got quite a bit of space around those people so let's and back out fit to screen here now let's, go ahead and use our edit command so trying to the enemy choose phil pic content aware if they use poppet menu and click ok and our people are gone we got a little bit of cleanup to do hi z man's he can see we've got a little bit of a discrepancy on the pyramid here but you could use thekla's santel for that okay so we could come appear and click to add a new layer go grab our clothes stand tool and very quickly we could come over here and select some of this sky or target the sky rather by option or all clicking in the area that you want to use as your skin graft what have you and then we could come over here and we could fix the side of that pyramid so that it looks you know israel is we can get it happily this texture is pretty rough so this fix is actually fine now if we wanted to continue the sand all the way across we could do the same thing ok so let's go ahead and uh telephone a shop where we want to sample the pixels front by option or all clicking and then we could come over here see how you get a preview inside that brush shows you what that texture is gonna look like should you choose tio accept it so very quickly you could completely get rid of those people okay so that's using the spot healing brush or the edit phil command in conjunction with the clone stamp tool all on empty layers just to find tune that area now let's take a look at using the content aware patch tool I really do have fun with these graphics rabbit fancy all this stuff is fake so let me show you the original layer sororities are option or all clicking trick on the visibility eyeball in layers panel to show you the original this is the original picture but we need to delete don't any no I know that's little sacrilege but we're going to set that many right there now the problem with this one is that if we were to have a go with a spot healing brush we're going to get duplicate eggs and all kinds of stuff in here because there's not that much background space same thing's gonna happen with the edit feel command there's not enough free space around this particular bunny to get rid of him completely however if I scroll down here there is in a free space in this area right here just about benny size so you can use the patch tool set to use the content aware option that we got in sierra five what we're going to do is create a selection of this bunny then we're going to click and drag the selection over to the part of the image that we want photoshopped to use to zap it ok so this is our our third zapping situation that we've looked at k spot healing brush edit phil command now the patch tool so if you need to tell photoshopped to use a whole other area for the zapping go for the patch tool so that's what we're going to do here now I said the patch tool content where option has been a realist insidious five if you are running cs five you do need to duplicate the layer to use it non destructively but in cia six we got the ability tio tell the past tool to sample all layers we didn't have that prior to see a six so what we're gonna do is create a new empty layer onto which we're going to do are patching now for this one we need to make a selection of the bunny now you do not have to use the patch tool to freehand draw the selection okay I'll show you that first I'll show you another way we've got the past still activated here lives within the healing brush tool set so give that a click appear in the options bar you want tio with the patch tool menu turn on content aware okay that was new uh and sass five I believe now what you're going to do is turn on sample all layers and that's the part that's nancy a six I think so content aware from the patch many turn on sample all layers male this is the first way you could make a selection you can freehand draw it in this situation it's just like using a lasso tool if you're not a fan of this freehand drawing situation use any selection toll you want then switched to the patch tool so you don't have to use paschall to create the selection he just needed a selection, then you can switch to the patch tool so you could have a go it with this one with the quick selection brush or what have you ok, so now we have our area that we want to delete uh selected case so now we're going to click and drag within the selection to the area that we want to stop to use for the patching. So click and hold down your mouse min dragged to the area that you want for shot to use, and then you're going to release your mouse button and when you do foot shot is gonna copy one area to the other and blend them as best it can. Not too shabby, huh? It's hopefully now you're seeing how these tools are better in some situations, so you really are going to have to assess your image to see which tool is gonna work out best for you and it's finally using in conjunction with each other now you're your next question will be elisa, what the heck is that adaptation menu all about up there? We see this with the content aware option for the patch tool as well as the content were moved tool, which we're going to use next scoot things around this adaptation menu controls how precisely photo shop is going to try to preserve the background okay, so if you haven't set teo the more strict options here, then photo shop is going to introduce less random ization in the new background that it's creating okay, so if you want to choose it from default is set to medium, I find that that works pretty well on most items, but if it doesn't do a good job in just experiment with those mode, so how would you do that? Well, then you would undo what you just did by using your commander control z for zap commands at the last thing I did, and then you would just choose a new adaptation algorithm math from the menu and then click and drag again. You don't have to redo that selection to experiment with a different adaptation settings so you'll find one that works better then others actually on this one I think loose works just a teeny bit better than medium, so do experiment with that just undo the patch to get back to your selection, change them in need and then click and drag within this election do you have another go at it? And once we delete that money now we've got space for our text rabbit fancy I subscribe to cat fancy salmon on the cat lady so here's another situation where we're going to use the past shool ok, so here is our original layer. They got the easter egg hunt going on here, but was up with all those kids in the foreground came. Maybe somebody wants to frame this photo, we're going to use it in a magazine or whatever, and we need to get those folks out of that picture. Well, the spot hailing brush is not really you can have a go with spot handling burst that may or may not do an ok job at it. Phil command is going to fall down over here because there's nothing on the left hand side that it can use to copy and paste on top of that kid. Okay, so here again is a great opportunity for a patch will, because if we could just tell finish up hey, use this swath over here, then it would do a great job, so let's, do that so let's create a new layer onto which weren't you are patching, and we can either have a go with this with a quick selection tool, which is not the tool, and I clicked on the quick selection tool and we could come over here and quickly select the kid that we wanted to get rid of, including the shadow. Now the quick selection tal isn't working. Why is it not working? We're on an empty layer over here in the layers panel so just turn on sample all layers for the quick selection tool and now when we start painting we get a really great selection fast on this so let's say that that's pretty good now let's, switch to the patch tool. So this is example of using another tool to create your selection switch to the patch tool. Make sure it's set to content aware make sure that sample all layers air turned on experiment with the adaptation menu if you would like and then click and drag within this election, drag it over to the area that you won't put a shot to use for the copy and released salesman, huh? She come back in here and do a little clean up? Uh if you need teo, I should have popped that selection out with the expand options let's let's do that let's go back a couple of steps now let's, come into the selectmen you modify expand was pop it out. Oh, a little bit more than that pride about ten pixels on this one. Now we've got some background in there now let's come up to the patch tool and kulik and drag I went to the area that you want for a shot to use for the patch a little bit better job that time so you really will get different results and I'll drive you a little bit crazy. So now let's come over here to the spot hailing brush and then we can get rid of that other little spot so I did the exact same thing to get rid of these kids down on the right hand side, okay, so I did one empty layer for the left hand side one empty later for the right hand side because I needed to tell photo shop to sample from different areas, right? So we could create a selection of these heads and then drag this election up and use this area for the copy paste and when we're done, you get that. Ok, so let's keep motoring on let's take a look, I've got some other sample files in here for you, so feel free to play around with those at home. Let's, take a look at content aware move this one is really, really amazing, so what we're going to do here is skates and chairs around and again, this is fun really is so let's say, for whatever reason, you need to move something in your photo well, if you've got a decent amount of space free space around that thing, you can scoot it okay, so think of content where scoot works nearly the same way is the patch tool pain this tool is new and c s five content where our c six continue where moved six so it's creating new empty layer onto which were and you are moving we're gonna create a selection here again you can use any selection till you want and then switched to the content were moved to if you'd like but the content were moved tool does live within the healing brush tool set and it's this guy right here looks like tool arrows crisscrossing each other, so you're going to give that a click trying to the options bar and make sure the modus set to move you can forget that the extend mode is there that lets you extend an object doesn't work very well so just kind of play like it's not in there might work well on c s seven he knows but we're going to use content where move here's that same adaptation menu again is letting you tell photoshopped how strict you wanted to be in its creating of the new area when you're moving things around, turn on sample all layers now we're gonna create our selection here again you can use the content and were moved tool to freehand draw a selection but you could also is easily use a quick selection tool and then switched to content where move when she got a selection then you're just going to click and drag to scoot that guy over and when you release your mouse button foot shop is going to do everything in its power to make that move look realistic pre dadgum amazing let's take a look at that on one more image here, and then we'll stop and take some questions. This is one of my favorite images to play with. Here is the original see how useful this is they've got any kind of race photo you can put yourself right in front so that's, what we're going to do, we're going to create a new layer onto which we're going to do are, uh, changing of the winning circumstances here and again, you could use any tool you want to create the selection and then switched to content where move, but we're going to go ahead and quickly draw a free hand selection around now do get some background in there because that's important now, I'm also I make sure that I've got some shadow in my selection here because I want this to look as realistic as it possibly can. So there's our selection, we've got content where move active. We've got the mod menu set to move experiment with the adaptation when you feel like make sure you've got sample all layers turned on, and now we're going to click and drag within this election. And we're just going to scoop that guy down is a little bit and when we released our mouse button and photo shop is going to come in here and trying to make it look as real as possible get rid of our selection we've got a tiny bit of cleanup to dio around the wheels of the soap box easily handled with either the spot hailing brush our clone stamp tool so we'd make another layer go grab the clone stand tool make sure sample all layers has turned on for the clone stand tool and now we could come in here seemed a little bit and fairly quickly we could fix that shadow area again if you're charging by the hour don't do it as fast as I'm doing it don't ever let your client see do this stuff either because they think oh is this going to take you five minutes? I'll pay you five negative that's not the way that works s so quickly you could come in here and you could fix up that area pretty amazing huh? And our keyboard shortcut for toddling layers often on is option or ault click the layer you want to see click it again eternal and all those other layers obviously taking more time we clean that up a little bit more about you guys get the point so content aware woo station question magician's hat on one just you always get money yeah, that's what I asked, opening up to questions that studio audience going back to the beginning when you were talking about using the trim tool what's the benefit of using the trim compared to just cropping it out, it's faster and it's more precise. Where that really comes in handy is if you've got a drop shadow going on and transparency let's say you've created something with a drop shadow, and you need to save it with transparency to use on the web or in a slide show heavy it's hard to see where those drop shadows are, so you could accidentally nick off part of it. But using the trim command that will never happen because food shops going to go in there and and it will search for semi transparent pixels. And so it gives you the closest crop you can with the assuredness that you haven't zapped anything that was important. And if you want really want to get fast, use the edit command, uh, keyboard shortcuts setting way down the bottom of the edit menu and you in a sign, a keyboard shortcut to that trim command, which pretty cool, very cool. So I'm going to ask this very quickly because we only have a few minutes, and we have so many good questions, but sam cox, from loveland, colorado, is wondering is all the alpha channel stuffy stuff saved with the file? If you save the psc so all the layers absolutely great question out the channels or save their there until you believe them. Fantastic. Another question from the internet this one comes from glo photography from houston. You can you can use your wear content scale to change the aspect ratio of a picture. Sure, yeah, absolutely. He's the answer. Great. So, victoria vancouver eyes asking a question and I think you actually kind of talked about it, but this might help other people when I try to use content aware with the spot healing brush, it usually leaves a dark color, like in the bottom of your egypt picture, right? So can you just kind of go over that one more time? Why is it why does that happen? Well, depending upon the size of the area that you pay in a cross with a spot healing brushfire shop is going to go grab that size of an area for somewhere else. So that's what, you can get weird things in there with spottily brush. So if that happens, just try either, uh, edit phil command set to content where or the pats tool already robert effects is asking, are there any limits for the content aware scale? Not that I'm aware of its limitless fantastic, so nicole eleven eleven is asking, is there one type of content aware tool that you would recommend over others for a very busy background, like cropping a dog leash out from resting against abandoned for peak that situation? You might try the patch tool because you may need to go to a different part of the fur to make the copying. Look, riel, I kind of have to see the photo and then a little bit sounds like you might try the patch, will I mean there's only what three options here? Thiss you know, run through them, try spot. Hell, that doesn't work, try it. It feel that isn't were tri patch thanks or it can, you know, combination of all of them on different layers, of course. Already about one last one here thiss comes from joe the flow. Not sure if there's an easy answer this, but some might images will allow me to say to select content aware, are there any common reasons for this? The image is not locked. Oh you then you may need to check your color mode or you may need to check the bit death. Okay, so both those settings living the image minting choose mode, make sure that you're in rgb make sure that they you're in eight bits ok, so that might be keeping you from doing that if you're in another color motives than content, or is not gonna work. And I don't think it works in sixteen or thirty two bits, either. But I've tried that, so that would be my best guess.

Class Description

Photoshop includes a slew of tools that sport Content-Aware technology for analyzing your images, and CS6 added even more. In this class you'll learn practical, everyday uses for all of these tools including Content-Aware Scale, Content-Aware Fill, Content-Aware Move, and Content-Aware Patch. You'll glean the secrets for using these tools non-destructively plus you'll learn how to use alpha channels to get the most out of Content-Aware Scale.

Software Used: Adobe Photoshop CS6