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Using Image Controls in Photoshop

So let's, look at the difference with curbs so again, as you can see with curves, the challenges that just says here's the line go, you know, it's kind of like already so the good news is it still has those same eye droppers, so I could use exactly that same method. So one way people use curves is they completely ignore that line, and they used the eye droppers and click like I did a moment ago and click on the black point in the white point, and then, if they wanted to adjust the mid tones, they just use the curve. So, for example, click on the black point and the white point that I measured previously and then in the middle here if I click on this, this is kind of the equivalent of that great triangle that I was moving to the left, pushing that centerpoint up a little bit of just saying and now light in the midterms. So if nothing else starting out occurs that's, not a bad ideas, click on use the eye droppers and then if necessary, move that centerpoint up a little bit. But frankly, ...

what I would do is one of the best improvements to curves, and I wish I could tell you when this came out, but it was a while ago, probably not not sisi but probably photoshopped cs better known for five ish I don't have no idea this little thing right here says on image control I mean first do one thing I'm going to get rid of these little color samples we don't need them this on image control is really nice because imagine that you had this crazy amazing touch screen device that doesn't exist where you could say that sky right there I wanted to be darker or lighter and you're actually pointing right at the spot touching the screen and as you move up and down you're going darker, lighter that's what this is so you can take this on image control and say over here in the grass, I like that to be a little darker and over here in this mountain top I'd like that to be a little brighter and it just made a curve form so I didn't have to click on somewhere and go move it up or down I just visually say right there darker lighter so you khun ad and here's the big difference wean curves and levels levels had three triangles kurds have multiple nodes on the curve so you're not limited to highlight shadow mid tones you can have multiples and watch this time see where mike my eye dropper is in the mountain tops now move your eyes over to the kurds see how that little dot is moving around so as I move this I know now I'm right up in the highlight so if I now click and hold I know I'm affecting the highlights because I'm up at that top corner if I click down here see how that little moving around daughters towards the bottom that tells me now I'm in the shadow areas so now I'm darkening or lightning shadows so in the good old days and my good friend ben wilmore is like the master of explaining curves the way that so if you really want to get into every single thing the moat curves look up one of ben's classes here in great alive that he talks about curse because he goes into amazing detail understands that like no one else I started learning all that stuff I thought put point when you've got those on image controls that does so much of what you need to know now what it does it as those points so you can still look at and say I think that one needs a little more or a little less or you could just drag it right off. So if there's a point that you realize later on I wish I hadn't done that because now this nice move curb has a take in it and you're like I don't really want that you just click on that point and just literally drag it right off the line that kind of resets it so on image control, I think, is definitely a place you want to work with a lot, because it takes out a lot of the mystery of curves as to how where do I know? How do I know where to start? The other thing that's important to know, let me actually show you one other thing. I used the on image control so much that I found myself wishing that it was automatically selected because right now, it's, not every time we open a curves adjusting where you have to click on it, and I would like to think that perhaps I can take a small amount of credit for this, but probably not, because suddenly there was an update to photo shop where one of the options and here was auto select targeted adjustment layer, which is what that is actually called, so that means as soon as you turn that on from now on, as soon as you had curves, you're ready to go because you don't have to go click on that little icon it's already selected and that's a preference you, khun, turn on once it's on, it'll stay on so now, it's. Much simpler, you open an image added justice, curves, just mayor and on the image. Start using that targeted adjustment layer, or tat, as some people call it, just just weird to me. But anyway, that's. Why I called on image, because it makes better sense to me. But that's, what that allows me to do.

Class Description

What is the best way to adjust your image? In Curves and Levels, Dave Cross will edit images using Levels, Curves, Camera Raw, and Lightroom to demonstrate the differences between each approach.

You’ll look at the advantages of each technique and learn when you should use each method. You’ll walk away with a better understanding of how these important techniques work and how to decide which tool to use for the job.

Software Used: Adobe Photoshop CC 2014.2.2