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Lesson 1 from: Digital Marketing Fundamentals

Salim Holder

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1. Welcome

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congratulations on taking the step to improve your overall marketing and business expertise. I guarantee most of your competitors have not taken this step. So I encourage you to get the most out of this course so you can be a step ahead. This course is meant to be actionable. You should be able to immediately use the tools, tips and tactics. You learn here to improve your marketing plan and overall business performance. This course is broken into four major chapters with smaller and more specific sub chapters. Each chapter builds upon the prior chapters. So I strongly recommend you download the templates in advance and complete each at the relevant point in the course, feel free to stop or pause the video at any time. Working through the examples in real time will only help the following sections, be more action before you. There are a few short quizzes and the chapters with one longer final exam at the end. The objective here is not as much to get an A as it is to check for your under...

standing of the priority takeaways from the key section. Finally, I will refer to two different businesses to show examples of some of the key concepts within the context of a business to business company or business to consumer business. Some background information on these two companies can also be downloaded in advance. You can also download a few other templates that will be used during the course in the next section as well. So with that said, let's dive in

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Junaid Hussain

Amazing course to get through all the Digital Marketing Fundamentals 🙌

Tanyi Melvis

'This course exceeds all my expectations. The curriculum is comprehensive, covering the latest trends and techniques in the digital space. What stood out the most was Salim Holder's teaching style—engaging, clear, and highly informative. Each lesson was a deep dive into the practical aspects of digital marketing, allowing me to gain hands-on experience that I could immediately apply. Thank you


I like Salim approach concerning digital marketing. I really recommend this course

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