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Etsy 101: Launch Your Handmade Shop

Lesson 13 of 14

Create Your First Listing

Marlo Miyashiro

Etsy 101: Launch Your Handmade Shop

Marlo Miyashiro

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Lesson Info

13. Create Your First Listing

Lesson Info

Create Your First Listing

We're going to make a listing wow okay so because we know we know how to do it right ok so create first list e here are all the things you need okay so when you go teo you're listen this is what page looks like it has places to put your five photos you're title you're listing title super important that you pay attention to your key words on the listening title again s e o the whole search engine optimization you're also you're you're listing title turns into your cult tag for that listing so it's what the search engines will see and categorize your listing on the search engine the title of your listening also becomes the all tag for all of your photos so again when I when I said earlier that as he changes the name of your photo even though if you haven't listed specifically named specifically it actually changes to work within their system so what they dio is they use your listening title to rename those photos for search engines so it's really a good idea to use all five photos so tha...

t you have maximum s ceo for your title make sure that your photos are super clear that if you have options like for instance I have finished options size options just you want to illustrate that as much as you can between your photos again because you're your customer just needs to know what it is they're buying you don't want to leave them with any questions there there is an area here that you have to fill out about this listing you know who made it? What is it? Is it a finished product was a custom made product? It is it finished if it's finished and it gives you a time frame you know I made it between this year and this year s so that people know that you know when you created it and what this is the size of the photos that you need to upload we recommend one thousand pixels so what that what that does is when you look at a listing you can actually click on the photo and it will pop up a larger version of this picture and if you have a very small image uploaded it's going to be very pixelated so have at least eight hundred two thousand pixels on your photos and you'll be fine for that zoom for your first picture. This is the picture that shows up in search results in your shop so they give you the option of adjusting the photo right in the listings manager and what it does it will normally pop up a window that is ah, that allows you to adjust the picture right there you do this little slider and it brings it up closer so you can really focus in on the item the thing about the thing about the listings that you have it you want to feature the actual item so try to get really close on the actual subject you want you want to leave no question as to what it is that you're selling through this photo you know I'm not selling pliers in the background, you know, I'm selling the rings and you know that because it's the main focus of the photo do we have another question we do? Yeah, we're actually getting a lot of questions about sales tax, so like the sales tax applied to items you sell on that scene if so is a rate based on your home or business state and then we'll etc collect sales tax for you. So a lot of disquiet about the way that okay, yeah, that was a lot of questions okay, so sales tax in your area most states have a like a the department of revenue website that you can go teo, sometimes they're a little complicated, so ask other sellers other experience sellers in your area some states requirement require it and some states don't yeah, it's because you know, there are a lot of different rules out there there's no one blanket rule about it, you know, just washington just happens to be one of them that requires us to do it it's automatically collected as part of your oh it's added to your listing so you can't include the tax in your into your listing price you have tio just legally really should have it broken out anyway, because then you can prove that you collected sales tax instead of having to show them a bunch of paperwork that you broken back out and all of that stuff, so yeah, yeah, it's a lot of work, but, you know, we have to do it, you know, hopefully you're in a place that you don't have to, I'm jealous, okay, so we're going to look at the cropping. So yet simple slider it's really, really nice and, you know, I would suggest just playing with it and seeing if it does enhance your photo a little bit more, because sometimes, you know, we tend to take pictures from a little farther back then, then is necessary for an online shop and you want people to really see the detail of your work. Key words q rescuers here it's sterling silver wedding ring these are all things that people would search for all of these things are just things that I know based on my sats that I've looked at on my etc admin page that people are searching for, so I try to put them in a string of words that makes sense that is kind of natural sounding but also has all of those words in there to give me the best chance of showing up in a nazi search? Okay, so we have the of course, you put your your price right there, it has a little box. If you're doing the tax rates, you have to make sure you check that so that it's automatically added onto be the listing buyers can request customization, that's something that's optional. But if you have something that you don't mind making something special for someone, they look at the listing, and they'll be a button there that says, request a custom item, and they'll have that option variations, for instance, for my rings, I offer them in polished, in matt texture, matte finishes s so you add that you can, I think, it's two variations right now, and my other variation is the sizing. So I have a whole list of us bring sizes that people can choose from. If you're selling clothing, you can put in a size range for small, medium, large, that kind of thing. S o it's it's, just a way for you to allow the customer to customize their order just a little bit more. It's not necessary that you use this section, um, it's just there, if it helps your customer, so this is where setting up the shipping profiles comes in really handy if you haven't set up shipping profile is you're going to have to fill out this bottom area shipping costs every single time you put together a listing so you can instead take the time to fill out the stripping profiles and then you'll have them all in this drop down list where you can just choose one of them the processing time this is per listing says sometimes some things take you longer to make than others eso again be realistic about that and this is the tag section this is the part at the bottom of your listing that helps the search engine the sea search engine find your peace is within at sea the tax section is not necessarily relevant for the larger search engines like google and things like that but within etc and because most people when they search for products they're on etsy looking for them that's where the tags and key words come in handy so you want to make sure that you are clear about using all of those key words the key words can be one word or two word phrases the two word phrases they call them long tail keywords and it's ok to repeat the same word over and over because it just each key word is it separate search kind of things so you know I can say silver ring sterling silver band in a wedding band wedding ring like it's you know you can repeat them over and over on dh it just helps you being found in the search the uh in with the materials on one of the bonus materials is this little workbook that I put together the keywords and brainstorming session it has just some exercises and some ideas on how to come up with different key words for your shop and it's kind of fun and I really kind of envisioned it as sort of a group exercise so you get together with your friends and you have your things with you and you kind of help brainstorm some of these key words together okay description um okay, so this is that green belt shop again she has a really, really great I'm way of listing and talking about her her work um oh in that last slide there was a material section I don't know if you noticed that there's a material section it shows up right here in your listing and those are also key words there they're good for finding you in search so make sure that you are really specific you don't want to key word stuff or put words in there that don't make sense but you know, just think about how your customer might look for something that you're making and include those key words in the materials I like how her description is really concise if you look at any one of my listings you'll see that it goes on for days because I am very specific about how I want somebody to order something through my shop and that requires a lot of detail but you know you're purchasing a finished item here so she gets tio talk about what it is and here she specifies the color so you know, just in case your monitor is office this is the screen or is it yellow it's like it is green and it is a brown leather belt on dh you know, all of us the specifications you know, anything that your customer would want to know because really if it's not in your description they're going to con value and they're going to ask the same question over and over as a matter of fact that that starts happening that's your cue to start putting it into your descriptions okay um here's a great example of tags in the shop she has a little bit longer of a of a description because she describes in detail a lot of her materials and care for her pieces that's just the top part of it the tags that she puts together says you see here geometric is a pretty important key word for her and putting together this happened to be around valentine's day so you can create a key word for a holiday if people are looking for that the thing you want to make sure that you do is use all thirteen of your key words. Because, again, it's, part of your ceo and your being able to be found. So use all thirteen of them in any creative manner that you can start with the very generic terms and then get more and more specific. And as we talked about the very top of the segment, our last segment, it's, all about knowing your customer, you know, if you know who it is, that's shopping for your stuff, then you'll get your going to be able to more easily get into their head and figure out, what is it that they're looking for? You know, what is it that I can put into my listing? That would make it more specific to that particular customer?

Class Description

Etsy® is a great way for crafters to sell goods online without having to navigate the complexities of building their own e-commerce site. Learn the absolute best way to set up your own successful shop in Etsy 101: Launch your Handmade Shop with Marlo Miyashiro.

Marlo has been making and selling her goods for more than 20 years. She has a deep knowledge of the Etsy platform and in this class she’ll coach you through every aspect of getting started. You’ll learn how to navigate the Etsy interface and get a complete guide to setting up your shop. Marlo will offer insights on important Etsy policies and protocol so you don’t unwittingly violate Etsy’s rules and she’ll tell you everything you need to know so your store thrives. 

You’ll learn how to:

  • Set up payments and shop policies
  • Begin branding your store
  • Create enticing listings
  • Make your first (and future) sales

Marlo will offer tips on taking great photos for your Etsy® listings and guide you on best practices for descriptions and pricing. She’ll dispel common myths and reveal helpful truths about what it really takes to sell on Etsy. is the world’s most popular e-commerce site for all things handmade, vintage, and craft supplies – find out how you can establish your own successful shop in Etsy 101: Launch your Handmade Shop.


a Creativelive Student

This is an an amazing class. It is great for beginners as well as those who have had their shop up for while. There is something new to learn for everyone on Etsy. Marlo's powerpoints are concise and clear. I was so glad to also get the ebooks so I can go back and review the course while I make changes to my store. I am able to bookmark and work through all the changes. Thanks for this course, Marlo and CreativeLive.


Marlo's live presentation was terrific! I learned a lot and was motivated to buy her materials. Looking forward to reading her materials in greater depth. Much thanks!