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What is Self-Doubt?

Lesson 7 from: FAST CLASS: How to Break the Habit of Self-Doubt and Build Real Confidence

Mel Robbins

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7. What is Self-Doubt?

Lesson Info

What is Self-Doubt?

understanding. Self doubt. First of all, it's a learned behavior. It's a learned behavior. You don't come out of the womb doubting yourself. In fact, if you look at any kid, I don't. I'm sure somebody's done a study at how many times kids actually fall down before they are able to stand up, right? They just keep going. Keep going. Keep going. We teach them to doubt themselves. You were taught to doubt yourself. You were. And so you learn this, and when you repeat any behavior, it becomes a habit. Let me show you what happens. So remember, we're gonna continue to build here. We started by talking about how you can't control the feelings that might rise up right. You can't control like if I call on you and you have the quick nerves you can't control. That's totally natural. You can't control what's gonna necessarily happen in your life in business. So you're gonna have feelings that rise up. These feelings trigger you to think that's an action. You start to over think in reaction to bein...

g afraid that you're going to fail. This is an action. I want you to understand. Self doubt is not a feeling. It is the actions that you take in response to these whole array of normal feelings that we have. It impacts how much you sell or whether or not you sell. It impacts how you talk to people. It impacts whether or not you put your work out there. It impacts what you price things. That and so what happens is as you overthink. Then you start to doubt yourself, and now you're stuck in this loop. And when I explained the science of habit loops and how they get encoded in your brain, this is gonna make so much sense and be so liberating because this is the trap that we're all in. You get triggered by your feelings, and then you choose an action that keeps you trapped and keeps you trapped in self doubt. If you're nervous, same thing happens, doesn't it? The second that you sense it's coming? Start over thinking and here's the good news. Any behavior that you repeat and you repeat that stuff all the time, so I it's a habit and we can change it

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maria manolaros

Looking to build some more confidence and push through the imposter feeling I have trying to sell myself as a self taught artist. Happy to say I use the 54321 rule a lot and I didn’t know it. I call it my what have I got to loose rule. I also learned some new techniques and good “habits” to keep my day on track and prepare myself against any fear or anxiety I may encounter when powering through my day. A great motivator, Mel keeps it simple with advice and tips backed by proven scientific research . Highly recommend this

Joshua WAlters

I feel so called out! And that's a really good thing!

Faisal Sajjad

Here is Dr. Faisal Sajjad From Pakistan. Outstanding Instructions to Control Self-Doubt and Anxiety by Mam Mel Robbin. It was a fantastic course.

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