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Production Team and Planning

Lesson 12 from: FAST CLASS: Lighting, Logistics, and Strategies for a Life in Photography

Joe McNally

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12. Production Team and Planning

Lesson Info

Production Team and Planning

Well, not toe. Uh, you know, go over the top here, you know, were a photo studio. You know, um you know, we have our bumps and bruises, and we've been up and down and sideways in this business. But one of the things that has been consistent about our studios that it is perennially continuously a team effort. And this is kind of a special moment for me because two people very dear to me are with me. And this is actually a first for Lynn. She's gotten past her. Her kind of momentary dislike of me for doing this to Earth. Lynn is very much a behind the scenes kind of person. This is the core team for our studio missing one very, very important member. Anne is back home, my wife and also our director of social media marketing. And that's a very crucial piece of the puzzle in terms of on, we'll get into that too. As you know, Creativelive has got lots of classes on S CEO and marketing and this and that. It's part and parcel of everything. I said it yesterday. Like it or not, as we view ours...

elves, us. But I'm tougher you're also a brand, and that brand needs to be marketed and shepherded and all of that. So trust me as a photographer and assistant. When you go in the field, you know right away whether you're going to get along, you know, like on the first job, right, cause it's a bit of a marriage out there, you know, because you see a lot of each other. And if you get on each other's nerves and as some piece of the puzzle goes missing or something like that, it's like not a good day, and you know that. You know, that's the last thing you need to travel with is a problem. So we do form inherently a good set of working parts, and Lynn handles. Would you call it the back of the house of the front of house? You know, when the work comes in, you know, Lin is the one to shape it formulated, put it into language that can be perceived as a contract, get that signed and declared so that we know that we are officially good to go and I can go into the field so I let them, as I say, dear dear friends, but I'll let them each kind of introduce themselves on background. My day to day with Joe is, um, it's really a lot of things. If you could. You come to my desk, you'll see I have two monitors my primary monitor has to do with running the business. Part of everything is email. So it's my email. It's my documents, its contracts, everything. Then every other week, when I do payroll unpaid bills and I go to accounts payable and receivable, and I turned my desk this way, but my other hat on and now I'm, you know, HR somewhere in between there. So it's it's a lot that I do, but all with, you know, tremendous amount of love or Joe and way just have a great time working together. Yeah, seven years ago, I became an intern at the studio. Yeah. Been there since went to the You know, the ringer here in turn, The new guy, third assistant, second assistant, verse assistant. So, um, you know, we're very forthright in saying like paying your dues is important in this business. Um, that's right. You're a young guy. I'm only 27 but I I honestly say, like I wouldn't change anything and how it happens. A lot of people now are trying toe throw themselves in the industry, and they're not really sure what they want to do. But the process leading up from when I started when I was 2021 years old, until now just the growth period has been tremendous. So um yeah, it's been a wild ride. Is Joe said So, um background. Okay, so we are together. We are in this business. There's a lot of dire news out there about the photographic industry, and there is no I'm not here to debunk that and say Everything is roses, Absolutely. But I will say this. I'm having more fun as a photographer now than I've ever had him in my life. And people ask me like, Well, you know, it's so daunting, difficult to do rates and rights, etcetera. And there is a truism about all of that. But the digital revolution that overtook all of us has also enabled a lot of potential prospects, especially for young photographers that were not available to me when I came up. Photographically I needed to learn how to do one thing. Well, and that was clicked. The shutter make a good picture. Very simple, relatively speaking. Process, you know. Now, young talent in this field has to be many. Many things have to be a producer, a digital artist, A graphic artist, A videographer. You have to know audio. You have to be like you're one person information and entertainment system unto yourself. Afternoon. How? Design a website. You have to be able, Teoh, you know, relate to clients. You have to have speed of delivery. All those things that that are incumbent on the marketplace now that are have accelerated, you know, Absolutely accelerated. Okay, there's no gray area. If there's any gray area and in the things that we do is because I introduced it is because I've said toe Lynn. Look, Let it go. It will be okay. You know, I want to do this badly enough that just let it go on reluctantly. Sometimes you have done that on and because Lin is very much keep us on the rails and make sure we stay safe. So and that I look to them to do because I'm completely exposed. Somebody could bury us really, really easily you know, in paperwork or whatever it might be. So we are absolutely upfront conscious of what we enter into in terms of a business arrangement.

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