Filters and Creative Effects in Photoshop


Filters and Creative Effects in Photoshop


Class Description

Photoshop can do more than bring out the best in your photo-realistic images – it can be used to produce wildly imaginative images, as well. Let Ben Willmore show you how it is done in Filters and Creative Effects in Photoshop.

Ben will demonstrate how Photoshop filters can produce an unlimited number of creative effects including: painterly treatments, faux infra red, cross processing, antique treatments, double exposure effects, and more.

Software Used: Adobe Photoshop CC 2014.2.2



Ben always teaches me sooo ... much. His style is very pleasant and relaxed, but the content he covers is just amazingly helpful. I bought all of the Photoshop Week courses and this is one of the best!


Ill be looking for all Ben Willmore tutorials. This was worth every single penny. He's clear, articulate, and easy to follow. And he gets right to the point...not like a lot of youtube videos where you have to hear what the instructor had for lunch before they get to the Photoshop details. Brilliant...

a Creativelive Student

No matter how many times I watch Ben Willmore share his craft, I learn a multitude of new concepts, shortcuts, tricks and techniques. His teaching style is relaxed, yet efficient. Of course, it's also cool that he travels in vintage coaches.