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SVGs in Canva

Lesson 13 from: Graphic Design Made Easy with Canva

Matt Stevenson

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13. SVGs in Canva

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Lesson Info

SVGs in Canva

So let's talk a little bit about a little bit more about the S P G's. When we very first started the segments, I described Canada in five words. It is a free cloud based layout design to, um, there's a word in their layout that's very important. Um, a lot of times I get asked. I actually think I asked Guy earlier. Where does Canada live? In my tool set is it isin a content on illustration. Creation tool is in a pixel manipulation tool. We have all these different things that we used it. Is it a good organizational tool? It actually fit s'more into the layout category than any of the other categories. So you're gonna use it very similarly to how you use in design for you. Old school guys. It's gonna be me, too. I was there, too. It's gonna be how you use Cork Express. That's a throwback. So what that means is you're not going to create your logo in can va. But you will use a logo in a layout. In an arrangement of different assets, you're not going to, uh, use a pan a digital pan Teoh sk...

etch something in Canada But you can take that sketch, marry it with some great micro designs, like micro decisions like we talked about and create a composition with it. It is a layout tool because of the layout tool. We're gonna use some other programs and are some other tools in our skill set in order to bring stuff in. One of those is Adobe Illustrator. So I have Illustrator open here and oh, cool. I got my little f up. Um, I have a couple social icons here, and I just want to show you what happens how we bring this stuff in. So as his irons, we're going to create a lot of these assets ourself. We're gonna find them. Please don't steal them. Always pay for them if we're gonna use him. We're gonna take some of these graphics here like this. Like, let's say I want to use these three b Serie as vector graphics inside a layout. Let's create that really quick. This isn't a full demo. I'm just I'm just showing you guys a principle of going from illustrator to Canada. We are going Teoh, drop in an image. So let's say I want happens if I just do background does. It comes up with a bunch of backgrounds. I should have expected that. So let's do something kind of cool and bright. Love it. Uh, let's do a free one. Because I just don't want Thea, uh, interesting texture, but maybe not. Okay. Brilliant. Great. So a nice kind of cool Grady in gray background. Um oh, and we could change the color. Look at that. See, sometimes they surprise me. So has a great thing yet behind it. I love that. So, clearly this is an SPG that has a really cool Grady. Um who? That's beautiful. That may hurt my eyes. Let's go there. Okay, so we're going to illustrator. We got these three guys. If I were to take thes three and save them as an SPG, it would they would always be together Would be like a permanent group. So instead of that, I'm gonna take one of them. I'm gonna copy. It's a command. See? Going to make a quick new file here. It doesn't matter the size or anything like that. We're gonna pop are vector graphic in there. I want to make sure that it's a compound path because that f will not be transparent if it's not and it is, which is great. Ah, and I want to. This is important. I want a crop the art board in illustrator to the size of the, uh, art. To do that, let's make a little bit bigger. Really doesn't matter cause it's factor. Make sure it's proper aspect or issue. I'm going to going to object down to art boards, fit artwork to bounce. That's the easiest way to do it. It's like it's like selecting something in photo shop and then saying fit to selection. Same thing. So this way we don't have a lot of extra space because that space would show up in our icon. I'll show you what happens if we don't. So let's say I just saved it out like this, which you can in some other smother Leah programs. I'm going t save as and I'm gonna say f wrong. Just so I know, save it to my desktop that I'm going to save it as an SPG. I don't think it doesn't need to be compressed. Um, that's going to be pretty small anyway. Our boards, if you have more than one That's great. We don't need to. We're just getting one arberg because of doing this the wrong way to I'm gonna click, save the SPD profile. Just go with the defaults. 1.1 is just fine. You don't need Teoh embed anything really important to note I'll I'll take a pause here for singing. No life funds, no lines. If you have a stroke or a line in your SPG, you'll want to convert it outlines before you bring it in to Canada because otherwise you will not be able to change. The color of that line can vote. Will Onley change the color of um, and enclosed objects in their SPG files? So we'll save it as sug 1.1. That is great and pretty cool on my desktop right there. So I'm gonna go back to Canada and I got my cool thing here. I want to show you what happens. So here it's I'm going to drag and drop. You can also do it by clicking on the big green button, but I love dragging and dropping, so it's it's prompting me. It's saying, Hey, you're not going to throw this in your browser. That's actually gonna go into Canada. You okay with that? Let it go and it's gonna go into up loads and noticed something interesting that it's way down there. So these air coolies are bigger, beautiful. But then this guy is like little bitty. That's because we did not crap to the We didn't crop the art board to the thing. So it's doing calculations and calculating all that space around the object and its thinking. That's part of the art. So I don't like that at all. I'm gonna delete that in order to delete something from your uploads. You're going to go to the little I underneath of it. Most of the time. It's on the image, but this guy's wrong sets way down here and you're just gonna click delete. Before I do that, I have another important tip. Currently, it might be out there, but I have not figured out how to rename assets once I upload them into canvas. If you notice the name of the asset that I brought in was F dash wrong dot spg. When it came in here, it's calling it untitled image that is unedited ble, which is a little bit tricky. So be prepared. If you're uploading Aton of different assets, you're going to have to be organizing them visually instead of going by a name. You also can't. Then, of course, search by them around. Can you drag and drop to have them around so visually sort of place them in different places? Or they were uploaded in the order that they're uploaded there in the order that they're uploaded. And I actually, in fact, I think it might be a masonry effect. For those of you guys familiar with some online patterns, Masonry arranges things according to their height so that it's all kind of jammed up at the top, but they're in in order to their height, so it may not be any order at all. Um, right, So that's that's that guy. Uh, now I'm working in, Okay, I'm working in my personal account. There is a way to organize your uploads in Canada for work. So let me show you that really quick. I'm just gonna jump over here and open up my camera for work account. And if I go into a design, I have a new option down here, so I have some folders here. Here's upload general up loads. But then I have some stuff that I've uploaded for other projects. Its best practice and make a many folders as you like. You can't nest folders, but you could make a ton of folders for maybe one per client. 1% of assets. You know, I have one. These these grapes images here that I have, like, fathom brand image is outside of the the brand kit that comes with the camera for work account. So you can arrange these in the folders. Weaken, for instance, create a new folder here. I could rename it. You can? Yes, you can't. Would you ever create a folder for every asset that you imported? So you'd be able to name every aspect you might? Yeah, that is a work around. Um, personally, I would want to, like, group them according to the project that I'm working on. And I could still visually see the difference. Yeah, like, for instance, I might make a social icons folder, and then every social icon that I create going there, and then it's just a repository of things that I can grab better. You go visual? Yeah. Is one way to do it so I can rename this toss. Something in there can becomes. They have social icons in there too, though, right? They dio eso I fight to a search for Social. We'll wait. Come on. Trying again. I can. My Google food is not what it used to be. Yeah, so they have a couple there, like a share icon. I think a lot of them are proprietary, so they may not. Let's try the Twitter icon. Yeah, so they have them in there. A lot of different styles to, um Yeah, so that's that stuff is in there. Uh, be careful not to use this guy Twitter. Well, actually, not like that at the old Twitter logo over. Yeah, The new one looks a bit like that. Not a big difference, but they pay attention, That kind of stuff. Um, yeah. So, yes, I leave that page and let me switch back to my personal account. So good. You know, that's how your assets of So this guy, he's gonna go away dilly Ted and we're fresh because sometimes it doesn't move them over. Great. Let's do it the right way. I was loved doing things the wrong way first. Definitely doing something twice. All right, So we'll take this guy. We're gonna go into objects, art boards fit to our work, bounds, and then we're gonna save it again. Again. It doesn't matter. Um, let's say f right. Spg There's not more than one art board. 1.1 is fine. All right. We don't have any just thinking to myself here. We don't have a live tax. We don't have any lines. Stroked lines, so we're good to go. So close that guy. And was that when I open? I can't remember now. Oh, yeah? What's right down here? Okay, so we'll toss this right in there so it goes into the uploads folder. It shows in my general uploads here I can drag it right onto the stage. And because it's an SPG, I can change the color, which is nice, so I could make it whatever color I want. If there were two colors in their two little dots in shop, etcetera so that's that's one. I could do that for all of the rest of them, but you guys would get bored very quickly. So if I was creating a layout. I would sort of bring them all in and then I can use them for anything else. I want to. They stay this up. Loads folder followed you around through any project. So if I were to create for you to go into a different project, like let's say, my timeline that I'm working on and I were going up loads Boom, There's my stuff right there. So it Z in your account, not in the project level.

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Pretty good course generally...especially part 2 & 3. Frankly, Canva's early adopters, like Sue Zimmerman (who I heard about it from) & the like...& therefore probably MOST of us entrepreneurs are probably NOT graphic designers by trade. That was the whole point of Canva being created in the first place!!!! That fact was hammered home in the way Matt presented how to use Canva by pro designers in part 4. Unfortunately, Part 4 was very hard to follow at times. When was he in the pro version of Canva & what could be done in the version we all know, love & work with everyday was NOT always clear. Part 4 was waaaaay too fast & very terminology heavy for most of even the in-studio audience. (It was funny.) I wanted to hug the gal that kept trying to reel it in & get on the same page with her questions. Thank goodness. Bought the course right away because I've been using Canva for over a year and need to go to the next level. I hoped to learn tricks for all that I waste so much time figuring out on my own. There were some. Alas, one main Canva glitch with regard to applying a logo over a background (uh...kind of crucial for business owners & a real time waster to work around literally every single time you use the program) that was raised as a question & re-asked by 2 other people AND several times remained completely untouched. Although the question was on topic & appropriate at many times during parts 2, 3 & 4 and a seemingly very popular question, the moderator chose to ignore it. Almost NO questions were taken from the online audience, in fact, despite there being surprisingly few questions online!! Incredibly, incredibly frustrating & disappointing but I don't blame Matt for that. Too bad there seems to be no course materials to go along with the awesome tips Matt went thru one by one. What a perfect workbook or guide that would have been to go with this, in some form. Really too bad. And really surprising. So all in all, a good course with an EXCELLENT instructor (hope he does Prezi too) but some some big disappointments for this non-professional-in-graphic-design-or-tech, which, it seems is a SIGNIFICANT chunk of your audience...right?


This was an absolutely great course for a beginner like me. Matt explained everything very clearly and in a pleasant way. I hope he, or someone, does a class on the new Adobe Spark soon. Thanks again; Lonney

Khaled Yasser

I like this course, becuase it is very simple to the users, and canva is the future for quick design I hope everyone can you it.

Student Work