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Breathing: Abdominals & Core Support

The first thing I want us to do is to do a little bit of abdominal massage on the corgis ball. Now, if you're deep into your pregnancy and your uterus is pass your navel, this is not the easiest thing to do. We're going tow literally be putting the corgis ball either directly on the navel above enable or to the side, which is where you come in. Okay, so this is safe to dio against side of your belly when you're when you're in the trimester, that you're that you're in or if you feel like, you know what, none of this feels right to me, you can opt out, you could do just some movements with your hands, and then when we get to the chest, you can join us at the chest, all right? And so I want to ask tia, teo, be our model for the first trimester got rolling, if you don't mind, and would you be our model for the second trimester since you've just entered that? So, yeah, grab your your corgis ball, and you can do this right by here, down on the floor and what we're gonna do this up here, and ...

I'm going to be because I'm almost at their try, master, I'm in a model of third trimester, so what's, all going to dio is come down onto thorne it's nice to have the map. I think we can sort of share we can all sort of share this a little bit. And so was that you were conveyed. Unless we can grab another that'll be great. How should we orient thes this way or that way like this? Like that? Okay, so this is ahh this is also something those of you who are re having your scar tissue from c sections. This is your rehab. This is yourself soft tissue remodel ification, one of those scars, and even if you you're you're a dude, you didn't have a c section, but you hadn't appendectomy or your chronic low back pain. This is one of these self care remedies, so ball on naval for you, ball above the navel below the rib cage, right? And you'll just talk down and I'm gonna take the corgis ball and go on to my side and you'll see him in a position myself. So do you know where the bottom your rib cages and so your if this is the first time doing this at all for you also want to just use your elbows and prop yourself up so that you don't drop full pressure in there, are you okay with that pressure? You are okay, cool. And one of the cool things about the corgis ball is it does give you information back about the location of your uterus. And remember when I showed this teo my o b g y n because I had I had concerns was like, is it okay for me to lay on my admin and do self got massage? She said it was perfectly fine. So this that was that was enough for me for a green light, so we're not practice abdominal breathing here. Uh, lauren, you okay? They're on your side. It feels good. All right, so take a massive breath into your gut, hold your breath and then stiffening the tissues that are being pressed into by the balls. You were talking up and actually called us the tubular core on an exhale and let go. And you should feel that there's more tissues that sink around it. Are you okay with that? Can you feel it? Just a smidge? Just a smidge down. Yeah. Good. One more breath in hold and then tighten. Create tension and then exhale feels good. Doesn't it? Also, especially your doing it from your side. It relieves that sort of low back, strain another breath in hold and create tension to your core. And then exhale release now you are pliable enough that you may be able to just tuck your forehead down your forms and now what I'd like you to do is move from side to side so the ball is going to traverse across that rectus sheath and so for you it's just you know touch and go you want to feel your way around the contours above the dia for above the uterus primarily yeah are you able to to feel how high up that goes? Yeah that's pretty cool so here we're doing this with our tops on but I do recommend that in the privacy of your own home and many of you are home that you expose your skin to the ball and the reason for that is these balls just like the yoga tuna balls have a ton of stick have a ton of grip and that grip grabs at the soft tissue layers and it helps to create motion amongst the soft tissue layers the muscles and the fashion and so if you have any stiffness there uh this will help to induce pliability and induced what we call slide and glide and if you have scarring uh this is one of the biggest problems with scars is that they reduce the ability for your muscles to slide well and therefore they don't actually contract well and they also don't release well and so we just gets different stiffer and that stiffness than poles all of the other soft tissues associated with it into this sort of wake of the scar okay, so why don't we switch side since we've been on one side and you guys keep going and I'm gonna teach you you to another technique and this is called and I came up this actually with my friend kelly who is about to come on ken is making you sweat okay, so this is called and vita way you might have what we call weird sweat when you do this because you are mobilizing connected to shoot that is a little bit dormant and when you mobilize hardin or stiff connected to she one of the byproducts heat it releases heat so two pence been immobilized you may want to excellent your abdomen if you're open to that is you keep the ball in place but you spin like a top on top of the ball so you'll probably get you off the seats you do this um and I'm exposing my waist and later the ball stays in place and you walk around the ball you see how the ball stays in place but I let the stickiness of this feels so good the stickiness of the ball adhere to my skin and keep breathing but for you just keep moving from side to side you may you just yeah you may wanna teo just explore the basic some having county's doing the basic over there how you doing over there so you're not pregnant so you you can do that you could do anything you want how's that did you have a c section or you had no so anything is gonna be good. Anything that you do is gonna be good so face down on your side little pen and spin and once you feel like you've uh uh it created a bunch of pickling and ringing with that ball you can do the inhale hold the breath contract exhale relax there will be more slack now you can spin a little bit more take up even more about slack inhale hold contract exhale spin and so on my husband always says to me, please don't do this at the gem jill because it looks like you're having sex with a ball you know what I'm having a ball though who's to say is her question okay, old babbler said I can definitely see this being beneficial for someone who knows their body well and has a high level of body scents but says they'd be nervous advising to someone who may not be a za tune do you have any advice for that? Yeah so so this is like the third trimester variation just go on the side on the side yeah, if you have any fear that also you're gonna feel how gelatinous and mobile thes tissues are and you know your uterus you're not going to dislodge your uterus doing doing this work this is extremely gentle work but uh there this is new stuff if you've never done anything like this and so I would err on the side of go to the side don't put pressure directly on your uterus she's staying around the perimeter of her uterus she's not on uh on the uterus itself she's above it, right? So and that's what I would say how how to start off with this is that is that the same advice there's a couple questions about if it's safe if you've had diagnosis uh so if I have to ask this is I'm gonna stay on my side and I'm not gonna plow right through that center line okay? Because this actually will induce stretch there and what I want to think about if I have diocesan is creating a movement in one direction and that movement is that I would want to plough the tissues towards the midline lightened the load return plow the tissues towards the midline, lighten the load and return ok that's for that's that's for post pregnancy rehabilitation got it that makes sense so essentially I'm trying to actually use the force of the ball to essentially gather those tissues towards the midline instead of continuing to add pressure here and poland separate all right uptown quick question on the ball just yoga nurture is the ball slightly on your floating ribs or is it directly on the side in the soft tissue beside the uterus it's all good it's all good yeah this ball is so soft it will it will not hurt those floating ribs ah harder ball on the floating ribs not so helpful that's what we use this ball and we will be doing some stuff on our back actually the over two nipples but let's go up to the sternum and so this is where I've got a little microphone on so I can't actually demonstrate this so well but you want to put the ball right on your sternum justice to use doing right here you guys all have microphones right they're doing to me what it turn down the sound my sound guy okay okay okay so uh yeah, I like I like what you're doing here she's kind of got a sort of a little baby squat going on also um but this is ideally you want to try to drop his much sternal pressure into this is possible and the reason we're doing this is we want to make our ribs pliable right? So you're doing the same thing you can you put full pressure in here and this is ah really nice way also to massage the breast tissue if it can bear it sometimes you're so insensitive in the breasts and the nodes are depending on where you are in which trimester um maybe just two highly irritable so first thing you inhale hold breath contract hard and then exhale let go oh my goodness this is a way to reposition your rib cage to help get that rhib down position inhale hold create tension and then exhale let go I'll do that one more time big breath in hold create tension exhale and let go now there's a few options here in terms of movement if either move from side to side when you move from side to side you want to think how can I nuzzle this ball around the perimeter of the breast tissue so I'm not just necessary massaging my breast, but I'm also thinking how did y actually nuzzle until the intercostal muscles that are braiding I'm underneath the breast tissue as well? All right, so where of course we're on our best but we're also thinking beyond the breast you can also roll up and down so meaning moving you're still the ball up and down the sternum where's my skeleton is over there but to help to create some motion you'll take I'll take him up here motion at the sternal costal joints and those of you who are carrying your babies right now nursing your babies just think about think about the stiffness that you create right holding, carrying nursing, feeding this is another way to create that pliability in these interior soft tissues and we're going to then capture our strength of shoulder reposition um in just a couple of moments with this you can also do pin and spin here I do find it awkward if you're extra breast e because their breaths seemed like end up tying themselves into knots but you work it work it you just you know work around it how's that any questions yes katie rose asked says you said this would help with healing scar tissue wouldn't have a similar effect on stretch marks ah boy stretch marks yeah it's blood flow isn't it yes I stretch marks are another version of the scar I am not gonna make a claim either way on that I'm not enough of an expert on on the stretch marks so yeah sorry about that there was another question about if you can if you khun use another ball if you don't have this ball with you right now so what I suggested earlier is that you can use a rolled up uh towel or a blanket you need something that has yield so you don't want to have something something super super hard because you do want to have something that can manage especially all over this this anterior area so something that has yield um you can even wrap a towel around a pillow just to give it a little bit of density but yeah um not a hardball not a basketball, not a soccer ball you want to have something that's pliable and seo at the toy store you can get a gurney ball our website and get the corgis ball they brought up a soft jim over baller you familiar with a soft jim over the ball livable I'm not quite sure what that is, but as long as as long as it can compress and conformed to the shapes of your chest then you're ok you don't ever want to feel a pinch e or squinty you'll feel pressure and movement but you don't want to feel like you're irritating things all right? So she does we're tracking all over your boobs and your nipples and you know you start lactating here on me I've seen I have weed I do share this with my post natal mothers and occasionally get a little mook leakage happens net net kaffee is asks should be breathing here training a ribs yeah, should this be done with caution if you have s payday sin fyssas pubis dysfunction so so yes and no I don't fully know the condition of her, so that would be that I've got some imbalance in my in my my pubic bones they didn't fuse back together again correctly that clicking ah hyper mobile aside joints I'll tell you the first thing when I go to my cairo when I was having a side joined issues many many years ago, the first thing that he would dio is put the palm of his hand very very firmly uh I'd be on my back and he pressed very very firmly into my synthesis with deep pressure and then all of a sudden my pelvis would go back into place and so in uh in my students and this is student that I know very well I will have them actually put the ball on their pubic some thesis on duty breathing and this is actually a greatly to relieve s I joint pain because there is a lateral spreading so right now I'm down at my at my pubic synthesis I'm not in my uterus I'm actually on the bone and what I'm referring tio I'm referring to is this right there that's where the ball is right now how's that feel oh you're uptown somebody's doing it somebody doing it has it feel teo feels good okay, so but again consult with your physician I'm not your physician okay? All right cool. So coming out of that and let's grab you want to change our cabin location here to do ah quick blitz of the upper back with the opportunity balls and then I'm gonna teach you that dia for him stretch all right so let's mosey over here every grab your grab two of the oga tuna balls and let's see you, jasmine. Can I have you demonstrate this on the wall and so the yasmin you'll be here? She yeah, that's. Fine. You can have them in the toad and then megan, come on over here so you could do this on that. Leaning up against the wall with meghan. What you're gonna dio is you'll lay down on the ground right here with you need bent on the soles of your feet on the floor and you'll bring the two yoga to not balls directly on top of so the tightest muscles on your body, the upper trapezius elevator scapula area. And once you bring the balls there, you lift your pelvis up, and so he wanted to use these so that their separate and bend your knees a little bit jasmine and the old lena begins the law so yasmin's going to do exactly the same thing on the wall that you're doing? You ok? Ok, now can you breathe into your ribs while you're here? So the reason I'm having yasmin do this on the wall obviously is if you're if you're in any try master, we're laying on your back is uncomfortable. You gotta modify this for me so far, and I even see for lauren who's about to give birth because she's, laying on her back, doesn't have problems with it. Uh for many women, the pressure of the uterus on the vasculature running along the spine can cause dizziness and nausea and so but that's not going to be for all of you and so for those of you that can leon, you're back do so because you actually get a little bit more of a benefit and if you can't just lean against the wall right from here, raise your arms all the way over head coming into that shoulder position we're exploring before and bring your arms all the way down to the floor yeah and you may need to do a little why like shape and you'll do this all the way up the wall and you keep them there so use the wall yasmin is a reference good and then what I want to do is do some apple picking for me yeah it's it's the fall depending on when you watch this we're filming this in november so you going to pick some apples picks in pairs and so what? We're actually going over contracting the upper trapezius right now and trying teo little bit tax it while the balls are in the way and yeah, you may start breathing or sweating weird and and that's totally fine okay, then release your arms come on down on great your teeth and now I want you to take the opportunity balls and clip them together let me go grab a pair I'm gonna show you on the skeleton where the balls are gonna go grab them and the goal of this now folks is again we want to have a dynamic rib cage so the balls are going to go down just a couple of inches below the nape of your neck and they're gonna be alongside your spine and also yasmin you can use the balls in the tote since it's kind of easier to keep them together there good comfortable it feels good so it gives you a little instant back band and so what I'd like you to do here now is be an angel and create snow angels in the snow or on the floor and very deep breathing and so lauren, make sure you have enough room around you that you can be a snow angel or you can also bend your elbows and then make a chicken's no angel position yeah that's if it's a crowded room but you you've got all the room in the world so you can make the most of it good and then discontinue that and then interlace your hands behind your skull, scoop your hair up and pull your chin towards your chest lift your tush up just a little bit and so you want your balls are a little bit too high yasmin, talk him down just a little bit more and I want to do is to create a little rolling pin action that takes the balls down a few inches and then right back up a few inches this is very, very intuitive and most people want to do this on balls anyway is to let the balls are nuzzle against these upper rahm boyd trapezius tissues and you're the most beautiful enchanted smile on your face usually when I teach this to people half their tongue is coming out on one side there's not coming out the other side it brings out the demons but you're like I've been waiting for this I've been waiting for a back massage that you don't have to pay for this is instant back relief then lean to the left so don't favor the left side and go up and down so it's not that your head is lean too if you just tilting your torso to the left so you're gonna zip up the left side of the spine uh huh and then shift so you're dipping up the right side this point so it's not that your side bending watch me you're just pushing your body weight just thrusting more body weight into the right side and then up and down you go yes yes yes yes yes so it's not about turning uh the rib cage yeah about okay then find the middle other in cage so the middle of the rib cage uh would be right about excuse me the middle of the scabby would be right about here what I want you guys to do here is we're going to try to do some of that same ah layer on rap that fashionable unwind that we did with the corgis ball but we're going to do it here where the basically the wrong points are ending the trapezius are super super dominant and the action is an aggressive side bending action where the balls are going to end up the balls actually stay the same what happens is that your body twist on top of them and so you get all these tissue shearing yeah so go ahead and do that and you have this very nice sweater on and so the more layers of fabric you have sometimes the less the impact is into the actual tissues. So if you could do this at home with less layers on that's better I know it's a little cooler in here you want to try to create as much to shoe shifting as you possibly can how's that feel so this is a very animalistic movement but the idea here is not so much so that oh I'm bending and I'm doing a side then exercise I'm using the bending action to try to let the bulls catch the layers like rubber scalp als and create turbulence all right good let's go down one more one or two more vertebra so we're still in between the shoulder blades ish we're towards the bra strap area and what did you see what is you ah breath practice here so arms up to the sky and on inhalation you'll to the well sorry different sky huh are straight out yeah I know it feels like it's her sky and it's your front on in how you separate your scapula and on exhale you pull them back and pinch them against the balls hard hard to try to hurt the balls in hell separate your shoulder blades glide them apart yeah and on exhale a little bit lower with your balls move your body this way more uh more more more yeah squeeze the balls with your shoulder blades again inhale separate and exhale squeeze and pinch hard, hard, hard, hard, hard ah huh and one more time inhale separate try to keep your upper traps the club ocular muscles out of this and exhale squeeze good and then wrap your hands on and breathe into the sides of your ribs so find the sides of your ribs here yes, man yeah and try to feel the shoulder blades and I want you to breathe it hot and heavy into the ribs the thor asic breathing do you feel the dimension of that circumferential expansion of those ribs much like when you were clamping a ribs down feeling the articulation off them when these ribs get super stiff, it references back to what katie was talking about it's like, I'm not able to keep my ribs down and partly I can't keep my ribs down because I've created so much tension in the soft tissues and in the joint mechanics back here that it just it's an improbability so I'm creating this durability and this this option for that so go ahead and take your balls out and by the way, this is a little bit of an abbreviated practice you do this much longer on the corgis video and all on some of the other video media? How does that feel? Now take a breath into rib cage yeah it's like you could keep going and going and going. Lauren, how does that feel? My my almost about to pop when you see a lot of relaxation on my neck and shoulders? The relaxation response is undeniable, so actually this is essentially the onset of that relaxation response. When we use the balls immediately, they help to turn on the off switch couple that with deep, dynamic breathing and you have a recipe for self sedation you don't need thio lament that you can't have a glass of wine when you could roll around on balls you don't need teo, you know, dose up on whatever herbal relaxant your your person your herbalist told you could take just give him a paris balls that stimulate your soft tissue and you can change your state immediately. Isn't it amazing? Okay, so, um I'm going to switch you guys out and tia would you mind coming up here and would you stay here because I want we're gonna demonstrate now the dia fram vacuum so die friend vacuum is the beginning process that helps us to dramatically stretch the diaphragm so tia and I are going to demonstrate this laying on the ground and yasmin is going to demonstrate the same thing in standing so the standing variation is essentially that third trimester variation and I'm going to show you a couple of times then out then I'll stand out but I want I'm gonna show you because I'm going to see the how the uterus literally the uterus shaped show up so it works like this you start on your back or standing or you can do this sitting this is called the bridge left with the diaphragm vacuum I'm exposing my belly can you expose your belly? You cool with that? All right so you inhale the arms lift up the lungs flood with breath and you gonna link your arms here jasmine when you do the standing you length um then you exhale here you exhale everything until there's nothing left at the end of the exhale you do not inhale, you slowly lower the pelvis down or you keep your ribs no keep your hands where they are jasmine you keep your ribs lifting up and away from the pelvis and you'll feel that hollow shape forming and can you do this without your top? Do you mind lifting your shirt up could reset your arms and let me just talk you guys through that again so I can't really talk and do this the same time anyway seem inhale arms come up overhead you fill your lungs with breath exhale get rid of it empty, empty, empty at the end of empty link your hands there if you're standing or sitting link your hands at the end of empty lower your spine if you're standing, keep reaching your rib cage up and try to spread the ribs away from one another. If we do this correctly, this strange hollow will show up lips drop your hands down let's do that again inhale arms come up overhead if you're standing, you link them if if you're laying down, you don't need to exhale, get rid of the breath and at the end of exhale if you're laying on the ground you lower your pelvis without breathing and you're standing we try to launch the ribs further away from each other and away from the pelvis you feel this very strange hollow suction then you return your arms down by your side take a catch breath if you need to, and we'll do this one more time, and I'm gonna do this and standing, yeah, were you able to do that, lawrence? Okay, the reason I keep going to her. She's, she's, thirty seven weeks pregnant, very fat three seven. And were you able to feel the differentiation, the stretch of the diaphragm versus the stuff that's down below? Yeah, absolutely. You can feel the contraction, the hollowness in the top, and then the expansion on the way. And what does that feel like? Does it feel like scary, or does it feel like it feels nice, actually, especially at this stage, you have it's, like a more difficulty in breathing because of the, you know, the contraction of the diaphragm because of all the stuff, so it actually feels really good it's, almost like catching your breath. It's all it's like catching your breath, right? It's, like training yourself to capture brought beautiful, great.

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