Fixing "Pet Eye"


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Fixing "Pet Eye"

So I'm gonna pop back over to the editor really quickly and you can also, of course, open images just from your hard drive they don't have to be in the organizer, so to show you that we'll just come up here to the file menu and all to open and we'll navigate tio this photo here, m ca so this is my cat and one of my cats and it's a horrible picture of her on purpose, because I wanted to show you how the red eye removal works in elements and elements unlike big brother photoshopped elements has actually pet I fix isn't that awesome? I'm telling you, you guys that's really good looking, approachable neighbor is really good looking he's got some great features, so one of them is this pet I six so you to the red eye tool, which is over here in your toolbar, and to make it work on pets, you have to turn on the option down here for pet it's pretty straightforward on dh, then you really just click. I'm going to try to zoom in a little bit by holding command space bar and then dragging groups o...

r we'll just do command plus there we go to drag in a little bit, and then I'm just going to click on her eyes and it may or may not be a good adjustment let's see did that I really well but it botched this one so I'm in actually just undo both of those and zoom in a little more with command or control plus and I'll try it again you may have to click whoa okay well of course when you're live on camera it decides to really give you a little bit of a test let's try this expand our pupil radius and give it another click there we are you got to play with the fighters a little um but all I have to do is click a couple of times and then her eyes aren't so scary anymore so you can adjust the sliders down here for pupil radius or how dark of an adjustment gets me but it's not you know as perfect as if you were to manually go in and really spend a lot of time retouching this but in this case it's a less than stellar snapshot of my cat so if I just want to put this online or whatever and I just want to fix her eyes really quickly this is a great tool to just save me save me some time so I just wanted to point that out because soda shop big brother photos that doesn't have that and I think that's pretty anything maybe maybe it will sneak over there eventually some of the features I think there are some that started in elements that did crawl over teo big butters up maybe this will be one of them but that's pretty nifty all right, so we'll go ahead and close that out. We won't save that we'll just we're ok with that there's a button back let me point that out down here at the bottom of the editor if we wantto pop back over to the organizer there's lots of ways you can do it I often use just a keyboard shortcut in my operating system to switch applications but you can also just come down here and click organizer and that will pop you back over to the organizer so it really does operate much like light room does or even bridge just as a way to browse your files and open them into photoshopped so let's, take a look here at a couple of other files were going to do some we're going to make like a composite so we're going to open up this image of this is my little my little son he's five month old um we're going to make a fun composite with him, so I'm going to grab this and I'm going to hold down the commander control key to select multiple images so I've got this glitter image here this watercolor tester and then a picture of him and then I'll go ahead and click the editor and they should all pop open over there all right so, let's, talk a little bit more about this space again. We're going to be an expert mode because it's really the most flexible, powerful section so that's, where we want to be, we have all these tools over here at our disposal we have down here, we've got some options that controls how the different tools work. So if I click the move tool, for example, these are the options that control the move tool up. Here, we have the tab for the different images that we've opened. So we've got three files open, so I can move between them by clicking on their different tabs. Or over here we see currently are layers panel that this little button right here when I click layers it's, goingto open or close that layers panel.

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Everyone has heard of Adobe® Photoshop®, but have you met its easy-to-use counterpart, Adobe® Photoshop® Elements?

Adobe® Photoshop® Elements is the perfect tool for hobbyists and beginners who are looking for a simplified introduction to image editing and organization.

In this class, Khara Plicanic will get you started in this easy-to-use program. You’ll learn about everything from organizing your image collection to retouching to adding graphics. Khara will help you discover the function and features that make Adobe® Photoshop® Elements an awesome solution for folks who don’t need all the bells and whistles.  

Software Used: Adobe Photoshop CC 2015