How to Fulfill Reader's Expectations


How to Fulfill Reader's Expectations


Class Description

Why are we drawn to stories? What is it that makes us want to listen, read, or watch a story unfold? And what are our expectations when we begin any story? These are big, complex questions. But as a writer, it’s essential that you tackle them in order to truly give your readers what they want and expect from a great story.

According to author, speaker, and instructor Lisa Cron, readers come to stories looking for inside intel on how best to navigate the unpredictable, scary, beautiful world we live in. They want to learn something that will help them make it through the day, the night, and the rollercoaster of a life that they’re living.

Lisa will show you how to decode your reader’s hardwired expectations—which have nothing to do with the surface plot or how beautifully your words are written—so you can create a story that rivets them from the very first sentence.

In this class, you’ll learn how to:

  • Create the underlying foundation from which a compelling story organically springs.
  • Follow a set of guidelines that will help you keep your story on track.
  • Use your power as a storyteller to hook and hold your readers.
  • Identify the single problem that your story is trying to solve.
  • Understand that everyone has a past, an agenda, and a reason for being.


Kymbr Mundstock

I was watching it live. I really liked the teacher and she made many good points, but I was having issues with my computer so fr me the lecture was stopping and starting at random. I expected her to re-show or at least tell the list of reader's expectations so I could at least get a screen capture, but the video ended in the middle of sentence before she finished the last point or reviewed the whole list.