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All You Need To Know About Adobe Lightroom® CC

Lesson 10 of 16

How to Use Face Tagging & Keywording

Matt Kloskowski, Jared Platt

All You Need To Know About Adobe Lightroom® CC

Matt Kloskowski, Jared Platt

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Lesson Info

10. How to Use Face Tagging & Keywording

Lesson Info

How to Use Face Tagging & Keywording

So you have a You got a big feature. Oh, this is This is so this is one of the headliners. I think the side hdr This is probably one of the top. Yeah, this is the rock and roll headliner. So, um, I have on my screen right now a wedding that started at the bottom of the Grand Canyon way, way down at the bottom. So, like, for instance, here this is the bottom of those look like mountains, but they're not. We're in the middle of canyon, and those are the top of the canyon. Okay, so I went down and hike to meet this couple at the bottom of the Grand Canyon. And then we hiked up together all the way to the top of the canyon where after they that they got dressed, and then they got married at the top of the canyon here. So that's the wedding. Um, when I post these images, um, I want to be able to post the images in a way that the bride and groom and the family can find the images, and I also want to be able to find the images. And so I'm a big key Werder I love to keyword. I don't love to ke...

yword, but I love the result of the results of key wording because that makes it possible for me to find an image of a bride with flowers at the Grand Canyon with clouds. Right? And if I can find all that, then I can deliver that to, you know, publication that's interested in it, or I can deliver it to a client, or I can deliver it to my portfolio where you know I can get it out there really quick. But it's because of those keywords that I could do that also on my website. When my clients go toe look at their proofing images because of those keywords, they confined Children. And so when a mom comes on to the website and sees a keyword tag cloud that says she confined all Children and clicks on it than on Lee, Children appear So then she confined the pictures of her kids very quickly and buy them very quickly, as opposed to having to hunt through a lot of images. So there's a lot of advantages not just to me, but also to my client to finding him and therefore to my sales because they can find the images they're looking for. The bride wants to find all the pictures of her. She simply has to click Bride. The problem is, is that up until now, finding the bride meant I had to go through and and I use the spray can tool to spray a bunch keywords, and I'll still have to do that. I'll still have to spray canyon and flowers and things like that. But what I don't have to do anymore is spray can the people, because light room has the ability to now see people and faces. So that is right down here inside of the grid module air, the library module in the grid view, there are the regular grid. And then there's the loop view. And then there's the survey. There's the compare, and then there's a little face thing. That face, if you click on the face, is people and watch what happens when you click on it. When you clicked on that, it shows faces. Now I've already started the tagging process and I went to sleep, so all I had to do was tell it that Tim and Sam looked like this and so, so far has automatically found of Tim and 10 of Sam because I started tagging them. But it's also got people like Aiken double click on Tim. And by the way, I got to tell you about where you start this. So if you go up to the top left hand corner right here, where it says light room Adobe sees light room CC Jared Platt click on that, and now you have an option instead of those like lines that go across the those air gone. So now it's inside this drop down menu, and you can see there several options. Sync with light room mobile address. Look up, which is a new feature for the maps module. Just kind of looks up. Addresses, face detection. Notice that it's paused right now. Okay, if Ewan posit, it will start looking, and when you start it for the first time, it's gonna ask you, Do you want me to look up faces in everything in light room? Or do you want me just to look at things that you're looking at and I choose to have it? Just look at the things I'm looking at so that I'm not having it spin constantly while im working. But the reason I have a paused is that I don't want it to be interfering with the processor while I'm working here, right? If I a NPAs, it will start looking again. So I come up here, click on this and say and hit UNP ause. So now it's going right now, but it's not doing much because we're just looking at these 566 images and it's already looked at him, and it's waiting for me to give it some feedback because I have to tell it whether or not it's correct in some of its assessments. So as I scroll down, it says, Is this Sam? Why, yes, it is. So then I just hit that little check box. Now if I double click on Tim, it shows me all the confirmed versions of Tim. But as I go further down, it's going to say, Oh, here's some that are similar that looked like Tim, can you Can you confirm this is my assistant? He doesn't look anything like, but this is his sister, so it's totally rational that it would have thought that might be Tim, because it's the same kind of facial structure, I guess. And the bell with the bride and the veil, Of course. So it's looking and saying, Are any of these Tim and I could just scan through and say, Let's see. Ah, no. Okay, so I have got all of the Tim's And now I'm gonna go and double click on Sam. Here's are confirmed and now we're just gonna hope they're similar. Which one of these air? Similar. So I'm in a tab, by the way, The tab key, if you don't know, pulls out the side panels so that you can see thing Mawr things at once. And I'm gonna take the thumbnails down in size so I can see more thumbnails at a time. And now I can simply click. Yes, that Sam Yes, that Sam Yes, that Sam or I can go in and shift, click and say all of those air Sam and then command click these here and just click. Yes. Now all of those have been confirmed is Sam. And so as I go through, I've got all of these people and I don't want to spend all of this time like just tagging people in front of you. But now that I've got salmon Tim tagged, they become key words. But they're special keywords. They're called people keywords. They're different than regular keywords because you can tell people keywords not to go out. So if I were to highlight and let's go out of people and into the grid and I were to highlight my images and say, I'm going to export these images, too, uh, hard drive or I'm gonna send them up to SmugMug, which is where I proof stuff or I'm gonna send with Facebook or whatever. When I goto export them inside of the metadata here, I can tell it to remove any person info. So if I'm sending it somewhere where I don't want people's names shown, I can remove the person info. Okay, that's important to note. But if I remove the person info, then all of a sudden all of that usefulness for my Tim being able to find himself is gone, right? Unless I simply go into and find that key word so I can just click on the text and say I want to find Tim C. So there's Tim. So I found all of Tim's photos, and now I can highlight all of them go into my keyword area, and now I can just simply click in there and type in groom. And now Groom has been added as keyword. Now I can export the whole set, and it can remove Tim's name. But groom stays. But see how much faster that was Because while I was sleeping, it was tagging so literally. Now that light room Sisi has added the face detection. I can let the key wording process happen in my sleep, and that's the best kind of work. Aiken Dio. As you noted, I do my best where you do your sleep sleep. That's a good point. That was remember, like when I was using, I was thinking, It does take a little bit of time, but if you just let it run overnight, right, just let it run overnight, find the faces, and then at that point you go in and confirm faces. Now, I'm not gonna face detect everybody in a wedding, but what I do want to find is the kids, the bride, the groom, those are the ones that sell. You can go Maurin to detail and say, Well, I know that you know the bride's brother is getting married, and so I kind of wanted, like, you know, cater to that guy to get the next wedding or something like that. So you could kind of face detective important people, you know, father of the bride or whatever, but you don't base detect everybody, just the important people that you want to be able to find those images really quickly. Yes, question. Um, how's this work with? Let's say something like Facebook, if you want your clients to be tagged, doesn't show up in their feet. What have you I doubt that it. I doubt that there's any connection that you can make between the Facebook and light room because I don't think that it's you know. But if, uh if you know what your export and you you can then say I know that you know someone so is in all of these. I haven't tried. I don't know. There's not gonna be a link. It's not gonna be like they say in, like, room in their faces. And right now say the safe time, Sometimes inclines will ask to be Yeah, don't You heard it first here. First right. Connect

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I fell in love with lightroom about three years ago. Making it better is alway nice. Thanks for sharing the information on the up grades. Also making it fun to watch.

Sean HIll

A great intro, this class convinced me to get the Lightroom/Photoshop software on the monthly basis. Mr. Platt is very good at presenting the subject matter and getting you interested in doing more, both in camera and with post processing. Great job guys!