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Opening Discussion

Lesson 2 from: All You Need To Know About Adobe Lightroom® CC

Matt Kloskowski, Jared Platt

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Opening Discussion

Now you folks at home, we hear you loud in the chat rooms and on questions they're asking. Is there a standalone version of this? Yes, there are a jury. Take that one. It's called Light Room six, which is five and then six, You know. So that's how they count eso It's called six. If you want a standalone version, you can go on download light room six. The differences you won't have. The constant update features that you have in CCU won't have access to the cloud. You will also be kind of behind the rest of the world. We like to live in the present and the future, and some people like to live in the past. And so that's what later. So you don't get the you don't get the tablet in the mobile version of it, either with that one. And we were talking about this earlier because Adobe, if you guys tried out Adobe Slate yet pretty cool. Ap ti kind of tell stories with your photo stories, but you're late room collections and everything sink right with that app. So when you make and you do the wor...

k of getting all your photos ready. They sink right with your slate app. And then you already got your photos for your stories. Fantastic. And and being involved in the creative cloud means that you're you have the option of mawr of that connectivity happening in the future S O. Right now Slate is attached, but things will come online and you'll you'll stall your start getting more and more connected as Adobe starts working with this. You know the creative cloud, including wrong. This is the last time you'll be a box version available. Well, I don't know the answer to that, but it's probably that case because that's what Adobe said about voter shop CS six. And so I think that that's probably what's gonna happen is light Room six will be like the last, you know, box version, and you can have that. But I think really the creative cloud is where it's at. And I think that's where Adobe wants us to be so awesome. So again, folks, we're gonna be going over light room CC or light room six, depending depending if you stand alone. There also is ah, in adobe. You can have a you can buy it just a photography package or with the whole cloud, depending what programs you want. If you don't, you're not a member of the cloud. It's there. So 30 day free trial risk free. But for now, I'm gonna get out of guys way. Let's see the new light room CC.

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I fell in love with lightroom about three years ago. Making it better is alway nice. Thanks for sharing the information on the up grades. Also making it fun to watch.

Sean HIll

A great intro, this class convinced me to get the Lightroom/Photoshop software on the monthly basis. Mr. Platt is very good at presenting the subject matter and getting you interested in doing more, both in camera and with post processing. Great job guys!

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