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Introduction to 3D in Adobe® Photoshop®


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3D Type Modeling in Adobe® Photoshop®

Let's take a step back and let me just make this really simple now and just have really some fun with this right? Starting in a word fun all right, I'm going to do something more of a graphic design scenario. Okay? This is something really world and what's hot right now are those like cool like for icons are like those long shadows if you've seen that it's like looks really cool it's a flat style but you have that graphic cool long shadow which I think is pretty sweet right? And typically people will make that an illustrator and they don't have control over the angle of that shadow they have to remake where that goes if that makes sense right, I should pull up some examples but in general I'm going to show you how you can do sort of a flat style even though it's going to be three d so here's my text and this is really three d from from scratch check this out. I have that layer selected you could see it right over here. You see right there right and from here using this three d panel hi...

gher to get these options so I can take I can take an image and make it a three d postcard like flat and it could be like a billboard rotated in three d space three extrusion and then you have various shapes right I looked at this list quite frankly and I was like and what bouldering like o cube o sphere yeah what do you do it right like it's not that impressive but honestly if you think about it and if you go back to your history our art school days everything is really a basic shape so you could take things that are really pretty straightforward and know that you know this is really just a basic shape of a heart that was extruded and wrapped around you know like spiritually but in general don't don't discount those basic shapes in this case three d extrusion of this text click and create right bam there's done look what happened to my three d panel wonderful look you've changed so it is there's my fun here's my current view right always select my current view and I can move this around right say ok there is my three d object and I'm moving the camera around it okay I could still adjust the lighting no problem I can take the text okay I'm doing the cool long shadow thing guys you ready for this I'm going to take for the word fun and I want to rotate it huh so I can select it and I can rotate it up just like I did earlier like that and then I want to move my camera so it is also coming from the top as well right just tied and stuff all right, not perfect, right? I know you guys were like, if you're like me as a designer I'm like ok, that was not ninety degrees fix it, paul I get you I hear a selecting that word fun, okay? And whatever layer I have selected I want to jump over to the property's panel are all my various settings are right so I can select that word fun and I can get o to the coordinates for that particular item and that's where I obviously get the position the size, the rotation of everything. So jump in all this type in ninety right there and now it's sticking straight up and it's looking great, right? Um even for this camera, I'll select that current view, right? Selecting it what I want to do, I want to get really exact with it so I select that layer I go to the property's panel and I'll just select top and there it is coming from the top and I can always kind of zoom out there. Well, but this is exactly what I want looking straight down at an object that is standing straight up, selecting the light source, for instance, adjusting the light source like that and you know now I currently have that sort of shadow that I want to deal with, all right, not bad okay, this is better than honestly, illustrator, because I I could do a sort of like the step and repeat like I could do a blend of shapes is how I would do that an illustrator to get this. But the cool thing is, is I can change this at any time if I decide, you know what, let's have that go with that angle or that angle. All right, but let's, have some more fun with this. Guys, I want to make this look cooler, so bear with me as I just, like, design this for fun, right? So I'm going to select these different materials. I'm going to change the material. Tio white, why not write roughly white didn't change it. So it's pure white like that? That is not bad. Next up, I will take this goofy picture of me, right? Because this is me doing herky apparently, this is I found out this is a cheerleading move that I'm doing so that's kind of ridiculous, but nonetheless, uh, taking that because I want to put this image in the shadow so I'm just going to change this tow overlay, right? And now you have again something like that, right, okay, so, you know, I want I want to check on the three d print she'll still going out it is so well we're going to cut to that camera right now so that we can see what the where the printers at actually right now um it's just been working its way out there what are we making what it was fantastic okay, so and I'm glad I'm wrapping up here so this is perfect it's really laying down this raft so it does this sort of base layer and then it's starting to build up that that bottom basically here we go I know anyway so it's building up the bottom of the the phone case you could see the spot for the camera as well so yeah this is really the longer process as it gets to parts that are thinner and just you know, it's going to it's going to pick up the pace but it really is I mean this is new technology and it takes time brides and what are we doing? We were taking something that didn't potentially didn't exist before in the real world and well actually exist as an object that you can hold in your hand like what you have here right? So this is actually not to ruin it for you but this is what's being printed in white in the other room right? So it is right I mean I think it's super cool so us creatives like sure I use photo shop and me as a creative I can use a tool I'm familiar with and make something totally new so like what's really going to move this industry forward is going to be creative so I firmly believe that um yes and again it is fun let's just go ahead and jump into aa since that was doing its job, I want to actually just jump back over here as we're talking about the height you know? We saw it looks cool I don't really want to read all these ah bullet points but it's basically saying you know what in general three d printing is pretty impressive creating things that did not exist before in merritt materials you didn't people possible guys like what's here on this desk it's like we have, we have medals right? So we have medals of different kinds I even have a gold up here, right? So I don't know if maybe this will end up back at my desk or not I don't know, but I'll put you guys check these out if you don't mind this is a bottle opener because I thought ok would be cool to take the creative cloud logo and turn it into a bottle opener is this an idea I had? What is this assistant extruded shape guys this is exactly what we did with the text we just we just use a different shape and extradited okay, so we make this I will pass that around so you have medals you have ah, plastics um so we've been passed this around as well, so I think that's pretty cool and even you can't even get into sort of your your your full color sandstone hold that thing up so you could get a shot of that thing that's my this is like the ultimate super ridiculous selfies but yeah, I think this happened one day this did happen. Who is this guy? So in general, this is yeah, but what did I do? How did this how did this come to be? I basically stood in a scanner. Yeah, that's had cameras take pictures of meat, digitized my body and then they printed it out in sandstone. So this is what this is? All right? I'm going to show you a quick video clip and you'll actually see this working just like it is in the other room. Like check it out. This is what's going on in the other room. Just a time lapse. You can start to see what's happening here, right? So what's happening is there's a plastic school you could see at the top it's melting that plastic this extrude er is melting that plastic like a hot glue gun, right and it's doing a layer by layer any thoughts on what it's making maybe you'll who use their good maybe you've already seen this video, but so and look at the inside it's actually not solid plastic it does this lattice work okay? And that makes it just more affordable and still quite stable uses less material and that's what's going on here even with this, you know, this sort of thing, this raft, this plastic that's, the raft to make sure everything prints in place and then inside of it, we have that latticework, ok? And what you'd have to do in the past is you'd actually actually to make that in your three d file, you'd have to build this stuff right? To get this to print and photoshopped does this all for you? So I'll just show you guys that you could check it out. Thea there you go there you get the claw weird, but nonetheless, you guys get the idea another thing that happens, guys say, for instance, like, I know this guy's a little bit beat up in this scenario that extrude er can't start printing in midair say, for instance, this guy his hand, it can't start putting that in mid air, it actually actually has toe build scaffolding, right, some of that plastic up to that point just like what's going on here with this rabbit it can't start printing the ear these other parts in mid air it builds these scaffolding up there and what what's going on here is he's tearing off all those little pieces right again? You would have to actually build in that scaffolding in order for the separate correctly but would photo shop it takes care of it and you guys will see that life because that's what we're doing all right, it's one of you guys have a sandstone version so that's going and, uh yeah, I'm trade you are you done? Hey, where's, the where's the gold piece I knew I knew is in it I knew it in a missing I just do that night someone like a ring so that actually could be an airing but it's fun to do that means a designer to be able like, hey, look, we can do that and it's super easy guys, full color sandstone kind of works on the same principle of layers, okay, just real fast because what do you have? You have let me play this that's sand guys that sand and they're basically treating it or like adding this glue layer each time and it doesn't need that scaffolding right, it doesn't need it because that powder that powder is holding it up that's why you'll see those sandstone pieces air really tight there's knows there's no scaffolding on any of them but you could see it right here this is compliments of shapeways and I'll talk about them or later but they will do your fulfillment guys, you don't need a big machine in your house, right? You just send it to them from photo shop like seriously guys take it like we'll do in, like, five minutes, but you can see there's that little dog was kind of funny, so nonetheless you can see the various selfies, but again all done in that sandstone layer by layer that powder keeps it doesn't need any of that scaffolding little f y I there, guys, shapeways is a company that does fulfillment for three d printing, just like sculpt eo in europe, right? Both are great, but since you will get a really, really good print from those companies, right? Because they're doing things with lasers right in anything but lasers is awesome, but they're doing it with lasers in treating a lot of this stuff so it's going to be tighter than, say what? I'm going to get out of the maker. But just why? And like like I said, really fast, we have this situation where you have this three d printing gap going from your three d modeling tools you're using, you know, your you know your cinema forty like a tool that's not made for three d printing and you're trying to get it to do three d printing it knows how to make a model it doesn't know how to print that model make sure it holds up in the real world right? So you have all of these issues that need to be taken care of between the three d printer and the modeling tools because if you don't have that you're going to end up with like an island of misfit toys or whenever it's like I have I have that I have a mess of things at home that's okay things don't aren't one hundred percent successful all the time you know that's how new industries work in general on voter shops here to fill that gap just like photoshopped guys you're not you're not taking photos with photo shop it really is your finishing tool and it's the same thing for these models right? I showed you guys how to do some modeling in photo shop you're not necessarily going to create everything in photo shop photo shops not trying to be your three d program it's not going to take the place of cinema forty that character that's being passed around I made him in cinema forty don't worry about that I know it's all crazy she broke it can we get? Is it she broke and I'm just kidding no you're going it didn't it's fine but you and I had made that in cinema forty brought it into photo shop. I actually did a lot of the textures in the color and then I printed it from photoshopped thanks to shapeways right? So again, it's not trying to be your, uh again just like we did in the eighties. By the way, this is the only I feel like this is kind of like marketing slide forgive me, but adobes history it's built on post script on being able to take what you have on your screen and printing it out on the printed page that design integrity that's what our history is built on right and so that's that's kind of the whole thing whether it's photos or whatever that's the deal wait! Come back to the palacio out stand I just want to get struck teenagers everybody it might be song that same where u s so it's starting to work on the sides okay, that's good. See how it's just going to wrap around? They're sweet and I could see a little bit of the lattice work there. You know, on the inside that's when you'll start to see some of the may start to see some of that scaffold being being built in cool it's pretty cool so we will have that in a second, which is great on that's what's being made all from photo shop guys and I can talk all day about the cool examples that are out there um typically what I will do in these scenarios is I'll use a maker but like I have a maker about at home, I'll use that to prototype and make things and then I might send it to shape ways to get, say the final version because they have the quarter of a million dollar machines that are going to get nice and tightened awesome but I'm using it to prototype things and in that case like let's take this for instance this is the little adobe stand and it's actually a phone stands I could take my phone out, we could use it for business cards but what is this guys? This is just an extruded logo right? That I then printed up at home and adobe liked it and then what did we do? We send it, send it to a larger manufacturer and now you can buy it online. So this is like the manufactured version from from from from a from a you know, fulfillment center wherever but in general that's I'm just kind of showing us like it started as a concept at home and then we send it out to be mass produced I'm not going to be printing fifty iphone cases on my maker bot's I could but that thing is going would be going all the time and maybe the sound would drive me crazy but and that that even gives you more material but this is actually like a rubber so that's kind of fun tow check out you can't break that one so that's why I'm passing around that one will be better and that is not gonna break so uh yeah yeah that need to be more stable so I can get into all these various fun pieces eric van stratten some of my favorite artists you know this stuff is sick as well I could go on and on about all the maze and work out their right so they did this guy's you will love this has designers archetype oh this company did the alphabet this type alphabet so they'll do courier courier was is your typewriter font so they have all these little typewriter bars with like the sea on the end and that makes up the sea right um yes so it's like universe looks I don't even know if I have that yeah this is universe for instance and that looks like a universe they three d printed that so jealous of them I just I don't know if this is inspiring or just gets me depressed I'm like that's such a cool idea sebastian eras juries because an artist's down in miami he did like twelve shoes for twelve lovers so that's like the heartbreakers shoe but again, an installation piece, but seriously, you could see that at fashion week, right? And there's, other artists that have done that a well as well, uh, this is the cry, baby, so they went out with the girls. You know, whatever. I don't know how his ex girlfriend's feel about the issues, the gold digger. Oh, snap, I can't believe it, but, yeah, that's, kind of. You guys get the idea, there's, the jet setter, and we'll move on.

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Want to bring a new dimension to your creative work? Adobe® Photoshop® Creative Cloud® makes it possible with its rich set of 3D image tools.

In this class, Paul Trani will take you through the fundamentals of 3D in Adobe® Photoshop®. You’ll learn how to create and import a 3D object, manipulate it, add texture, and composite it seamlessly into a photo. Paul will show you how to work with products, abstract designs, and text. You’ll also learn about moving from the screen to the physical world using the 3D printing capabilities of Adobe® Photoshop®.

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