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Um let's talk about a j shall we a j cooper this is their first time to speak she's from portland, oregon she's a commercial photographer headshot photographer and one of the things that she really enjoys doing is photographing people who don't like getting their picture taken which is good that's a challenge and she's very good at it so I'd like to welcome up thank you wow hi everybody I just I want to start out just by saying I am so excited to be here talking in front of all of you and of course by so excited I do mean terrified this's really scaring public speaking is like the number one thing on most people's list you know, like write right above death yeah, this is scary but fortunately ignite and as kevin said and I was going to say this is the twitter of public speaking put on too much to worry about no matter what one hundred forty characters we're out of here it's going to be sure it's going to be sweet hopefully for better for worse I did want it to be better rather than wor...

se so I put a lot of time into what I was going to say and I thought it would be good to start out with a question what do photographers want? We're all photographers here, right? Well, most of us and we know what we want well, we know we're spending our money on ray which is a good way to know what anyone wants we're spending it on gear lots of year way out lenses we got camera bodies but every attachment that craig strong and gary bond you make out a plastic to stick on the gear wave got libraries full of books and we've got creative live videos I have friends who have canceled their cable because they have enough creative live videos last interesting way really one way I don't think we really want this stuff right I think we are looking for a larger end I think what we want to be we want to become right we want to be the best we can at this thing we love that's why we're buying the stuff right and love is a powerful feeling it's not something that connects every one of us in this room and everyone watching love but that feeling of love sometimes turns into something a little more sinister stir turns into the connection turns into competition and we start looking at other photographers as the enemy which is a shame because the competition isn't other photographers especially if our goal is to be the best we can be with ourselves so um connection is important with ourselves and this size is not about the images anyway, right? You guys it's about connection photography is about a connection with each other with our world so if it's about connection, why are we spending time looking at other people's pictures and comparing ourselves? Shouldn't we be developing connections? As much as we're developing the images? The relationships you build within the photography community are your best gear? They're the best thing you can get to improve your photography and you can't even buy it a photography store so let's, talk a little bit about those words, right? Photography community for some of us is a great words, and for others, it's as complicated, we'd like to be connected a little bit better connected, but we're not really sure how to get started. Well, the good news is like ansel, adams said, you don't make a picture, you don't take a picture, you make a picture and in the same way you can make connections so that's, good news, right? So I'm going to tell you a few ways to make connections and to get out there and grab those connections. So, first of all, my mentor hunting one of one class, keep a loaded starbucks card and don't be afraid to use it. Money can't buy love, but it can buy lunch, which is a good place to start tip number two if you want a friend buy a friend now just kidding, but a good way a good way to develop a relationship is become a client of a photographer that you admire that's ah, that's a great way! I mean, I know I'm positively disposed to my clients and most of us are another great thing to do. I don't know if you guys know this secret you can hire someone who's more talented than you, teo second shoot for you or do any kind of work for you, it's a great hands on workshop and it's just I think the best secret um, please don't shoot free weddings, please don't shoot free pet photos. If you don't work for free work for me and I'll pay you, I'll pay you an experience. I'll pay you in relationships, you get way more value out of that, so don't work for free and finally pay this forward. You will get so much out of peer relationships that you develop, so start out by trying to develop that look out for other people that you can help their careers grow. This is easy to do take some creativity, but all it takes is a bottle of two, but check and some cheddar cheese and you're the host of a wine and cheese soiree for photographers or schedule a portfolio project and be each other's assistance there's never an excuse not to work with an assistant. And finally, the one thing I hope that you all will take away with us is whether you've been in the six months or sixty years. You have something now to give away to someone else to make their path easier. Maybe it's, just a listening ear, but that is huge. And remember, you can't light a path for someone else without lighting your own. Thank you, kevin. Cat cookies. Thank you.

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