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Ok, our next speaker chris the for buffet I'm not going to go there I'm not really sure where that maybe you could explain that to you, but he's from minneapolis and a wedding important photographer and one of things he's built quite a reputation for is the facebook group and so chris is going to share with us he's been featured in I'm gonna read there's so many great places good morning america in new york times l a times entrepreneur magazine and interesting was I thought this really great is one of only two companies to be highlighting the facebook ipo filing so that's ah pretty good credentials coming up here so chris, come on up and share some info with us so first of all, my credentials are for facebook and typing stuff out not speaking in front of groups of super intimidating photographers, so I apologize in advance and probably going to cheat a little bit. But as kevin said, my name's chris, I'm a small business owner and a photographer, but most importantly I'm actually a prof...

essional quitter it's something that I've been working really hard on and, you know, most of time when people hear the term quitting, they think of something negative I'm but I want to try and take the next couple of minutes and teach you that quitting is actually something that could be really good on I can help you create space margin in your lives and that's kind of what what we're going to go through so I'm gonna help you to cut the ties on all the crap that is just taking up your time, your energy and your effort there's so many things that we as photographers have to go to, you know, it's just there's so much stuff that we put up with, you know, every day you're not your goal is not to be, you know, the ceo, the consultant, the janitor, the editor, the marketing person you know, your job is to be an artist, you know, we need to just kind of focus on what we're doing your job is not to go out and create the same damn thing every single time at every single session your job is to just go out there and to do something new and different and to just create and it's just a be expressive so the only way to grow is to become a quitter and those that are truly successful in the business are those that that know how to quit they create margin in their lives by taking out all this all this bull crap basically so how do you become a quitter? Well, the keys, the keys to start small most people fail it quitting because they try and give up too much too quickly so I I personally shoot over four hundred fifty portrait's twelve to fifteen weddings, run a daily deal website for photographers, spend about our teach about seven hundred photographers a year and spend three hundred fifty hours and consulting every year. So how do I get so much done? Well, simple, I quit all the things that were killing my passion on the way to become a true quitter is to find out and to find out what really drives you is to give up something once a week. Well, it sounds intimidating, but again, start small. I make it religious every tuesday morning, ten a m I have something on my schedule. Quit something. So maybe it's, maybe it's oppose, maybe it's. I'm not going to do this thing anymore or, you know, no longer sending emails, hire somebody to do it for you are editing, marketing, sales, there's so many things that you can get rid of, maybe it's, a type of photography that's killing your creativity. Maybe you don't like doing maternity or seniors or families, maybe just weddings, maybe you're only doing it for the paycheck, I mean, sure, paychecks are nice. But so is living a full and happy life. So I want you to think for a moment what's the smallest aspect of your business that you can give to somebody else that you can delegate out. Maybe its packaging orders. What could you do with one extra hour of your time every week? Would you take a vendor out to lunch? Would you shoot another session? Would you spend more time with your family or friends? What would you do with five hour others? Think about for a minute. What did you learn? What could you perfect? What kind of relationships could you build and nurture? But it is so much that you could do in five hours per week by giving up the crap on what would your family do with an extra five hours of your time? Think about that for a minute. What? Like how many more school plays and soccer games. And you know how many playdates could you take with your little girl? And how many imaginary dragons could you slay with your son? Well, why aren't we doing this already? Simple photographers, control freaks. All of us were freaking crazy. We think that we need to do everything ourselves when in the reality that's absolute bull there's just I'm just so sick and tired of listening to photographer after photographer that is not willing to give up on stuff because they think that they need to do everything themselves, but I'm here to give you permission to quit permission to give it up. Don't think about it, just do it. Just move on to something else and think about how much happier your friends, your family, your life, your sleep schedule would be with the next one to five hours per week. I give you permission to create margin in your life to just give that up just to get rid of all the unfulfilling crap that's taking up your time. I give you permission to go out and pursue something that you've never done before because you haven't had the opportunity of the time or the energy of the effort to do it. I give you the permission to go out and learn something new, maybe it's a new type of photography, maybe it's a new lighting setup, or maybe it's to go on pursue a new venture with a with a new vendor or something like that. Or what about hobbies? Does anybody remember what hobby is anyone? Most people don't, so so I want you to go out, I'm find something this tuesday find something to quit, find something to create a little bit of space because time is the only thing that is ticking away and it's an absolute finite amount. So one thing that you can never make more off. So why give it up to the things that you hate? Why not fill yourself on? Why not start down a path? Tio, you know, create more space, more margin, and to live a more full life. But this time, full of the right things, and not full of all the crap that you know we deal with on a day to day basis. So today, I want you to start quitting and start to succeed.

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