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So let's talk about vail fuji love her name available chases the boston wedding photographer and important fashion photographer. And one of the things she's known for is going above and beyond doing anything and everything for her clients. Now we're not going to go into what that everything entails that she does. But she's, also known as the dancing photographer because she's well, get up there and get the party started if she needs do by dancing with her clients party um, she's got a website. That's got tips for photographers, which is awesome. And she's been penned over one hundred thousand times on pinterest that has gotta hurt one hundred thousand cans. Ouch! And so here we go. Veiled fuji you could bring it on up. Bring it on up. All right, everybody, thank you so much. What a great welcome. Uh, so by the way, dog not pat gone person anyway, so, question for you after a wedding, how often do you think your clients actually remember your name? A few months, maybe a year. How about ...

guests at a wedding? A few days tops of that. And why should you care? Well, you should care because successful photography businesses thrive on word of mouth and online reviews, you want absolutely everybody talking about you and telling everyone about you so how we do that how do you get people talking? You be memorable because if you're not memorable you're just going to fade into the background of all the other photographers out there they're competing with you in your market now unfortunately some of those other photographers they've been memorable for the wrong reasons on they've kind of given our industry a bad name and it created a member a bad stereotype that goes a little something like this okay look right here you're not an uncle bob not uncle bob ok big girl in the back I need you to the right no my right oh my god if I have to shoot another wedding someone hit me over the head with a bouquet acting like this is terrible it could take what should be one of the happiest days of these people's lives and makes it miserable we need to show people that we're not just crabby curmudgeons with cameras okay we need to go and strip away this terrible stereotype and earn back the respect that our industry deserves thank you weigh do this well here are a few steps first off we need to remember that these are not just a booking on our calendar these are real people coming to us asking us to cover their wedding when most important days of their lives so to really capture this day and their hearts we need to know their story so in addition to that, we don't need to just know how to make a good the well composed picture we need to be able to give them an amazing experience, so to do that, start off the day, right? Get to the bridal suite early, not late and make sure you have a smile on your face before ever taking a shot. Be sure to go in and actually introduce yourself to everyone. This will make everybody far more comfortable with you in the room and the silver result and better pictures. You could even take this a step further by taking a page from dale carnegie's book and memorize all the names and faces of the bridal party in advance. You may be saying yourself that seems crazy and guess what? So do the bridal party thinks that it's amazing and it helps you during the formals. The way I do this is in advance. I go ahead and I make flashcards using the information collected from my client questionnaire and I go on facebook and go on get their pictures went available now going this extra mile is actually really important because anything that we can do to make our clients more comfortable is really important because generally people are super self conscious and even more so when they're in front of our lenses, so be sure to talk to them give them your name and talk and give their name and be positive and given good feedback another thing I do is I bring a really extensive bridal first aid kit this is actually what I bring with me two every wedding now the items that actually get used most often are scissors, sewing kit, safety pins and band aids now I promise you if you bring out one of these items in a pinch you will be remembered as the hero of the day for example here aye that's me on my knees sewing up the mother of the groom's dress to make sure that I'm able to capture her smiling as he walked down the aisle instead of tripping on it also the drab photographers uniform that I used to wear to a wedding is another stereotype that we really need to break and the reason behind us even though we're trying to look inconspicuous were actually sticking out like a sore thumb so now I dressed like this at weddings because the way we style ourselves speaks volumes before we ever even get to say a word so don't be afraid to wear something like say a really pattern shirt so the last thing that we need to break is the fact that we're always just skulking around in the background because now during the ceremony that's actually not such a bad thing because we don't want to be a distraction but when we're at the actual party we need to be able to get there in the mix right there on the dance floor. But if you're just standing there, you're going to stand out like a sore thumb. So I bet you guys guess what I do to be able to fit in with all of them. I jumped right on the dance floor, and I will get up there, and we'll be shooting right alongside the wedding guests and dancing with them. It may seem crazy, but it really works. And believe it or not, before any of the guests ever see a single picture, they will be saying, if you try this, that you're the greatest wedding photographer ever, I'll be asking for your card. So if you do this, your clients will love you and remember you and you will broken these awful stereotypes, so be sure to give them easy way to review you online by providing them with thanks.

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