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Fran vega for talking from sydney, australia but not anymore she's here and she loved to travel and she loves to chat over a cup of coffee or tea and she's gonna come up in rock your world so welcome friend get our guys I feel so honored to be here I might cheat because it's one of the first times presenting so I'm from sydney and we'll be talking about about how creativity can a social justice I know about you guys but hey sorry many times that I'm not create evil I'm just not creative oh I'm not crazy I hear that all the time addressing bone kids because everyone is creative if you think about it if so what is creativity everyone is creating think about it how do you solve a problem? You're in other words creativity what it really means is just finding a solution on how to solve something in a different way so you know like this mom she has to train like five kids or whatever and she's going crazy she's chinese like chinese kids and doing all these things in a different way and that ...

is creativity but she doesn't think she is she's just tie it and we all have this creative genius within us we'll have this genius capacity that we don't tap into enough because of that vulnerability or securities or because someone along the line along your journey decided to tell us that we weren't creative and we thought we decided to believe that and so we need to think differently we'd just think differently about what creativity is about what it looks like and so here we have some things like what are you are you are wrestler are you a fisherman? Are you a guy that wears a much that's what everybody say you are it all takes creativity because whatever you're naturally inclined to do whatever it is that causes you to get up in the morning whatever it is that causes you do come alive that's creativity and it involves knowledge and experience as well as passion and also in order for its help in social jess the shoes you need to have a method you can't just like waffle about the whole thing so what is social justice such a justice really is just correcting a wrong in society so in other words you see I don't know like a month that force and you help her up that's just already being doing social justice or being a social justice person but we didn't think of it that way because for the most part we become everyone's I mean one of the issues that I'm involved with is human trafficking not trafficking human but hopefully abolishing it because I don't know if you guys know but a lot of people see humans is the commodity in other words that decided to put a figure on how on someone's head I don't know about you guys and I was singing about this like as I was preparing, I said, what if I had to pick a price for me? What would that be? What dollar amount could equate to one of my values to what my stance is to what I stand for, what I believe in only think of these issues that's the universe, by the way, its stars, we become crazy over one, right? You look at me like, oh my gosh, what can I do? There is nothing I can do, but you know what, guys? I'm actually can we actually can make a difference, we can make a difference either in a neighbor are now family or anybody, or even like what? I'm one of the things that we're doing. So where do we start? One of things that I'm doing? Some of my friends and I were going in couple days we're going to bulgaria increase because there are human trafficking rings there that are selling women for up to five hundred thousand dollars a head, and that is not ok. So that's what I became involved in and that's what I knew about hence knowledge, and so what I'm going to do with that is apply my photography experience and we're going to go in document what's going on in these in these areas in eastern europe because these things are not okay, you know, there are some things that I'm not okay and I'm very passionate about this because I would hate to think that someone decided to put a pressing you are oppressing you or your mom or your daughter you keep or somebody like that decided that they were going to give you a dollar value that is not a k guys it is not ok and I know it's heavy I know it's heavy but we need to talk about it you know, these are things that we need to talk about it so the method again we are this is a team of us going we're going to document what's happening and I'm just raise awareness you know, to share with you guys hey, this is happening in the world but you know but to simplify it because not everyone has the opportunity, you know we're all in different cities so what's just here in flint were who you said who are you who's around you? Is it, um a mom's group are playing group or whatever it may be and remember guys, the inspiration is different for everybody. For me, what inspires me is you guys like the fact that I'm sitting here like tio here and learn from you that is inspiring to me and it helps me become a better person helps me to see opportunities to help other people and more importantly, guys keep it simple. It might be taken. You made up for a couple coffee? No, just to have a window. But her husband, you know, like simple or their wife or their way sorry, removing simple is that I might be baby sitting your friend's kids, you know? And so my hope is guys, that through this presentation I can put courage into you to encourage you to think about hey, whose life can I make better? Who cannot give something tio who do I have the opportunity to help them and get nothing in return? Other the mere satisfaction off helping, and like I said, it's going to take a little less, guys, I can't do it on my own, you can do it on your own, you can do it on your own, you guys out that can't do it on your own, but we can all together we can lift it collectively, pay it forward and do something small. Hey, we've already changed society and very poorly. Thank you. Thank you for listening. Thank you for not going to the loo when they announced that he didn't know who I wass

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