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Kenna Klosterman and Susan Roderick

Our next two speakers, if you've been watching creative live for a while, you might recognize these two birds or so say hot chicks, you know, um I'm going to read something. I'm gonna read something to tell my my reading because, it's, this is a I wrote this last night, while in a ponderous moment, ken klosterman is the community host of creative live. She helps connect the dots between one photographer, one friendship, one dream in a time, and ken is a cultural explorer, visual storyteller and a say hi to strangers kind of gap and susan. Susan rodrick is a manifesting bucket list, checking experience, collecting turn, single minded focus on her new portrait business photographer, her greatest strength and our greatest weaknesses connecting with people she loves to travel snowboard and dr animals kind of like talking to a little, I guess so. Welcome susan in a way. All right, I am kenna, I'm susan, and you may recognize us as hosts of creative live. So wait till your story about how we...

went on a journey around the world and one of us had to learn how to let go and face their fears, and one of us have to learn how to hold on and make it happen. So when we left, we were both lost, we were living in corporate jobs and we were miserable we went on this journey to go explore and find answers and we did even if they weren't the answers that we thought were looking for so corporate america made me feel like I was waiting to live I was like, oh, is it time to live yet? I didn't want to live part time and work part time I just wanted to live full time feel alive all the time. Wait, I felt trapped I was thirty three years old, I was depressed, I was anxious, I had a warden mba and the last thing I wanted to do was spend another minute in the business world one hundred thousand dollars in debt and I was trapped, so we took a lead. Everyone said, you guys are so lucky that you get to travel around the world for your well, it wasn't luck, this was a huge commitment that we made it was a huge leap, it took a lot of guts and we risked it all to do this trip and it paid off in the long run than that that it did one of the funny things when people hear that we spent twenty four seven together for a year traveling around the world, they say wow, and you're still friends wait it was touch and go there for a minute because that australian guy talked to me for about probably around the world is that we got to travel around the world. The worst part was that we had to come home and everything that we ran for it was basically facing us right here when we got back mortgage payments, student loans, job interviews, dating website thiss photo this photo of the two of us is one that we both love we look at this and we say, wow, that is the essence of the joy that we felt traveling around the world and yet just because we did that just because we're witness these kids does not make us mother therese she's kind of always mother teresa but inspiration does not equal change okay? I'm inspired by everything a butterfly goes past my head and I'm like it's a sin zain I'm so inspired inspiration doesn't make you act doesn't make you do anything and coming back was an absolute struggle for me I knew I fell in love with photography but what was I going to do with that? It didn't make me money I didn't know how to start I didn't know where to act I was just struggling and when I came back the economy had tanked in my dreams and my fears tanked along with it and I found myself back in corporate america in a cubicle and I was paralyzed I could not get out of bed I was crying every day do you know how that feels? Do you know how that feels? Not very good at all not even a little bit so at this time way basically were feeling pretty hopeless and we found this place called creative life and creative live offered free photography education and we were like, what is this actually is I think you creative lives know exactly what I'm talking about we were like is this actually happening to us like it was like we had been last in the woods and all of a sudden we saw clear pathway and we knew we had to climb out there's still a lot of work to do and yet we knew at least we were not going to die there we had hope we didn't have hope and part of the reason that we have a seriously seriously seriously everyone uh co owner and founder of pride of life we just want to say mr craig swanson were absolutely completely in awe of you sir people want to make a commitment to this and this is what I need to do make a commitment I found photography I found a portrait business but I honestly I want to do everything so badly that I don't ever do anything at all so I need to make a commitment to something and this is the bottom line for me, it's, not about necessarily finding it it's about making a commitment to it. Other my whole life, trying to be a perfectionist, living in fear of not being perfect, telling myself over and over, I am not good enough. I am letting go of that. I'm letting go and letting myself be free, and every day, every time I let myself go, I feel alive. I feel alive like I did in those photos with those kids, and so we travelled around the world, so everyone let go, you guys were gonna fall and it's gonna hurt, get back up! Listen to your heart! The answer has always been there, it's, right, right here in all of you.

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