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On my next speaker is also a veteran of ignite and he is an interesting person uh matthew kenneth miller is he he's a portrait photographer? It does boudoir photography has a photo booth company he's one of the most energetic creative guys that I have ever met and he's always got something going on, and one of things I love about him is that he tries very hard to be himself and that's very different, which is really exciting because he is a very different kind of guy, so welcome to the stage. Matthew miller my name is is matthew the body came it miller I just hope I'm pronouncing that correctly. Oh, my god. Becky look at her drew bond it's like so cheap and she's already sold nineteen hundred this chicks totally going out of business, sir mix a lot reference in the one spot the signal it's going to be on fire. All right, so business one a one is the juice worth the squeeze? I took pen and paper and work through one of those slides one thousand nine hundred forty four sessions at twenty...

four dollars and fifty cents a pop means you're gonna be able to pay yourself four dollars and forty five cents an hour, which is a little bit less than I'm worth, but the good news is you don't need to be that equation you can set up your own group on and make it profitable in two thousand eleven we set out to his group on marketing and we positively influence our growth by over eighty thousand dollars but according to this slide which I totally made up for this presentation eighty three point two seven five percent of photographers run stupid group on you may get labor intensive you give away key product that you need to sell in the end so I know you all are thinking all right body how do we do it right how are we going to make money off a group on give our clients and awesome experience bring positive word of mouth to our business and awareness to our company and in our community well first things first do you take the pictures groupon's not an opportunity for you to a limp through nineteen hundred sessions it's going to be awful you have to consistently be putting out a professional level of photography secondly is your business equipped to take on the work that you're going after who you have to craft a good deal keep in mind that the type of session you offer the products you include in the price that you sell is going affect how many groupon's you sell as well as how much you can make on the back end and a good deal has to be good not only for you but for the client and for groupon so twenty percent of your clients are going to come in the last thirty days of the validity of your group on that means that setting expiration date in june's probably dumb because you're probably pretty busy things you have to think through before you do it also, how many sessions can you handle? You have to cap it up that number going out and doing the perfect deal looks complete without giving away your most popular and profitable items doing an hour long session, giving away high resolution disc that is that it's crais, you're gonna make no money but to make money, you have to get people into your studio. What we do is we'll use one image from our session as a loss leader will give you an eight by ten we'll give you a digital file of one image because I know that when a woman comes in to see her boudoir photos she's gonna be presented with thirty images that are going to be at a level so high. There's no way she's going to knock out twenty nine and end with just one must have, because she's going to have more than just one must have she's organically being led to a place where she has the place a bigger order, we as photographers, have an opportunity. To create images that people are going to love and cherish for years and it's a great thing we get to do, but I like to eat a lot on the starving artist thing doesn't work well with me, so every step in our business is a calculated step towards profitability don't be afraid to say no to your clients, I say no all the time if it means that your work is going to suffer or their experience is going to suffer no, I really can't squeeze you in the saturday I'm fully booked, but I'd love to get you in on the twelfth when I give you the session you deserve what we do to handle our group on clients is we set a certain number of sessions were willing to do every week we did two a day and one saturday a month. This means that we consistently have a number of sessions going through our work flow. We don't have a logjam where we have to hire people in tow them firearm a few weeks later when we're all done with the work setting timelines with clients is important and you should do it with all of your businesses, but with group on the moment they call and book their appointment, we also set up a viewing session this means they're going to know exactly when there's stuff to be ready to go see and exactly when they should place in order and sticker shock is that your friend with any client especially one that's coming enough of a discounted rate, so how we combat this is we send a pdf that has all of our products, prices and timelines so they can warm up to the idea of spending money with us and if you do a great job there's no reason why you can't also do families, seniors, babies and weddings and these are all real sessions that I booked out at my full retail rates off of people that have come in from a group on we started this business in two thousand eleven with a photographer that wasn't so great at customer service we moved to christine and then l now, and these two women have been paramount to the success of this business. You have to focus on making the experience great and exceeding your client's expectations. Remember to run a good group on it's just basic math you have a good and or a service you target a market in your revenue minus your expenses equals a profit you can't use group on as a stand alone sales tackett it's a client acquisition form in your stale should not end when they buy the group on in the end I'm not officially sponsored by group on I'm just a chubby kid from minnesota with great hair uh, who's. Making money at it. And if you're going to do one, think it through and make money off of this deal, because you shouldn't just end at the sale day.

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Kevin Kubota’s Photographers Ignite has teamed up with creativeLIVE to go global! Now anyone, anywhere can enjoy the energy of PI presentations — and it’s FREE! What is Photographers Ignite? Ignite is a style of presentation where participants express their passion for photography with five minutes to speak on a subject of their choice, accompanied by 20 slides that autoadvance at 15 second intervals. It’s like a really cool version of a pep rally, sure to excite your brain cells with innovative ideas and creativity for the coming year.