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You know what, let's, start it off with someone who has some experience on photographers ignite and she never fails to let us down. Sorry, I feel that one up. Most of you have heard of tamerlan key if you've in the photo world most anybody don't stammer is a very prolific author she's an educator she's a fabulous photographer cheese ah mother she's a wife she's wearing a pretty dress she's got blonde hair and she's actually dear friend of mine and I'm always, um, surprised at how she can teach and educate and inspire and make people laugh constantly so this is not funny at all she's going to talk about a funeral now? I don't know, but I'm just kidding I'm just getting she's going to talk about how to get to know someone in five minutes so, like, I'm not actual having a baby I wait for this light to start, right? Okay, okay first of all, it's so good to see so many of you that I do know here like big time thank you, it's also good to see a lot of the people I don't know and hopefully we...

'll meet where we'll exchange factual identifying information name were from what we do black at that time, I'm going to get an opportunity to either try to genuinely know you or slip into my auto pilot and just do a quick snap assessment like those of my options you're going to have the same option when it comes to meeting me so that is of course it even registers with you that you met me because you have a lot of people and experiences vying for your attention yes and you only have so much time and mental band with anyway so we meet people and as a way of knowing them what we do is we try to measure them up against a state of constant perfection right it's really easy to know someone who's truth doesn't match ours he votes like so and so and he praised it so and so so yeah I know that guy I already haven't figured out or we hear something about someone and without knowing anything about the situation we're all like oh my god I would never do the thing that I heard about her read on facebook that thing that I have never been in the situation that she's had the things that she's facing right yes I'm gonna want your love thank you thank you very much on dh so we end up doing is basically we look at people and for my perspective at least I feel like we take a measure first of their shortcomings of what they get wrong of what they do wrong of what they say wrong it's like all this reality tv has sunk into our brain and we're all randy from american idol like cocking her head and being like she seems pitching that was that was the p by the way, keeping it clean um I was warned earlier violently I've had a couple slips here so where my all right? She seems picky but and this is where it gets really good we lift the camera to our face, we looked through the lens and our job right there are whole job at that point is to look for beauty to find something impactful to find something compelling to find something emotional and we do time and time again we d'oh we have museums and galleries and web sites and books and dvds and hard drives full of the beauty we found in people we had never met before. But then we put the camera down and what happens? What changes? It wasn't the gear that's all that beauty and people was it we get to meet people every day and the truth about people is that there is a light that exists within all of us truly it's a miracle miracle of the human spirit and I don't use that word a lot that exists within all of us and for some it's so easy to see it shines they bring it passionately profoundly it is not hard to miss and for others I know what a few of you are thinking you may not have met some of the sleepers I've met right well I have met many many people through my work and through my travels and is the first base on and through my experience of living in a suburb and I will tell you that I have met your bloopers I have spent time with your sleepers and I understand that it's not always so apparent that it can fade sometimes that light we're talking about through fatigue and relentless routine and pain like those sharp hurts that sometimes hit us so hard it feels like everything around us ourselves included just goes and stays rather dim but but we are born shiny little things are we not say it again are we not yes and then what happens after reborn we radiates as children I photographed children cause it's so easy there just radiating this light we're not meant to give this up or grow out of it or have it ground out of us sometimes all we need to reignite us is to have one person one single solitary soul stand there and look at us long enough to be able to say not it's that's not all there is to you if you want to know someone in the short amount of time possible put down the camera and do what it is that artists are trained to dio look for the light thank you

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Kevin Kubota’s Photographers Ignite has teamed up with creativeLIVE to go global! Now anyone, anywhere can enjoy the energy of PI presentations — and it’s FREE! What is Photographers Ignite? Ignite is a style of presentation where participants express their passion for photography with five minutes to speak on a subject of their choice, accompanied by 20 slides that autoadvance at 15 second intervals. It’s like a really cool version of a pep rally, sure to excite your brain cells with innovative ideas and creativity for the coming year.