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Landscape Photography: Start to Finish

Lesson 16 of 39

Location Challenges: How to Shoot in Open Sun with No Clouds


Landscape Photography: Start to Finish

Lesson 16 of 39

Location Challenges: How to Shoot in Open Sun with No Clouds


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Location Challenges: How to Shoot in Open Sun with No Clouds

So what I've got for you is I think it's 10 or 11 quick topics on situations we can find ourself in, and then suggestions for those situations. Basically here's the rundown is there's the topic, and then there's a couple photos, and then there's thoughts on how to capture and that's how each one runs. It's really quick, so we'll kinda blow through 'em. Open sun, no clouds. You're out there, beautiful sunny day, which is not bad, but sometimes we don't get the clouds, sometimes we don't have any, we're not gonna get any cloud cover, so what are some examples? There was one at Mount Rainier. This was the time that I was there, it happened to be kinda midday-ish, but the colors work. If it is that type of a day, and you have a choice to go out and shoot, what types of places can you put yourself in where you can make the color work? If they sky's gonna be part of the photo, think of the places you can go to that make that work, where blue sky works for it. Same thing, just total cloudless...

sky. So what did I do? Compositionally I left as much of that out of the photo as I possibly could. Some tips for that, minimize sky and try to find some complimentary colors. Your blue skies go great with your yellows, your oranges, your reds, all great colors that if you can figure out some place to be and put that up against it, it'll look nice.

Class Description

It’s one thing to learn how your camera works and study the theory behind landscape photography; it’s quite another to put your knowledge into practice out in the field. Take this class, and you will learn everything you need to know about taking amazing photos of the great outdoors - and turn them into beautiful display-worthy masterpieces.

Join professional landscape and outdoor photographer Matt Kloskowski for this class, and you’ll learn:

  • How to use composition and proper lighting to shoot landscape and outdoor photographs.
  • How to get your images from camera to computer, and how to pick out the best of them.
  • How to enhance your images through Lightroom® and Photoshop®
Matt Kloskowski is a Sony® Artisan of Imagery, and the author of 15 books on post-processing in Adobe® Lightroom® and Photoshop®. In this class, he will walk you through everything that he does to plan his outdoor shoots, select his gear, capture great shots, and post-process his images to evoke the beauty and grandeur of the outdoors.


Christian Ruvolo

Mat Kloskowski class is really amazing, full of very useful tipps and inspiration. Wonderful pictures by him help to understand the explanations an I am learning A LOT from him!!! Thank you for the class!!! TOP!!!!


I love Matt's teaching style, humor, honesty, friendliness. I love On1 and all the other demos and critiques he does. He makes me enjoy the craft/art of photography much more and is a great inspiration.

a Creativelive Student

This class was for beginners and I believe Matt did a great job of giving students an great introduction to landscape photography. More on the practical than technical side, but that seems appropriate for an intro class. He comes across as a "real" guy who loves what he does and is eager to share his knowledge. Those new to photography will get a lot of helpful information and tips in this course.

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